Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Side Project Merci with Raspberries

TONIGHT is the big release tasting! 
Get ready!

Release Party July 26th 
from 4pm-6pm
With Cory King of Side Project
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton Mo

Meet the owner of Side Project, Cory King
Taste these two beers...
Side Project Merci Batch #4
Side Project Merci Framboise - very rare release!

There will not be any Framboise available for purchase that night.  It will ready for pick up for those allocated bottles through our BRC program.

Side Project Merci with Raspberries!
We are getting closer!

Side Project Merci with Raspberries...$39.99

BRC emails sent out.  Everybody that purchased 2 or more bottles received an email!

ONE MORE CHANCE - please read
If you are a member of the BRC (Beer Reward Club) and purchased a bottle of Merci on your account and did NOT get an email this morning - you still have a chance to get a bottle.  We have 60 bottles available starting tonight at 3:30 pm.  We will have a list with your name on it and you can get a bottle while they last.   Your name must be on the list.  

60 bottles and there are 140 people on the list, so you have a good chance to get one if you get here on time.  FIRST COME at 3:30 until gone , no reservations.
This list will be at the desk in the Whiskey room.  

The raffle will be at 4:30 today!
We will be releasing these 30 bottles on July 26th, 2019
Each person that qualifies has a 24% chance of getting a bottle.
125 people that have purchased 6 bottles or more.

  • 10 bottles Side Project Merci MAGNUM (only 10 made)
  • 1 bottle Side Project Derivation #6
  • 1 bottle Side Project Derivation #8
  • 6 bottles Shared Barrel Aged Coconut Vibes
  • 12 bottles Side Project Brewing BVC

125 people have purchased 6 bottles or more of Side Project Merci Batch 4 and Side Project and The Wine and Cheese Place  want to thank those people for their amazing support. On the night of the tasting we will put everyone's name in a jar that purchased 6 or more (for every 6 bottles you purchased you get a raffle ticket) and pull out 30 names for a chance to purchase one of these bottles from the above list. 
  • 30 names will be drawn on July 26th
  • You will only be able to purchase 1 bottle (even if you name is drawn multiple times)
  • Every 6 bottles of Merci purchased count as a raffle ticket
  • You do not have to be present to get your bottle.
  • You will not get to choose which bottle, the bottles will be listed and names will be drawn and you will get the next bottle on the list available.
  • All Side Project Merci purchases count from September 1, 2018 until July 24, Wednesday night at 7pm. 
  • If your name is drawn, you must be able to pick up your bottle with 7 days of the drawing.  Pick up only, no shipping.
Please do not call or email about how many bottles of Merci you have purchased, it would be too much for us to handle.  We did print out a report with the names of everyone in the BRC that purchased and how many bottles you purchased.   You can go to one of our four locations and they can look you up on the list at the register.  Just ask at one of our four locations.

we still have a little Merci left- click here to order

Side Project Merci MAGNUMS....$139.99 each
Only 10 bottles produced!  This will be sold via the BRC based on 
Merci purchases since the September release of the current batch!

Are you kidding me!  

We will also have 12 bottles of BVC to release! 

Side Project Brewing Collab with Cycle Brewing BVC
Imperial Stout, originally brewed in July of 2017, then aged in California Brandy Barrels before being finished on a blend of Vanilla Beans & Cinnamon!

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