Monday, December 21, 2009

Rare Rittenhouse Rye!


Rittenhouse Rye 25 year old....$169.99
Barrel No. 18 -- Bottles 66, 106, and 107
"Notes: This is the last release of the Oldest Rittenhouse Rye series and a new benchmark for age (previous versions were 21 and 23 year old). If you can find any I suggest you grab it now it will probably be a collectors item. Bottling was very limited and this is the last there is in existence.

This is a single barrel not a small batch from the mixing of a small group of barrels (which is a less distinctive product), so each barrel will be somewhat different from each other." --

Rittenhouse Rye, 25 year old*, (Barrel #1), 50%
Surprisingly lively. Very much like the 21 year old release in this regard, but not as spicy on the nose or palate. Instead, it’s replaced by a layered, satisfying sweetness—not by wood, like the somewhat lethargic, oak-dominated 23 year old release of RR. Older doesn’t mean that it tastes older. Deep, nutty toffee foundation, with nougat, candied tropical fruit, and shoo-fly pie (think molasses). The spices (cinnamon, spearmint, vanilla, cocoa powder) emerge mid-palate and linger, warming the finish. Not as vibrant as the 21 year old expression, but more sophisticated. I can’t speak for the other barrels in this lot, but I think this one is a great example of what a 20+ year old rye whiskey should taste like."
Rated 96/100 Malt Advocate

Also in stock -- very limited!!
Rittenhouse Rye 21 year old....$134.99
Rittenhouse Rye 21 year old Whisky Named "North American Whiskey of the Year"

Rittenhouse Rye 23 year old....$149.99
"This bottling follows the limited edition release of the 21-year-old Rittenhouse Very Rare Single Barrel last Fall, hailed as "the best straight rye I've sampled in 25 years" by spirits expert F. Paul Pacult in Delta Sky Magazine, and awarded "Rye Whiskey of the Year" by whiskey authority Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible 2007. The limited 32 barrel release of the 21-year-old has been completely depleted, with rye connoisseurs snapping up all the available bottles at a $150 average retail price. Much like the landmark first release, the 23-year-old version is a lush, rich and full-bodied 100° whiskey that is dumped and bottled one barrel at a time, and is not chill filtered, preserving all the natural flavors and "mouthfeel" from the barrel. And like the first bottling, the new 23-year-old will be available in a three 750ml bottle case at select fine spirits retailers in major metropolitan areas throughout the country. The new 23-year-old release will be even rarer than its predecessor, as there will only be 25 barrels available, versus the 31 barrels that sold out of the 21-year-old rye. The newest release of the 23-year-old will carry an average national retail price of $170. " -- Heaven Hill press release

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