Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another newsletter from the past...17 years ago...

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year!!!

The Wine and Cheese Place is proud to have introduced a number of items to St. Louis.   Did you know we were the first to bring in the very popular Borsao Spanish wine?   We had tasted the 1994 Borsao and loved it and ordered a pallet of it.   I remember the day it finally arrived at our store, the new issue of The Wine Advocate arrived in the mail (before it was online) that very same day and the headline was "The five greatest red wine values I have ever tasted?" -- Robert Parker.   Borsao was one of those wines - it was $4.99 and 89 points from Robert Parker.   We were shocked that the issue arrived the same day the wine did.   We sold those 56 cases in a weekend.   We started ordering 400 cases at a time and went through over 1,600 cases of that one wine!
Here is a newsletter from fall of 1995 .  Again, sorry we cannot honor these prices, plus we do not have these vintages in stock anymore :)

The Roasting House was still around and we had not opened our Forysth location yet.  We were still just called The Cheese Place (not Wine and).  Also it was before the (636) area code was needed for our Ballwin location.  

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