Friday, August 29, 2014

Stoli Ginger beer

New Ginger beer from Stoli....

Stoli Ginger Beer...$4.99 / 4pk
Stoli® celebrates the revival of the legendary Moscow Mule cocktail by introducing Stoli® Ginger Beer. This mixer's bold taste, made with pure cane sugar and real ginger extract, is expertly blended to complement the smooth and robust flavor of Stoli® vodka, delivering the perfect Moscow Mule. 

Great edition to our already stellar Ginger Beer collection...

In stock at Rock Hill and Forsyth
Twine Old Kentucky Moscow Mule Mug...$24.99
Copper Clad Stainless Steal

A Moscow Mule is Vodka and Ginger Beer. We have plenty of both in stock.

This is what our Forsyth location has in stock now, call other locations for availability...
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Anonymous said...

You also need lime juice for a Moscow mule, not just vodka.