Friday, September 19, 2008

Ommegeddon Funkhouse it is here!!!

Just Arrived!

Only about 120 bottles made it to Missouri.
Call 314-727-8788 to reserve yours. Currently only at Forsyth.

Ommegeddon Funkhouse Ale...$11.99 / 750ml

2008 has arrived
"On July 12, 2007, at Belgium Comes to Cooperstown, we released Ommegeddon on the world. The world must have loved it because it’s disappearing quickly. It’s all gone from our warehouse and is all out in the distribution channels. If your bar or retail store doesn’t have it ask them to get it before it is totally consumed. We will brew it again but probably not until 2008.Ommegeddon is 8% ABV Belgian-style ale with a wild twist a dose of Brettanomyces yeast and a blast of dry hopping. It’s a strong blonde ale with a sharp citrus flavor that, like the other Ommegang ales, has a dry finish. Its dryness and funkiness begat the name of Ommegeddon for the time when the forces of light and dark battle for world dominion. It’s time for you to pick your side." -- Ommegang

Drie Fonteinen Brewery -- Belgium

Drie Fonteinen Brewery -- Belgium
"Drie Fonteinen is the only remaining traditional geuze blender in Belgium, using only 100% spontaneously fermented lambik beer, aged in oak casks, with no artificial sweeteners or other additives." -- importer

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze...$9.19 / 11oz
Drie Fonteinen is the only remaining traditional geuze blender in Belgium, using only 100% spontaneously fermented lambic beer, aged in oak casks, with no artificial sweeteners or other additives. The blendery is connected to the very popular Drie Fonteinen Restaurant in Beersel, on the outskirts of Brussels. The proprietor, Armand Debelder, buys pure lambic from three breweries in Belgium, ages them in oak, and blends them, employing the skill, knowledge, and supreme passion for real geuze that his father handed down to him.

Drie Fonteinen Doesjel Old Lambic...$9.19 / 12.7oz
"Blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old lambic. Fermented and lagered in oak vessels. In this bottle the young yeast is brought to sleep ('ingedoesjeld') so the original lambic flavors are preserved. This beer has no head, just like lambic. The lambic is brewed with 60% barley, 40% wheat, last years hop."

Rated 95 percentile by
Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek....$11.99 / 12.7oz

Klein Duimpje

Klein Duimpje -- "Tom Thumb" in Dutch
"-- is the life's work of Erik Bouman, a terrific home-brewer who has managed to parlay his passion and his talent into a tiny but full-fledged brewery in a matter of a few short years. With an interest in styles of beer from all over the world, especially England, Belgium, and his native Netherlands, and brewing as he does in very small batches, Erik has put out an astounding number of different beers." -- importer

Klein Imperial Russian Stout...$10.99 / 25oz
"Appearance: Very dark reddish-black color; opaque.
Flavor: Intensely fruity and malty, backed up by balancing roastiness and prominent hop bitterness and flavor. A "burnt currant" character may be present, along with a suggestion of cocoa or strong coffee. Alcoholic strength should be evident, along with a deep, complex malt flavor. The finish can vary from relatively dry to moderately sweet, usually with some lingering roastiness and warming character.
Mouthfeel: Very full-bodied and rich, with intense flavors and perceptible alcohol presence. Carbonation is relatively low.
Overall Impression: An intensely flavorful beer. Roasty, fruity, and bittersweet, with a notable alcohol presence. Dark fruit melds with roasty, burnt, almost tar-like sensations. Comments: Brewed to high gravity and hopping level in England for export to the Baltic States and Russia." -- brewery

Klein Erik de Noorman

Barley Wine Style...$11.99 / 25oz
"Dark amber winter beer. Bottle-conditioned. Peach and orange aroma; sweetish taste with peach aroma; sourish orange finish. Very fruity strong beer." -- brewery

Rogue Double Dead Guy!

In stock now!
Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale...$10.99 / 25oz
Apparently it is an amped up version of their German Maibock style Dead Guy Ale.
"Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale will be released later in the summer, and most likely, it will be August. It is a big version of the most-reviewed maibock in existence, Rogue Dead Guy Ale. The beer will don a red label and will be released under the XS line. Cline expects that the beer will see limited distribution across the country." ---

Thursday, September 18, 2008

De Graal -- Belgium

De Graal Gember...$8.39 / 25oz
"De Graal Gember is a blond beer spiced with ginger. It has notes of honey, pepper, lime and of course ginger. The ginger is not over done and finishes nice and dry. The alcohol content is 8 vol%" -- De Graal

De Graal Blond...$7.49 / 25oz
"De Graal Blond has a light golden color. Crisp and dry with an easy pale malt character with a leafy hop presence from start to finish. The finish is mildly bitter and ends clean. The alcohol content is 6.5 vol% " -- De Graal

De Graal Triverius...$7.49 / 25oz
"De Graal Triverius is a wheat beer and based on its higher alcohol and full taste it can be categorized under the Double Whites. The aroma is spicy, citrusy, and floral, malty/wheaty in the middle with a yeasty hop bitter finish. The alcohol content is 6.8 vol%" -- De Graal

De Graal Tripel...$9.19 / 25oz
"A heavey blond beer (alcohol content of 9 vol%). It is lightly sweet with a nice fruity ester and hoppy taste (finest german hops). Some spiciness kicks in with an insinuation of coriander and pepper." -- De Graal

De Graal Speciale...
"A brown beer rich in flavor with caramel, chocolate, cherry with a cinnamon/licorice spiciness. Not thick and sweet but with a nice full body and a smooth texture. The alcohol content is 8 vol%."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Updated blog

I had a number of people that thought the colors made the blog hard to read. I have adjusted them and I think it reads much better now. I also have cleaned up the "labels" so that they are easier to navigate with just a few limited tags.

You can also still search by product in the upper left hand corner. Just type in "mikkeller" and it will show you all the posts with Mikkeller beers.

Some exceptional scotch...

Michel Couvreur
An amazing scotch producer.

In Michel Couvreur’s own words:
Basic Truths about Scotch Whisky
1. Scotch whisky, nor any whisky, has ever had its own AOC or Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée.

2. Whisky and Scotch Whisky are only produced from cereal distillation (not from beet or cane sugar).

3. Minimum of three years aging in oak casks is required of which the capacity of the cask cannot exceed 700 liters.

4. 90% of a whisky’s quality comes from the cask, only 10% of the quality comes from the distillation process.

5. The secret of Scotch whisky or the most important factor in the unique quality was aging in Port or Sherry casks that had been subjected to a 25-year "Solera process". During the "Solera process", the cask has continually been refreshed and topped off with new sherry or port.

6. During the 1970’s American bourbon casks gradually replaced port and sherry casks in the production of Scotch whisky, a great tragedy, which changed the essence of the product.

Michel Couvreur’s Solution
In 1951, Michel Couvreur established himself in Scotland selling Burgundy wines. One of his clients at the time was Navy Captain Ian Tennant of Glenlivet distillery. In 1978, French friends of Michel Couvreur suggested that he tries to obtain a top quality scotch for sale. So began Michel Couvreur’s interest and investigation into the Scotch whisky process.

Eventually, Michel Couvreur settled in Bouze-les-Beaune (close to the Burgundian town of Beaune, France), opened a customs bonded cellar and began selecting his own cask from the Andalusia region of Spain (Sherry country). Today, Michel’s scotch starts out in Scotland as bulk "clerach" (a high proof distillate) which is transferred to his cellar in Bouze-les-Beaune and aged in small sherry casks that have been impregnated with 25 years aging of Pedro Ximenez. This process creates his delicious and exotic 12-year-old Malt Whisky. Also, all required dilutions are accomplished with bottled water from Scotland. Total production of all Scotch types is about 50,000 bottles or 4,000 cases yearly.
Michel Couvreur is known as the "last of the Mohicans", a name bestowed by a Danish magazine (Folkebladet, Week-end, July 9th 1988, Herning-Denmark) for his unique and artisanal style of Scotch whisky. -- importer

This whiskys----

Michel Couvreur Scotch Whisky (12 year-old)...$59.99
"A blend of 54 different malts. Golden amber color. A nose of dried flowers and fat almonds. Smoky aromas. A smooth and firm palate with a spicy and long finish." -- importer

Michel Couvreur "Clearach"...$36.99
"Clearach is the term that Michel Couvreur gives to his malt spirit that cannot legally be called whisky until it is 3 years old. "This is a Single Malt distilled in Scotland, matured in Sherry casks. 43% alcohol. This is a young spirit with fresh grass fragrances, almond, dry fruits and elegant tea leaves flavor, spicy notes. Serve chilled." -- importer

Michel Couvreur Pale Single Single...$89.99
Aged for over 12 years in wood barrels (1 year old). Color: Deep gold. Aroma: Floral (lavender, heather), honey, malty, delicately fruity (peaches, apricots, pears, citrus), with background spice (especially mint) Palate: Quite similar to its aroma. It starts slightly sweet, finishing pleasantly dry and subtly spicy. General Comments: Nice balance and quite mature for a twelve year old, with a nice array of flavors too.- Maltadvocate (4th Quarter 2003 Issue—Vol. 12#4)

Michel Couvreur Special Vatting...$99.99
60% -- 14 year od Scotch in oak
30% -- 12 year old Scotch in oak
10% -- 10 year old Scotch in oak
"This vatted malt combines three "single-single malts" (single casks) aged 12, 14 and 22 years old. As with the entire Couvreur range, it is distinctive and impressive." -- importer

Michel Couvreur 24yr Very Sherried...$399.99
We have only 1 bottle, bottle #428
"A single malt aged over 24 years in finest sherry casks.Sensual fragrances of tropical flower, fat almond, vanilla and sherry. Powerful in the mouth, silky texture, rich and an infinite length." -- importer

Michel Couvreur PX 18 year-old...$41.99
"The cask was matured for 18 years. After making this wine, the same cask was used to mature a newly distilled whisky. Fig, date, nut on the nose.Sweet, with a soft texture and huge concentration. Exquisite PX!" -- importer

World's Best Ale!

Kameliet Tripel...$8.29 / 25oz bottle
(we are expecting the 4pks on Friday)
(we can also special order 30liter kegs for $220 + deposit)

The World's Best Ale
at the WORLD BEER AWARDS (WBA ) in London.

Tripel Karmeliet was first crowned as winner in the “style”
“gold/blond strong pale ale – abbey” and then it was crowned with the gold award in the “subcategory” as “World’s best strong pale ale”. Afterwards, Tripel Karmeliet won the gold award in the “category” as “ World’s best pale ale”. And finally, Tripel Karmeliet was crowned." -- Brewery

Other Award winners...(that we have in stock)

World's Best Stout/Porter -- Rogue Shakespeare Stout
(we have on sale this week)

World's Best Wheat Beer -- Konig Ludwig Weissbier.

The rest of the awards

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Boulevard Smokestack Series beers...

Boulevard Brewery, Kansas City, MO
Smokestack Series
Last year we were proud to introduce the first release of the Boulevard Smokestack Series at our TWCP Beerfest 2007. This year we will introduce along with Budweiser's American Ale, the two new Boulevard Smokestack beers at our Provisions BBQ and Brews festival on September 27th. click here for more info.

Nickname: "George Brett" after the famous Kansas City Royal baseball player.

Rated 98 percentile on

Bourbon Barrel Quadrupel

Nickname: BBQ (acronym of the name)

"Saison-Brett will be released to the tune of less than 12,000 bottles and BBQ even more limited at approximately 7000. Each bottle will be individually numbered. The beers will be released into the same distribution channel as the other Smokestack beers. " -- BeerNews (they will not be available for sale until October, but you get a chance to taste them before everybody else)

Here are the previous releases in stock from the Boulevard Smokestack series..

The Sixth Glass Quadrupel...$8.49 / 25oz
"Do you know what dwells in a glass?" asks Ole, in Hans Christian Andersen's The Watchman of the Tower. Better known for stories such as The Little Mermaid, Andersen wrote this short, cautionary tale for a somewhat older audience. Our quadrupel ale, also meant for the mature connoisseur, is a deep and mysterious libation, dark auburn and full-bodied, its sweetness deceptive. As Ole describes the glasses in turn, their contents become more ominous until, in the sixth glass..." -- Boulevard
Rated 94 percentile on

Long Strange Tripel..$8.49 -- 25oz
Belgian Tripel Style Ale
"The Tripel style originated in the Trappist brewery of Westmalle Abbey in pre-war Antwerp province. Its numeric moniker results from the old Belgian practice of naming beers based on the amount of malt used in the brew. A "Simple" was the lightest-bodied brew. Doubling the malt bill resulted in a "Dubbel", while a "Tripel" contained three times the amount of malt (and, as a result, three times the amount of alcohol.) True to style, our Long Strange Tripel is a golden ale with estery aromas, a dense, creamy head and a sweet finish." -- Boulevard
Rated 90 percentile on

Double Wide I.PA....$8.49 -- 25oz
Double India Pale Ale
"Double-Wide I.P.A. uses Zeus and Magnum hops for both bittering and aroma with Ahtanum hops added for aroma. There are two additional dry hopping regimen, employing Ahtanum, Centennial and Chinook hops. The resulting beer is hop forward aroma, redolent of peach and apricot. The assertive flavor bursts with the citrus qualities of blood orange and lemon with a slight caramel malt backbone to balance the intense hop flavor. There is little restraint in the flavor of this beer; it is certainly not for the pedestrian palate." -- Boulevard
Rated 96 percentile on

Saison....$8.49 -- 25oz
Bottle Conditioned French style ale.
"Saison is the French word for "season," in this case referring to beer brewed during the cool winter months for consumption during the warm working season, when a scarcity of potable water demanded that a thirst-quenching beer be readily available to satisfy farmers and field hands" -- Boulevard
Rated 94 percentile on

Monday, September 15, 2008

Engine Oil beer....

Available online - click here

As the weather cools off...try these...

Harviestoun Ola Dubh
Dark Old Ale aged in whisky casks.
Highland Park 12yr...$6.99 / 11oz
Highland Park 16yr...$7.99 / 11oz
Highland Park 30yr...$13.99 / 11oz
Old Engine Oil matured in Highland Park Whisky barrels.

"Ola Dubh (or ‘Black Oil’) is a collaboration between Harviestoun Brewery and Highland Park, Distiller of the Year*. It is based on Harviestoun’s award-winning Old Engine Oil. With more than a stylistic nod to the classic Imperial Porters (and Stouts) of the nineteenth century, this deliciously rich, dark, 8% a.b.v. beer is the first ale to be aged in malt whisky casks from a named distillery and, with traceable casks and numbered bottles, the rst with genuine provenance.

Ola Dubh will initially be available in three different expressions; the initial release will be of small batches aged in casks formerly used to mature Highland Park 12 Year Old, Highland Park 16 Year Old, and Highland Park 30 Year Old. Further variants are planned for the future. Ola Dubh is, in the words of beer afficionado Owen D.L. Barstow: “The most interesting new British beer I have tried in years.”

Retaining the appearance of used motor oil from which the beer gets its name, it is deep dark brown, dense and oily. On the nose there are notes of true oil and cocoa as well as faint smoke and heathery peat from the whisky casks. Although lighter in body that its appearance suggests, Ola Dubh is pithy, oily, salty and bitter on the palate. The finish is exceptional; burnt and bitter notes with an interplay of late hop characters, orange oil, fruity tartness and then delicate, fragrant smoke." -- importer