Wednesday, January 7, 2009

St Louis' own Schlafly releases some hot new ones...

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Just arrived at Forsyth, Rock Hill, and Provisions
Schlafly has released two new bottle conditioned beers to go along with their Biere de Garde.

Schlafly Grand Cru...$7.49 / 25oz
"Schlafly Grand Cru continues our series of bottle-conditioned, Belgian-style ales. Three different traditional Belgian yeast strains contribute fruity and spicy aromas which give complexity to this deep golden ale. Medium body and effervescence create a light, dry impression, despite its gravity and smooth, sweet finish. Store at cellar temperature until ready to serve." -- Schlafly
ABV 9% * IBU: 20
Hops: Central European
Malts: American, including Alhambra, IL

Schlafly Tripel....$7.49 / 25oz
Schlafly Tripel has patiently awaited joining the ranks of our bottle-conditioned Belgian-style ale series. It was teh first festival ale for our Hop in the City beer festival which makes it dear to us. Tripel is hearty with a golden hue and rich, fruity character. While this ale is light in color, it is full bodied than many darker ales. These characteristics make it a great after-dinner drink and a perfect complement to aged cheeses and fruity desserts. We age this ale for months before it touches a bottle but, if you have the will power, it will improve for years to come.
ABV: 10% * IBU 45
Hops: Central European
Malts: American

And don't forget their original bottle-conditioned beer
Schlafly Biere de Garde...$7.49 / 25oz
"Schlafly Biere de Garde is a bottle-conditioned, French farmhouse style ale. The name referes to the beer's ability to improve with age and if you choose to age this ale, the tart fruitiness from the yeast and the sweet maltiness from the grains will meld together nicely for several years at cellar temperatures.
Brewed as a modern re-recreation of a classic European beer style to celebrate Saint Louis's French heritage, Schlafly Biere de Garde pairs well with cheese, mussels, bouillabiasse, and roast chicken." -- Schlafly

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Store news....

Beer Department: 2009 starts off with a bang!

January 8 -- Schlalfy Tripel and Grand Cru -- in stock now!
January 9 -- Left Hand Smoke Jumper
January 20 -- Boulevard Smokestack Imperial Stout - more info
(Boulevard will be in town doing Cicero's Beer School on Jan 21 to kick off the Imperial Stout, they are also going to have a keg of the Single Wide IPA on tap that night, plus maybe another surprise)

January 21 -- Bell's Hopslam

End of January -- Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale -- more info
End of January -- Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale

First week of February -- New Holland should hit St. Louis

March -- I am told we will see some releases in bottle from Tin Mill from Hermann, MO.
March -- Boulevard Single Wide IPA

First beer release of the 2009

Left Hand Imperial Stout....$9.99 / 4pk
Left Hand Imperial Stout...$5.29 / 22oz
"Imperial Stout is a silky smooth, very flavorful black brew. It is a traditional style of strong stout originally brewed in Britain for export to St. Petersburg, Russia. The malty sweetness of the beer is tempered by a medley of roasted malt and the aggressive use of hops. A long conditioning time gives the brew time to mellow and mature. The beer is not filtered, allowing every subtlety and nuance to be enjoyed." -- Left Hand