Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Perennial Abraxas

One more chance at Abraxas
- last night was the deadline to pick up, so we had some extra

Perennial Abraxas....$18.99 a bottle


We are releasing the rest today---no reservations or phone calls.  Just first come first served.  We wanted to mix up the release of this one to spread the love.

I will try to update as each store sells out.
  • 12 bottles in stock at each of our 4 locations!
  • Ballwin  - SOLD OUT
  • Rock Hill  - SOLD OUT
  • Forsyth - SOLD OUT
  • New Ballas - SOLD OUT


Anonymous said...

Is it pickup only at Forsyth or can it be any of the stores?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, apparently I can't read :)

Anonymous said...

Silly question time. I have one in my cart. I put my info in to buy but every time it just reloads the screen. I guess cause I just buy it there? Do I have one one reserve then?