Friday, June 3, 2016

Avalon 2013

When you have an amazing vintage like 2013, even the inexpensive wines are amazing.
2013 Avalon California Cabernet Sauvignon...$7.99
Compare to the lowest price in MO at $8.77 Total Wine and More
We uncovered the hidden corners of California to identify the finest vines for each bottle of our CAB. We’ve done all the hard work so you can relax and confidently serve a quality, affordable wine to your family and friends. Make Avalon your Go To CAB for any occasion!

Napa Valley is the nexus of finesse. Paso Robles’ punishing heat extracts deep character. Lodi’s life-giving soils result in bright fruit flavors. When blended in Avalon CAB, these three regions reveal the complexity for which California Cabernet Sauvignon is known. Its aromas of blueberry jam, strawberry tart and boysenberries lead the way to rich black cherries, red raspberries and plums.

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