Saturday, June 21, 2008

Orkney Brewery

Dark Island
"Dark Island, Is a traditional Orkney Beer from the brewer of SkullSplitter. It is a dark and mysterious beer with a uniquely distinctive taste. Dark Island is a ruby port wine color and has been described as having a distinctly chocolate, nutty malt taste. Dark Island, unlike SkullSplitter is only 4.6% ABV. The Dark Island label depicts the mysterious Ring of Brogar which resides in the Orkney Islands and dates from about 2,000 B.C. It is a ring of 27 standing stones which are inscribed with runes and ogham. It is not known how or why it came to be there.
Many people have returned from Scotland after tasting Dark Island and were disappointed to learn it was not available here. Now’s your chance to experience why they have asked for it by name." -- Importer

Dragonhead Stout
"DRAGONHEAD STOUT is from the brewer of SkullSplitter.
It is truly a classic black stout, absolutely brimming over with roast malt flavours, yet balanced with a complex hop blend. It finishes with a smooth roasted aftertaste - an excellent example of a dry 'session' stout!

The Orkney Brewery
Orkney Brewery was founded in April 1988 by Roger and Irene White. It is housed in a Victorian Schoolhouse in the remote, but magical Island of Orkney off the tip of northern Scotland. In 1995 the Brewery was extended and new equipment introduced in order to meet the demand for the Brewery's line of beers.Roger White is a descendant of the renowned clan MacGregor.
Complements to Dragonhead Stout:DRAGONHEAD tastes delicious with any type of food but especially farmhouse cheese, oysters, a light supper, or pour one out to drink before bed." -- importer
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