Monday, October 9, 2023

Bradshaw / TWCP Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon

NFL Time!
Football fans!!
Grab some of our amazing Terry Bradshaw Single Barrel!
(come in for a taste)
We have about 24 bottles left - the end is near! 

From 4 time Super Bowl Champion - Terry Bradshaw!
Bradshaw / TWCP Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon...$55.99
  • 116.6 proof
  • Barrel #120
  • TWCP Single Barrel
  • 180 bottles made
70% corn, 21% rye, and 9% malted barley
Four Super Bowl victories was no ordinary feat, but then Terry Bradshaw was no ordinary player. So, it makes sense that Terry Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is anything but ordinary. 

Fred Minnick Blind Taste Test Review 
(not of our barrel, but the regular Bradshaw bourbon)
Bradshaw Bourbon is proud to announce the honor of being hand-selected by Fred Minnick for a blind taste test review. Bradshaw Bourbon finished 2nd in the review alongside the fierce competition of multiple strong brands
"unbelievable, unbelievable" - Fred Minnick
We celebrate this accomplishment and are very excited about the future of Bradshaw Bourbon!

Fred Minnick -blind tasting!
1. Wild Turkey Rare Breed
2. Bradshaw Bourbon
3. Old Forester Statesmen
4. Davies County
5. Eagle Rare

Fred Minnick is a Wall Street Journal best-selling American author who has written seven books. He is noted for having a great whiskey palate, as he's a judge on the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, World Whiskies Awards and is the former lead American whiskey reviewer for Whiskey Advocate

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