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Goose Island Vanilla Rye - sold via BRC

Goose Island Vanilla Rye -
Getting a lot of phone calls - Yes it did arrive, emails went out to BRC yesterday. 

We got very little - sorry.

North Coast limited Barrel Aged Releases

More cases arrived today - good supplye

More arrived!

North Coast Brewing Old Stock Ale 2013...$22.99 / 500ml
Aged in Bourbon Barrels
Old Stock Cellar Reserve is a small batch, limited release that has been aged in bourbon barrels. The aging process gives this world-class beer added layers of complexity and flavor. Bottled in a 500 ml bottle with a cork and wire finish, it is a memorable drink that should be enjoyed as a unique offering.
ABV 14.1%
Recommended serving temperature 60°

North Coast Barrel Aged Rasputin XVII...$19.99 / 500ml
Every year we age a special batch of our much-loved Russian Imperial Stout in Bourbon barrels. The depth, intensity, and complexity of the flavor profile of this special release, like its predecessors, make it a worthy tribute to Old Rasputin.

Prior to 2010, Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin was released in such limited quantities that it was available only at the North Coast Brewing retail shop in Fort Bragg, California. However, we received so many requests for this beer that we began producing enough Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin to put into broader, but still limited, distribution.

Style: Barrel-Aged
Color: Black
ABV: 12.1%
Bitterness: 38 IBUs

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sour State Ten Porter

Santa Fe Brewing Aged Sour State Pen Porter...$12.99 / 22oz
Two Year Barrel Aged Beer
The Los Innovadores team has decided to take you back in time, H.G. Well’s style. We invite you to kick it ‘old school’ with a beer that’s style came right out of the 19th century. Prior to the industrial revolution this “Sour” or Brettanomyces fermented porter was a fairly common public house delicacy! In order to recognize this quirky beer style we must never forget ‘The Power of Darkness’ in our attempts to drink to ‘War and Peace’ with a truly pre-prohibition style ale. Zip up that bustle, telegraph the neighbor for a visit, be careful when you hop into your horse and buggies. It’s time to get out the Beethoven and share this beer over a rousing game of snakes and ladders!

Beluga GOLD -

Back in stock!  18 more bottles!

Beluga Gold Line Vodka...$109.99
Beluga Gold Line is a limited edition product.  Needless to say, it is dedicated to the true connoisseurs of strong spirits.  Unlike other Beluga varieties, in this series our trademark blend of artesian water and malt spirits passes through not three but five rounds of filtering.  Each bottle comes with its own serial number and a cork stopped with sealing wax.  To clean out the sealing wax, each bottle of Beluga Gold line comes with an elegant hammer and brush, emphasizing 100% authenticity and individuality of this limited series vodka an imposing attitude.

2nd Shift LSD with Blueprint Coffee Volume III

Back in stock!

Limit 2 per person
2nd Shift LSD with Blueprint Coffee...$14.99 / 750ml
Son of a...Blueprint did it again with the coffee.  So this time we used Karimikui which comes from the Chelekeletu Coffee Beans.  We bottles 45 cases this go around, you lucky pig knuckle." - label

Chelelektu is a town located in the Gedeo Zone of Yirgacheffe. We’re calling it “Chele” for short (rhymes with Shelly). A majority of coffee from Ethiopia is processed using the natural (or dry) method, however, Yirgacheffe is better known for its washed processing. Over the past five years, the demand for natural-processed coffees from Ethiopia has increased, leading many cooperatives and collection stations in Yirgacheffe to begin offering natural-processed coffees. This natural-processed selection is incredibly clean and offers some of the floral notes found in many washed coffees from Ethiopia while maintaining the syrupy and sweet profile of the natural process. If you were a fan of our Aramo offering last year, this should be a coffee you’ll love.

2nd Barrel of Four Roses Cask Strength!

We bought our 2nd barrel of Four Roses at BARREL STRENGTH.  
Just a few bottles left of the first barrel.
 This is the only way you can get this rare barrel strength Bourbon.  We have 150 bottles of this wonderful Bourbon.  It is aged a little longer than our first barrel.  (this one is over 11 years old).  This one also has a "High Rye" mash bill.

Our own barrel! 2nd Edition for us!
Four Roses / TWCP Single Barrel BARREL STRENGTH....$63.99
Yield: only 150 bottles
Age: 11 Years 4 months
ABV: 58.5%
Warehouse: HW
Barrel No. 31-3B

Recipe: OBSF

  • 60% Corn, 35% Rye and 5% Malted Barley.
  • 11yr old OBSF was used by Master Distiller Jim Rutledge  to create the 2014 Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon: 13-year-old Bourbon from Four Roses’ OBSV recipe, 12-year-old OESV, 11-year-old OBSF and 9-year-old OBSK.

Monday, December 29, 2014

BRC -- 4 Hands Limited and Firestone Walker XVIII

Emails going out now!

The 4 Hands will go to the top overall supporters
The Firstone Walker will go to the top beer supporters

4 Hands Madagascar....$15.99 / 22oz
Stout brewed with Vanilla beans and aged in Bourbon Barrels

4 Hands Brewing Volume 1....$15.99 / 22oz
Imperial Stout Aged in Whiskey Barrels with Coffee and Cocoa Nibs

Firestone Walker Anniversary Ale XVIII...$20.99 / 22ozThe Vision Behind Our Barrel Aging and Blending Program Is Still the Same!
The Goal: To create complexity centering on oak, in a multitude of forms, by brewing high gravity beers in complementary styles, aging them in different barrel formats and then blending them together to achieve harmonious new flavors.

The Puzzle: To blend these various components to create a synergistic whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This is done with the help of a few of our neighboring Paso Robles winemakers who are practicing experts in the art of blending.

The Inspiration: Firestone Walker’s oak brewing tradition and our connection with winemaking. Of course until the advent of stainless steel, brewing was intimately linked to wood barrels and vessels. Brewing has a deeply rooted history in the alchemy of blending.

The Barrels
The individual lots were aged in oak barrels, many of which were hand selected from premium Kentucky spirits producers by Tom Griffin, who is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about bourbon barrels and beer. Each barrel lends its own unique influence to the final blend.

The Aging Cellar – The Components
We blended together 227 oak barrels containing 9 different beers creating something dark complex and 100% original.
Following are descriptions of key components with their names:
Final Blend:
Parabola (13% ABV) Aged in Bourbon Barrels (38% of the final blend)
Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout
OG=30P FG=7.5P IBU=80 Color=Black / Hopped with Magnum, Styrian Golding and Hallertau Tradition
Helldorado (11.7% ABV) Aged in Bourbon and Brandy Barrels (16% of the final blend)

Blonde Barley Wine
OG=24.8P FG=4.0P IBU=24 Color=8 / Brewed with buckwheat honey & El Dorado hops
Bravo (12.9% ABV) Aged in Bourbon and Brandy Barrels (16% of the final blend)

Imperial Brown Ale
OG=26.5 FG=3.7 IBU=35 Color=32 / Hopped with German Magnum

Stickee Monkee (12.3% ABV) Aged in Bourbon and Brandy Barrels (14% of the final blend)
English Barley Wine
OG=27P FG=5.4P IBU=45 Color=34 / Brewed with Belgian Candi Sugar and Mexican Turbinado (Brown) sugar

Velvet Merkin (8.5% ABV) Aged in Bourbon barrels (5% of the final blend)
Traditional Oatmeal Stout
OG=15+P FG=5.5 IBU=32.5 Color=Black / 15% Oats / Hopped with 100% US grown Fuggles

Hydra Cuveè (10.5% ABV) Aged in Bourbon Barrels - A Collaboration brewed with Flying Dog for Savor 2014 (4% of the final blend)
Blended Hybrid ½ hoppy dark beer (Gonzo and Wookey) and ½-blended barrel aged beer (DDBA and Bravo)
OG=24+P FG=5.5+ IBU=32.5 Color= Black

Wookey Jack (8.5% ABV) 100% Stainless Steel (3% of the final blend)
American Black Ale – Black IPA
OG=17.8P FG=2.5P IBU=80 Color=45+/ Dank and Dark

Ol’ Leghorn (12.5%ABV)Aged in New American Oak - A Collaboration brewed with Three Floyds for the FWIBF (2% of the final blend)
English Barley Wine
OG=27P FG=5.1P IBU=45 Color=28 / 50% 1 yr. barrel aged English Barley Wine + 50% fresh dry hopped stainless produced

Double Jack (9.5% ABV) 100% Stainless Steel
(2% of the final blend)
Double India Pale Ale
OG= 20P FG=2.5P IBU=100 Color=8 / Extremely hoppy triple dry hopped DIPA

A Note from Brewmaster Matt Brynildson
Our 18th Year!
As the 2014 brewing year got rolling, it became apparent that we were in for an exciting ride. What was once a brewery focused on brewing wood-fermented English ales and American dry hopped beer, evolved to also produce a hoppy Pilsner, a Belgian Saison, as well as a host of barrel aged wild ales! Yes, we added Opal to the lineup this year and with this beer came new Belgian yeast, which deserves equal attention and equal accommodations as our other yeasts. To make this happen and to juggle the four yeast strains we currently brew with (we still make Bavarian Hefeweizen for our Taprooms) we added a new Yeast Spa and Rejuvenation Center to the cellar. Our newly appointed yeast wrangler Sam Tierney has been put in charge of the lavish yeast resort. Each week he carefully propagates, harvests, chills, mixes, and pitches our fermenting friends, keeping them happy and refreshed – promoting the magic that only yeast can make. On the other side of the brewery we added a number of new fermenting and lagering vats, designed to be perfect for both dry hopping Union Jack as well as lagering Pivo to perfection. As this work was going on, we upgraded our keg-racking program, adding the highest quality and most thorough keg washer and gentle keg filling equipment available, housed in what we affectionately call the “Keg Shed.” As if this wasn’t enough for Will Crosby and the packaging crew to handle on the improvement front, we added a cannery to the brewery! We now offer our beers in bottles, kegs and cans. This will allow our fans to carry FW brews to the beach, on the trails, to the golf course or wherever a tasty brew is called for. A lot of thought and effort was taken to ensure that our new can line will perform as well as our faithful bottle line. Of course while this was all going on, the rest of the brew team was busy milling grains, lautering wort, cleaning tanks, propagating yeast, dry hopping fermenters, bottling, racking and shipping (not to mention constant maintenance, lab work and sensory analysis). Easy Jack, our new session IPA, was born with great success along with a host of new wild and sour beers created by our Barrelworks crew. It was truly an amazing year of brewing, improvement and creation!

The Winemakers and Friends
On the beer you are about to enjoy; this project is all about creating flavors through blending and no one knows blending better than a winemaker. As brewers in this project, we create individual beers that we believe will lend something to the blend. We add a brew or two each year to see how the winemakers react, hoping to add another splash of flavor for the final blend. Some brews are added due to brewing collaborations that we engaged in, as in the case of Ol’ Leghorn, brewed with Three Floyds, and Hydra Cuve√® brewed with Flying Dog. With all of this, our hardest work is done months before the final Anniversary beer is realized. In the end, we step aside and allow our brothers and sisters in fermentation science to take over and formulate the blend. It is an amazingly educational experience. I continue to learn so much from watching and listening to them in these blending sessions. Crush (the wine grape harvest) came early this year and we were honored that these busy enologists took time away from the harvest to join us in creating this beer. I can’t help but think that being in the middle of their most intense time of year only adds to these sessions with their heightened senses being in the creative zone in the midst of crush. Many of the folks who have helped us in the past returned to lend their well-tuned senses to this project. This year’s blenders included: Matt Trevisan – Linne Calodo, Steve Martell – Kaleidos, Eric Jensen – Booker, Justin Smith – Saxum, Brock Waterman – Brochelle, Kevin Sass and Molly Lonborg – Halter Ranch, Sherman Thacher – Thacher Winery,Russell From and Philip Muzzy – Herman Story, Mark Adams – Ledge and One Time Space Man, Terry Hoage – Hoage Cellars, Chelsea Franchi and Neil Collins from - Tablas Creek and Lone Madrone. If you are into artisanal barrel aged products, then you need to check out this amazing group’s work. Also joining us was Arie Litman and his amazing homemade bread and Bobby Fox of Western Square Industries. It was a great group who worked in teams to create a number of different potential blends. We then had the winemakers taste through them blindly and vote to select this year’s awesome blend. When the dust settled, it was the blend created by Russell and Philip of Herman Story that is in this bottle. A lot has happened since that first “10” blending session and each year the experience gets better.

The Finished Piece
As a finished beer, XVIII is a dark and complex brew full of malt and barrel derived flavors, with Parabola leading the brew into the rich darkness. The beer is unfiltered and unfined, so there will be a small amount of sediment in the bottom of the bottle. XVIII is best enjoyed poured carefully into a half filled brandy snifter or wine glass. Allow it to warm to 55F to fully enjoy the pleasing and complex aromas. As the beer sits and breathes in the glass, rich dark chocolate, toasted oak and dark fruit character is revealed, so take your time. If you wait to open your bottle later, store it in a cool dark place. I suspect that this beer will age well and change favorably for years to come. It was an absolute pleasure in the making and I truly hope you enjoy our ninth oak-aged blend! The journey continues and it’s just as fun and exciting now as it was back in 1996.

This beer is dedicated to Jake and the rest of the amazing Wolfe family who have supported this community, our brewery and me personally since the beginning. We love you dearly.


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Johnnie Walker Limited Edition "O"

Johnnie Walker Blue Limited Edition "O" Design...$187.99
This is a limited edition new Johnnie Walker Blue design.

New Oban Little Bay Single Malt Scotch

1 per person at this time, to let more people get a chance to try it.

Oban Little Bay Single Malt Whisky...$74.99
"Oban 'Little Bay' Single Malt Whisky distilled in small batches and slowly finished in our smallest casks"

Friday, December 26, 2014

Highland Park limited - 30 Year old Single Malt

Very limited - only 1 bottle in stock now!
Highland Park 30 Year Old Single Malt....$599.99
30 years ago, our master distiller decided to lay down the casks that would go on to become the heart of this exceptional whisky and over these three decades, the whisky maturing inside them has developed an outstanding balance, with a seductive sweetness and extremely delicate smoke. Treating this whisky with respect will reward you with breath taking results: characteristic fudge sweetness comes together with complex aromatic spices and dark chocolate orange. It has a drying finish, leaving a gentle smoky flavour and an incredibly lengthy finish.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

W.L. Weller 12 Year Old

W.L. Weller 12 Year Old...$22.99 / 750ml
W.L. Weller 12 Year Old...$39.99 / 1.75ltr

sold out

Bomb! Explosion

1 of each per person!

We saved a case of each to release for holiday gifts!

Available now at Forsyth!  No reservations, come and get it.  Available in back!

We have a few other goodies hidden on the shelf too, including some rare whiskey!

Great buy from Rioja

2012 Hazana Rioja Tradicion....$11.99
(85% tempranillo and 15% graciano; aged for a year in a combination of French and American oak): Bright violet color. Highly aromatic scents of black and blue fruits, Indian spices and fresh flowers are complemented by a deeper note of candied licorice. Juicy and broad on the palate, with intense dark berry and floral pastille flavors that become spicier with aeration. Dusty tannins give shape to the clinging finish.90 points
Rated 90/100 Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar

Monday, December 22, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

TWCP Barrel of Four Roses BARREL STRENGTH!

We just bought our own barrel of Four Roses at BARREL STRENGTH.  This is the only way you can get this rare barrel strength Bourbon.  We have 156 bottles of this wonderful Bourbon.  (The same recipe used for the 2011 Small Batch Limited Edition!)
Four Roses Single Barrel – Barrel Strength
From time to time, a limited number of exceptionally smooth and complex barrels from any or all of our 10 Bourbon recipes present themselves to our Master Distiller. Each barrel is aged between 8 and 10 years. We then invite our retailers to a private tasting and selection of their favorite barrels. Once chosen, each selection is bottled and private labeled as a non-chill filtered Single Barrel at Barrel Strength in limited quantities of approximately 200-230 bottles.

In stock at all locations - less than 36 bottles left

Our own barrel!
Four Roses / TWCP Single Barrel BARREL STRENGTH....$63.99
Yield: only 156 bottles
Age: 9 Years 10 months
ABV: 58.5%
Warehouse: HE
Barrel No. 24-3P

Recipe: OESK
  • Four Roses Distillery
  • 75% Corn mashbill
  • Straight Whiskey
  • Spicy, Full Body.
  • This is the recipe that was used for 2011 Limited Edition Four Roses Small Batch

Friday, December 19, 2014

2nd Shift Art of Neurosis

New Batch
2nd Shift Art of Neurosis IPA....$7.49 / 750ml
AON is an Ipa that has everything you could want in one, if what you want is a hop sandwich. It's a 7.7% Simcoe and Columbus delight.
67 IBU

Local Option Walk ov Shame

Local Option Walk Ov Shame....$7.99 / pint
"This Saison is brewed with only the finest ingredients of malt, hops, yeast, water, time, and temperature. 5.8% ABV" - label

Stunning Tasting tonight!

Forsyth tasting tonight!
Friday, December 19th from 4-6pm

The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forysth Blvd
Clayton, MO 63105

  • Founders Dark Rye
  • Le Coq Imperial Russian Stout
  • Alvinne Gaspar
  • Anchorage Whiteout Wit
  • Nogne Imperial Rye Porter
  • Still 630 Rally Point Rye
  • Still 630 Maple Sunset
  • Still 630 White Dog
  • Rieger Whiskey
  • Bone Snapper Rye
  • Clyde and May Alabama Style Whiskey
  • Fords Gin
  • Bone Dry Gin
  • Breaker Bourbon
  • Cardinal Sin Vodka 
  • Cardinal Sin Starka

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Founders Black Rye - NEW!

In stock now at Forsyth!

Founders Black Rye...$9.99 / 4pk
We’ve reached into the vault and pulled out a cult classic from years ago. Before Black IPAs were all the rage, we made a dry-hopped dark ale with copious amounts of rye malt. Black Rye is a perfectly balanced blend of German- and American-grown hops, premium 2-row barley and heavily kilned rye and wheat malts. As with many of our offerings, there’s no style category that can contain this beer. It’s an original.
ABV: 7.5%
IBUs: 78

Founders Imperial Stout

In stock now at Forsyth

Founders Imperial Stout...$10.99 / 4pk
Brewed with ten varieties of malted barley, this stout is smooth as silk, yet complex and rich in body. Serve this guy at cellar temperature. Put another log on the fire, sit back, and enjoy the friendship of this ultimate winter warmer.
ABV: 10.5%
IBUs: 90

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Single Hop Mosaic

Evil Twin Mosaic Single Hop Imperial 
India Pale American Wheat Lager...$9.99 / 22oz

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pegau Inspiration - limited!

Very rare, only produced in Magnums!
We asked for 20 bottles :) but only got 4 

2010 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Inspiration....$1,799.99  / MAGNUM
Still not in bottle, the 2010 Chateauneuf du Pape Inspiration is more sexy and perfumed than the Cuvee da Capo, with incredible notions of roasted meats, saddle leather, sweet currants and Provencal herbs all emerging from the glass. There’s a single barrel of this full-bodied, deeply concentrated elixir and I’ve no doubt it will be very hard to come by. In addition, this cuvee is only bottled in magnum. Nevertheless, it is spectacular, and I suspect will also have close to three decades of longevity.
Rated 98-100/100 The Wine Advocate

3 fantastic sizes!!!
2012 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Reserve....$59.99 / 500ml
2012 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Reserve....$87.99 / 750ml
2012 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Reserve....$189.99 / Magnum
As to the 2012s, while there will be no Cuvee da Capo in the vintage, the 2012 Chateauneuf du Pape is a beauty. Tasted out of multiple barrels (all of which rated between 94 and 97), it should be a classic Pegau with aromatics similar to the 2010, yet not quite as much depth or richness. Full-bodied and nicely concentrated, all of the samples showed the freshness of the vintage, with ample mid-palate depth, high quality tannin and loads of character. It should benefit from short-term cellaring and have 15-20 years of longevity. Drink 2016-2032.
Rated 94-96/100 The Wine Advocate

3 fantastic sizes!!!
2009 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Laurence...$129.99 / 750ml
2009 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Laurence...$269.99 / Magnum
2009 Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Laurence...$599.99 / 3 liter
Starting off the reds and easily the best example of this cuvee since the 2001, the 2009 Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Laurence is incredible stuff. Deep, rich and layered, with copious notions of smoked meats, licorice, ground pepper, spice and saddle leather, it hits the palate with full-bodied richness, terrific fruit intensity and a rich, mouth-coating texture. Hard to resist now, it should nevertheless have two decades of longevity. Drink now-2029. 
Rated 98/100 The Wine Advocate

One of the rarest of scotches! 50 Years old!!

4 more bottles in stock!

or call 314.727.8788

Very, very, very rare!  

Only 388 bottles made for the world!

"The Last Drop is worth $4, estimated to double its value in less than 5 years" - Pursuitist (click to read full article)

Malt Advocate - Blended Whiskey of the Year 2014

The Last Drop 50 year old, 50.9%, $4,000

The story is compelling. In 1972, a batch of more than seventy malts and twelve grain whiskies were blended together and left to marry in sherry oak casks. Their intended destiny was to become an agreeable 12 year old blended Scotch whisky. Each of the constituent mature whiskies had been distilled between the 1940s and The Last Drop 50 year old1960. These days, we lament the loss of many of the distilleries where those historical liquids originated.
The sherry casks were disgorged for bottling and the contents consumed through the 1970s, around the dance floors of noisy clubs and across smoky public bars in provincial hotels. However, in the darkness of a warehouse at Auchentoshan distillery, three casks were overlooked, forgotten about for nearly four decades. By good fortune, they were uncovered by the gentlemen of The Last Drop Distillers Limited. They were astounded by the flavors and smoothness produced after this lengthy, inadvertent sherry maturation. Naturally, they set about acquiring the casks, subsequently releasing just 1,347 bottles. Back in 2008, The Last Drop 1960 was one of this magazine’s top ten whiskies of the year.
Guilefully (cognizant of the company name), they tactically reserved a quarter of the volume and risked re-casking it for further maturation in small, fresh sherry casks. After four years of careful observation, the youngest liquid in the blend had comfortably surpassed 50 years old. It was time to taste the results.
When I wrote my original review, I found a nose of maple syrup, roasted spices, pomegranate, cilantro, and mushrooms soaked with beefsteak juices. The luxurious mouthfeel oozed with malt, molasses, and sherry concluding with a dry, resinous finish. The amazement experienced in the texture and mouthfeel by those discerning drinkers who have developed their palates is something to behold. Be under no illusion: this is epic whisky.
While this blend was carefully selected for this award purely for its outstanding experiential qualities, there are only 388 bottles and the price tag cannot be ignored. Sure, it costs twice as much as The Last Drop 1960, but it is much scarcer: for every two bottles of 50 year old, there were seven bottles of 1960 released. Put it in context with the prices charged for some 50 year old single malt whiskies released in 2014, and this 50 year old blend of malts comes in at under one sixth of the price or less. Trust me, within the oeuvre of blended Scotch whisky, The Last Drop 50 year old is truly one of the greats. —Jonny McCormick

We have 4 of them in stock now!  The only place you will find them in Missouri.

The Last Drop 50 Year Old Scotch....$3599.99
50 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

We now bring you the smallest offering of The Last Drop Distillers – only 388 bottles in all. Jim Murray awards it 96.5 – among the World’s top 20 whiskies. Award yourself this great experience, before there is no more.

This is a blend. Not just any blend. More than 82 whiskies went into the original marrying vat, 50 years ago, many from distilleries long ago closed and forgotten. For 12 years the blend matured, and then most was bottled and sold as a fine 12-year old whisky. However, the company forgot just three casks; they lay at the back of the warehouse, unnoticed, evaporating (the “angels’ share”), and developing an unequalled richness of nose and taste. It is from the very last of these barrels that The Last Drop 50 year old comes.

Bottled by hand and sealed with wax, your bottle of The Last Drop nestles in a luxurious red leather case, along with a 50 ml miniature, so that you can taste this magnificent liquid before you decide to open the bottle. You will also find within the box, a ‘secret drawer’ containing a signed and numbered, leather-bound book, certifying your bottle of The Last Drop 1950, and with room for you to write your own tasting notes as you explore this extraordinary blend.

Left unopened, your bottle of The Last Drop 50 year old can be kept for many lifetimes if you wish – it will not change. If you decide to open it, please enjoy it… until the very last drop! There will be no more.

Boulevard Last Splash

You can call to reserve or transfers to our other stores -- 314.727.8788

(van should be here by 11:30 for transfers, get your orders in soon for today transfers)

Boulevard Last Splash....$9.99 / 6pk

Style: Wet Hopped Pale Ale
Last Splash dips its toe into fresh hop flavor and aroma, employing wet Nugget hops straight from the field, along with Magnum, Cascade, Styrian Goldings, and Centennial. Delicate floral hop notes and a supporting dry bitterness are the result, balanced by a body of pale, pilsner, caramel, and Munich malts. C'mon in-the hops are fine!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Courvoisier Cognac and Moscato Liqueur

Courvoisier Gold Cognac Moscato Wine Liqueur...$22.99 / 750ml
A first of its kind, Courvoisier Gold is a light and exquisite cognac experience that is crafted with a delicate blend of Moscato wine from the South of France and Courvoisier’s signature cognac.
Courvoisier Gold’s light and accessible flavor profile offers consumers a flirty and sophisticated beverage, perfect for any occasion. The spirit features intense notes of Moscato grapes, pear, peach and florals with a touch of orange blossom. When sipped, it is round in the mouth, with notes of honey harmonizing with the rich and complex aromas of the house’s signature cognac.

Courvoisier Cognac Initiale Extra

4 bottles in stock now

Courvoisier Cognac Initiale Extra...$229.99
Courvoisier Initiale Extra is a rare blend of extremely old cognacs that have been aged to perfection over many decades and meticulously blended by our Master Blender and his team to achieve its final, epic aroma experience. This sublime cognac is the embodiment of understated perfection, and has been internationally recognised as being richer, smoother and more mature than its contemporaries.

Boulevard Thrillogy

Perfect gift....

Boulevard Thrillogy...$26.99 / 3 /750ml

1 bottle each of 
Bourbon Barrel Quad
Sixth Glass
Tank 7

Jack Daniels Limited Releases

Jack Daniels Holiday Select 2014....$52.99
2014 marks the first time our Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett chose Holiday Select barrels to be bottled individually. This year, he wanted to showcase the depth and richness that a single barrel can offer and selected the most robust and complex whiskey he sampled. Each barrel is truly unique and we hope the bottle you’ve selected helps make your holidays special.

Very collectible bottle....

Jack Daniels Holiday Select 
Jack Daniel's Holiday Select is the whiskey that was specifically selected and drawn from the barrels used to craft our 2012 Barrel Tree in Lynchburg.

On December 1st, the Jack Daniel Distillery officially released the Holiday Select bottle for 2012. This tradition was started last year so the 2012 bottle marks the 2nd in the Holiday Select Series with every bottle once again being filled from the barrels used to make the Christmas Barrel Tree. The 2012 Holiday Select bottle comes with 90.4 proof whiskey, a numbered hang tag, and is packaged in a very beautiful display box. In addition to being sold at the Distillery, certain states around the country are lucky enough to have this bottle available in select liquor stores. These bottles are very limited in quantity and will not be available for long.

Jack Daniels Barrel Tree...the barrels that were filled into these bottles made their holiday tree.
I think it was about 187 barrels...