Thursday, March 12, 2015

Amager Collab with John Laffler of Off Color Brewing (previously Goose Island)

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Goose Island or Off Color Collaboration?
Collab with John Laffler who was in charge of Goose Island's Barrel Program until 2012 when he left to start his own brewery - Off Color Brewing

Amager RyeKing....$8.99 / pint
Rated 99/100 RateBeer overall
Rated 100/100 RateBeer in its style
7.7% ABV
"Back in May 2010 we had here at Amager Bryghus a visit from a man who at first glance might look like Frank Zappa's grandson - or perhaps an unknown little brother of Snoop Dogg.  But the name was neither Zappa nor Dogg but Laffler.  Mr. John Laffler from Chicago, Illinois.  John was then in charge of the barrel barrel program at the famous Goose Island Brewery, and contact with him arose earlier in the year at the World Beer Cup in Chicago.  At that time we asked John if he would want to brew beer on Amager, which after all is Denmark's answer to Chicago!  Oh, well almost...
John was given a completely free hand, and came up with something as rare as a lightly smoked rye stout, thereby RyeKing was born.  An entire 22% of the malt comes from rye and RyeKing has an amazing resilience without ever being heavy, while the smoke is never deafening, just adding a small piquant touch.  John has since move on to establish his own enterprise Off Color Brewing and we wish him the best of luck with his future endeavours.  

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