Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alpine Beer Company Super IPA

More in stock now at Forsyth!!

(not going to put it online right now because I cannot watch the orders come in-- the beer department is devastated and I have hundreds of cases to stock)

Will add it later today.

Collaboration between Alpine Beer Company and New Belgium
Lips of Faith Super India Pale Ale...$7.19 / 22oz
"Alpine might be small, but their brewing chops are mighty.  We teamed up to create this triple dry-hopped Imperial IPA bursting with Columbus, Amarillo, Centennial, and Simcoe Hops.  Consider yourself a hero for getting an an Alpine Beer outside of San Diego

Alpine Brewing does not see much distribution outside of San Diego.  They currently have 4 IPAs on RateBeer that come in with a 100 Rating -- so they know IPA!!

No reviews yet on RateBeer, in fact we are the first to show distribution on this beer.

They were going to call it Lex Lupulin, but because of Odells St. Lupulin, they decided not to.

New Batch of AIPA

Schlafly AIPA bottle 7/2/12 arrived today at our Forsyth location. 

and it is on sale $7.99 / 6pk -- we are giving it away!

Point CANS

Point Oktoberfest.....$12.99 / 12 pack CANS!

2012 is here!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Results of Beer Vs. Wine!

The Wine and Cheese Place had a busy and successful week for the  4th Annual St. Louis Craft Beer Week.  We had 4 Beer events during the week and add a scotch class on Tuesday and a wine group on Wednesday night -- we had 6 events in 5 days!  

Both the Goose Island Event on Monday and the Friday night Wine Vs. Beer events were sold out with more wanting to attend.  The Local Breweries vs. America was not a sell out but we had a great crowd and was a lot of fun.  We got a huge turn out also on Friday for the Stone rare beer tasting also.   

Wine vs. Beer : The Re-match - RESULTS!

Special Guest-  Evan Benn of the St. Louis Post Dispatch with beer vs Aaron Zwicker of The Wine and Cheese Place with the wine.

Course #1
Durham's Tracklements Smoked Salmon Bruschetta with Missouri Red Onion and Raskas Cream Cheese

Beer: Urban Chestnut Winged Nut ---  Winner: 26 votes
Wine:  Domaine Manoir Du Carra Beaujolais Villages 

Course #2
Cole's Ventresca Tuna and White Bean Salad with Radicchio and Parsley Vinaigrette

Beer: O'Fallon Black Hemp 
Wine: Jean Michel Sorbe Quince (Loire Sauvignon Blanc) --- Winner: 18 votes

Course #3 Baetje Farms Cheese Plate (Fresh Chevre, Coeur du Clos, and Cherbourg)
Beer: 2nd Shift Mullineaux --- Winner: 21 votes
Wine: Jean Louis Denois Bruit Blanc de Blanc Sparkling 

Course #4BBT, Jones Heritage Farm Bacon, Cashel Blue Cheese, Ox-Heart Heirloom Tomatoes
Beer: Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout 
Wine: Sbragia Family "Gino's" Zinfandel --- Winner: 19 votes

Beer won 2 flights
Wine won 2 flights
Popular Vote - Beer wins 69 to 54

next event they plan on doing a fifth course to avoid the tie!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Stone Label...

Stone is taking freshness to the extreme.

A new label just got approved....

looks like they set up its own website and says it will first appear 
at their 16th Anniversary which is August 18th.  No indication of when it will have been bottled and how fresh it will be.  

Not sure if we will see it in St. Louis or not?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amazing Petite!

2009 Switchback Ridge Petite Sirah "Peterson"....$53.99
A blueberry and boysenberry pie! So ripe and jammy you could spread it on an English muffin! A huge wine with intensely concentrated fruit that is framed by abundant tannins that are gripping, yet surprisingly soft and silky. There is nothing angular about this wine. A sweet, rich mid-palate coats your palate and leads to a long, lasting finish. - Bob Foley

The 2007 and 2008both scored a 95+ from The Wine Advocate, no score on the 2009 yet.

Robert Foley, Winemaker

Bob began his winemaking career in 1977, working at a number of highly regarded Napa Valley wineries including Pride Mountain Vineyards, where he spent 15 years as founding winemaker. Today he continues to focus on his own Robert Foley Wines, as well as Switchback Ridge andHourglass, and is having a blast traveling around the country with the Robert Foley Band!

Gin Tasting!

Thursday, August 30 (7pm-8:30)
Classic and Artisanal Gin Tasting
$15 / person
Certified Specialist of Spirits, Tony Watson, will be on hand to run you through some classic gins and some new artisanal gins.  Gins scheduled to be tasted include—Nolets (Dutch), Deaths Door (Wisconsin), Beefeater London Dry (English), Beafeater 24 (English), Brandons (Arkansas), Fifty Pounds (English) , Botanist Gin (Scottland from Bruichladdich), Tanqueray Gin (English) , and Tanqueray 10 (English). 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kinnickinnic Whiskey

Bourbon mixed with Wisconsin Whiskey

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Great Lakes Kinnickinnic Whiskey...$36.99
Kinnickinnic: [KIN-I-KUH-NIK] An Ojibwe word meaning "what is mixed".

Our Kinnickinnic Whiskey is a blend of Straight Bourbon we have sourced from one of Americas finest distilleries and a Malt whiskey we produce here at Great Lakes Distillery. We bottle it at 86 proof and we don't filter it so we can ensure ALL the very best flavor is making it into the bottle.

About that name-On the south side of Milwaukee we see Kinnickinnic everywhere- there is a main street through the Bay View neighborhood and a river named for it and several businesses include it in their name. To keep it quick and simple for locals and outsiders alike, many abbreviate it "KK" in writing and conversation. Kinnickinnic is an Ojibwe word meaning a blend or mix of tobacco and other plants. (There's a good description on the Wisconsin Historical Societysite).

What does this have to do with whiskey? Well, we think there are some pretty good analogies- Bourbon is often described as having a fresh tobacco like flavor, and like those Native American's we found blending our "tobacco" with another plant (in our case malted barley) produced a truly unique and delicious spirit. In our own experiments we have also determined this whiskey which is spectacular neat or with a few ice cubes is great mixed too!

Kinnickinnic Whiskey Won a Gold Medal at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Kickinnic Whiskey has won a Gold Medal at the 2012 Denver International Spirits Competition.

Tasting Note from the Beverage Testing Institute where Kinnickinnic was awarded the Silver Medal;

"Minutely hazy light amber color. Light grainy, husky aromas are suggestive of buttery nut brittle, brown spices and chocolate oatmeal cereal with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a hint of mocha, mossy stone and pink pepper on the zesty finish. A nice choice for craft cocktails".

"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" -Aristotle

Concannon Irish Whiskey

Limited release

Concannon Irish Whiskey...$21.99 / 750ml

Introducing our new hand-crafted Concannon Irish Whiskey!

We’re excited to tell you about a brand new product we’ll be introducing in February – Concannon Irish Whiskey. Crafted in Ireland in conjunction with Cooley Distillery, our artisan whiskey has been years in the making, a true labor of love and a salute to our Irish heritage.

What makes it different: Concannon Irish Whiskey is a refined blend of malt Irish whiskey and grain Irish whiskey created by master blender Noel Sweeney. Double distilled for proper balance, character and purity, the whiskey is then matured in barrels for at least four years. What sets Concannon Irish Whiskey apart is that we age it in former Concannon wine barrels in addition to traditional ex-bourbon barrels! This unique step lends extra fruity notes to the final blend.

How it tastes: Our new Concannon Irish Whiskey is a unique beverage with aromas and flavors all its own. It offers classic notes of sweet honey, citrus, malt, caramel and golden raisin. Thanks to years spent gently resting in barrels through Ireland’s cool summers and mild winters, it also boasts enticing flavors of oak and vanilla. Traditionally, fine Irish whiskey is enjoyed neat or on the rocks. However, we’ve also discovered that Concannon Irish Whiskey can be used to craft a wide array of delicious cocktails. We’ll be sharing recipes in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

Where to find it: Look for Concannon Irish whiskey at your local retailer beginning in February. If you can’t find it in stock, ask the store manager to order it, and help spread the word about our new Concannon Irish Whiskey. Slainte!

From Concannon

Stone Brewing Cellar Releases

You will get a chance to taste these on Friday night at The Wine and Cheese Place
Forsyth -- open house format
TONIGHT Friday August 3, 2012 from 4-6pm

We are proud to have Nate Sellergren and Jason Armstrong from Stone Brewing on hand.....(they might have to leave before 6 to hit their next event)

The Wine and Cheese Place is proud to host a special Stone Brewing tasting
including a few very rare beers...
  • Stone Brewing Double Bastard Ale 2009 Vintage Ale..$6.99 / 22oz
  • Stone Brewing 15th Anniversary...$5.99 / 22oz - The limited edition collector's "Comic Bottle" sold mostly only at the brewery.
  • Stone Brewing Imperial Russian Stout 2008...$5.99 / 22oz
  • Stone Brewing Imperial Russian Stout 2012...$5.99 / 22oz
We will have 22 bottles of each of these available for sale that night until supply lasts.    If any are left, I will put them on the shelf Saturday morning.

plus we will taste some other Stone Beers including....
  • Stone Ruination
  • Stone Cali-Belgique
  • Stone IPA
  • Stone Arrogant Bastard

Ommegang Biere d'Hougoumont -- NEW!

Ommegang Biere d'Hougoumont...$13.99 / 750ml
"Hougoumont is brewed with French Ale Yeast, eight malts, French Strisselspalt hops, and aged on wood.  A traditional Biere de Garde style, this malty French style farmhouse ale is brewed to be aged.  The name honrs the Hougoumont Farmstead at the pivotal center of the Waterloo Battlefield.  Napoleon repeatedly failted to take the Farmstead, then lost the battle, and "Met his Waterloo" -- label

New Soda

New Soda at Forsyth

Flathead Lake Blueberry Pomegranate
Flathead Lake Sour Cherry
Flathead Lake Huckleberry

New Spirits...

In stock at Forsyth now

Will post more info later...

Alipus Mezcal -- #1 Selling Mezcal in Mexico
Great Lakes Rehorst Gin - (Includes basil and ginseng as botanicals)
Great Lakes KinnicKinnic Whiskey (Like a bourbon and scotch blend)
Great Lakes Roaring Dan's Maple Rum
Concannon Irish Whiskey

Firestone Walker DDBA

Firestone Walker Double DBA...$12.99 / 22oz
DDBA is our flagship beer brewed at double strength. It is amazingly similar in many respects to our barrel fermented DBA and possesses everything we love about that beer times two. English caramel malts lend rich toffee character that pairs well with assertive medium toast American oak barrels.

REMEMBER: Watch for bottled on dates located on the necks or bottom left corner of the label for each of our beers. Our Proprietor's Reserve Series, Barrel-aged beers are built to aged carefully. Storing in a dark place at or below 40F will allow them to best age for several years.

Rock Hill has theirs in stock now -- call Chris 314.962.8150
New Ballas has some in stock now also -- call Marc 314.989.0020

Weihenstephaner Festbier

2012 Festbier here!

Weihenstephaner Festbier....$11.99 / 6pk
5.8% ABV
"A full rich bodied, hoppy, seasonal lager. Especially brewed for the Festbier season. This beer truly represents the Bavarian way of celebrating. Deep gold color, great mouthfeel and lots of flavor. Prost!" -- brewery

"The oldest existing brewery in the world, The BavarianState Brewery, Weihenstephan, dates back to the year 1040. Internationally recognized as a site for brewing science and education, Weihenstephan combines tradition and craft to produce high-quality premium brews." -- importer

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blind Beer tasting results

The Medal Ceremony
The Wine and Cheese Place Blind Beer Tasting
for 4th Annual St. Louis Craft Beer Week

14 people voting

Flight # 1 - Zwickel
Gold Medal   (22 points)    Urban Chestnut Zwickel (Missouri)
Silver Medal  (20 points)   Innstadt Edelsud Zwickel (German)

Flight #2 - Firestone Walker Union Jack Flight

Gold Medal         (43 points) - stored dark, but in and out of the fridge
Silver Medal       (40 points) - stored dark, but in my 90+ degree garage
Bronze Medal   
 (34 points) -  ideal storage, stored in a cool dark place
4th place          
 (24 points) - over exposed to light for an extended time

Flight #3 - IPA Flight
Gold Medal       (64 points)  - Odell IPA - Colorado 
Silver Medal      (54 points) - Schlafly AIPA - Missouri 
Bronze Medal   (50 points) -  Stone IPA - California
4th place          
 (37 points) - Bells Two Hearted Ale - Michigan 
5th place            (35 points) - O'Fallon 5 day - Missouri
6th place            (31 points) - Charleville Hoptimistic IPA - Missouri

Flight #4 - Porter Flight 
Gold Medal      (69 points)     - Founders Porter - Michigan    
                                                  (7-1st place votes) 
Silver Medal     (59 points)    - Odell Porter - Colorado           
                                                  (3-1st place votes)
Bronze Medal   (54 points)    - Deschutes Black Butte Porter - Oregon 
4th place          (36.5 points)  - Boulevard Bully Porter - Missouri 
5th place           (33 points)     - Crown Valley Porter - Missouri 
6th place           (21.5 points)  - Six Row Porter - Missouri

A new Baetje Farm Cheese

From Missouri

New for us....only at Forsyth right now...

Baetje Farms Cherbourg Cheese

Cherbourg: a washed rind cheese with a creamy and delicate balance of flavor notes of toasted wheat bread with real butter, sour cream, and salted green pistachios fresh out of the shell. Very silky and sticky paste. An addicting cheese. 

American Cheese Society 2010 Competition in Seattle Washington
Cherbourg: 1st Place 

As it has been for over 30 years now at The Wine and Cheese Place -- come in and taste before you buy!

Evil Twin Rare ones....

Just received another case of Evil Twin Even More Jesus!

Order Evil Twin online

Evil Twin Even More Jesus Imperial Stout...$10.99 / 11.2oz
Aged in Whiskey Barrels
Rated 99 on RateBeer
"Few times in the history of craft beer it has happened that a highly praised beer rises beyond mortal stardom into a higher godly league. Usually the recipe to make such heavenly drops is thick fudge-like body, pitch black color, amazingly overwhelming aromas of chocolate, coffee, dark fruits and muscovado sugar, obviously only made in limited amounts and most crucial of all – it must taste rare" - label

Evil Twin Epilogue...$10.99 / 11.2oz
Aged in Brunello Wine Barrels

Rated 93 on RateBeer
"This is still a true story about a dedicated Belgian brother who spend all his hard earned money on an all inclusive Barbados vacation to pursue a life long dream – brew an old fashion dark Belgian infused with local muscovado sugar aka Barbados sugar… On his way back  he came across a five-star Brunello Barrel, let the beer rest for 6 months and created yet another pleasing treat. Hell’elujah." - label

Evil Twin  Sønderho Hipster Pale Ale....$10.99 / 11.2oz
Aged in White Wine Barrels
Rated 94/100 RateBeer
"Perhaps you heard of a worldwide beer-movement that tributes favorite hipster neighbourhoods across the globe. First came Istedgade, then Södermalm followed by Williamsburg and Shoreditch accompanied by Trastevere & El Raval. This Hipster ale was aged for 4 months on white wine barrels and then dryhopped with Citra, Summit, & Cascade – perfect as a tribute to our favorite up-and-coming Hipster neighborhood, Sønderho, DK. Cheers to picture-perfect white sandy beaches, the Wadden Sea, and thatched-roof homes. Beware first movers!" - label 

Evil Twin Auld Yin Imperial Taiji Stout...$10.99 / 11.2oz
Rated 97/100 RateBeer
"First came a toasted smug called Yin followed by a hoppy fella called Yang. Let me introduce you to Auld Yin – a wrinkly more experienced take on youngster Yin, 9 months in the company of an insightful, complex, whiskey cask made  a pretty interesting spin on this imperial tajii taste adventure. Aye!" - label

Evil Twin Monk Suffers Serious Sugar Rush on Barbados....$11.99 / pint
"This is a true story about a dedicated belgian brother who spend all his hard earned money on a all inclusive Barbados vacation to pursue a life long dream – brew an old fashion dark Belgian infused with local muscovado sugar aka Barbados sugar – luckily the outcome is a first class candy coated, full-bodied and escapist beer – the best he ever made. Halleluja." - label

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

We got in another limited batch of 
Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project...$49.99 / 375ml
call 314.727.8788

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blind beer tasting, fun and informative

The Wine and Cheese Place is involved in a number of events 
for 4th Annual St. Louis Craft Beer Week

This Thursday August 2nd
Local Breweries VS. America
$20 / person
With the increased choices in beers from St. Louis and the local area, we wanted to see how they stand up on the national level.

Reservations are required click here to make reservations or call (314-727-8788) 

Thursday August 2nd (6pm:7:30) 
$20 / person 


          IPA Flight
  • Schlafly AIPA - Missouri
  • O'Fallon 5 day - Missouri
  • Charleville Hoptimistic IPA - Missouri 
  • Bells Two Hearted Ale - Michigan
  • Odell IPA - Coloroado
  • Stone IPA - California

  • Porter Flight
  • Six Row Porter - Missouri
  • Crown Valley Porter - Missouri
  • Boulevard Bully Porter - Missouri
  • Founders Porter - Michgian
  • Odell Porter - Colorado
  • Deschutes Black Butte Porter - Oregon

Check out the bonus flight -- should be quite interesting
Plus we will have a bonus Union Jack flight -- this is the bonus round for research and education.  It will be a blind flight of 4 glasses of Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA.  I took a case of Firestone Walker and will treat each 6 pack differently.    We will see how much these factors will affect the beer...
  • One will be perfect shape, stored in a cool dark place
  • One is stored dark, but in my 90+ degree garage
  • One is stored cool, but over exposed to light for an extended time
  • One is going be stored dark, but in and out of the refrigerator repeatedly.
Plus, I thought it would be fun to try
Urban Chestnut Zwickel vs. the German Innstadt Edelsud Zwickel