Thursday, June 2, 2016

Booker's Bourbon new batch

Booker's Small Batch Bourbon Annis' Answer Small Batch...$39.99
2016 - 02
“The batch is made up of barrels from four different production dates stored in 5 different storage areas. The oldest barrels in the batch were 7 years, 1 month old and the youngest barrels were 6 years, 2 month old. This batch has an aroma that opens up well after a short period of time in the glass. The vanilla comes through with a lot of other sweet notes as most batches of Bookers. The mouth feel is good with a little more heat that lingers on the back of your throat which I appreciated on the cool morning I sampled the batch. With a small amount of water added, this batch opens up nice. If Booker were still alive I know he would say “I done good” on this batch.”
Fred Noe

“The second batch in the Booker’s Bourbon 2016 Batch Collection, “Annis’ Answer,” is named in honor of the day my husband, Booker Noe, asked me to be his wife. Booker and I first met when I was working as a dental hygienist, and he was one of my patients. While I didn’t think much of it at first, friends reintroduced us a few years later and the rest is history. We started a journey that would lead to a very special day - April 7th, 1956 - the day we were married. This is such a special moment for me as I remember Booker’s larger-than-life personality and our wonderful time together on what would have been our 60th wedding anniversary. I’m pleased to honor Booker’s legacy with the release of this batch. While I don’t drink too much bourbon these days, I wasn't going to pass up the chance to give this batch a taste. Annis' Answer offers the rich flavors of vanilla that Booker always looked for in his namesake bourbon. I know Booker would want fans of the brand to enjoy this special release, so I hope you’ll join me in raising a glass to toast Booker, our many adventures together as husband and wife and the question that began it all.”
--Annis Wickham Noe, Wife of Booker Noe


Anonymous said...

Can you return a whiskey if it's unopened? I thought I was getting a special whiskey club bottle of blantons but now there's a whole barrel. I guess a barrel just fell off a truck.

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, you can return. It is a single barrel Blantons and we only get 1 barrel per year, so it is a pretty rare whiskey.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard anything about Bookers Rye Whiskey? Do you think it will make it to the WRC

Paul Hayden said...

I keep asking, but cannot find out if it is coming or not to STL. If we get, I am sure it will be a WRC release.