Thursday, January 13, 2022

Bruno Marino Artisan Red Vermouth

Bruno Marino Artisan Red Vermouth...$21.99
Bruno Marino is a family crafted sweet vermouth, with a recipe has been passed down through generations. It’s made with high quality fortified wine and a secret mix of herbs. Bruno Marino is the perfect ingredient to use in a cocktail or sip on the rocks with a twist.

Brownish-red in color, the nose shows vanilla, orange-peel and chamomile. Complex with herbaceous notes, cola and caramel on the palate. A symphony of herbs and spices fill the mouth. The finish is long and keeps your mouth watering. 

This is an Artisanal Spanish vermouth, made from our secret family recipe. The botanicals macerate for nine months before bottling. This equisite vermouth is perfect for a number of cocktails. Perticularly a Negroni or a Manhattan.

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