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Some exceptional scotch...

Michel Couvreur
An amazing scotch producer.

In Michel Couvreur’s own words:
Basic Truths about Scotch Whisky
1. Scotch whisky, nor any whisky, has ever had its own AOC or Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée.

2. Whisky and Scotch Whisky are only produced from cereal distillation (not from beet or cane sugar).

3. Minimum of three years aging in oak casks is required of which the capacity of the cask cannot exceed 700 liters.

4. 90% of a whisky’s quality comes from the cask, only 10% of the quality comes from the distillation process.

5. The secret of Scotch whisky or the most important factor in the unique quality was aging in Port or Sherry casks that had been subjected to a 25-year "Solera process". During the "Solera process", the cask has continually been refreshed and topped off with new sherry or port.

6. During the 1970’s American bourbon casks gradually replaced port and sherry casks in the production of Scotch whisky, a great tragedy, which changed the essence of the product.

Michel Couvreur’s Solution
In 1951, Michel Couvreur established himself in Scotland selling Burgundy wines. One of his clients at the time was Navy Captain Ian Tennant of Glenlivet distillery. In 1978, French friends of Michel Couvreur suggested that he tries to obtain a top quality scotch for sale. So began Michel Couvreur’s interest and investigation into the Scotch whisky process.

Eventually, Michel Couvreur settled in Bouze-les-Beaune (close to the Burgundian town of Beaune, France), opened a customs bonded cellar and began selecting his own cask from the Andalusia region of Spain (Sherry country). Today, Michel’s scotch starts out in Scotland as bulk "clerach" (a high proof distillate) which is transferred to his cellar in Bouze-les-Beaune and aged in small sherry casks that have been impregnated with 25 years aging of Pedro Ximenez. This process creates his delicious and exotic 12-year-old Malt Whisky. Also, all required dilutions are accomplished with bottled water from Scotland. Total production of all Scotch types is about 50,000 bottles or 4,000 cases yearly.
Michel Couvreur is known as the "last of the Mohicans", a name bestowed by a Danish magazine (Folkebladet, Week-end, July 9th 1988, Herning-Denmark) for his unique and artisanal style of Scotch whisky. -- importer

This whiskys----

Michel Couvreur Scotch Whisky (12 year-old)...$59.99
"A blend of 54 different malts. Golden amber color. A nose of dried flowers and fat almonds. Smoky aromas. A smooth and firm palate with a spicy and long finish." -- importer

Michel Couvreur "Clearach"...$36.99
"Clearach is the term that Michel Couvreur gives to his malt spirit that cannot legally be called whisky until it is 3 years old. "This is a Single Malt distilled in Scotland, matured in Sherry casks. 43% alcohol. This is a young spirit with fresh grass fragrances, almond, dry fruits and elegant tea leaves flavor, spicy notes. Serve chilled." -- importer

Michel Couvreur Pale Single Single...$89.99
Aged for over 12 years in wood barrels (1 year old). Color: Deep gold. Aroma: Floral (lavender, heather), honey, malty, delicately fruity (peaches, apricots, pears, citrus), with background spice (especially mint) Palate: Quite similar to its aroma. It starts slightly sweet, finishing pleasantly dry and subtly spicy. General Comments: Nice balance and quite mature for a twelve year old, with a nice array of flavors too.- Maltadvocate (4th Quarter 2003 Issue—Vol. 12#4)

Michel Couvreur Special Vatting...$99.99
60% -- 14 year od Scotch in oak
30% -- 12 year old Scotch in oak
10% -- 10 year old Scotch in oak
"This vatted malt combines three "single-single malts" (single casks) aged 12, 14 and 22 years old. As with the entire Couvreur range, it is distinctive and impressive." -- importer

Michel Couvreur 24yr Very Sherried...$399.99
We have only 1 bottle, bottle #428
"A single malt aged over 24 years in finest sherry casks.Sensual fragrances of tropical flower, fat almond, vanilla and sherry. Powerful in the mouth, silky texture, rich and an infinite length." -- importer

Michel Couvreur PX 18 year-old...$41.99
"The cask was matured for 18 years. After making this wine, the same cask was used to mature a newly distilled whisky. Fig, date, nut on the nose.Sweet, with a soft texture and huge concentration. Exquisite PX!" -- importer

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