Friday, September 23, 2022

Side Project Merci 40th Anniversary Edition

We are sold out of the 2 bottle sets with the stout.
But we do have some of the Merci 40th Anniversary available

In stock at all 5 locations now!!!!

Side Project Merci 40th Anniversary Edition...$30 / 750ml
Our goal with Merci 40th Anniversary Blend was to bring back characteristics of one of our favorite Merci blends - specifically blend #2 when we used the enhanced complexity of our funkier, more wild, wild ale base and then softened that with selected oak barrels of Oude Fermier. For the 40th Anniversary blend, with this concept in mind, we pulled together pieces that include a funky wild ale base from our Coexpressionalism-inspired stock, a puncheon which held Blended 2017 and a puncheon of Oude Fermier which was uncharacteristically more Brett-forward than we normally see. This lovely puncheon was beautiful and incredibly unique, and it provided the last attribute to the final blend for a beer that we anticipate will age as gracefully as Merci Blend #2.

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