Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Bruery Frucht

Great Beer Sale!  
Check these out -- only $4.99 each while they last.

Currently only at Forsyth -- place your orders now and we can transfer. 

Will confirm in the morning.

The Bruery Terreaux Frucht Guava...$4.99 / 750ml
was $10.99
Welcome to Frucht, our land of fruited Berliner Weisse-style beers. Known for a tart flavor profile and traditionally low ABV, our German-style wheat beer gains even more funky notes and natural earthy-woodiness from fermentation in one of our twin oak foeder vessels - the largest known to be fabricated in this country. Each installment in the series will feature a new fruit, or Frucht, if we’re Sprechen sie Deutsch. This installment has guava added.

The Bruery Terreaux Frucht Fruit Punch...$4.99 / 750ml
Was $10.99

Frucht: Fruit Punch is the next installment of our series of fruited Berliner Weisse-style beers. Known for a tart flavor profile and traditionally low ABV, our German-style wheat beer gains even more funky notes and natural earthy-woodiness from its fermentation in one of our large oak foeder vessels. Each installment in the series features a new fruit, or Frucht, if we’re sprechen sie Deutsch. This installment has raspberry, cherry, orange zest and lemon zest added, which imparts a tart, juicy flavor and refreshing complexity to the beer. Prost!

The Bruery Terreaux Frucht Pineapple, Dragon fruit & Prickly Pear...$4.99 / 750ml
was $10.99
We're totally Frucht around here. In fact, we may just be filled to the brim, with excitement, that is. Our threshold is 250 BBLs, to be more precise. That's the total capacity of each oak foeder at Bruery Terreux. One is dedicated exclusively to Frucht, our series of fruited Berliner Weisse-style beers. Known for a tart flavor profile and traditionally low ABV, our German-style wheat beer gains even more funky notes and natural earthy-woodiness from its fermentation in the large oak foeder vessel. Each installment in the series will feature a new fruit, or Frucht, if we're sprechen sie, Deutsch. This installment has pineapple, dragon fruit and prickly pear added. Prost!

Jolly Roja!

On sale! Only at our Forsyth locatio

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja...$5.99
was $12.99
ABV: 7.2%
TIME IN OAK: 2 Months - 15 Months
Aged in large oak casks then bottle fermented, La Roja is a Franco-Belgian style ale crafted on the Flander's tradition of aged and blended beers. La Roja is rich and lush with undertones of caramel fruit and spice. Truly an ale of grace and distinction.
Cheers and Mahalo plenty!
Ron Jeffries, Founder and Chief Squeegee Operator

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja du Kriek Sour Ale
was $12.99
ABV: 7.5%
TIME IN OAK: 11.5 Months
HOPS: Strisselspalt & Tettnang
GRAINS: Pilsner Malt, Pale Malt, Munich 10, Wheat Malt, Crystal 150, & Black Malt
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Dextrose & Michigan Montmorency Cherry Juice

Roja du Kriek was aged in one of our 100 bbl foeders for 11 ½ months to develop the complexity of La Roja while still maintaining the presence of cherry. Tart, fruity, and earthy, Roja du Kriek is sure to linger in the mind longer than the glass.
3,100 gallons of La Roja meets 50 gallons of Michigan tart cherry juice to combine in a mellifluous melody of sour and tart joie de verve! Sip, savor, enjoy!
Cheers & Mahalo plenty!

Ron Jeffries, Founder and Chief Squeegee Operator

Friday, April 3, 2020

Uncle Val's Peppered Gin

Uncle Val's Peppered Gin...$29.99
Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin is both an excellent sipping gin and a highly versatile mixing gin for cocktails. It represents a truly unique flavor profile, starting with sharp peppercorn and evolving into char and juniper. Bold yet smooth, it stays true to the Uncle Val’s line of gins.

juniper: the classic gin ingredient, brings an element of tartness and crispness.
red bell pepper: the roasted red peppers provide a unique, earthy smokiness.
black pepper: lends a strong, clear pepper flavor that permeates throughout.
pimento: also known as cherry pepper, the pimentos provides a savory sensation.


Perfect drink for day drinking without the guilt!

Peppered Gin Mary
2oz. Uncle Val's Peppered Gin
6oz Bloody Mary Mix

Build in shaker tin with all ingredients add ice, cap with other side of tin and shake lightly for 4 seconds, then dump the shaker into the pint glass and place the celery stock into the glass as well as the garnish skewer and serve.

The King's Ginger Liqueur

The King's Ginger Liqueur...$25.99
Compare to $35.99 at Total Wine and More
A rich, golden nectar with a pronounced spicy ginger emphasis and delightfully crisp. This emphatically ginger liqueur was specifically formulated by Berry Bros. & Rudd in 1903 for King Edward VII. Rich and zesty, it was created to stimulate and revivify His Majesty during morning rides in his new horseless carriage and has been appreciated by bon viveurs, sporting gentlemen and high-spirited ladies ever since.
The King's Ginger is a high-strength liqueur created by the careful maceration of ginger root, enlivened by the judicious addition of citrus in the form of lemon oil for an unexpectedly fresh lift.
Nose: An instantly warming aroma of ginger, zesty lemon, sherbet and golden.
Palate: Initial sweetness followed by a bite of ginger and lemon. Deliciously satisfying and warming mouth feel. Finish: Lingering and extremely long.
ADDITIONAL ACCOLADES: Anthony Dias Blue - Tasting Panel Magazine: 94 Points
Rated 94/100 Tasting Panel

Firestone Walker 12pk IPA pack

Firestone Walker Crafted Thru Hops....$15.99 / 12pk cans

4 beers Mixed 12 pack of IPA

We also have Parabola and FW XXIII Anniversary in stock too!

Fuller's from London is back!

We have not had Fuller's since 2017 according to our system.
Fresh now - they all have a best by date of December 2020 or later

Fuller's London Pride Premium Ale...$9.99 / 4pk
Fuller’s London Pride is the UK’s leading premium ale.
An intrinsic part of London, London Pride has been brewed by the banks of the Thames from the very first brew.
"London Pride is a smooth and astonishingly complex beer, which has a distinctive malty base complemented by a rich balance of well developed hop flavours from the Target, Challenger and Northdown varieties in the brew."
Michael Jackson 500 Classic Brews

Fuller's ESB....$9.99 / 4pk
Twice named World Champion Beer, Fuller's ESB is one of the most decorated ales of its time. A winner born and brewed, it's a strong, full-bodied ale that has delighted drinkers for decades with its smooth, mellow bitterness and superbly satisfying finish
The Champion Ale
By the time ESB launched in 1971, breweries had long been in the habit of producing an 'ordinary' bitter and a 'special'. Our special was the irreplaceable London Pride so we broke the mould and added a pioneering third style: an extra special bitter, brewed to a stronger 5.5% ABV.
Since then, ESB has gone on to become a recognised beer style, imitated in breweries right across the world.

Fuller's London Porter....$9.99 / 4pk
A porter that carries on tradition
A modern take on the 19th century porter style, Fuller's rich, chocolatey London Porter recaptures the brooding beauty of pre-Victorian London. It's evocative of simpler times but it’s a wonderfully complex pint.
Back on the map
As London's last remaining family brewer, we're fierce defenders of the city's tradition for porter beer. Porters boomed in the capital centuries ago, and though the style died out in the early 1900s, Fuller's London Porter put it back on the map once again. Rich, dark and classically creamy, this is a beer with reach far beyond our capital. It has won awards right across the globe and is widely regarded as the world's finest porter


Bells Oberon - back in stock at Forsyth
6pk bottles
12pk cans
4pk 16 oz cans

Sierra Nevada  - back in stock at Forsyth
Fantastic Haze Imperial IPA
Hazy Little Thing

Crooked Stave on super sale!

The distributor closed out Crooked Stave.  They will no longer be available in St. Louis for the foreseeable future.

We averaged the price on the closeouts and what we had on the shelf.
All the 750ml on closeout now !
Many half price or more!!

Update on what is left

Crooked Stave Origins....$9.99 / 750ml
Burgundy Sour Ale Aged in Oak Barrels

Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett ...$9.99 / 750ml
Dark Sour Ale Aged in Leopold Bros Whiskey Barrels

Crooked Stave L'Brett d'Blueberry....$9.99 / 750 ml
Golden Sour Ale Aged in Oak Barrels with Washington Blueberries

Crooked Stave L'Brett d'Raspberry....$9.99 / 750 ml
Golden Sour Ale Aged in Oak Barrels with Raspbery

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Prairie Slush

Prairie Artisan Ales Slush...$9.99 / 4pk
Sour Ale with Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, and Lime

Prairie Artisan Ales Rainbow Sherbet...$9.99 / 4pk cans
Sour ale with Rainbow Sherbet Flavors

Prairie Artisan Ales Oh! Fudge...$6.99

Imperial Stout with Brownies

Prairie Artisan Ales Pink Guava Funk...$8.99 / 4pk

American Wild Ale with Brett and Pink Guava.

Crooked Stave Coconut Coffee Stout

Probably the last new release we will see from Crooked Stave!

Crooked Stave Coconut Coffee Stout...$16.99 /4pk cans
Imperial Stout Brewed with Coconut and coffee

Kosher for Passover Wine Sampler

Kosher for Passover Wine Sampler

Currently only available at our New Ballas location.

Regular price - 1 of each below is = $68.94
Special price for $62 plus tax for the 6 bottles
  • Bartenura Pinot Grigio
  • Cantina Gabrielle Moscato
  • Barkan Classic Chardonnay
  • Teal Lake Shiraz
  • Segal Fusion Red
  • Barkan Classic Cabernet Sauvignon

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Founders 4 Giants DIPA

Founders 4 Giants DIPA...$8.99 / 4pk 12oz
9.2% ABV
We’ve made a lot of imperial IPAs over the years and, in turn, have had a lot of arguments over which one is the absolute best. So, to settle this once and for all, our brewers mashed up four of our favorite recipes into the ultimate imperial IPA. 4 Giants boasts aggressive bitterness balanced by a malty, sweet backbone while huge aromatics come courtesy of the seven American hop varieties.

Sunny Cat


2nd Sunny Cat NEIPA...$11.99 /4pk
New England-style Pale Ale w/Grapefruit

2nd Shift Sunny Cat NEIPA...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
New England-style Pale Ale w/Tangerine
New England style pale ale brewed with oats, lactose, Amarillo & Citra hops, and dried tangerine peel.

Also just arrived -- fresh...
  • Art of Neurosis
  • Brewligans
  • Little Big Hop
  • Bridget (not sure what flavor) working from home
  • Albino Pygmy Puma

2019 Bargemone Rose

In stock at all 4 locations

New 2019 Vintage!
This wine scores 90 point or higher every year!

2019 Bargemone Rose Coteaux d'Aix en Provence...$19.99
40% Grenache, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Syrah, 10% Cinsault, 5% Rolle.
Agriculture Biologique
30+ Year Old Vines

Bargemone is among the foremost estates of the Coteaux d’Aix appellation of Provence. A benchmark producer of the delicious, dry rosé for which Provence is famous, the Commanderie was founded by Templar knights in the13th century, and is home to a proud viticultural tradition and more than 160 acres of sustainably grown vineyards.

Tasting Notes: Offers classic aromas of wild strawberries and red currants, with a light, floral character and a crisp, bone-dry palate.

Serve With: A rosé of reference, to be enjoyed year-round on its own or with a wide range of lighter fare and Provence-inspired cuisine.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Cold beer at Forsyth now.

Open 10am-6pm today

New today -- 4 Hands Street Sodie

This is an update list of what is in the beer cooler today.

Some only have a 6pk or two left.  So some out of stocks will happen throughout the day.

Of course we have more beer on the warm shelf.
We will hopefully get restocked on Tuesday of other beer too

Place your orders by clicking here - just list your choices and how many of each you want.  We will call you to confirm and get your credit card.  We will tell you when your order is ready.  Thank you for your support.

As of this morning these were all available in the cooler at Forsyth.
  • 2nd Shift Bless this Mess Lime 12oz single cans
  • 2nd Shift Conjunctivitis IPA 4pk cans
  • 2nd Shift Sunny Cat NEIPA
  • 2nd Shift River Des Peres White Caps
  • 2nd Shift Technical Ecstasy Pilsner 4pk cans
  • 2nd Shift Lucy Lager 4pk cans
  • 2nd Shift Art of Neurosis
  • 2nd Shift It has Pockets 4pk cans
  • 2nd Shift Koslch cans
  • 2nd Shift Little Big Hop 4pk cans
  • 2nd Shift Albino Pygmy Puma 4pk cans
  • Civil Life Brown is back
  • Prairie Rainbow Sherbet
  • Prairie Pink Gauva Funk
  • Prairie Slush
  • Prairie Phantasmagoria DIPA
  • Crane Brewing Yellow Snow 6pk cans
  • Hopping Frog Vanilla IPA 16oz can
  • Six Mile Hefeweizen 4pk cans
  • Six Mile Cranberry Wheat 4pk cans
  • Six Mile Lemon Meringue Pie 4pk cans
  • Rockwell Brewing Velour Tracksuit IPA 4pk cans
  • Rockwell Brewing Bird Up! 4pk cans
  • Rockwell Brewing Passing Clouds 4pk cans
  • Rockwell Brewing Moonbase 4pk
  • Great Divide Car Camper Hazy IPA 6pk cans
  • 4 Hands On Cue with Cucumber 4pk cans
  • 4 Hands Grapefruit Contact High 4pk cans
  • 4 Hands Statewide Raspberry Pale Ale 4pk cans
  • 4 Hands Skin + Bones Dry Hopped Lager 4pk cans
  • 4 Hands Incarnation IPA 12pk cans and 6pk cans
  • 4 Hands City Wide 4pk cans
  • 4 Hands City Wide Pils 4pk cans
  • 4 Hands Full Life Lager 6pk cans
  • Against the Grain Citra Ass Down DIPA 4pk cans
  • Against the Grain Session Lager 4pk cans
  • Against the Grain Pile Face IPA 4pk cans
  • Bur Oak Hoppen Daz Milkshake Porter 6pk cans
  • Logboat Chino Slacks IPA 6pk cans
  • Boulevard Steep Drop Nitro Coffee Milk Stout 6pk cans
  • Logboat Lee-A Guave Gose 6pk cans
  • Rogue Dreamland American Lager 6pk cans
  • Melvin 2x4 Double IPA 6pk cans
  • Lagunitas Hazy Memory IPA 4pk cans
  • Lagunitas Daytime IPA 6pk cans
  • Lagunitas Hop Stoopid 6pk bottles
  • Lagunitas Super Cluster Ale 6pk cans
  • Lagunitas Phase Change Ale 6pk bottles
  • Evil Twin I grew up in Niva Single cans
  • Avery White Rascal 6pk cans
  • Avery Pacer IPA 6pk cans
  • Ska Modus Hoperandi 6pk cans
  • Sierra Nevada 40th Hoppy Anniversary
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 6pk bottles
  • Schlafly Hefe 6pk
  • Boulevard Irish Ale 6pk bottles
  • Freigeist / Urban Chestnut Dinosaurs 4pk cans
  • Freigeist / Urban Chestnut Coffee Clouds 4pk cans
  • Urban Chestnut Stan Musial 4pk cans
  • Urban Chestnut Urban Underdog 4pk cans and 8pk cans
  • Urban Chestnut Nomadic Chai Stout 4pk
  • Urban Chestnut Schnickelfritz 4pk
  • Urban Chestnut Zwickel 4pk
  • Urban Chestnut Dorfbier 4pk bottles
  • Urban Chestnut Stammtisch Pilsner 4pk bottles
  • Mother's Brewing Sunshine Chugsuckle 6pk cans
  • Mothers Brewing Trop Top 6pk cans
  • Brooklyn Brewery Total Request Double IPA 4pk 16oz cans
  • Perennial Saison de Lis 4pk cans
  • Perennial Coffee Stout 2pk cans
  • Perennial Intentional Indulgence 2pk cans
  • Perennial Blonde 4pk cans
  • Perennial Hurry Up IPA 4pk cans
  • Perennial Pils 4pk cans
  • Old Bakery Digital Mango 4pk cans
  • Crane Brewing It's Just a Phaze 6pk cans
  • Evil Twin Teacher Edition IPA 4pk and single cans
  • Surly Garden Variety Sour 4pk cans
  • Surly Furious 6pk cans
  • Surly Coffee Bender 4pk cans
  • Surly The Axeman IPA 4pk cans
  • Surly Xtra Citra IPA 6pk cans
  • Surly Thaw Pack 12pk mix
  • Civil Life Rye Pale  6pk
  • Civil Life Cream 6pk
  • Free Thought Temporal 4pk
  • SweetWater 12pk Mix Tackle Box
  • SweetWater Insane OG Lager 6pk
  • SweetWater Hydroponic 12pk mix hard seltzer
  • Firestone Walker FlyJack IPA 6pk cans
  • Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA 6pk cans
  • Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 6pk cans
  • Argus Polish Style Pilsner 6pk bottles
  • Major Hemp IPA 4pk Cans
  • Earthbound Thai Basil 4pk cans
  • Earthbound Fuzzy Pickle Gose 4pk cans
  • Deschutes Red Chair NWPA  6pk bottles
  • Deschutes Fresh Haze IPA  6pk cans
  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA 6pk cans
  • Deschutes Wowza! Hazy IPA
  • Deschutes Luna Jo Cold Brew Coffee Lager 6pk
  • Maplewood Endless Color Hoppy Wheat Ale 4pk 16oz cans
  • Maplewood Son of Juice 4pk 16oz cansd
  • Oskar Blues Can O Bliss Citra Double IPA 6pk cans
  • Schlafly Raspberry Hefe 16oz single cans
  • Oskar Blues Ten Fidy 4pk cans
  • Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale 6pk cans
  • Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale
  • Oskar Blues Death by King Cake 4pk cans
  • Oskar Blues Slow Chill Vienna Style Lager
  • Founders Unraveled IPA 6pk cans
  • Founders All Day IPA 15pk cans
  • Founders CBS 4pk bottles
  • North Coast Scrimshaw
  • North Coast Blue Star
  • 10 Barrel Brewing Crush Raspberry Sour
  • 10 Barrel Brewing Crush 12 pack mix sour
  • Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo Cal IPA 6pk cans
  • Uinta Lime Pilsner 6pk cans
  • Cigar City Margarita Gose 6pk cans
  • Cigar City Cubano Espresso 4pk cans
  • New Holland Passion Blaster Rose Ale 6pk cans
  • Melvin Brewing Pilsner
  • Pipeworks Pilsner 4pk cans
  • Pipeworks Lizard King IPA 4pk cans
  • Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn IPA 4pk cans
  • Center Ice Arena lager 6pk
  • Center Ice Violent Gentleman Lager 6pk
  • Center Ice the Beauty IPA 4pk cans
  • Bells Oberon 6pk bottle, 4pk 16oz cans
  • Bells Two Hearted Ale 6pk bottles and 4pk cans
  • Bells Official Hazy IPA 6pk cans
  • Bells Light Hearted Ale 6pk cans
  • Bells Bright White 4pk cans
  • Dogfish Head The Perfect Disguise Double IPA 6pk bottles
  • Goose Island Next Coast IPA 6pk bottles
  • Goose Island 312 Rhubarb 4pk cans
  • Goose Island SPF Fruit ale with passionfruit 6pk cans
  • Goose Island Sofie 6pk bottles
  • Goose Island So Lo IPA 6pk cans
  • Goose Island Lost Palate NEIPA 15pk cans
  • Goose Island 15pk IPA Mix
  • Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue 4pk cans
  • Toppling Goliath King Sue 4pk cans
  • Toppling Goliath Pompei 4pk cans
  • Elysian Contact Haze Hazy IPA 6pk cans
  • Elysian Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout 6pk bottles
  • Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 6pk bottles
  • Breckenridge Nitro Vanilla Raspberry Porter 4pk cans
  • Breckenridge Resolution Blueberry Acai Ale 6pk
  • Kona Island Cream Ale 6pk cans
  • Left Hand Galactic Cowboy Imperial Stout 4pk cans
  • Stone Bourbon Barrel Aged Arrogant Bastard 6pk bottles
  • Off Color Koi Lager 6pk bottles
  • Odell Mountain Standard IPA 6pk cans
  • Odell Isolation Ale 6pk cans
  • Odell IPA 6pk cans
  • Odell Myrcenary Double IPA 6pk cans
  • Odell Wolfpicker IPA 6pk cans
  • Pacifico 6pk bottles
  • Monschoff Kellerbier 5 liter mini keg
  • Alaskan 12 pack mixed cans
  • Alaskan Amber 6pk cans
  • Kronenbourg 1664 6pk bottles
  • Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc 6pk bottles
  • Sam Smiths Pure Brewed Lager 4pk cans
  • Fosters Oil Cans green and blue
  • Miller High Life The Champagne of Beers ($2.99 big bottle)
  • Warsteiner 6pk 
  • Rahr mixed 12pk cans
  • Pilsner Urquel 6pk bottles and 4pk cans
  • Heineken Light 6pk bottles
  • Amstel Light 6pk bottles
  • Birra Moretti La Rossa 6pk bottles
  • Czechvar 6pk bottles
  • St. Bernardus Wit 4pk cans
  • Becks 6pk
  • Rebel Czech 6pk bottles
  • Canarchy 12pk IPA mix Oskar Blews, Deep Ellum, Cigar City, Expatriate
  • Boddingtons 4pk cans
  • Leffe Blonde 6pk bottles
  • Corona 12pk cans
  • Sapporo silver bullet can
  • Stella Artois Cidre
  • Stella Artois 6pk bottles
  • Stella Artois 6pk cans
  • Stella Artois Dark Lager 6pk
  • Anchor Steam 6pk
  • Budweiser Jim Beam Copper Lager 
  • Budweiser Black Lager
  • Bud Light KC Chiefs 12pk 16oz aluminum 
  • Busch 12pk cans
  • Bud Light Lemonade 12pk cans
  • Bud Light Seltzer Mixed 12pk
  • Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Light 6pk bottles
  • Michelob Golden Light 6pk bottles
  • Michelob Ultra 6pk bottles
  • Bud Select 6pk bottles
  • Budweiser 6pk bottles
  • Budweiser 12pk bottles
  • Bud Light 12pk cans
  • Bud Light 12pk bottles
  • Hamms 30 pack cans
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon 12pk cans
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee 4pk
  • Cayman Jack 12pk bottles Margarita

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Wagner Family Wine Sampler

All of the wineries were started by the Wagner Family that brought you Caymus and Mer Soleil. They do not own them all anymore. But they are all great wines!

Wagner Family Wine Sampler

Regular price - 1 of each above is = $100.90
Special price for $90 plus tax for the 6 bottles

2017 Meiomi Pinot Noir $14.98
Compare to $15.97 at Total Wine and More
Soft berry nose; spicy, rich and long. A crisp, clean blend from three important appellations (Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma), each of which imparts a special character. Aged six months in 100% French oak.
Rated 92/100 The Tasting Panel

2016 Meiomi Chardonnay...$12.98
Greenish gold color with a ripe nose; clean and sleek; sweet with silky texture and subtle acidity; refreshing, juicy, and long from a winery that balances the best fruit of Sonoma, Monterey, and Santa Barbara counties.
Rated 90/100 Tasting Panel

Boen Chardonnay Tri-Appellation...$19.99
compare to $21.99 at Total Wine and More
We are the lowest price in the Country on Wine-Searcher
Sonoma, Monterey, Santa Barbara Chardonnay
Opulent flavors with a silky, alluring texture, flavors of apricot, lemon-cream tart and vanilla. The California Böen Chardonnay is elegant and lingerings on the palette.

Boen Pinot Noir...$19.99
“BÖEN is a translation of ‘The Farm’ and I chose it as a reminder to myself that the wine I make is indivisible from the land it comes from and that first and foremost, I am a farmer.”
– Joseph Wagner, Winemaker

Conundrum Red...$17.98
Conundrum White...$14.98

The original red and white blends!

BBQ Wine Sampler

BBQ Wine Sampler pack!

Regular price - 1 of each above is = $89.94
Special price for $77 plus tax for the 6 bottles

2017 Almarada Malbec Uco Valley...$13.99
Maybe this isn't the most subtle wine in Argentina, but it has a lot going for it. Plenty of orange peel and dried cranberry on the nose of the bold palate. Drink now.
Rated 90/100 James Suckling

2018 Domaine de Servans Cotes du Rhone....$13.99

Vines average 40 years in age. The grapes are harvested by hand with a hand triage to select only the best quality grapes.
The Graniers decided to continue to increase the percentage of Syrah in their blend. This increase has given the wine added depth and concentration, without sacrificing balance in the wine. In the mouth, rich blackberry notes give way to red cherry and black pepper spice. Even with the increased percentage of Syrah, the tannins are very supple and round in the finish. This is a classic example of a Côtes du Rhône, ideal for backyard barbeque, burgers on the grill, or even pizza

2018 Nugan Third Generation Shiraz...$12.99
Deep purple in appearance with youthful crimson hues. Lifted ripe berry fruit aromas, with hints of earth, pepper and dark chocolate complimented by sweet red berry fruit flavours with spice and a silky tannin finish.

2017 Le Grand Valmal Cotes du Rhone Villages Vieilles Vignes...$16.99
60% Syrah, 20% Grenache, 20% Mourvedre
This Rhone is the real deal and a sensational value!
Floral notes accent fresh mixed berries in this 2017 Cotes du Rhone Villages that is made from Old Vine Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. The Syrah dominates and leads to a full-bodied wine but with silky tannins. It has a slight pepperiness to add some dimension and complexity. This wine is produced by the third generation on this estate and it is a fruit driven Cotes du Rhone with great roundness and complexity.

2016 Puydeval Red Blend...$15.99
The 2016 Languedoc Puydeval checks in as a blend of 56% Cabernet Franc, 37% Syrah, and 7% Merlot sourced all from Limoux and the western regions of the Minervois. It offers more freshness and elegance than past vintages and has loads of black fruits, toasted spice, asphalt, and gravelly minerality. With medium-bodied richness, a good mid-palate, and present tannin on the finish, it’s a big, rich, steakhouse red that has tons to love.
Rated 89/100 Jeb Dunnuck

2015 Laurence Feraud (Pegau) Cotes du Rhone...$15.99
The 2015 Côtes du Rhône Sélection Laurence Féraud offers lots of peppery, leather and garrigue characteristics in a medium to full-bodied, classy, charming style. Drink it over the coming 2-4 years
Rated 88/100 The Wine Advocate
Laurence Féraud owns and manages Domaine du Pegau, the iconic Châteauneuf-du-Pape estate.