Saturday, July 20, 2019

I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$32.99
A good story gets better with each telling, and the legend of I.W. HARPER is no exception. Finally, after nearly 20 years, the I.W. HARPER brand is returning home with two new, exceptional I.W. HARPER bourbons. Beginning with a subtle nose, I.W. HARPER Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey leaves traces of caramel and vanilla on entry before melting into velvety bursts of wood and spice. The finish is sweet and pleasant with subtle fruit notes.
ABV: 82 proof, 41% ABV

1980s...I.W. Harper is no longer available in the U.S.
Back at home the bourbon market is declining, but luckily for I.W. HARPER it’s quickly expanding across the globe, especially in Japan. In response to bourbon's surging popularity in this market, United Distillers decides to slowly cease its I.W. HARPER distribution in the U.S. and shift focus overseas. And thus, I.W. HARPER bourbon bids America farewell and embarks on its next chapter.

Game of Thrones Lagavulin 9 Year Old

Game of Thrones Lagavulin 9 Year Old...$63.99
Back in stock

Goose Island IPA Now.

New version....
Rotating hop IPA

Goose Island IPA Now...$7.49 / 4pk 16oz can
Every round of IPA Now begins with superior pale malt, lending a nice toasty character. Our brewers then experiment with new and unique hops for recipes that are ridiculously good.

This should be batch #3? I think?

Mother's Brewing Materfamilias RYE Whiskey Barrel Aged

Another case just randomly appeared!

Mother's Brewing Materfamilias RYE Whiskey Barrel Aged...$12.99 / 22oz
Our Single Barrel Materfamilias series highlights the unique qualities that each barrel type brings to the Materfamilias program. Aged for 8 months in Willett Family Distillery rye whiskey barrels, this beer gains strong flavors and aromas of fresh cut grass, baking spice, sweet cherry, and a firm charred oak. This special release is a look into the blending that determines the character of the ultimate Materfamilias release that also stands alone as a unique drinking experience.
PROFILE: rich dark chocolate, barrel tannin and spirit alcohol, sugar cane and nougat

Mother's Doin' Good Orange Wheat Ale

Mother's Doin' Good Orange Wheat Ale...$7.99 / 6pk
Mother’s Doin’ Good does the classic midwestern wheat ale one better with the addition of oranges. Best of luck finding a fruitier, fresher, and more drinkable wheat. Doin’ Good is a beer for turning positive vibes into action. Mother’s found inspiration for Doin’ Good in Springfield’s famous other brother Doug Pitt, community leader, all-around good guy, and founder of the Care to Learn fund. People like him remind us that doing a little good goes a long way in building strong communities. And when you’re doing good, you’re feeling great. To that end, Mother’s feels great donating a portion of every sale of this beer to charity.

Monaco Vodka Selzter

In stock now at Forsyth

  • 3.5% ABV

Monaco 69 Black Cherry Vodka Seltzer....$7.99 / 4pk cans
Rich cherry and berry flavors together in sparkling bliss. Harmony in a can.

Monaco 69 Lemon Splash Vodka Seltzer....$7.99 / 4pk cans
Bright lemon zest playing in the seltzer surf.
It’s a summer of citrus joy.

Van Gogh Vodka

Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka...$25.99 / liter
70 proof
The original double espresso vodka, Van Gogh Double Espresso is as rich and bold as your favorite cup of espresso. On the rocks or mixed up in a Van Gogh masterpiece, this premium vodka is the perfect blank canvas for any coffee-inspired creation.

Rated 99/100  / Critics Double Gold Award, Critics Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition
94 Points / Gold Medal, Beverage Testing Institute
5 Stars / Highest Recommendation, The Spirit Journal

Aviation American Gin Old Tom

Aviation Gin now owned by actor Ryan Reynolds - read more

New Old Tom....
Aviation American Gin Old Tom....$36.99
Old Tom is an old style of gin that has picked up in popularity over the past few years.  It tends to be drier than Genever gins but sweeter than London dry and can be barrel aged.  Aviation is aged in Single Malt Whiskey Barrels.

Clase Azul Mezcal

Back in stock!

Clase Azul Mezcal...$219.99
Handcrafted for
Magical memories
Mezcal Clase Azul made from wild Cenizo Agave, grows wild in the State of Durango where the extreme climate, the rich minerals of its soil, and the source of natural springs in the area, give particular force and complexity to its notes, making it an entirely different mezcal than what is produced in the rest of Mexico.  They do not buy their juice, the own and produce it.

In addition, its unique and colorful top is hand-crafted by artisans belonging to the Wixarika or Huichol culture.  Each piece that a Huichol artisan creates, using beeswax, resin, a needle, and individually placed beads, in a special way represents their roots and their traditions that race back to ancient times.  In this instance, combining images that together reference the origins of mezcal.

Lagunitas Hop Refresher Non Alcoholic

Lagunitas Hop Refresher Non Alcoholic....$5.99 / 4pk

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher is a fresh take on an old tradition ... An IPA-inspired refreshment that's zero-alcohol, zero-carbohydrate, and zero-calorie, made using everything we know about hops. It's chock-full of Citra, Equinox, and Centennial hops, as well as some natural flavors and a pinch brewer's yeast to biotransform-ate the hops to just the right flavor.

What is biotransformation? Brewmonster Jeremy Marshall put it best: “Yeast biotransforms the existing hop terpenes into more desirable terpenes. You need yeast to liberate the hop flavors, and that’s the most important thing that we know from making IPAs, and we leveraged it in making Hoppy Refresher.” Whatever that means…

So what about Hoppy Refresher? Jeremy Marshall describes it as “refreshing on its own… it fills that ‘Oh, I want to have an IPA, but it’s 9:30 in the morning and I’m out of IPAs’ kind of thing.”

Try Hoppy Refresher on its own for a beer-like tasting experience (without the alcohol, of course), or mix it with your favorite spirit to add a hoppy zing to your cocktail game! Jeremy says, “Think of it like a club soda… with soul. Lots of soul. Like Rick James and James Brown. Rick Brown.”

It's a variation on a theme of 25 years of edgy brewing at the edge of brewing. Cheers!

Dewars Double Series

All sold out now!

Dewars Won the trifecta!  Top 3 blended Scotches at the 2019 International Whiskey Competition.

Best Blended Scotch Whisky
1st Place: Dewar’s Double Double 32 Year Old (94.3 pts)
2nd Place: Dewar's 25 Years Old (93.2 pts)
3rd Place: Dewar’s Double Double 27 Year Old (92.6 pts)

Limit 1 of each per person
Dewar's Double Series 27 Year Old...$79.99 / 375ml
Finished in Palo Cortado Sherry Cask
4 stage process Double Double Ageing

32yr Sold out now 
Dewar's Double Series 32 Year Old...$139.99 / 375ml
Finished in PX Sherry Cask
4 stage process Double Double Ageing

Dewar's Blended Scotch 25 Year Old Double Aged...$189.99
Only 1 bottle left.  SOLD OUT NOW

Pusser's Rum Painkiller Mix

Pusser's Rum Painkiller Mix...$6.99 / liter
The Iconic Pusser’s Painkiller Secret Formula
The Pusser’s Painkiller, known as the “Official Cocktail of the British Virgin Islands,” is a delicious blend of Pusser’s Rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, orange juice, and nutmeg served on the rocks. Be careful–this is a smooth and sneaky drink.

Just add Pusser's Rum
Pusser's Rum Original Admiralty Blend (Blue Label)...$19.99
Pusser’s Blue Label is a Royal Navy style rum inspired by the Admiralty’s blending recipe last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration on 31 July 1970.
Alc/Vol: 42% (U.S.A.) / 40% (International)
Color: Clear, dark amber
Nose: Classic Demerara sugar, molasses, dried fruits, island spices, and caramel
Body: Full, round and perfect for cocktails
Finish: Long finish with a mild spicy burn

Peanut Butter Whiskey

Peanut Butter Whiskey

Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey...$26.99
Born in quirky Ocean Beach, California, Skrewball was created by a husband and wife duo, Brittany and Steven Yeng. Steven was a bartender and foodie who owned high volume restaurants. Brittany was an attorney who also had a Master’s in Chemistry. They were both
successful, but they never saw each other. When they saw his peanut butter whiskey cocktail out-selling any other spirit (and with a baby on the way), they decided to bottle their own peanut butter whiskey. But, it was much harder than they had thought. No wonder there is nothing like it in the market! After tons of experimentation, they ended up creating something even better than the original cocktail.  Why Peanut Butter? Steven is a Cambodian refugee and polio survivor. When he came to America, he was given baskets full of non-perishables including peanut butter. He fell in love with it. To him, it is the taste of America.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Walter Hansel 2016's

Walter Hansel 2016's
Once again Walter Hansel has turned out an impressive range of Chardonnays and Pinot Noir

2016 Walter Hansel Estate Chardonnay...$26.99
The 2016 Chardonnay Estate offers up notes of white peaches, apple pie and green guava with hints of lightly browned toast and allspice. Medium to full-bodied, it is beautifully silky in the mouth with great vivacity and a long, pure citrus and stone fruit-layered finish. 938 cases produced.
Rated 91/100 The Wine Advocate

2016 Walter Hansel Cahill Lane Chardonnay...$29.99
The 2016 Chardonnay Cahill Lane gives up loads of honeyed peaches and ripe apple notes with touches of nutmeg, baking bread and marzipan. Medium to full-bodied, it fills the palate with layer upon layer of bread, nut and stone fruit flavors, supported by bright, refreshing acid and a creamy texture, finishing with fantastic length.
Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate

2016 Walter Hansel Chardonnay North Slope....$29.99
The 2016 Chardonnay North Slope Vineyard simply sings of beautiful orange blossom, ginger and coriander seed notes with a core of spiced pears and Golden Delicious apples. The palate is medium-bodied with quite an understated, restrained expression in the mouth, featuring a quiet intensity of savory flavors, finishing on a mineral note. 938 cases produced.
Rated 93/100 Vinous Media

2016 Walter Hansel Pinot Noir Estate...$39.99
Pale ruby-purple colored, the 2016 Pinot Noir Estate has amazingly pure notions of crushed cranberries, Bing cherries and redcurrants with touches of garrigue, tilled soil and bay leaves. Medium to full-bodied, it delivers bags of crunchy red berry flavors and a lovely satiny texture with a very long, lively finish.
Rated 91/100 The Wine Advocate

2016 Walter Hansel Pinot Noir South Slope...$42.99

Pale to medium ruby-purple in color, the 2016 Pinot Noir South Slope displays a very fruity nose of crushed blackberries and raspberries with delicate hints of smoked meats, tar and dusty soil with a waft of red roses. Medium-bodied, tightly wound and with a very lively line of acid, it has a firm, grainy texture and long mineral-laced finish. 1,064 cases produced.
Rated 93+/100 Wine Advocate
he 2016 Pinot Noir The South Slope Vineyard is broad, ample and creamy, within the mid-weight style of the year. As is the case with all of these Pinots, the South Slope boasts terrific fruit presence and density. One of the most immediate and giving of these wines today.
Rated 93/100 Vinous Media

Friday night wine feature

Friday night wine feature.  Taste tonight at all 4 locations from 4-6pm
July 19th, Friday.

2018 Villa des Anges Rose...$13.99
Tasting Notes: A light-bodied wine, intensely crisp and vividly fresh, it offers complex aromas of strawberries and red currants, with a hint of quince.
Serve With: As an aperitif it is the perfect warm weather gulper and also pairs well with a wide range of salads, seafoods, lighter dishes and grilled white meats and poultry.
Vegan : Yes
Farming Practices : Sustainable Non-Certified

Chill this one down in the refrigerator for 20 minutes during this hot weather and enjoy!

2015 Laurence Feraud (Pegau) Cotes du Rhone...$12.99
On sale - was $15.99
The 2015 Côtes du Rhône Sélection Laurence Féraud offers lots of peppery, leather and garrigue characteristics in a medium to full-bodied, classy, charming style. Drink it over the coming 2-4 years
Rated 88/100 The Wine Advocate

Laurence Féraud owns and manages Domaine du Pegau, the iconic Châteauneuf-du-Pape estate, with her father Paul. Laurence’s expertise and strong network of contacts in the Southern Rhône Valley give her access to top-quality fruit and wines, which she selects and bottles under her negociant label, “Selection Laurence Féraud”. This range consistently deliver outstanding value and some of the best wines in the region.

Featured Cheeses

Check out these two featured cheeses this week.

Come taste them at all 4 of our locations!

Rembrandt Extra Aged Gouda

The Rembrandt is naturally matured for 52 weeks. Traditionally ripened for one year this award winning Dutch cheese has a firm texture and a rich, tangy flavour. It offers an exceptional taste experience and is the perfect cheeseboard centerpiece. Rembrandt is made form an exclusive Dutch Gouda recipe, a traditional approach that was specially created for producing and maturing the cheese in a classic, natural way.

Deer Creek The Moon Rabbit Cheese
An infusion of Chartreuse and imagination
The Treif UK Trophy for Best Label Design – International Cheese Awards
2nd Place – American Cheese Society Awards

Deer Creek’s The Moon Rabbit is proof that the moon is truly made of green cheese. We’ve taken our
cured, sweet finish Cheddar and bathed it in Green Chartreuse liqueur. The Chartreuse adds a delicate herbal bouquet with hints of cloves, citrus, rosemary, and thyme that beautifully complements the cheese’s creaminess while imparting a light green hue. This special cheese comes in a 22 lb. daisy wheel wrapped in chartreuse colored foil for a unique and unforgettable presentation.

Our Favorite Pairings
Beverages: Gin on the Rocks, Crisp Unoaked Chardonnay, Rhône Red Wine, Blue Moon Belgian White Ale with a big slice of orange
Nibblies: Crusty French Bread, Pistachios, Rosette De Lyon Sausage, Pears, Fresh Cherries, Orange Wedges, Orange-infused Dark Chocolate

Chartreuse Green - in stock at all locations
Green Chartreuse is the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour.  It is powerful and unique.
Only two Chartreuse monks know the identity of the 130 plants, how to blend them and how to distill them into this world famous liqueur. They are also the only ones who know which plants they have to macerate to produce the natural green and yellow colours. And they alone supervise the slow ageing in oak casks.
Ingredients : alcohol, sugar, 130 plants and flowers.
Alcohol content : 55% (110° proof US)
Presentation : Packaged in a traditional Chartreuse liqueur bottle. Very elegant with the embossed seal of La Grande Chartreuse.
How to drink it : To bring out all its flavour, it should be consumed very cold, even on the rocks. Traditionally considered an after dinner drink, Chartreuse is more and more being enjoyed as a long drink

Thursday, July 18, 2019

St. Louis Blues

Back in stock!
Great collectible to commemorate this amazing accomplishment by our St. Louis Blues!

Congratulations to our St. Louis Blues!!

St. Louis Blues Champion California Red Wine ...$46.99

Two Bottle Versions
"Champions" on top Version #1
"St. Louis Blues" on top Version #2
Our Handcrafted Reserve is a happy marriage of Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon and Monterey Merlot. 
ABV: 13.5% 
AGING: 15 months in French and American Oak 
TASTING NOTES: This Bordeaux-style blend shows soft tannins, ripe cassis, chocolate and berry flavors. These flavors create a medium bodied, dry red with a smooth finish that is sure to leave your palate pleased.

St. Louis Blues Champion Sparkling Wine "Silver"...$27.99
St. Louis Blues Champion Sparkling Wine "Gold"...$27.99
A BV: 11%
A dry, sparkling white wine with hints of delicious green
apple, juicy peaches, tart lemon, and stunning floral aromas
Unique Metallic Gold or Silver  Bottle:
The Ultimate Addition to a Blues Collection

Sump Cold Brew Coffee

Fresh batch of Sump!
In stock now at Forsyth
Sump Cold Brew Coffee...$17.99 / 4pk cans
collab with 4 Hands

2nd Shift / Speciation Artisan Beer #1

Limited release 
2nd Shift / Speciation Artisan Beer #1
A neutral wine barrel fermented and aged wild ale, brewed with 2nd Shift house yeast and Speciation Artisan Ale's Michigan house wild yeast strain.

Side Project Merci with Raspberries

Next week is the big release! 
Get ready!

Release Party July 26th 
from 4pm-6pm
With Cory King of Side Project
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton Mo

Meet the owner of Side Project, Cory King
Taste these two beers...
Side Project Merci Batch #4
Side Project Merci Framboise - very rare release!

There will not be any Framboise available for purchase that night.  It will ready for pick up for those allocated bottles through our BRC program.

Side Project Merci with Raspberries!
We are getting closer!

Side Project Merci with Raspberries...$39.99

BRC emails Friday morning July 26th for those that get an allocation of Raspberry.  It will be based mostly on "regular" Merci purchases

We will release it through the BRC (Beer Reward Club), at least part of it will be based on Side Project Merci purchases to support those that have supported Merci since the September release of the current batch!  Working on exact details.

We will be releasing these 30 bottles on July 26th, 2019

I will update your odds about once a week.
 Right now each person that qualifies has a 28% chance of getting a bottle.
Right now there are 107 people that have purchased 6 bottles or more, there are 20 that have purchased 5 so far.)

  • 10 bottles Side Project Merci MAGNUM (only 10 made)
  • 1 bottle Side Project Derivation #6
  • 1 bottle Side Project Derivation #8
  • 6 bottles Shared Barrel Aged Coconut Vibes
  • 12 bottles Side Project Brewing BVC

As of July 16st,  107 people have purchased 6 bottles or more of Side Project Merci Batch 4 and Side Project and The Wine and Cheese Place  want to thank those people for their amazing support. On the night of the tasting we will put everyone's name in a jar that purchased 6 or more (for every 6 bottles you purchased you get a raffle ticket) and pull out 30 names for a chance to purchase one of these bottles from the above list. 
  • 30 names will be drawn on July 26th
  • You will only be able to purchase 1 bottle (even if you name is drawn multiple times)
  • All Side Project Merci purchases count from September 1, 2018 until July 24, Wednesday night at 7pm. 
  • If your name is drawn, you must be able to pick up your bottle with 7 days of the drawing.  Pick up only, no shipping.
Please do not call or email about how many bottles of Merci you have purchased, it would be too much for us to handle.  We did print out a report with the names of everyone in the BRC that purchased and how many bottles you purchased.   You can go to one of our four locations and they can look you up on the list at the register.  Just ask at one of our four locations.

we still have a little Merci left- click here to order

Side Project Merci MAGNUMS....$139.99 each
Only 10 bottles produced!  This will be sold via the BRC based on 
Merci purchases since the September release of the current batch!

Are you kidding me!  

We will also have 12 bottles of BVC to release! 

Side Project Brewing Collab with Cycle Brewing BVC
Imperial Stout, originally brewed in July of 2017, then aged in California Brandy Barrels before being finished on a blend of Vanilla Beans & Cinnamon!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mother's Paloma Gose

Mother's Paloma Gose...$7.99 / 4pk cans
Mother's Paloma Gose opens a can of whoop-ass on the classic gose profile by adding grapefruit, agave nectar, and lime peel for an eye-opening beer ready to replace your usual tired brunch cocktail.
Inspired by the classic Central American refresca. This beer is a modern gose with dried lime peel, salt, agave nectar and grapefruit juice. A strong acidity from the grapefruit and kettle souring is balanced by a slightly higher residual sugar (also from the grapefruit). A firm salinity helps to contrast these flavors while creating a dry, refreshing finish