Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Gin at The Wine and Cheese Place

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Mississippi River Distilling Company
River Rose Gin....$21.99

River Rose honors a time when life along the river was gracious and inspiring. It is handmade in the historic river town of Le Claire, Iowa along a dramatic bend in the Mississippi where steamboat pilots of old would dock and hire local river pilots to navigate the harrowing rapids ahead. The steady hand and compass rose of these noble navigators made Le Claire famous. You can still see the historic homes of these revered river pilots if you visit Le Claire today.

Reflecting the deep respect for local expertise, River Rose is distilled with fresh grains from local farmers. Our unique blend of botanicals dates back to a recipe from the late 1800s. Highlighted with traditional juniper, River Rose jumps from your palette with a full body of citrus including orange, grapefruit and lemon. Lavender, rose petals and locally grown cucumbers provide a distinctive finish that makes your martini swirl with aroma.

Our slow, small batch process ensures a consistently clean and smooth finish. We hand write the batch number over each cork so you can see our commitment to every bottle that passes through our distillery.
Our Rose is a tip of the hat to the heroes of the waters, the bounties of the shore and a spirit of adventure from a different time. Enjoy River Rose and raise a glass to these legendary navigators.

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