Monday, November 3, 2014

2nd Shift Unicorn


2nd Shift Unicorn Killer V.1...$6.99
Every Year I brew Unicorn Killer Saison and this is number five.  It is brewed with a beautiful Belgian yeast that just makes the sides of your mouth curl up in such a delightful way that some would call it the most beautiful smile in the world.  An American Saison brewed with a funky Belgian yeast strain. Steve plans on making this beer every month now, with every version being slightly different (whether with peppercorns, spices, brett, etc.) This will be version 1, straight Saison with just the yeast, to act as "home base". Only 45 cases bottled. Notes of Banana, Lemon, Grassy & Melon
7.6% ABV

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