Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Special limited Fraoch 20th release

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Fraoch Heather Ale 20th Anniversary....$15.99 / 750ml

History of Fraoch "A long time ago, in a home brew shop not too far away……..
A lady of Gaelic decent came into the Williams owned homebrew shop in Partick, baring a translation of a 17th century recipe for “Leanne Fraoch” (Heather Ale), Inherited from her Gaelic family. It was her goal to try to recreate recipe made famous by the old legend of
the Pictish king who supposedly through himself off a cliff after the English king captured and tortured his son in an attempt to coax the recipe from the Pict King. This translated recipe was developed in homebrew size quantities by shop owner Bruce Williams to the recipe that is used today.

The company started life in 1988 with Bruce brewing our flagship beer Heather Ale, in a tiny brewery in Taynult, where we could producing no more 5 barrels per batch, just
enough to supply 5 pubs across Scotland; 2 in Edinburgh, 2 in Glasgow  andThe Clachaig Inn in Glencoe. As demand grew the project expanded  and a bigger brewery was needed to brew the larger quantities required. So the recipe was taken to the old Maclay’s brewery in the traditional Scottish brew town of Alloa. Along with Heather Ale, 4 other historic Scottish ales were developed using natural Scottish produce such as elderberries, the shoots of Scots pine, seaweed  and gooseberries. In 1998 the Heather Ale brewery moved its production of cask ales and office to Craigmill outside Strathaven where we remained for 6 years before taking over the New Alloa Brewery at Kelliebank, Alloa, where we are the last remaining brewery in the old Scottish brew capital.

"Fraoch celebrates 20 years of brewing this very special limited edition, 11% alc/val, triple version: matured in ex-sherry casks previously used to mature single malt speyside whiskey for 20 years. The resulting ale has a unique oak / sherry / whisky character, which is best appreciated slightly chilled in a large wine glass. Slainte!" -- label
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