Monday, August 8, 2022

Ilha Blanc de Noirs Vinho Branco

A one of a kind wine...From the Island of Madeira -- very rare non-fortified wine from Madeira
"Blanc de Noir" - still white wine made from red grapes

2018 Ilha Blanc de Noirs Vinho Branco....$24.98
Was $35.99
ILHA (aka "Island") is the first trilogy of still wines from Madeira, all made with the Tinta Negra grape. Introduced in the 18th century, the Tinta Negra grape survived phylloxera, becoming one of the most historic and emblematic grapes of Madeira Island, particularly in Sao Vicente, where the winemaker worked with small farmers to cultivate the grapes she needed for this project. The first trilogy of this grape represents Madeira's youngest winemaker, Diana Silva's, passion for the island and its indigenous grape varietals, giving lovers of wine a unique opportunity to experience Madeira in a different light. This bright, crystalline white is the island’s first ever blanc de noirs, made exclusively with the Tinta Negra grape. Fantastically salty with underlying hints of lychee and white flower notes, this (nearly clear) blanc de noirs is truly an Atlantic explosion on your palate, with a gastronomic acidity to match the most adventurous sea food.  VARIETAL: 100% Tinta Negra

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