Friday, July 3, 2015

Sheep Dip new ISLAY!

Their new ISLAY Blend

Sheep Dip Islay Blended Single Malt Scotch Whiskey....$52.99

An old West Country term, British farmers have long referred to whisky as Sheep Dip – an insecticide used to delouse sheep prior to sheering. There was a time when farmers distilled their own ‘home made’ whisky and in order to avoid paying taxes to the revenue man, they’d hide it in barrels marked Sheep Dip’.

Sheep Dip’s Islay Blended Malt Whisky is a unique blend of several single Islay malt whiskies, all of them distilled and matured on the southernmost Hebridean Island of Islay, one of Scotland’s oldest centers of distilling.

Additional Information
Its typical smoky character is derived from drying the barley over a traditional peat, prior to distilling. You will notice the distinctive presence of iodine, seaweed and salt which comes from its long maturation in oak barrels next to the Atlantic ocean. When drinking, add a small splash of spring water to open up all this whisky has to offer.

Scored 96 points!
Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2015
Date: Sunday, March 1, 2015
"Roasted peaches and tomato aromas mingle with notes of campfire smoke on the expressive nose. Flavors in the mouth are thoroughly smoky with sweet undertones of sugared grains, creating a pleasant balance that is long lasting."
Grade: Chairman's Trophy
Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation

Highland Queen Scotch is here!

Highland Queen Blended Scotch Whisky...$14.99
Aspect: Honey amber
Aroma: This is a sweet and clean blend with hints of honey, apples and toffee.
Flavour: The taste is light bodied and sweet with the honey and apples initially detectable on the nose picked up on tasting. There is also a liquorice taste present at the back of the palate, which remains into the finish, which is short.

Highland Queen 8 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky...$27.99
Aspect: A lovely rich dark gold
Aroma: On the nose the whisky is sweet, with hints of dark chocolate, barley and butterscotch
FlavourL Rich and spicy, the mouthfeel is very smooth, with notes of nuts and dried fruit. The finish is sweet and lingering

Highland Queen 12 Years Old Blend Scotch Whisky...$48.99
“The nose is full and rich with icing sugar, tinned pineapple, spice and black pepper."
"On the palate it is full bodied with a good mouth feel. There are notes of spice, hazelnuts and malt."
"The finish is medium in length, fruit and nut milk chocolate and ginger. A contemplative dram, rounded and sophisticated”
Gavin Smith

The Glenrothes Sherry Cask Reserve

The Glenrothes Sherry Cask Reserve....$48.99There are many factors we consider in determining an expression worthy of bottling and sharing with you. Of course, we've always been proud of the fact that we have our sherry casks made to specification in Jerez, southern Spain even though it costs around five times as much as American ex-bourbon equivalents. Now, we can offer you the chance to sample, without distraction, the unique dried fruit and resinous character that underpins the sherry top notes for which these casks are famed.

Appearance: Burnished gold
Bouquet: Orange peel, fruit cake, vanilla, ginger bread, black cherries and pear drops
Palate: Spicy, ginger, oaky notes, crème brulee
Finish: Lingering spiciness with orange peel notes

With a delicious creamy texture that explodes on the palate, this burnished gold single malt delivers soft, spicy and fruity flavours - ginger, orange peel and sherry oak in perfect harmony. Sheer indulgence.

Valt Single Malt Scottish VODKA

Valt Hand Crafted Small Batch Vodka....$38.99
Two Scotsmen were in a bar......

It was a rare moment of inspiration, or genius, or madness or most likely all three. Amidst the dark confines of a Manhattan bar, two Scotsmen concocted the preposterous concept of a vodka so refined, so cool and so pure that it could only be created one way.

First, it needed the unique skills of Scottish distillers. Then there was the insistence on using only Scottish malted barley and Scottish mountain water. Finally, no suitable method of distillation actually existed – an entirely new procedure had to be invented, and a decidedly un-traditional, quintuple micro-distillation technique had to be evolved,

Just for us.

In its individuality and character, Valt is the purest tribute to the Scottish pathfinders of generations past, undeniably part of our heritage and without doubt a spirit of the new age.

Jefferson / TWCP Barrels - 3 different ones!!!

3 more barrels of Jefferson have arrived.
We tasted barrels and picked our favorites!

  • Jefferson's Reserve Barrel
  • Jefferson's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage #5  (this is our 3rd barrel of the Ocean series)
In stock now at Forsyth and New Ballas
(will hit the other stores on Monday)

Jefferson Reserve / TWCP Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$45.99
ABV: 45.1%
Batch # J-1136
Bottles produced: 216
Jefferson's Reserve: The first bourbon released by Jefferson's, the Reserve is a complex, yet balanced combination of 3 different bourbons, including whiskey aged up to 20 years in American Oak. The result is a medium-weight bourbon with a dry, robust palate that fills with the mouth with flavors of roasted corn, caramel, toffee and oak. 

Jefferson / TWCP Ocean Bourbon Voyage No.5....$69.99
ABV: 45%

Bottles produced: 216
Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea -Inspired by the original Jefferson’s Ocean, which was new-filled bourbon barrels, the Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea takes older bourbon barrels and brings it around the world. Stopping in 5 different continents and crossing the equator 4 times, this bourbon truly is a world beater. What began as a fun experiment has resulted in a more scientific approach to the maturation process of bourbon. When whiskey was first distilled in Kentucky, it received intentional extra age from travelling on rivers and seas en route to market. This was not just due to lengthy trips but also the movement of the ship which forced the liquid in whiskey barrels to be in constant motion coming in contact wit the wood more often. At Jefferson's we wanted to tip our hat to this tradition by aging bourbon at sea. We put fully matured Kentucky Bourbon on a ship and set it on its way to crossing the equator 4 times, stopping at 5 continents and over 30 different ports. This process has added a salty, caramel elements that round out the bourbon's profile to create an American treasure that has been cultured as traveled by the globe. Jefferson's

Jefferson's / TWCP Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$28.99
ABV: 41.15%
Batch #C379
Bottles produced:  288
Jefferson's Bourbon: Similar to the Reserve, Jefferson's is a marriage of a number of bourbons of different recipes and ages. Profiling younger than the Reserve, at 8-12 years of aging, Jefferson's still brings in large bourbon flavors to this relatively inexpensive offering . The flavors of vanilla, caramel and assorted fruits assure an incredibly smooth taste and finish.

Yellow Spot finally arrives!

Back in stock
Mitchells Yellow Spot 12 Year Old Whiskey...$94.99
"Yellow Spot Whiskey was last seen in Ireland in the mid to late 1960s. Created and sold by Mitchell and Son Wine and Spirit Merchants, Yellow Spot was always a 12 year old whiskey which was slightly sweet due to the inclusion of some single pot still spirit which was matured in Spanish Malaga wine casks. Inspired by the original, Yellow Spot is the rare taste of bonder's style Pot Still Irish Whiskey. Maturation in Bourbon Barrels, Sherry Butts and Malaga casks creates a superbly complex whiskey with fresh and sweet top notes."

Whiskey Advocates Irish Whiskey of the Year in 2012

Macallan Rare Cask - limited!

In stock now at the lowest price in the country!

Macallan Rare Cask Single Malt Scotch...$229.95 / 750ml
Hand crafted using an exceptionally high proportion of first fill sherry oak casks.  Handpicked by our Whisky Maker.  From less than 1% of the casks maturing at The Macallan Distillery.

5 Liter Mini Kegs

Convenient 5 liter Mini Kegs

We have 9 different ones to choose from at Forsyth now

Hofbrau just came in today!
Perfect for the 4th of July Weekend

Lagunitas Czech Style Pils

First time in STL!

Lagunitas Czech Style Pils...$8.49 /6pk

Lager like you like it
Our only Lager, brewed with loads of imported Saaz hops and a bottom-fermenting yeast strain that leaves it Light and Crisp and Easy to Slam, yet full of real flavor and all the things you yearn for.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eagle Rare / TWCP Single Barrel

Our next Single Barrel has arrived.  
In stock now at all 4 locations.

We tasted through barrel samples and this barrel, we felt, was superior to the rest!

Check out all of our personally selected barrels - click the order button

Eagle Rare / TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon Volume III....$29.99 / 750 ml
Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey is masterfully crafted and carefully aged for no less than ten years.   The rareness of this great breed of bourbon is evident in its complex aroma, as well as the smooth and lingering taste. Each bottle of Eagle Rare offers consistent flavors, but with a seemingly individual personality from each unique barrel. Eagle Rare is a bourbon that lives up to its name with its lofty, distinctive taste experience. 

Founders Double Trouble

Fresh bottled June 15!

Double Trouble is back....

Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA....$10.99 / 4pk

"An imperial IPA that was brewed to turn your world upside down. Hops have got you coming and going. Pungent aromatics up front paired with a malt balanced backbone and a smooth bitter finish." -- Founders
9.4% ABV
86 IBU’S

Rated 99/100 on

Whiskey and Beer in one 4 pack!

Check out this awesome Collab!

Limited - only 144 - 4pks made!

STilL 630 Collab Alpha Brewing....$31.99 / 4pk 12oz bottles

  • 1 bottle of Alpha I.S.B.A WHISKEY
  • 3 bottles of Alpha BA Imperial Smoked Black Ale (Barrel Aged in RallyPoint Rye Barrels)

STilL 630 I.S.B.A Whiskey...12oz bottle
*80 Proof
*Double pot-distilled
*Tasting Notes: hints of malty fudge and chocolate with more than a wisp of smoke

"This complex whiskey is well deserving of it’s position as first in our line of Brewery Collaborations, for this is a truly unique spirit.

For this bold project we partnered with local Alpha Brewing Company here in St. Louis. They make an Imperial Smoked Black Ale (ISBA) that is delicious, provided that you love big flavorful beers… and who doesn’t?!

Under the watchful eye of Alpha’s brewers and with the help of more than a few of their beers, we brewed this ISBA beer at our distillery and then double distilled it into a whiskey, which we’ve been aging in a new, charred American Oak barrel. The whiskey was very interesting right off the still, but in the oak barrel the smoke re-emerged along with a delicious malty-fudge taste to make it unlike anything we’ve yet produced.

We’re releasing this collaboration as a 4-Pack of 12oz bottles. So you’ll get (1) bottle of the whiskey and (3) bottles of the beer (which was aged in our used RallyPoint barrels!).
And, frankly, because this business is awesome and I’m in charge, we decided that since both Alpha and StilL 630 have furry mascots, we’d feature them on our label!

STilL 630 Collab with TWCP Maple Sunset Volume II

The rough life of a barrel.....

  • We took a fresh dumped Four Roses Bourbon Barrel
  • We filled that barrel with organic maple syrup for over 2 months (Sweet Sophie Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup)
  • STilL 630 then filled that same barrel with Missouri Rye Whiskey for over 6 months
  • This barrel will then head to Cory at Side Project Brewing and he will fill this barrel with one of his special beers to be release sometime in the distant future.
This is what you get....
STilL 630 Rally Point Maple Sunset Collab with The Wine and Cheese Place
We only have 108 bottles!
Only available retail at The Wine and Cheese Place!
We are so lucky here in St. Louis to have these great local business collaborating with us on these exciting projects.  A big thank you to David Weglarz, owner and master distiller at STilL 630 for taking on this project.   Plus, thank you to Cory King of Side Project Brewing also collaborating on this idea.

Maple Sunset Volume 1 their Rye/Maple Syrup Barrel Collab with us....
Rally Point Maple Sunset received a GOLD Medal at the American Craft Spirits Association!

Rare Whiskey release!
In stock now at Forsyth now, will hit the other stores later today

Official release of a Limited Edition "Collaboration Spirit" 
Only 108 bottles available

STilL 630 Rally Point Maple Sunset Volume II...$44.99
 Collab with The Wine and Cheese Place
"The taste is fantastic, great RallyPoint rye taste, with subtle undernotes of bourbon and the sweet, lingering finish of maple syrup."  - David Weglarz, owner and master distiller at STilL 630 

This limited edition Whiskey will only be available at STilL 630 and The Wine and Cheese Place.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Seven Fathoms Rum

Featured in the June issue of Penthouse.  
We have the lowest price 
in the country....only $54.99
order online

In the Cayman Islands, the clear Caribbean water contains one of the world’s greatest sunken treasures: rum.

By Joshua M. Bernstein

Few things can drive a man to drink like a family vacation, especially a family vacation in paradise.
For nearly 15 years, my parents have spent a week each winter in the Cayman Islands, a trio of Caribbean isles situated south of Cuba. The largest is Grand Cayman, which is known for banking, beaches, and scuba diving. My folks love spelunking the sea’s depths to spot sharks, eels, and brightly hued fish. I never dug diving, which means my vacations were spent reading detective novels and sipping watery lagers. Maybe I’m a madman, but I started skipping the Caymans. I sought boozy adventure elsewhere. In Mexico’s dusty Valladolid, I swam in cenotes—subterranean swimming holes—then sipped Xtabentún, a honey liqueur flavored with anise seed. Morocco meant Stork lager and fried chickpeas in Casablanca, while I spent every waking hour in Vietnam imbibing low-alcohol bia hoi, aka “fresh beer.” Winter meant indulging my thirst for adventure.
Then my wife and I had Violet. Babies, babies. Blah, blah. I won’t bore you with parenthood minutiae, except to say that daughters are excellent excuses to drink. Most days I match my kid bottle for bottle. Drinking. Diapers. My day job. Which meant more drinking. I needed a vacation. “Bring Violet to the Caymans,” my mom said on the phone last spring. “We’ll be able to watch her so you can have a break.”
gettingindeep1Yes, please.
We secured Violet’s passport and in mid-December flew to Grand Cayman. When staying on the island, there are two distinct routes. If you favor nightlife and luxury resorts, head to highly developed Seven Mile Beach, on the island’s west end. Far more relaxed is the east end, which was our resort’s location. Here, the white-sand beach is raked at daybreak, the hot tub is stress-meltingly warm, and the seaside snorkeling is sublime. Just one thing could better the setting. “I need to make an alcohol run,” I told my mom, passing her my daughter.
I headed to the closest liquor store, five minutes away on foot. As a drinks journalist I love sampling indigenous alcohols, be it virility-spiking rice wine made with animal penises (thanks, China!) or Kazakhstan’s koumiss, a fermented horse’s milk that tastes like Dumpster-aged Champagne. The Cayman Islands lack such distinct national treasures. Local beers are essentially variations on light lager, so I stocked my cart with Caybrew. At the liquor wall, I faced rows of imported rums from Barbados, Cuba, and especially Jamaica. I reached for Appleton, then stopped.
What was this? Adorned with an old-timey diving illustration, Seven Fathoms was a Cayman-distilled rum, the first I’d seen. Doubly curious was that the rum was aged underwater. I bought a bottle and, back at the resort, promptly poured a jigger. It smelled sweet, like butterscotch laced with almonds, and tasted even better: a smooth ride across vanilla, citrus, and chocolate. It was time to dive deep into Seven Fathoms’s story.
I caught a ride into George Town, the Cayman Islands’ capital. After winding down Bronze Road, lined with low-slung houses and vividly painted vans, I reached the gunmetal-gray home of Cayman Spirits Company. The sweetly rotting scent of fermentation hung in the air, like a drunken god’s favored cologne.
I entered the bright tasting room and met the distillery’s founders, Nelson Dilbert and Walker Romanica. Dilbert was solidly built, with glasses and a laugh as fast as his hair was short, while Romanica wore a wide grin and a polo shirt, looking a bit like a Wall Streeter on holiday. Which is not too far from the truth. After growing up in the Caymans, Romanica, whose family owns a preeminent dive company, moved to New York City to work in finance. When the financial waters turned choppy, he returned home to team up with his childhood friend. Dilbert, whose father founded a large liquor-store chain, ran a local brewpub. The duo combined their strengths to create Cayman Spirits, which would be a decidedly different distillery. “If that looks like ice buckets glued together, it’s because it is,” Dilbert laughed, pointing out his company’s first still.
Since it was impossible for a fledgling distillery to battle rum behemoths on price, availability, or marketing, “we decided to compete against them in terms of quality and creating a new product,” Romanica says. “We really wanted to create something special.” They hit history books, discovering that bygone drinkers paid more for barrels of rum that had sailed across an ocean. Constant rocking and swaying helped spirits steadily interact with the wood, accelerating flavor extraction and aging. The phenomenon also occurred on land. Romanica notes that the Bacardi family credited its Cuban rum’s success to the warehouse’s location near train tracks. “Every hour the train would roll by and literally shake the barrels,” Romanica says. “We saw this theme repeated in a number of stories, and we wanted to come up with a way to agitate our barrels using what we had available to us naturally—the ocean.”
Literally. The recipe starts with desalinated seawater and imported sugarcane juice mixed with local cane juice. (The Caymans lack a large-scale sugarcane industry.) “I like to think of [our twist on the traditional recipe] as an infection,” Dilbert says. “It allows us to have our own terroir and flavors.” After cooking up a batch, the friends filled used bourbon barrels with rum and submerged the casks beneath the clear Caribbean. Early results were a learning experience. “These hoops will eventually disintegrate after about a year, and you will get a bunch of fish drunk,” Romanica says. In time, they perfected the process, attaching barrels to sand-embedded rebar so they float upward to 42 feet—seven fathoms. Exactly how remains a secret. “We have a way of protecting these barrels so that they’re not directly exposed to the salt water,” is all Romanica will allow.
gettingindeep4Since the first bottles of Seven Fathoms were released in 2008, the company has made a splash locally and internationally. That’s partly due to necessity, as the islands only have around 60,000 full-time residents. “Once you take over Cayman, that’s it,” Romanica says. “It’s the rest of the world that grows your company.” And Cayman Spirits keeps growing. The distillery has rolled out flavored Governor’s Reserve rums, Gun Bay Vodka, and liqueurs named after H. H. Hutchings, who let rumrunners during Prohibition stop in Cayman to resupply. I decide to follow suit. I acquire several more rums and amble toward the exit.
“Before you go,” Dilbert says, “you need to try Seven Fathoms through a Vaportini.” He pulls out a pint glass containing a tea candle, which he lights. He tops it with a hollow glass sphere, adds several splashes of rum, and passes me a glass straw. When the rum heats up, he explains, I need to inhale the fumes—all flavor and buzz, the booze instantly reaching my bloodstream. “Well, I am on vacation,” I say, grabbing the straw and taking a big hit of holiday fun.

From the June 2015 issue of Penthouse

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2012 Leonetti scores big!

A Washington State Icon Scores Big in the Wine Advocate:
Leonetti has long been the yardstick by which Washington State Cabernet and Merlot has been measured and we are thrilled with the quality of the recently released 2012 Walla Walla Cabernet and Merlot.

2012 Leonetti Walla Walla Cabernet...$99.99
The 2012 Walla Walla Cabernet Sauvignon is similar to the Reserve, yet slightly more elegant and streamlined at present. Made from 89% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc and 2% Petit Verdot that spent 22 month in new and once-used French oak, it exhibits terrific aromatics of leafy herbs, spring flowers, violets, lead pencil shavings and ample cassis and black raspberry-style fruit. Full-bodied, seamless and perfectly balanced, with a stacked mid-palate and building tannin, it’s another candidate for short-term cellaring and will have 2-3 decades of overall longevity.
Rated 96/100 The Wine Advocate

2012 Leonetti Walla Walla Merlot...$85.99
The 2012 Merlot, which was already in bottle at the time of this tasting, offers an elegant, yet sexy style, with gorgeous black raspberry and creme de cassis fruit, toast, dried spices and licorice, with hints of background tobacco and green herbs, all emerging from the glass. Medium to full-bodied, plump, pure and layered, with a fabulous texture and a big finish, it’s a beautiful wine to drink over the coming decade or more.
Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate

Rock Hill Location Cheese Feature: Pantaleo

Rock Hill Location Cheese Feature:  
Pantaleo  - cut fresh to order as always.  Come in for a taste

Pantaleo Goat Milk Cheese
This unique goat’s milk cheese from Sardegna is a rare find, as there are few aged goat cheeses in Italy. Pantaleo is ivory in color with a pale rind. Made with milk from the Capra Sarda goat, the cheese is aged a minimum of 100 days and is full flavored and sweet with a clean, floral finish.

Ballwin Location Cheese Feature: Vincent

Ballwin Location Cheese Feature: Vincent.  Cut fresh to order, come ask for a taste

Vincent Aged Dutch Cheese
The Vincent is naturally matured for 26 weeks.  A rich, sweet tasting, fully ripened Dutch cheese, Vincent releases pleasant characteristic bursts of flavour with every bite.   It's incredibly versatile, making it great for gratin dishes.    Vincent has a very rich taste due to its unique starter culture

Still 630 Day! Smoke + Whiskey June 30th

Get your tickets now and save money!

Still 630 30 Day!
Smoke + Whiskey
June 30th from 5-9pm

Tickets on sale at The Wine and Cheese Place Forysth.
Tickets $30 per person now
or $35 at the door

Call 314.727.8788 to reserve some now!
or order online

You must pick up physical tickets at the store.  
Currently at Forsyth now, but we can have them transferred to one of our other loctations

Where to go:

This event takes place at STilL 630

1000 S. 4th St. St. Louis, MO 63104

There will be food, cocktails, and beers! Your ticket entitles you to admission to the party, as well as a plate of food, two drinks (cocktails and/or beers), and a specialty cocktail made with one of our new release spirits!

When you think smoked food in St. Louis, your first thought is Sugarfire Smokehouse BBQ and so we’ve partnered with them to bring you a specialty sandwich & side, along with a new BBQ sauce made with our RallyPoint Rye Whiskey for your dining pleasure!

We’ll be releasing our hugely anticipated second ever batch of Gold Medal winning RallyPoint Maple Sunset!

Our first full brewery collaboration will finally be released as well. This was our project with great local brewery: Alpha Brewing Co. Two variations on their Imperial Smoked Black Ale – the beer itself aged in our used RallyPoint whiskey barrels; and another batch of the beer was distilled into whiskey and aged in new oak barrels! 

Also being released is our collaboration with Kaldi’s Coffee! This is Big Jake’s Breakfast Brew. A divine fusion of coffee and whiskey, destined to bring whiskey back to the breakfast table where it belongs! 

For your enjoyment we will also have Clementine’s Creamery offering their delicious ice creams, whether you’re Naughty or Nice, they’ve got the perfect cold treat for you!

And last, but certainly not least, to capitalize our Smoke theme, Gran Cru Cigars will be here offering extremely limited edition cigars that were hand-rolled with tobacco leaves aged with our RallyPoint Rye Whiskey!

Magic Hat CANS

In stock now at Forsyth

Magic Hat CANtastic Variety Pack...$14.99
  • Stealin' Time - Wheat Ale with Ginger
  • Magic Hat No. 9
  • Dream Machine India Style Pale Lager

Bell's Uranus Black Double IPA - BRC release

Just sent out emails to the BRC.

We based this release using two methods: half for the top Bells supporters and half for the overall supporters including all purchases got allocated a bottle

Bells URANUS The Magician...$2.19 / 12oz bottles
STYLE: Black Double India Pale Ale
ABV: 9.5%
TASTING NOTES: The sixth release in our Planets Series, Uranus, is a Black Double IPA. It is also our first large release of this style of beer. The hop profile is enormous and complex with help from Citra, Galaxy, Polaris and other hard to find hops. The use of de-bittered or de-husked black malt lends color without the overly astringent or roasty flavors normally associated with stouts and porters. Don’t let the illusion of The Magician deceive you. Dank, tropical, stone fruit, citrus, floral and pine hop characteristics with a touch of light chocolate are all revealed.

Diameter: 31,763 miles
Orbit: 84 Earth years
Day: 18 Earth hours

Monday, June 29, 2015

Goose Island Fulton St. Blend Coffee Ale

In stock now!

Goose Island Fulton St. Blend Coffee Ale...$6.99 / 6pk
"Our neighbors at Intelligentsia shared freshly roasted beans that give our golden ale a rich coffee aroma and flavor.  Perfect for sharing with your neighbor, too." - label