Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Shacksbury Cider


Shacksbury Organic Cider Mix Pack...$21.99  / 9pk 12oz cans
Variety pack includes:
  • Classic:
The gold standard for a classic dry cider
Made with organic apples, our Classic dry cider is golden in color and balanced in flavor. Equally at home at the dinner table as it is in your cooler, this crisp and refreshing cider is well-rounded and an instant classic.
Tasting Notes: Dry but balanced, fruit-forward with a crisp finish
ABV: 5.2% alc/vol.
  • Rose:

Cider made like a rosé wine
We set out to pay homage to our friends in the winemaking world with a fun-loving but refined marriage of organic apples and wine grapes. Bright and crushable with notes of wild berries, Rosé is still as tasty as it is beautiful.
Tasting Notes: Bright and crushable with notes of wild berries
ABV: 5.5% alc/vol.

  • Yuzu Ginger:

An adventurous blend of cider, citrus and spice.
New to the family, Yuzu Ginger is an adventurous blend of cider, yuzu and ginger. From spontaneous adventures to unlikely ingredients, we believe things are always better when you embrace the unexpected. Organic apple cider, yuzu and ginger make for an unbelievable union best enjoyed outdoors.
Tasting Notes: Fresh and zesty with notes of wild honey
ABV: 6.0% alc/vol.

Shacksbury Cider Arlo...$11.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Our porrón-worthy take on a Basque-style cider.
We partner with our friends at Petritegi Sagardoa, located just outside of San Sebastian in Spain, to source European apple varieties unavailable in commercial quantities in the United States. Petritegi presses and ferments their apples in enormous, decades-old chestnut barrels; we then ship this fermented cider to Vermont where we blend it with fruit we source from New England.
Tasting Notes: Super dry and funky fresh
ABV: 6.0% alc/vol.
Shackbury The Vermonter Cider...$10.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Cider made with gin botanicals.
The Vermonter is a dry, gin botanical cider made by slowly fermenting apples and adding juniper essence. With its piney nose, the juniper berry is the unifying ingredient in the production of gin, and when these woody yet floral berry notes are added to cider, the resulting beverage could easily pass for a sparkling cocktail. The resulting cider is homegrown but refined.
Tasting Notes: Alpine meadows, spring wildflowers, and the Green Mountains themselves.
ABV: 6.0% alc/vol.

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