Tuesday, March 8, 2011

American Astisan Cheese

Come in for a taste!!!

von Trapp Oma Raw Milk Cheese
(in stock at Rock Hill and Forsyth)
Hand crafted from organic raw milk in the Mad River Valley, in Waitsfield, Vermont by the von Trapp brothers Sebastian and Dan.

Brothers Sebastian and Dan vonTrapp are the third generation involved with their family's hillside farm in Waitsfield, VT. Each generation has called for a fresh strategy to keep the business viable; their parents turned to Organic production from their predominately Jersey herd, while the boys have gone a step further; a cheese-house has been built in order to transform this exceptional raw material into a value-added product.

Oma is named for grandmother Erika vonTrapp, who settled the farm with her husband Werner. It is a pudgy, washed rind tomme with balanced pungency. Though not based on any other specific recipe, the decadent style is immediately familiar. Sebastian learned to make cheese by working at Jasper Hill Farm and both brothers spent time with Neal's Yard Dairy in preparation for their new pursuit.

Oma has a soft, golden interior that, depending on age, ranges from thick and creamy to pudding-like, though never runny. This indulgent mouth-feel, coupled with its tender, palatable rind and balanced character remind us of the French Reblochon. It's flavor, too, is buttery and round with a reserved earthy aroma. Beverage friendly, especially with craft beers, and a suitable match for dried fruit or fig jam.

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