Friday, July 31, 2009

Greene King is here!

Just arrived at Forsyth...I will post more info later on these beers...

Greene King Export IPA....$3.49 / pint

"Award-winning Greene King IPA is a great-tasting beer, loved by drinkers across the world. In fact, Greene King IPA is currently Britain's favourite cask ale, so you're in good company and taste.

This hoppy, refreshing beer is brewed in the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds, in the heart of Suffolk, where brewing has been an important part of the town's history even as far back as 1086 when brewing in the town was recorded in the Domesday Book." -- brewery

Ruddles County Ale....$3.49 / pint

Burgerbrau is back!

B.B. Burgerbrau Czech Lager...$8.79 / 6pk
B.B. Burgerbrau Dark....$1.99 / pint

"..... B.B. Burgerbrau, a beer from Ceske, Budejovice in the Czech Republic. The beer is of some interest to U.S. consumers, since it is often considered one of the original "Budweisers."

Ceske, Budejovice is well-known as a brewing city, and is also the hometown of the celebrated Budvar.

Throughout the 19th Century and up until 1918, this half-German, half-Czech city was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was officially known by its German name "Budweis." When the Czechs declared their independence in 1918, they officially changed the name to Ceske, Budejovice--"Ceske," meaning "Czech." (At the same time, the city of "Saaz" became " atec," "Pilsen" became "Plzen," and more famously, the capitol "Prague" was changed to "Praha").

B.B. Burgerbrau was first brewed in 1802 when it was called "Budweiser Burgerbrau." The Burgerbrau name literally means "Beer of the City's Residents." It was exported to the United States and throughout Europe in the 19th Century, and drew such acclaim that numerous breweries adopted "Budweiser" to describe a style of beer and tried to emulate the taste, quality and brewing process of Burgerbrau. As a further testament to its quality and reputation, B.B. Burgerbrau was named as the official court supplier to the Wurttenburg's King Wilhelm II in 1895.

After the liberation of Czechoslovakia from Nazi rule in 1945, the unpopularity of things Germanic led to a suspension of the Burgerbrau trademark. The brewery instead made brands like "Samson" and "Crystal" which are still brewed today.

In 1989, the new Czech democratic government reinstated the brewery's domestic right to use the "Budweiser Bier" and "B.B. Burgerbrau" trademarks.

B.B. Burgerbrau was re-introduced in the late 1990s and is brewed today in the same brewhouse with the same recipe, ingredients and brewing methods from the 1800s.

"The beer from the City of Budweis is considered to be the finest brewed beer in the world," reports Rob Neuner of Classic Beverages, "and B.B. Burgerbrau is the original standard bearer."

"The city of Budejovice evokes in the minds of beer drinkers throughout the world images of the finest beers in the world--much the same way as the Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy regions of France evoke images of the finest wines in the world," added Neuner. "B.B. Burgerbrau is a full bodied, world-class European lager that is brewed in small batches with greatly extended lagering periods. It is distinct from all American macrobrews."

Similar to wine apellations, the European Union recently bestowed its rare Protected Geographic Indication to the Brewery for the term "Budejovicke Pivo" ("Beer from Budweis City") affirming that the superior quality of its beer is inextricably tied to the region where it is produced."

--Modern Age Brewery

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fire King Lump Charcoal

Back in stock now!
Just arrived a few minutes ago. (I had to buy Charcoal at another place yesterday, not the same as the Fire King)
Fire King Lump Charcoal...$9.99 / 20lb bag
Made right here in Missouri.
We think it is the best Charcoal you will ever use. We will be using it at our Beer Fest and BBQ this Saturday.
It burns cleaner and hotter than regular briquets.

"You should recognize this charcoal if you watched the Micro-Algae Man episode of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs in which Mike Rowe visited the Struemph Charcoal Works in Steelville, Missouri. Although they didn't explicitly list any brands bagged by Struemph, you could plainly see the "Fire King" bags in the episode. So, sparing no expense for our readers, we ordered two 20-pound bags to review.

So, we have a great smelling charcoal, easy to light, long lasting, virtually no chips and dust in the bag...this charcoal is a great choice. (We wonder if Mike Rowe knew that he was buried in a pile of such fine charcoal, or that all that powdered charcoal he was shoveling was the result of making a great product!) We give it our Recommended rating."
--, Lump Charcoal database

Reader's Score: 4.47 (55 votes)
5 - Best Ever 31 (56%)
4 - Good Stuff 20 (36%)
3 - So So 3 (5%)
2 - Pretty Bad 1 (2%)
1 - Worst Ever 0 (0%)

The original Harp in the U.S. now.

Just Arrived...the original Harp Recipe!

Harp Premium Lager
"Genuine Irish Recipe"
Have you been to Ireland and enjoyed some Harp and then come home to say "It is not as good as I remembered it in Ireland"? Well, the Harp that you were drinking in the U.S. was made specifically for the U.S. market, now they are bringing in the original IRISH version.

Plus we have more...
Guinness 250th Anniversary brew..

Guinness "250" Anniversary Stout...$9.69 / 6pk
"(Dublin, IRELAND) - Guinness will celebrate its 250th style with a new beer, Guinness Anniversary Stout. The beer commemorates the date on which Arthur Guinness signed the lease on St. James’ Gate in Dublin: December 31, 1759. Guinness hasn’t come around to the craft beer scene yet but this one might appeal to craft drinkers....From Wikipedia, “Leased for 9,000 years in 1759 by Arthur Guinness at £45 per year, St. James’s Gate has been the home of Guinness ever since. It became the largest brewery in Ireland in 1838, and was the largest in the world in 1914.” --

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Maibock!

Tin Mill Maibock...$7.49 / 6pk

From Herman, MO

“A rich, copper-colored beer with a pleasant hoppiness that enhances the rich malt flavor.”

  • Available from early spring through late summer, Tin Mill Maibock is an amber beer that nicely balances malt and hops. This is a great beer for someone just starting to get a taste of Micro-Brews.
  • Food Pairings — Malty Maibock and shellfish make a sweet pair. So enjoy it with shrimp, crab dip, lobster, or steamed mussels. Roasted pork is another great entrĂ©e pairing. Or for dessert, match an amber colored Maibock with a slice of carrot cake.
  • Brewermaster Note — This is one of our most popular beers. The maltiness balances just a touch of bitterness for a smooth, drinkable

Info from their website.