Friday, November 15, 2013

Bzart Lambiek

We are one of the first places in the U.S. according to Ratebeer to get this one.

Super limited....
1 bottle per person

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Bzart Lambiek....$51.99 / 750ml
The Champagne of Gueuzes! Oude Beersel Lambic is bottle conditioned with Champagne yeast at Flanders’ leading Champagne producer. Incredibly elegant. For serious connoisseurs.

"bzart is a unique blend of two arts.  It starts with traditional Lambieck, matured at least 12 months in barrel.  This is then dosed with sugar and yeast, bottled and meticulously cellar conditioned for an additional 12 months.  During this period each bottle is continuously rotated or "riddled" to move the yeast toward the neck of the bottle.  The piece de resistance is the yeast, having done its work creating an intense but delicate effervescence, is disgorged leaving a crystal-clear, superbly dry Lambic of incredible sparkle and finess.  bz-ART indeed!

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