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Bison Grass Vodka with the Grass

Bak's Bison Grass Vodka...$19.99
- The One With The Grass -

For centuries in eastern Poland, massive buffalo have roamed the lush and fertile fields that are full of rich flowers and “Zubrowka” or “Bison Grass,” an herb steeped in intrigue, mystique and romanticism. High Society would celebrate hunting successes with a special vodka flavored with “Bison Grass,” in belief this would yield grand power, increase stature and youthfulness which centuries later had been banned from American shores.
Untill Now!

Distillers and chemists have been able to extract the essence from the “Bison Grass,” allowing vodka enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados to be captivated with this new aromatic vodka with a burst of freshness, bouquet of flavor on the pallet and silky smooth finish. Bak’s Bison Grass Vodka is the perfect celebratory spirit for the young stylish professional as well as the vodka connoisseur who’s looking to be enticed by authentic vodka. This revolutionary product is not your typical flavored vodka, rather a vodka rich in flavor.

“We are extremely pleased to bring a touch of Polish nobility to America. Our creation is set to redefine the flavored vodka category with its one-of-a-kind passionate and mystical characteristics, says Adam Bak, CEO of Adamba Imports International and exclusive US importer of Bak’s Bison Grass Vodka.”

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka marries the nobility of old-world Eastern European authenticity with 21st century western style, mystique and romanticism. Mixologists and cocktail fanatics will be full of confidence, swagger, and passion as they mix up and romance there significant other with this seductive new addition in the vodka category.

Bizonovka Vodka

Stawski Bizonovka Bison Grass Vodka...$19.99
"Since the 13th century Polish nobles have been infusing vodka with Bison grass, found in Poland only in the Bialowieza forest. The American Indians used to call this grass “Holy Grass” because of it’s remarkable taste and supposed medicinal properties. Try the legendary Bizonovka Vodka for yourself and feel the power of the Bison." - website

Bacon flavored vodka....

Bakon Vodka....$26.99 / 750ml

Yes, Bacon Vodka.

Bakon Vodka is a superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor. It’s clean, crisp, and delicious. This is the only vodka you’ll ever want to use to make a Bloody Mary, and it's a complementary element of both sweet and savory drinks.

Bakon Vodka is also a great Bar-B-Q companion. Use it in a marinade or sip it chilled with a steak.  The Meat and Potatoes… Premium quality, no joke.
We start with superior quality Idaho potatoes instead of the random mixed grains that make up most vodkas. Our vodka is column-distilled using a single heating process that doesn’t “bruise” the alcohol like the multiple heating cycles needed to make a typical pot-still vodka.
No tinge or burn on the tongue, no obnoxious smoky or chemical flavors, just a clean refreshing potato vodka with delicious savory bacon flavor.
Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.

Kra-Ze Vodka and Liqueur flavors

Kra-Ze Vodka Vodka and Lemon Lime...$11.99 / 750ml
Kra-Ze Vodka Vodka and Berry...$11.99 / 750ml
Specialty Spirits

Want just a little taste of FORBIDDEN FRUIT? Then flavorful [Krā-zē] vodka, with just a touch of lemon-lime or berry liqueur, is sure to be your GUILTY PLEASURE.

It's 50 proof, 25% alcohol by volume and 100% ALL AMERICAN, so you can have a HELLUVA good time… just about any time.

Want to get REALLY [Krā-zē]? Add a shot of any flavor [Krā-zē] Vodka & Liqueur to a shot of our our ultra-premium 80 proof vodka on the rocks (1 to 1 mix) to get a 65-proof drink with the smooth [Krā-zē] taste and just enough kick.

Uuahouua from Austria

Uuahouua Classic Gin...$46.99
Pronounced juniper and citrus notes . Elegant and smooth on the palate . The long finish brings the aroma variety best advantage . His clarity and unique taste make the distillate the perfect partner for G & T and many cocktails . A few drops of water into the glass to bring the character of this distillate to their best advantage . 40 vol . alc .

Uuahouua 7yr Old Single Malt Whiskey Sherry Wood...$58.99
Dark shiny . Overweight and muscular with strong oak . Spicy , powerful and attractive in the nose . Fast overflowing with power . Lively and clear on the palate . Fruit and wood in an impressive balance . A few drops of water into the glass to bring the character of this distillate to their best advantage . 40 vol . alc .

Uuahouua 7yr Old Single Malt Whiskey Pinot Noir Wood...$58.99
Bright auburn . Fruity and velvety by Pinot Noir Barrel . Feminine wine tones paired with masculine Single Malt in perfect balance . A few drops of water into the glass to bring the character of this distillate to their best advantage . 40 vol . alc .

Abita Beers for Mardi Gras

Get ready for Mardi Gras with Abita!
We have their special release plus their "regular" line up in stock now!

Abita Baltic Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels....$8.49
This Baltic Porter is brewed with pale, caramel and roasted malts. It is fermented at cooler temperatures to accentuate the malt flavors, which gives the beer its dark color and smooth, sweet roasted flavor. After fermentation the beer is cold aged for months before bourbon barrel aging begins.

Abita Rye Pale Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels...$8.49 / 22oz
Bourbon Street Rye Pale Ale is brewed with pale and Munich malts as well as rye. The malts impart a sweet flavor and an aroma of bread and nuts. Centennial hops give the beer a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma. After fermentation, the beer is cold aged before bourbon barrel aging begins. During barrel aging, the brew absorbs the flavors of the barrel such a vanilla, oak, and bourbon. These barrel flavors pair well with the sweet flavors of the malted barley and bread flavors of the rye.

Abita Bad Mother Shucker Oyster Stout...$4.49 / 22oz
Deep in the oyster beds of Louisiana surfaces one Bad Mother Shucker - Abita's Oyster Stout. Brewed with pale, caramel, roasted and chocolate malts, this Mother Shucker is hopped up with Willamette hops and balanced out with the sweet and full flavors of oats. Fresh Louisiana Oysters are added to the boil in the final stages, infusing a slight taste of sea salt that offsets the sharpness of the stout.

Excel 3rd Anniversary Saison

More in stock!

Excel 3rd Anniversary Saison....$10.99 / 22oz
Aged in red wine barresl

44 North - made from Idaho Potatoes!

IDAHO® POTATO VODKA - all 3 of these vodkas are Gluten Free and made from Idaho Potatoes.
44º North Idaho® Potato Vodka is naturally gluten free and is distilled using a five-column distillation process from 100% Idaho® Burbank and Russet Potatoes, and blended with Rocky Mountain water from the Snake River Aquifer.

44 North Idaho Potato Vodka....$22.99
There are those who believe that if vodka isn’t made from potatoes, it’s not really vodka. For them, our naturally gluten free Idaho® Potato Vodka is the mother of all vodkas, featuring Idaho’s most famous export—the Idaho® Potato. You’ll love the classic vodka taste with a crisp, yet smooth edge, perfect for enjoying “neat” or as the key ingredient in your favorite vodka cocktails. You might even say Idaho® Potato Vodka is the Idaho® Potato in its ideal state.   
44º North Idaho® Potato Vodka is naturally gluten free and is distilled using a five-column distillation process from 100% Idaho® Burbank and Russet Potatoes, and blended with Rocky Mountain water from the Snake River Aquife

40% ABV 

44 North Mountain Huckleberry Potato Vodka....$22.99
As the first vodka approved to wear the Idaho Potato Commission’s official seal, our naturally gluten free Mountain Huckleberry Flavored Vodka is the ideal spirit for drinking chilled, straight-up, on the rocks, or in an infinite range of signature cocktails. 44º North Idaho® Potato Vodka is naturally gluten free and is distilled using a five-column distillation process from 100% Idaho® Burbank and Russet Potatoes, and blended with Rocky Mountain water from the Snake River Aquifer.  Mountain Huckleberries are a high elevation wild berry and the state fruit of Idaho. 44º North blends them with Idaho® Potato Vodka for a rich, natural flavor.

35% ABV

44 North Sunnyslope Nectarine Potato Vodka...$22.99
Sunnyslope Nectarine Flavored Vodka is our newest naturally gluten free variety that delivers a uniquely vibrant and refreshing taste. It’s named after the Sunnyslope region of Idaho famed for its fruit orchards and long Idaho summer days. Sunnyslope Nectarine is perfect on the rocks, straight up, or in a signature cocktail.  
Similar to a peach, Nectarines are a “stone” fruit known for their fresh and crisp taste. They’re grown throughout the warmer temperate regions of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. 44º North blends them with Idaho® Potato Vodka for a rich, natural flavor.

35% ABV

New Ballas Cheese Feature

Saint Angel Triple Cream Cheese
Saint Angel is a triple cream cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk collected in Massif du Pilat (Rhone-Apls region). The cheese is square with a bloomy rind and smooth, creamy paste.   This is one of our favorite relatively new cheeses.  If you like brie, give this one a try, it is richer and creamier.

Ballwin Cheese Feature: Petit Basque

Each store carries a different selection of cheeses.  Check each store for details.  Come in for  taste.

Petit Basque Istara
Petit Basque Istara comes in small cylindrical shape with a waxed rind. Has a smooth sweet and delicate flavor of ewe's milk.  More distinctive taste than sheep Pyrenees.  It carries though with a lovely olive, nutty and rich flavor on the finish.  Great with read wine! 

Forsyth Cheese Feature

Come in for a taste!
Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Pleasant Ridge Reserve is named Best Cheese in America 
Pleasant Ridge Reserve won first place at the 2010 American Cheese Society.
The cheese is modeled after Gruyere and Beaufort and it is only produced from May through October when the cows are grazing on fresh grass. It is made from raw milk and aged a minimum of 6 months.

Uplands is a family run dairy from Wisconsin making great artisan cheese.

America's Most-Awarded Cheese
Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the most-awarded cheese in American history, having won Best of Show in the American Cheese Society's annual competition three times (2001, 2005 and 2010), and having also won the US Cheese Championships in 2003. It is the only cheese to have won Best of Show three times, and the only cheese to have ever won both of the major, national cheese competitions.

"a serious bottle of wine that delivers the goods"- Wine Advocate

WOW - Wine of the Week January 30, 2013

2013 Lilac Wine Cotes du Roussillon Villages....$19.99
The 2013 Cotes du Roussillon Villages Lilac Wine looks to be spectacular. A blend of 47% Mourvedre, 29% Syrah, 13% Carignan and 11% Grenache that’s aged all in oak tanks, it offers a full-bodied, layered and beautifully textured feel to go with ripe blackberry, plum, licorice, earth and distinct minerality on the nose. Giving up lots of cedary spice, black fruits and licorice, it has a medium to full-bodied, rich, layered and savory style to go with excellent mid-palate depth, outstanding purity of fruit and integrated acidity. This is rock solid and a serious bottle of wine that delivers the goods. Drink it over the coming 4-6 years.

Rated 91/100 The Wine Advocate

Friday, January 29, 2016

Great price on Temptation Bourbon

Temptation Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$16.99 / 750ml
Next lowest price online is $18.99
82 proof
This bottle is full of Temptation.  Temptation Straight Bourbon Whiskey's enticing flavors having been precisely distilled with a well balanced blend of grains and then properly aged in new American charred oak barrels.  

10 Barrel Brewing

10 Barrel Joe IPA....$9.99 / 6pk
Meet Joe Ipa, Formerly Sam, Named After The Hops Simcoe, Amarillo And Mosaic. Joe Packs A Full On Hop Punch In The Face.
IBUS: 70
Abv: 6.8%

10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA...$8.99 / 6 pack
This west coast style ipa is our flagship beer. We can talk about ipas and hops all day but you better just give it a run for yourself.
Ibu's: 70
abv: 6.8%

10 Barrel Pray for Snow....$8.99 / 6pk
We changed this year's pray for snow winter ale by using five different malts and changed up the hops for a piney, herbal hop complexity.
Ibu's: 75
abv: 7%

New Irish Whiskey - The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man 8 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey....$39.99

Sometimes he would bring me in to work with him and so I grew up loving the sounds and smells of the bar, the craic, the laughter and the smell of the beer and whiskey. Especially the whiskey. Now that I am making my own whiskey, I am naming it after my father. As a bartender he saw a lot of things and heard a lot of stories, but like all good bartenders, he was true to his code and told no tales. My father, John Mulgrew, “The Quiet Man”, or as they say in Ireland “An Fear Ciuin.”

Sweet and crisp floral fragrances with notes of vanilla and oak Hint of honey, warm vanilla and spicy oak, with an exceptionally smooth finish

Yellowstone new releases

Yellowstone Select Bourbon Whiskey 93 Proof...$44.99
A smooth, skillfully selected bourbon with true ties to its family
Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a masterful fusion of flavors from seventh-generation distillers, Paul and Steve Beam. It features a hand-picked blend of sweet, spicy, and smoky bourbons, each selected to give this exclusive whiskey a taste that celebrates its deep, family origins.

Yellowstone Bourbon Whiskey 105 Proof...$99.99
Celebrate a 105-year family legacy with 105-proof
Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a marriage of some of the finest hand-selected bourbon available, celebrates the return of Yellowstone to the family of Limestone Branch founders Steve and Paul Beam – and the many fine bourbons to come.
A true family affair, Yellowstone was born when my father’s grandfather, Minor Case Beam, sold his Old Trump Distillery to Joseph Bernard Dant, pioneer distiller and relative to my mother. I am proud to welcome the Yellowstone brand back to our family 105 years later with this perfectly smooth blend of the finest 12-year rye, 7-year rye, and 7-year wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, lovingly bottled at 105 proof: the only way to celebrate this family legacy.

Shiner Birthday Beer Hoppy Pilsner

Shiner Birthday Beer Hoppy Pilsner...$7.99 / 6pk
Celebrate 107 years of Shiner with our latest birthday beer, a limited edition brew that’s is true to our roots. This classic German-style Pilsener has an extra hoppy bite thanks to a heaping helping of Hallertau & Czech Saaz hops. Better enjoy it while you can - this birthday party won’t last forever.

Spring has sprung!!!

Blue Point Spring Fling....$8.49 / 6pk
After tasting this beer, you’ll want more than just a fling.
This copper ale is our way of saying “hello” to spring. It boasts the perfect balance between the malty flavors of German barley and the zesty spice of American hop, resulting in a crisp and refreshing brew with hints of nuts and honey. It’s the best cure for your spring fever.

ABV: 5.2% IBU: 36 

Goose Island Four Star Pilsner

Goose Island Four Star Pils...$13.99 / 12 pack

This golden-hued pilsner has a light, fresh body and clean finish. Bright, refreshing carbonation mingles with German and American hops to give this pilsner a unique Goose Island spin.

4204 Main St Brewing from Belleville Illinois!!!

4204 Main St. Pecan...$8.49 / 6pk
One of the house favorites featuring in house roasted pecans, a slightly sweet finish and incredible drinkability.  We are sure you will go nuts for it.

4204 Main St. Blonde Ale...$8.49 / 6pk CANS

ABV 4.2 IBU 18
This Light bodied ale is perfect choice for every occasion. Just the right amount of malt and hops make this an infinitely sessionable brew.
Recommended Pairings: Seafood Pasta, Croquet Monsieur

4204 Main St.Two Hop IPA...$8.49 / 6pk CANS
 ABV 7.2 IBU 70
This West Coast Style India Pale Ale Features Legacy and Cascade hops. Dry floral hop notes upfront with a clean citrus hop finish.
Recommended Pairings: Creole Pasta, Redbird Sandwich

4204 Main St. Dunkelweizen...$8.49 / 6pk CANS
ABV 5.2 IBU 20
A traditional German wheat beer with a yeast forward flavor with notes of clove and banana.
Recommended Pairings: Seafood Pasta, Schnitzel Sandwich

4204 Main St. Common Ride...$8.49 / 6pk CANS
This truly American beer, often referred to as a "steam beer" features the sharpmenss of rye barley to create a complex yet smooth beer

Left Hand Nitro Series

Left Hand Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter...$9.49 / 6pk

Super smooth with chocolate malt, coffee, and toffee notes.
Innately predisposed to be smooth when Poured Hard, this nitro coffee porter builds a pillowy, toffee-sweet head. Coffee and flavors of caramelized sugar, cacao and hints of blueberry lead to a light, smoky finish.

4 Hands Horchata!!!

4 Hands Horchata Chocolate Milk Stout...$6.49 / 22oz

Horchata Chocolate Milk Stout (with Vanilla and Cinnamon)

Odell CANS!!

Fresh Odell Cans are back in stock!!