Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Scapa Single Malt scotch

Scapa The Orcadian Skiren Single Malt Scotch...$69.99
Inspired by summer's bright, glittering skies, described in Old Norse as skiren, this expression is exclusively matured in First Fill American oak casks for a smooth creamy sweetness with a hint of tropical fruit, citrus and coastal heather.

New Wine from the Prisoner - Cuttings

The Prisoner Wine Company
2013 Cuttings Cabernet Sauvignon...$52.99
Inspired by the age-old method of using cuttings from a vineyard to propagate new vines, this new Cabernet-based blend is unique and special. Cuttings combines the richness, complexity and depth of Cabernet with the structure and intensity of Petite Sirah and Syrah, all the while channeling the robust character of Zinfandel. Powerful and structured, the wine features intense aromas of ripe plum reduction layered with hints of cocoa powder and cigar box. Velvety with dense flavors of black cherry, cola and freshly roasted coffee beans which lead to soft tannins and a plush, lengthy finish.
The 2013 Proprietary Red Blend Cuttings is a Cabernet Sauvignon-dominated wine, but blended with some Petite Sirah and Syrah as well as a touch of Zinfandel. This is outstanding wine, and there are 5,000 cases of it. The Cabernet comes from top sites such as the Inkgrade Vineyard that Les Behrens made well-known. The wine offers plenty of blackberry and cassis fruit as well as some licorice, truffle, and lead pencil shavings. It is full-bodied, again very opulent (a hallmark of all of the wines from The Prisoner) and finishes authoritatively. Drink it over the next 4-5 years.
Rated 91+/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

New Belgium Hoppy Blonde

New Belgium Hoppy Blonde...$8.49 / 6pk
Take the leap and hop into the tropics with Hoppy Blonde Ale. This easy-drinking beer sips light and refreshing with a soft malt base, while vibrant notes of mango, lemon, blueberry and pine spring across the tongue courtesy of Mosaic, UK Admiral and Centennial dry-hopping. Light enough to session, but with a head rush of hops, Hoppy Blonde will leave you jumping for more.

Dry-hopping adds more aroma and flavor without adding additional bitterness. Heat sensitive aromatic hop essential oils that otherwise were lost in the brewhouse are captured here. In this case: Mosaic: rich in mango, lemon, citrus, pine and blueberry and earthy; UK Admiral: hints of citrus with herbal and earthy flavors as well; Centennial: floral and citrus tones.

Crabtree Peach Habanero 4pks

Now in 12oz bottles
Crabtree Peach Habanero Red...$8.49 / 4pk 12oz
Alcohol By Volume: 9.8%
Beautifully sinful. This unique ale is balanced between the perfect amounts of malt and hops. Tip toeing in is soft tones of peaches finished by the kick of roasted habanero! Our Colorado peach has a wicked right hook.

Baileys gift set....

Handy dandy little set....
perfect for your morning coffee :)
Baileys Irish Cream...$3.99 / 4 pack of 50ml bottles
1 bottle each in the 50ml size
  • Baileys Chocolate Cherry
  • Baileys Original
  • Baileys Salted Caramel
  • Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon

High West Whiskey Bourye is back!

It has been awhile - but it is back!!

Bourbon and Rye together!
High West BouRye Whiskey....
This is a blend of straight bourbon and two straight rye whiskeys (thus the name, which combines parts of both). Very interesting indeed. But how does it taste? It’s clean, crisp and quite vibrant (especially on the nose). The rye note is evident throughout. It starts out more like a high rye-content bourbon, with the molasses, caramel, coconut cream, sweet corn and honey-kissed fruit marrying nicely with the dried spice (vanilla, cinnamon, brisk mint). But then on the latter half of the palate, the rye really kicks in. The whiskey gets bold, the rye becomes intense (almost piercing), with a dried spice finish. Some whiskeys are even keeled throughout. This one is more of an adventure. Not complex enough for “classic status” (95), but a very distinctive, enjoyable whiskey.

Cheese Features

Ballwin location cheese feature:
Pecorino Toscano DOP

This Toscano is produced in the Val D’Orcia (Siena) under strict supervision of the Consorzio of Pecorino Toscano. It is aged about 6 months and has a firm texture and a rich, nutty flavor, with a lingering finish hinting of butterscotch

Rock Hill Location Cheese Feature:
Carr Valley 6 Year Old Cheddar

Handcrafted in our La Valle plant in small vats by cheesemakers with more than 100 years experience and aged 6 years. Our 6 Year Cheddar has the "crunch" that you look for in an aged cheddar and will be crumbly. Great in many recipes, salads or just for snacking with your favorite cracker!

Forsyth location cheese feature
Green Dirt Farm Woolly Rind - Missouri 
Woolly Rind
Woolly Rind is a Bloomy Rind aged cheese, so named from the bloom of edible mold on the rind. It is a classic lactic style cheese that undergoes progressive ripening as it ages. This means that the cheese ripens from the rind towards the center.
Woolly Rind tastes buttery, tangy, and mushroomy. With age, the cheese gains earthy and beefy qualities. Its aroma frequently evokes thoughts of forest floor, or fresh soil. It is a good option to introduce people to aged sheep’s milk cheese, as it is relatively mild.
Woolly Rind pairs well with Lambic and Saison beers, unoaked Chardonnay, prosciutto,
honey or dark chocolate.

New Ballas Location Cheese Feature:
Comte French style Gruyere

Made from raw cow milk in the French-Comte of Jura. Aged about 6 mos., it is firm, dense, and bursting with big Swiss flavor. Natural rind with straw color interior. One of best cheeses to use in fondue

Uinta Biere de Mars - limited release

Uinta Biere de Mars....$8.49 / 22oz
French-Style Spring ale Aged in Chardonnay Barrels.

Uinta Pale Ale...$8.49 / 6pk cans
This traditional style pale ale has a rich amber color, full malt body and a clean hop finish.

Malts and hops mingle harmoniously. Toasty caramel and molasses notes. Slightly fruity. Finishes dry and is highly refreshing. Because Cutthroat is a versatile beer, you can enjoy it with a variety of flavor profiles: spicy, bbq, burgers, wings, Mexican.

Friday, February 26, 2016

BRC News -

Some missing emails - please call 314.727.8788 
we have bad emails for have an allocation

Charles Debo...
Greg Folke...
Owen Robe..
Andy Richte...
Suzanne Takus...
plus these got kicked back too.

BRC - news...
Emails have been sent.
I have a few people I need to did out an email.  I see some emails got kicked back.  So we will work on those. 
But most should have gotten their notice.  Thank you!

The emails and allocations were sent correctly, but I incorrectly stated that Praire was "beer only" and Merci was "overall purchases".  It was reversed, sorry.  Merci arrived first so that it was "beer only" and Prairie was "overall"

Big Beer Day!!!

Prairie Artisan Ales Barrel Aged Branson Jamboree Imperial Stout:   Exclusive to The Wine and Cheese Place in St. Louis.   This one will go partially based on Prairie Artisan Ales "regular support" and then partially based on "overall purchases"

Side Project Merci Blend #2 
Only available at Side Project and The Wine and Cheese Place.
This one will go via  "beer only".  (just found out that Side Project Noir du Fermier federal registration is done, so this one is not far behind)

We will allocate a portion out based on support of Prairie Artisan Ales "regular beers" starting from October 12 until a day or two of the beer arriving.

Prairie Artisan Ales Branson Jamboree Imperial Stout Aged In Oak Barrels

Back in Janaury of 2014 Chase Healey, co-founder and brewmaster of Prairie Artisan Ales, loaded up two barrels  (Evan Williams 10 Year old and a Buffalo Trace) from The Wine and Cheese Place to take back to Oklahoma to fill with beer.  So Chase decided to blend several barrels for this beer and make a larger batch. It is a blend of bourbon barrels along with some brandy and Madeira barrels.   He said it worked better for his system to make a bigger batch.  The beer is bottled and should be heading our way soon.   So we will be receiving about 2 barrels worth of this final blend.

Side Project Merci Blend #2 should arrive tomorrow!
Released via our BRC program.

Side Project Merci Blend #2 coming soon!!

Side Project Merci Blend #1 was our first ever beer we received from Side Project back in January of 2015, it was a blend of Saison du Ble and a 2 year old American Wild Ale.  Blend #2 is getting ready to come in a week or so.  Blend #2 is a blend of Oude Fermier and a 2 year old Missouri Wild Ale.  Cory describes it as drier and closer to a white wine in style.   We are excited and very thankful to Karen and Cory King, owners of Side Project Brewing here in St. Louis, MO.

"Merci was blended for our friend Paul Hayden at The Wine and Cheese Place in St. Louis. We would like to say "Merci" for all his support of Side Project Brewing by releasing this Blend #2, a blend of Oude Fermier and a 2 year old Missouri Wild Ale, for The Wine and Cheese Place" - back label

Side Project Noir du Fermier - Federal registration is done!
Barrel Fermented Missouri Black Saison
(we supplied a couple of red wine barrels for this one)
"Noir du Fermier is a dark farmhouse ale in which the robust yet dry malt bill is balanced with the brightness, depth and rustic character of the wild Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus found on our family's Missouri farm.  This farmhouse ale was fermented in and aged in red wine and bourbon barrels for several months before being naturally bottle conditioned in this bottle." - back label

KEEP VOTING - (how is Side Project #14, come on St. Louis - vote!!)
Make sure you vote for Side Project for Best New Brewery in USA Today - click here
You can vote once a day, it is easy.

Make sure you check out Side Project Cellar and see why they got nominated for a prestigious James Beard Award


The Side Project Cellar, Maplewood, MO - 1 of only 19 bars in the COUNTRY nominated.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

More beer news....

Some new releases coming in the next week or so....will post as they arrive and details of their release.  Stay tuned to our blog and social media.

  • Side Project Merci #2
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Barrel Aged Branson Jamboree Imperial Stout
  • Alpine Brewing Duet IPA
  • Alpine Brewing Hoppy Birthday
  • Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion IPA
  • Avery Raja Double IPA cans
  • Perennial 17 Mint Chocolate Stout
  • Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin (more coming)
  • Ballast Point Even Keel Mango (more coming)
  • Ballast Point Watermelon Durango (new)

New Holland Night Tripper

New Holland Night Tripper...$14.99 / 4pk 12oz

Imperial Stout
"Night Tripper is an Imperial Stout for a Fat Tuesday release. Dark, mysterious and poetic, Night Tripper's abundance of roasted malts, combined with flaked barley create a rich, roasty beer with deeply intense and lush flavors. Night Tripper's layered, nuanced tones invite intrigue and reward a curious palate. Beads and masks aren't required, but are encouraged." -- brewery
ABV = 10.8%

Schlafly Limited Release Saison

1 per person
Schlafly Saison Limited Release...$10.99 / 750ml
This saison is characteristic of the traditional French style that uses two imported yeast strains - Belgian Ardennes and French Saison - for a complexity of unique spice that finishes crisp and dry. Citrus notes of the Lemon Drop hops along with the combination of barley and wheat create a delicate sweetness and light body. This bright-golden, balanced beer is as refreshing as it is unique.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BRC releases - Crooked Stave Limited releases and update

Back in stock...
Crooked Stave St. Bretta Clementine...$5.99
Crooked Stave Hop Savant Galaxy Hop...$5.99

All of the "regular" St. Bretta and Hop Savant from Crooked Staves are now $5.99 a bottle!!  Our new everyday price.

These went through the BRC - emails just sent based on overall purchases.  None available for purchase off the shelf, sorry.
Crooked Stave Motif....$7.99
Crooked Stave Silly Cybies...$11.99
Crooked Stave L'Brett D'Cherry....$11.99
Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett with Cherries...$11.99
Crooked Stave Mam Bear's Sour Cherry Pie...$11.99
Crooked Stave Vieille Reserva Prunus Armeniaca...$11.99

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dr. Pescia Nettare di Bacco Idromele Mead

Very limited, only 6 bottles availalble
Dr. Pescia Nettare di Bacco Idromele Honey Wine...$29.99 / 750ml
Nettare di Bacco Hydromel is considered as the oldest alcoholic liquor all over the world. 3000 years ago the Mayas used almost all their honey to product this liquor, which was drunk by the richest social classes of this civilization. It was produced by the Egyptians, too, and then by the Greeks and Romans. In Greek mythology it is considered as “the drink of the Gods”. Nettare di Bacco is our Hydromel For its production we must dissolve a required amount of select honeys in water and then the fermentation has to take place in steel vessels. When all the honey sugar are changed into alcohol. (14,5 degrees), the drink is put into special oaken casks at least for one years. After the bottling, too, our hydromel keeps on growing rich of other flavours, which exalt its taste. Nettare di Bacco has been often offered during tastings and taste-workrooms regarding either some honey products or other esteemed ones. There it has been often appreciated very much by famous sommelier, who have considered it as the perfect drink to have as with milk or fondant chocolate as with all the chocolate products which are difficultly linked with any more drink. Nettare di Bacco can be happily consumed with “Pecorino” cheese, too, as well as with Parmigiano and Grana cheese, especially covered with some honey, possibly of the Mediterranean Heather honey.

The Bee-keeping Dr. Pescia is a firm which was born in 1965 and it is situated in the province of Leghorn, on the Etruscan Coast 1 km from Rosignano Marittimo, which is an ancient Etruscan settlement and a medieval fortobtaining.

New Cranberry Berliner

Crabtree Cranberry Berliner Weisse Ale...$6.49 / 22oz
New Cranberry Seasonal!

Alpine Beer Nelson

More in stock!

Alpine Beer Company Nelson Golden Rye IPA....$6.99 / 22oz
A Golden Rye IPA
An outstanding hop from New Zealand, Nelson Sauvin, is generously used throughout the brewing and dry-hopping of this unique beer. European rye is added for a smooth, malty addition to flavor. 

New from Missouri - Crane Brewing!!!

Crane Brewing Company is focused on three styles, Saison, Berliner Weiss and Lambic. No matter what styles, hybrids or experiments we pursue in the future, these styles will be at the heart of our efforts and output. We believe that these three styles are the foundations upon which we can place a variety of hops, wild yeast, souring bacteria, wood-aging, spices, fruit, and specialty malt. We see a desire for more beer of these styles, and we promise to challenge your expectation of what these styles can offer in relation to seasonality and flavor combinations. While we will distribute four standard versions of these styles year-round in 750 mL bottles and kegs, we will offer brewery-only special releases and one-off experimental batches throughout the year.

Crane Brewing Saison...$8.49 / 750mlSAISON (6.8% ABV)
A farmhouse-style field beer brewed to finish dry and refresh. This Belgo-French style ale’s flavor begins with toasty malt, followed by fruity yeast and ends lightly bitter and crisp.
Malt: Pilsner, Munich and Wheat
Hops: Magnum and Styrian Golding
Yeast: French and Belgian Saison Yeast

Crane Brewing Farmhouse IPA....$8.49 / 750ml
An American farmhouse-style ale brewed with the IPA lover in mind. Big, bold, juicy hops join the dry, yeast driven saison flavor to create one of the most aromatic, undiluted hop experiences you can find.
Malt: Pilsner, Munich and Wheat
Hops: Magnum, Styrian Golding, and a rotating blend of aroma hops
Yeast: A blend of French and Belgian Saison Yeast

Booker's Bourbon Small Batch Bourbon Bluegrass

Booker's Bourbon Small Batch Bourbon Bluegrass....$42.99
“The first batch of Bookers for 2016 is made up of barrels that were stored in 7 different rack houses. 61% of the barrels were stored in 9 story houses, 34% were stored in 7 story houses, and remaining 5% were stored in a 5 story rack house. The ages of the barrels in the batch range from 6 years 11 months old to 7 years 11 months old. The deep amber color reflects the complex aroma and flavor of the batch to be bottled. The nose is pleasant with the vanilla and toasted nuts that is inviting and makes you eager to sip this great bourbon. The flavor of this batch is smooth and well balanced with a finish that I enjoyed neat without adding any water.”
Fred Noe

Booker’s Bourbon is proud to release Booker's Bluegrass, the inaugural batch in the 2016 limited-edition collection, which pays tribute to two of founding distiller Booker Noe's favorite things - whiskey and music. While he is best known for the creation of his namesake full-bodied whiskey, he is also remembered by friends and family for his love of bluegrass music, both listening and dancing to it. Booker was light on his feet and his larger-than-life personality took over the dance floor in true Booker style. He was even known to join the band from time to time. Booker's Bluegrass celebrates Booker living life to the fullest - whether on the dance floor or in the rack house. It is bottled uncut at its natural proof, yielding a robust whiskey with intense flavor - just as Booker preferred.

New Boulevard Stout with Coconut

intro price
Boulevard Smokestack Imperial Stout with Coconut...$10.99 / 750ml
The final installment, Imperial Stout X – Coconut...Using the base beer for Imperial Stout as a starting point, our brewers suspended just over 2 pounds per barrel of raw and toasted coconut flakes in porous bags in one of our stainless steel fermentation vessels. Finished, cooled beer was then transferred onto the flakes and allowed to rest for 48 hours to infuse the aroma and flavor of the coconut into the base beer. The resulting beer is a marriage of huge, round, chocolate and caramel notes from Imperial Stout, with smooth layers of sweet, toasted coconut notes.
At 11% ABV and 63 IBUs