Thursday, October 3, 2013

New - O'Fallon 10 Day IPA

O'Fallon 10 Day Imperial IPA....$9.49 / 4pk
9% ABV

"10-Day IPA is big, bold Imperial IPA brewed with a ridiculous amount of hops. O’Fallon Brewmaster, Brian Owens started with two-row barley, caramel and honey malt and white wheat. He then added Magnum, Centennial, Chinook, Cascade and Calypso hops – over three pounds of hops per barrel!

The result is a very hop forward beer, but 10-Day also has a sturdy malt backbone which balances the beer. The malt also gives 10-Day IPA a subtle caramel sweetness and a hint of honey both which help balance hop bitterness. Once the beer was finished Owens added even more Centennial, Chinook and Calypso hops (a process called “dry hopping”) to give the beer a huge citrusy, piney aroma which has become the signature of American Imperial IPAs.

“We’ve brewed many beers we’re proud of since I joined the O’Fallon Brewery 13 years ago, but 10-Day IPA is a true labor of love for me,” said Owens. “Most brewmasters don’t admit to having a favorite style of beer, but I love huge Imperial IPAs, and I’ve wanted to create 10-Day for some time. This is a limited run as part of our ‘Brewer’s Stash’ series, so I encourage anyone who’s a fan of big, hoppy beers to get their hands on some 10-Day IPA before it’s gone.”

10-Day IPA is 9.0 percent alcohol by volume, 75 IBUs and will be priced similarly to other specialty craft beers. The beer will be available September through December when it will be replaced with the next beer in the “Brewer’s Stash” series." - O'Fallon Brewery

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