Monday, February 6, 2017

Destihl Deadhead Imperial Red IPA and Vuile Blonde

Fresh new batch....

Destihl Deadhead Imperial Red IPA...$4.99 / pint
ABV: 9.4%
IBU: 86
Like the bold colors & patterns of a tie-dye shirt, this Imperial Red Ale bursting with a deep red color and psychedelic hoppy & fruity-ester aromas swirling within rich body. Full flavors of caramel, biscuit & toasted malt are interwoven abundant American hop flavor & bitterness.

Destihl Saint Dekkera Zure Dubbele Sour Stout...$16.99 / pint
Sour Double Stout Aged in Oak Barrels
Destihl Saint Dekkera Vuile Blonde....$16.99 / pint
Sour Blonde Aged in Oak Barrels
​Saint Dekkera Reserve Sour Ale series are naturally soured by spontaneous/wild secondary fermentation and aging in oak barrels with microflora wonderfully unique to our downstate Illinois terroir, where we embrace the individual, wild character of each barrel to produce beers with a wide array of acidity, sourness and unadulterated funkiness. When stores properly (55 degrees F), this beer can be cellared, but please enjoy before you perish.

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