Friday, July 25, 2014

Crown Royal signed by Master blender

We have some autographed bottles....(plus a good supply of non-autographed bottles)
  • 6 bottles Crown Royal XR Blue
  • 12 bottles Crown Royal Monarch
Subject to confirmation, first come first served.

Autographed by master blender - Andrew MacKay of Crown Royal
Andrew MacKay is responsible for blending the yearly formulations of all the Crown Royal® whisky variants. He achieved the status of Master Blender in 2002 after years of hard work as a Seagram® distillery lab assistant, a two-year detour into a geology career, and two years as a blender for Crown Royal.

Master Blender Andrew MacKay actually, believe it or not, went to school for whisky. In the mid '90s, he was a summer student at the university program run by Crown Royal® where he studied with the guys who were, at the time, the four Master Blenders on staff at Crown Royal. Collectively, they had 120 years of experience! While he was there, it was time for one of them to move on from the company... creating a new spot. A spot that Andrew stepped right into.

More info about the whisky

Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend...$69.99
In 1939, Crown Royal was masterfully crafted as a gift to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at their inaugural royal visit to North America. Today, we proudly celebrate our 75 years of exceptional whisky with this limited edition offering.

Showcasing Crown Royal's signature Coffey Rye Whiskey, this exquisite blend is meticulously crafted using some of the finest, most unique hand-picked whiskies from our extensive stocks. The result is an exceptionally rich and smooth whisky highlighting an elegant complexity of light spice and dried fruit.

Crown Royal XR Blue....$124.99 / 750ml

Taste the latest in our Extra Rare Whisky Series, handcrafted with a unique blend that includes the final batch of whiskies from the renowned LaSalle distillery. Located on the island of Montreal, the LaSalle distillery produced whiskies with a unique richness, attributed to the fine water surrounding the island. The resulting whiskies were full-bodied and exceptionally smooth.
Experience its sophisticated blend of dried fruits and honey in a harmonious balance with spicy notes of Canadian rye, finishing in a lovely, round taste of raisins, cocoa and brown sugar.

Crown Royal XR Release #2 (LaSalle)
"This is the second release of Crown Royal XR. This one contains whisky from the old LaSalle distillery. (The first release contained whisky from the Waterloo distillery.) I like this whisky a lot. It’s nicely matured, very smooth and balanced, and dangerously drinkable. And it’s superior to the first release, which I felt showed too much wood for balance–especially on the finish. ($130)" -- Whiskey Advocate Blog

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