Saturday, December 5, 2009

New cheese from Tasmania

Tasmanian Heritage Signature Blue - in stock at Forsyth
Product of Tasmania
Tasmanian Heritage Signature Blue reveals a creamy texture, with a uniquely sweet and well rounded salty blue character that develops as the cheese matures. It is matured in wax to prevent oxygen supply to the cheese, which produces its sweet flavour and causes it to retain moisture to enhance the creamy centre. This traditional style blue cheese is an exquisite sensory offering with a broad appeal.
Suggested Accompaniment:
Tasmanian Heritage Signature Blue is pleasurable served on sourdough bread or oaten biscuits with poached pear, truffle honey, fresh figs or walnuts.
General Serving/ Storage comments:
To allow for optimal flavour and enjoyment, it is recommended that the cheese is removed from the fridge 60 minutes before serving. This time may vary depending on the temperature and humidity of the day. Once opened, wrap any remaining cheese in the original packaging to maintain optimum quality. Always serve cheese when it is most ripe to ensure a full flavour and optimum taste. If the cheese is unripe, it should be left in the refrigerator to mature.
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Anthony said...

I bet a great wine to pair with that would be a dark red wine to counteract the tart and sweetness of the cheese. I think a nice glass of St. James Winery Reserve Norton would work great with the Tasmanian cheese.