Saturday, November 18, 2023

November WRC Whiskey Raffle

Another good one!!!

November WRC Whiskey Raffle

Raffle is based on last 6 months purchases through October 31st

WRC Whiskey Raffle will are some highlights
  • Foursquare Covenant
  • Widow Jane Lucky 13
  • Heaven's Door Bootleg 18 Year Old
  • Willett 8 Year Wheated
  • Willett 10 Year Old  Purple Top Barrel No. 2863
  • Willett 10 Year Old  Purple Top Barrel No. 3069
  • Willett 10 Year Old  Purple Top Barrel No. 2025
  • Willett 10 Year Old  Purple Top Barrel No. 4766
  • Bookers The Storyteller Batch Bourbon
  • Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 8 Year Old
  • Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask Faith and Conviction
  • Very Olde St. NIck Harvest Rye Cask Strength
  • Very Olde St. Nick Summer Harvest Rye Cask Strength
  • Lux Row Four Grain Double Single Barrel
  • Weller Reserve Bourbon
  • Blantons
  • Eagle Rare
  • Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon
  • Henry McKenna 10 Year Old
Scotches -- 
We have a lot of limited scotch in right now - 
We will release some of these via a scotch raffle in the next 7 days and the rest will be in the regular raffle.  Watch for those emails. 
  • Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Year Old
  • Ardbeg Anthology 13 Year Old
  • Ardbeg Anamorphic Committee Release Limited 48.2% ABV
  • Springbank 10 Year Old
  • Springbank 15 Year Old
  • Octomore 14.1
  • Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Cask Strength
  • Kilkerran 12 year Old
List subject to change and more will be added

The Wine and Cheese Place single barrels!
We get offered a lot of barrels and we taste a lot of single barrels. The field is crowded and our experts only select the best so our customers know that not only are they getting a unique expression, but that the bottling is excellent. We do not buy single barrels just to buy them. We only select maybe 25-30% of the barrels offered to us. Yes, we are a bit selective for you.
Lots of new single barrels in stock now like the Ben Holladay just hit!
Click here to order our single barrels

We have an amazing 14 year old single barrel.  

We are offering TRIPLE POINTS in the raffles for the Schoonover 14 year old starting from August 1st and going forward.  Translation: each bottle you purchase counts as 2 raffle tickets in the monthly raffles and will count as 1 ticket in the big end of the year raffle!  Great Bourbon!  Grab a bottle!

Hard Truth / TWCP Single Barrel Schoonover 14yr Bourbon...$199.99 
  • Very Rare Cask Strength
  • Barrel #671
  • Only 141 bottles for the world!
  • 109.7 Proof
  • 84% Corn - 8% Rye - 8% Barley
Rich notes of plum, caramel, dark chocolate, toasted almond, nougat, and baking spices

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2023 Release

2023 Bourbon County Stout Release details!
There will be a link Thursday night to order these online for Friday!
Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Stout
Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Bananas Foster Stout
Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Backyard Stout

These will go through our Beer Reward Club based on beer purchases over the past 6 months (we will put a few online of these, but most through BRC)
Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Eagle Rare 2 Year Reserve Stout
Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Angel's Envy 2 Year Cask Finish Stout

This will be released online Thursday night at some point - watch for the link
Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Stout
The original barrel aged stout
After crafting the very first bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, we’ve learned that to have the best beer, you start with the best possible ingredients. Barrels are such an important ingredient, and we continue to use only the best our friends on the bourbon trail have to offer.⁠
Bourbon County Original Stout is aged in a mix of freshly emptied bourbon barrels from Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, Four Roses and Wild Turkey distilleries.⁠
Barrel aged for an average of 12 months, Original boasts deeply developed flavors of fudge, vanilla, and caramelized sugar with a rich, decadent mouthfeel.

This will be released online Thursday night at some point - watch for the link
Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Bananas Foster Stout

Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels with Bananas, Almonds, Cassia Bark, and natural flavors
Welcoming back another member of the family this year, Bourbon County Bananas Foster Stout makes its debut on the national stage. This recipe was first released in 2017 as Bourbon County Brand Proprietor’s Stout only to Chicago drinkers. Beloved by many, this release is especially near and dear to our innovation brewer Quinn Fuechsl’s heart.⁠  At the time when we first released this beer, the brewery hadn’t experimented with bananas much. However, Quinn had a good feeling that the fruit, along with almond and cassia bark, would be perfect ingredients in a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout — indeed, he was right. Sure to bring a bit of flair to your palate, this decadent pour is well-balanced with deep caramelization, aromas of fresh baked banana bread and warm notes of cinnamon and almond.

This will be released online Thursday night at some point - watch for the link
Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Backyard Stout
Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Mulberries, Boysenberries, and Marionberries
Feeling nostalgic this year, we dove into our Bourbon County vault and pulled out an iconic recipe. In 2013, we released “Backyard Rye” and our senior innovation manager Mike Siegel found himself hand picking mulberries off trees just steps away from our Goose Island Barrel House in Chicago. Inspired by that initial release and by his own childhood memories of picking fruit in his own backyard, Mike set to work on this year’s Bourbon County Backyard Stout.⁠  This barrel-aged stout was first aged in bourbon barrels for at least one year, and then finished and blended with mulberries, boysenberries and marionberries. Each addition of berry contributes its own distinct flavor profile, with some adding sweetness and others providing acidity and complexity. A taste of the past, this imperial stout is a balanced and nuanced play on fresh fruit, vanilla, and chocolate.

These two will be released via our BRC - based on beer purchases at our locations over the past 6 months!

Purchases will count through Thanksgiving!  Emails will go out Wednesday night or Thursday morning. 

Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Eagle Rare 2 Year Reserve Stout
Aged in 10 Year Old Eagle Rare Barrels

With a heritage rooted in authenticity and a commitment to craftsmanship,  Eagle Rare captures the essence of American history with its Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Just as bourbon is a uniquely American product, Bourbon County Brand Stout is distinctly Chicago. From the carefully selected American oak barrels sourced from Eagle Rare in Kentucky to the distinct combination of our unique climate and original imperial stout recipe crafted here; Bourbon County Eagle Rare Reserve Stout epitomizes a proud American legacy. ⁠  Aged for two years in extraordinary Eagle Rare 10-year-old barrels, each sip is a culmination of our passion, intricately woven together with the nuanced flavors imparted by these remarkable barrels. Eagle Rare Reserve is an incredibly complex and boldly rich stout that celebrates the essence of American brewing at its finest.

Goose Island 2023 Bourbon County Angel's Envy 2 Year Cask Finish Stout
Stout Aged in Angel's Envy Bourbon Barrels finished in Ruby Port Wine Barrels

Introducing the newest addition to the Bourbon County family: our first-ever “Cask Finish” stout. Inspired by the innovation of our friends at Angel’s Envy, we embarked on a journey to further develop the complexity of barrel-aged stout by introducing never-before-used finishing barrels. The beer starts in freshly emptied barrels that once held Angel’s Envy Kentucky straight bourbon. After aging in those for a year, the beer was transferred to a second set of Ruby Port wine barrels where it patiently matured for another year. By replicating Angel Envy's finishing process, we refined and amplified the flavors of cherry, spice, and cocoa within this aged stout. Bourbon County Angel’s Envy Cask Finish Stout is a testament to our legacy as the originators of bourbon barrel-aged stout.

Olive Ovation

Visit our newest location!!

Olive Ovation offers the freshest, healthiest oils and balsamic vinegars. 
Originally opening their doors in 2007, they introduced St. Louis to olive oil and vinegar tasting. Their Ladue location also features fresh bread, imported pasta, wine, gifts and kitchen items.  This unique store deserves to be on your holiday list to check out!

Red Line Bourbon Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Red Line Bourbon Bottled in Bond Bourbon....$52.99
Batch Fall 2023
100 Proof

A Bourbon Whiskey of uncompromising standards, steeped in history and heritage. In the latter years of the 19th century, the illustrious Bottled-in-Bond Act was enacted to guarantee the authenticity and quality of this revered spirit. 
  • A single distillery.
  • A single season.
  • 100 proof.
  • No less than 4 years of patient aging.
Red line's Bottled in Bond bourbon whiskey is the embodiment of  unbridled craftsmanship and timeless excellence. Distilled with passion and aged with care, every drop is a testament to the artistry of the master distiller, savor the proof of this labor of love, and experience a whiskey that transcends time and taste.


Today at Forsyth from 1pm-3pm
November 18th 
Meet Ashley Barnes and taste whiskey
Taste some whiskey with the master blender and get her autograph
The master blender for E.J. Curley and Lucky 7

She is the master blender for E.J. Curley and Lucky 7

Ashley specializes in warehouse profiling, flavor profile projections, blending, product development and quality control.

She was previously with Four Roses Distillery as the Assistant Quality Control Manager where she performed flavor profiling, formulation and blending. Ashley started working for a pharmaceutical company as a Raw Materials Chemical Analyst early in 2012 and a few months later accepted a position as a Quality Control Technician for Buffalo Trace Distillery. There she worked alongside several experts learning the inner workings of blending and quality control in the bourbon industry.

Ashley serves as a judge at the American Distilling Institute and American Craft Spirits Association spirits competitions, using her knowledge and experience to critique and provide educational feedback to craft distillers. She holds a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Eastern Kentucky University.

E.J. Curley Small Batch Bourbon...$46.99
95 Proof
Our signature Small Batch Bourbon is a well-balanced blend with notes of wild honeysuckle, magnolia and earthy tobacco. Complex and evolving, this bourbon provides the perfect pour for everyone.

E.J. Curley Single Barrel Bourbon...$64.99
123.80 Proof
Single Barrel No. 44
Our Master Blender hand selects stand out barrels that represent the most unique characteristics of the brand for an elevated E.J. Curley experience.

Lucky Seven Bourbon

Lucky Seven Kentucky Bourbon Frenchman....$79.99
Batch #4
113 proof
Distilled in Kentucky and bottled by Bardstown Bourbon Co.

Lucky Seven Kentucky Bourbon The Holiday Toast....$79.99
Batch #8
115 Proof
Distilled in Kentucky and bottled by Bardstown Bourbon Co.

Lucky Seven Kentucky Bourbon The Workhorse....$54.99
Batch #3
97 Proof
Distilled in Kentucky and bottled by Bardstown Bourbon Co.

Lucky Seven 9 Year Kentucky Bourbon The Hold Up....$99.99
Batch #8
100 Proof
Distilled in Kentucky and bottled by Bardstown Bourbon Co.

Friday, November 17, 2023

E.J. Curley Small Bourbon

E.J. Curley Small Batch Bourbon...$46.99
95 Proof
Our signature Small Batch Bourbon is a well-balanced blend with notes of wild honeysuckle, magnolia and earthy tobacco. Complex and evolving, this bourbon provides the perfect pour for everyone.

E.J. Curley Single Barrel Bourbon...$64.99
123.80 Proof
Single Barrel No. 44
Our Master Blender hand selects stand out barrels that represent the most unique characteristics of the brand for an elevated E.J. Curley experience.

E.J. Curley established some of the industry’s earliest distilleries on this property including the Blue Grass and Boone’s Knoll Distilleries under his company EJ Curley & Co., renamed E.J. Curley Distillery and later Kentucky River Distillery. Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) numbers #15 and #45, respectively.

E.J. Curley
One of Bourbon’s original tastemakers, E.J. Curley coined the term “Bluegrass” and founded his namesake brand, E.J. Curley & Co, along the Kentucky River Palisades in 1867. Curley was a prolific marketing maven and quickly issued additional brands including Blue Grass Bourbon, Boone’s Knoll Bourbon, and Curley Rye. His exceptional brand creating mind was matched only by his business acumen as evidenced by a single sale of 8600 barrels to a buyer in Chicago for a modern-day equivalent of $19M-the largest bourbon sale ever recorded in that time. In 1902, he formed the Distillers Securities Corporation in NYC which controlled the great majority of Kentucky Bourbon production. A connoisseur to the very end, Curley spent his golden years living at the Ritz Carlton Paris raising glasses with the most influential artists and thinkers of the time.

We honor the Curley elan bringing to market expertly handcrafted small batch and single-barrel bourbon expressions hand selected by Master Blender, Ashley Barnes. In 2025, visitors to the site of the original DSP #15, E.J. Curley and Co, and later DSP #45, in Jessamine County, Kentucky will enjoy the very same breathtaking palisades vistas found at the end of winding nature trails and outdoor experiences. The original aquifer that fed the water Curley distilled still with flows on site and its product will be bottled at a new visitor center and home to extraordinary custom experiences.

Penelope Architect Bourbon Build No.8

No. 8

Penelope Architect Bourbon Build No.8....$65.99
  • French Oak Staves
  • 104 Proof
  • Age 4 years
Architect is the new blueprint for precision blending. The first build in this series combines our signature four grain mash bill with two styles of French oak staves. Working in collaboration with Tonnellerie Radoux of France, the market leader in oak barrel manufacturing and innovation, we selected each stave using their state-of-the-art OakScan process to construct a truly memorable flavor profile. After all, the best architecture leaves no room for error.

2XO Gem of Kentucky Bourbon #41

2XO Gem of Kentucky Bourbon #41...$189.99
The Gem of Kentucky is the premiere offering from 2XO. The only double barreled single barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey on the market. The barrels are exclusively selected by Dixon from his double barreled stocks of the high rye bourbon mash bill (35% rye) that spend a year in new charred oak barrels before bottling. It is a full-bodied, full-flavored expression that leans on Dixon’s unique double-barreling process for a richer and more viscous mouthfeel. The differing char levels on the secondary barreling allow complex flavors to develop and balance the spicy finish from the high rye distillate.

4 Hands Brewing Posse Punch Hazy IPA


4 Hands Brewing Posse Punch Hazy IPA....$10.99 / 4pk 16oz
This super sessionable hazy IPA brewed with My Posse In Effect, the premier Beastie Boys tribute act, is what’cha, what’cha, what’cha want when you’re looking for a sure shot of juicy, tropical flavors contributed by Mosaic and Citra hops. Pouring a hazy golden color, Posse Punch shines like a sunbeam and is guaranteed to get your body movin’. Grab a four-pack and check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out. | ABV: 3.8%

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog...$9.99
14.75% ABV
The original brand. Made with real dairy cream, rum, brandy and blended whiskey

Ben Holladay / TWCP Single Barrels

Single Barrels!!! No more limit - releasing the beast!
Our picks Ben Holladay are from floor 5 and 6 which is where their best Bourbons come from we are told from the master distiller. That is where their famous barrel 16 Charlie 22 was aged (on floor 5).  We tasted the barrels blind and the master distiller was impressed we picked both of ours from the higher floors. 
These are honey hole barrels!

Ben Holladay / TWCP One Barrel Bourbon 7 Year Old...$74.99
  • Distilled: 06/20/2016
  • Aged 7 years 1 month
  • Proof: 122.2
  • Barrel 591
  • Rickhouse C
  • Floor 5
  • Rick 9 / Tier 2

Ben Holladay / TWCP Soft Red Wheat 6 Year...$74.99
  • Aged 6 Years 4 months
  • Proof 124.5
  • Barrel 3270
  • Rickhouse C
  • Floor 6
  • Rick 1 / Tier 2

Kilchoman Limited Edition 100% Islay Single Malt Scotch

Finally got the new batches in stock!!!
Kilchoman 2022 Limited Edition 100% Islay Single Malt Scotch..$104.99
12th Edition
Kilchoman 2023 Limited Edition 100% Islay Single Malt Scotch..$104.99
13th Edition
100 Proof
Our 100% Islay range is Islay’s only Single Farm Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It represents the revival of traditional farm distilling; growing our own barley before malting, distilling, maturing and bottling every bottle of our 100% Islay range on site.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 2013

More in stock!
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 2013 Heavy Peated Islay Single Malt Scotch...$79.99
100 Proof
Our Port Charlotte Islay Barley expressions are a direct embodiment of everything an Islay whisky can and should be. Not only is it conceived, distilled, matured and bottled on the island, but the barley harvest for this 2013 vintage was also raised on our home shores in 2012 by seven of our Islay farming partners. Hunter Jackson at Cruach, Ian McKerrell at Island farm, Raymond Fletcher at Dunlossit estate, Donald and Andrew Jones at Coull, Mark French at Rockside, Alastair Torrance at Mulindry and Raymond Stewart at Sunderland undertook the risk of growing in challenging conditions to deliver the barley for this Scotch whisky with unparalleled provenance. This eight-year-old single malt has matured in ex-American and ex-wine casks hailing from the Pessac-Léognan region of France.

2021 Turley Zinafandel

2021 Turley Zinafandel
Forsyth received our allocations of 2021 Turley Zinfandel we have 5 or 6 different ones in stock now, many we just received a few bottles.  Come in and get them for Thanksgiving and for your cellar
Turley Wine Cellars was founded in Napa Valley by former emergency room physician Larry Turley in 1993. Under the direction of winemaker Tegan Passalacqua, Turley now makes 50 different wines from over 50 vineyards across California, primarily Zinfandel and Petite Syrah, with many vines dating back to the late 1800s. By farming organically and focusing on old vine vineyards of these varieties, Turley aims to both create and preserve California’s unique winemaking culture.

2021 Hierogram Lodi Zinfandel

The fruit and spice of Zinfandel helps elevate the flavors of Turkey!
2021 Hierogram Lodi Zinfandel...$14.99
Concentrated and complex, this full-bodied wine overflows with ripe berries, black-pepper and beef aromas that continue in the generous flavors. A big broad mouthfeel, full body and mild tannins all add to an impression of richness.
Rated 90/100 The Wine Enthusiast

2021 Seghesio Zinfandel Sonoma County.

2021 Seghesio Zinfandel Sonoma County...$23.99
Plush in texture, this Zin is generous with blackberry and cherry flavors that draw in accents of briar patch, black pepper and toasty cinnamon as it finishes with zesty tannins. Drink now through 2031. 95,000 cases made.
Rated 92/100 The Wine spectator

2021 St. Cosme Cotes du Rhone

2021 St. Cosme Cotes du Rhone Rouge...$9.99 ON SALE       
Regular Price...$17.99
Saint Cosme – 2021 red Côtes du Rhône Syrah. Partially destemmed fruit. Limestone sand, red clay and pebbles on Villafranchian terraces. Tank ageing. Blackberry, bacon, graphite, blueberry, rose. With the 2021 vintage, I have reverted to the intrinsic character of my first Côtes du Rhône from 1997 to 2000. This intense, energetic Syrah with its crimson hue is fresh with ‘espressivo cantabile’ aromas of red berry fruits and a rounded palate. 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Abita Christmas Ale

Abita Christmas Ale...$10.99 / 6pk
Christmas Ale

Our Christmas Ale is a brown ale that is brewed with six types of malted barley and fermented with American Ale yeast. It is brewed with pale malt as well as a combination of Caramel, Biscuit, Munich, and chocolate malts. It is hopped and dry-hopped with Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, and Amarillo and has a nice piney and citrus hop flavor and aroma. The result is a flavorful brown ale that is sweet and malty with a pleasant hop aroma.

Boulevard Nutcracker Ale

Boulevard Nutcracker Winter Warmer Ale...$9.99 / 6pk
Style: Winter Specialty Beer
Nutcracker Ale is Boulevard’s holiday gift for real beer lovers. This hearty, warming brew is a classic winter ale, deep amber in color, with hints of molasses balanced by the “spiciness” of Chinook hops.

Stillwater Extra Dry Saison with Sake

We have not seen this one in awhile!


Stillwater Extra Dry Saison with Sake...$10.99 / 4pk Cans 16oz cans
Sake Style Saison 3.8% ABV Brewed with rice and designed to mimic the subtle and drinkable flavors of sake, this low alcohol saison is the softer side of Stillwater.
The original saké inspired saison ale. Our modern classic is designed to mimic the subtle and drinkable flavors of saké. Same crisp taste, fresh new look.

Nikka From The Barrel

Great sale price! Save $23 per bottle
Nikka From The Barrel Whisky...$51.99
Was $74.99
Compare to $85.99 at Total Wine and More
51.4% ABV

The complex formula is created by blending more than 100 different batches of malt and grain whiskies. After blending, the whisky is filled into used barrels and matured for another few months. This "marriage" process harmonizes all components in the formula, resulting in a mellow taste. Bottling is controlled at 51.4% ABV, almost equivalent to 90 British proof, that Nikka blenders determined through repeated experiments to achieve the ideal taste profile.

Great sale price! Save $33 per bottle
Nikka Miyagiko Whisky...$66.99
Was $99.99
Compare to $99.99 at Total Wine and More
This no-age-statement version was released in 2016 as a permanent product that showcases the elegant style of Miyagikyo malts, when all age-statements were discontinued. This bottling has estery aromas generated by carefully selected yeast strains along with distinctive Sherry cask influence.

Great sale price! Save $33 per bottle
Nikka Yoichi Japanese Single Malt Whisky...$66.99
Was $74.99
Compare to $85.99 at Total Wine and More
45% ABV, Nikka
This no-age-statement version was released in 2016 as a permanent product that truly captures the authentic style of Yoichi malts, when all age-statements were discontinued. Vatting various different malt whiskies together, this bottling expresses a delicate balance between peaty, smoky and fruity aromas.

Delirium Tasting at Spirit Wine and Craft

This Friday, November 17 at Spirit Wine & Craft from 4-6pm
Come try Delirium beer from Belgium!

  • Delirium Tremens
  • Delirium Nocturnum
  • Delirium Red
  • Delirium Deliria
  • Delirium Noel (hopefully! Supposed to arrive this week, but cannot guarantee it'll be here in time)

Meet Chris Kane from the Copeland Irish Distillery

Meet Chris Kane from the Copeland Irish Distillery
This Saturday 11/18 12:00-3:00pm
The (In)famous Bar inside the Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd
In beautiful downtown Clayton
What a way to celebrate the return of the SaturDaydrinking series with Irish whiskey and gin. Donegal’s own Chris Kane, Copeland Distillery VP of Sales in the U.S. will be here to pour some goodies from their portfolio along (and maybe some surprises). “After nine months' construction, we opened the doors of the new Copeland Distillery in August 2019, signaling the start of our journey to create Northern Ireland’s most innovative craft distillery. Our 6,500 square-foot home is located just a stone’s throw from the historic harbour in Donaghadee, County Down, revitalising the former cinema and Ards bottling Company site which lay unoccupied for more than 20 years”
Distillery notes
Copeland Merchants' Quay Blended Irish Whiskey. 40% abv Donaghadee, Ireland…$26.99
Our unique blend of three whiskeys – grain whiskey, double distilled and triple distilled malts aged in four different casks, delivering a complex nose and smooth taste. Perfect for sipping neat, or with water, or enjoy as part of your favourite whiskey cocktail.
Copeland Navy Strength Irish Gin…$33.99
Introducing Jones 1778 Navy Strength Gin. In honour of US Navy Captain John Paul Jones's victory in the battle of the Copelands, we have released one of our strongest and rarest spirits. This gin is aged in Kentucky bourbon casks for 120 days and Oloroso sherry casks for 20 days and bottled at 57% ABV.
  • Winner of THE GIN MASTERS 'MASTER' AWARD 2021, the World’s most highly regarded series of spirits blind tasting competitions.
  • Winner of IWSC Gold Award 2020 and Silver Award 2021, an international benchmark for quality.

Old Elk Tasting This Friday at Spirit Wine and Craft


This Friday, November 17 at Spirit Wine & Craft from 4-6pm
Come try Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Wheated Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey $49.99
51% corn, 34% malted barley, 15% rye
The key to our bourbon is our high malted barley content in our mashbill. By investing in our bourbon and using four times more malted barley than traditional recipes, we’ve created a non-traditional bourbon that generates sweet and light components. Aged for five years, the malted barley combined with the spicy essence of clove from the rye, and the classic rich bourbon character from the corn amounts to a robust and smooth taste profile.Old Elk Wheated Straight Bourbon Whiskey $62.99
51% corn, 45% wheat, 4% malted barley
Wheaters, come gather ‘round because this one's for you. A delicious and well-balanced wheated bourbon is something every whiskey lover should get their hands on. Ours is a chance for us to show you and the world what we’re capable of. By using our expertise in creating our signature high-malt bourbon, we tweaked our recipe and upped the wheat and kept the corn at the minimum. Our wheated bourbon is a smooth and layered whiskey aged for a minimum of five years and consists of 51 percent corn, 45 percent wheat and four percent malted barley. The result? A liquid that allows for each ingredient to not only shine on its own, but highlights what happens when success meets craft.

Surly Beers

We are reloaded!!
They sold out fast

2023 Limited Darkness!!
Surly Darkness Imperial Stout ...$12.99 / 16oz can

Our massive Russian Imperial Stout contains waves of chocolate, coffee, cherry, and toffee, plus a non-traditional dose of aromatic hops.
Bottle, can, and box art courtesy of 2023 Darkness Artist Justin Boehne

Surly Brewing Seventeen...$12.99 / 16oz can

As the story goes, a Prohibition-era secret society of cocktail enthusiasts known only as the International Bar Flies formed at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, the alleged birthplace of The Boulevardier and the inspiration for Seventeen.Our 2023 anniversary beer blends a strong red ale and a wee heavy, aged in Tattersall Bitter Orange Liqueur barrels and 10-Year Henry McKenna Bourbon barrels, echoing The Boulevardier’s timeless flavor profile. Keep it a secret or share it with your fellow bar flies.

Surly Abrasive Double IPA...$14.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
We originally brewed this beer at the end of 2008 to bid farewell to growler sales, only to underestimate the demand for the first double IPA in Minnesota. We brewed the beer again in spring 2009 and the rest is IPA history. Also history: 16 Grit, the beer’s first handle and a size of abrasive grit used at the old abrasives factory that houses the original Surly mothership in Brooklyn Center.

Surly Brewing Winterize Winter Lager...$17.99 / 12pk 12oz cans
Surly Winterize Winter Lager celebrates the season as only a Minnesota brewery can. From the beauty of the first snowfall to the mountain of April parking lot sludge, Winterize’s full flavor and satisfying finish will help you hunker down and get through.

Surly One Man Mosh Pit...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
An absurd dose of Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic dry-hopping hoists this IPA above the fray. Juicy and hazy, it’s the perfect soundtrack to the music in your head. Running in a circle and shoving yourself optional.

Surly Logic Bomb Juicy Pale Ale...$8.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
You CAN handle the truth: An approachable pale ale can also burst with juicy hop flavor. Start making sense with Logic Bomb.

Surly Furious IPA...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Surly is called “Surly” due to our inability to find a good beer in town. Furious is one of the first beers we brewed to rectify that situation. The rest is history.
People ask us to describe Furious all the time. It’s not quite like any other IPA out there. We give them the flavor notes and the hop profile, but it never seems like it’s enough. What makes Furious Furious? Let’s try this: You know that feeling when you do something that pushes you to your absolute limit? And people think you’re a little off your nut for even doing it? And you kind of agree with them, but goddammit, it’s getting done? And then you fucking DO IT? And there’s no one there to see it but you and the dog so you high-five the dog?

Surly Axe Man DDH IPA...$14.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Double dry-hopping with Citra and Mosaic hops creates this world-renowned IPA’s intense tropical fruit and citrus aromas. Brewed with Golden Promise malt, this beer finishes rich and dry. First brewed in collaboration with Amager Brewery in Denmark.

Surly Coffee Bender...$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Guatemalan coffee, roasted locally, is added to our house oatmeal brown ale. Cold press coffee aromatics and intense coffee flavors are balanced by the oats in the malt bill, resulting in a cappuccino-like creaminess

Surly Before I Die Lager...$8.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Crisp and crushable, Before I Die lager centers an approachable balance of hops and malt. It’s the beer you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

Surly Selects Variety Pack...$19.99 / 12pk 12oz cans
Surly’s new year-round variety pack finds meaning in Chaos and Logic. If it results in a Mosh Pit, we wouldn’t be Furious about it.
Surly Selects centers some of our heaviest, hoppiest hitters. We’re taking four of our flagships and filing them all in one box full of flavorful fulfillment. Simply put, Surly Selects stands out.
Your selections:
  • Furious—the beer that built Surly. Aggressively hopped and citrusy with a caramel malt backbone, it’s unlike any other IPA out there. It’s Furious.
  • Logic Bomb—the most popular new Minnesota craft beer of 2022, this approachable pale ale bursts with juicy hop flavor.
  • Controlled Chaos—double dry-hopped and heaving with a cacophony of citrusy flavor, this West Coast-style IPA finishes dry with just a touch of bitterness, just like the music that inspired it.
  • One Man Mosh Pit–An absurd dose of Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic dry-hopping hoists this IPA above the fray. Juicy and hazy, it’s the perfect soundtrack to the music in your head.