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Perennial TWCP

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Perennial / TWCP Sun River Gold DDH Hazy IPA...$15.99 / 4pk cans
A double dry-hopped banger we made for our friends Spirit Wine and Craft and The Wine and Cheese Place! If you enjoyed Sun River Gold hazy ipa, you’ll love this super hopped version with a touch of local honey added.
Hops: Mosaic, El Dorado Cryo

We call it our "Hazy Hopslam" - haha!

Luxardo Cherries

Luxardo Cherries...$23.99 / 14oz jar
Luxardo Cherries...$42.99 / 1KG can
Luxardo Cherries...$94.99 / 3KG can
Luxardo Maraschino Cherries are proprietary sour marasca cherries that are candied and steeped in a syrup made of cherry juice and sugar. The Luxardo family exclusively cultivates over 29,000 Marasca Cherry trees in the Veneto region of Italy. This product is all natural, with no coloring agents added, and it is certified Kosher.

Hampden Jamaica Single Rum HGML 2018 Aged 4 Years Limited Edition

Hampden Jamaica Single Rum HGML...$129.99 / 750ml
The iconic mark of Hampden Estate, Hampden George MacFarquhar Lawson, designates a high ester content of 1000-1100 g/hlpa. This single cask was distilled in 2018 and has been aged in ex-Bourbon cask for 4 years at the distillery in Trelawny, Jamaica. It has been bottled at cask strength with no adulteration for the American Market.
  • Aged 4 years at the distillery
  • single cask
  • ex-Bourbon n° 132
  • cask strength
  • 60% ABV

1220 Spirits Expressions Gin Vicia

1220 Spirits Expressions Gin Vicia...$32.99 / 750ml
Distilled with Croatian Juniper, Coriander, English Cucumber, Lemongrass, Bitter Melon, Grapefruit, Lemon Verbena, Lime & Yuzu
85 Proof | 42.5% ABV

Alicia Sidra Spanish Cider

Alicia Sidra Spanish Cider...$18.99 / 750ml
First natural "author´s cider" of Sidra Trabanco, thought and elaborated for its consumption in glass, without need to pour it from up high.
Its elegant and innovative presentation permits its approach to the wine sector, proposing it as an alternative to white wine consumption.
Serve into glass at about 10ºC, ideal at any moment of the day and for all kinds of locals and consumers.
Our cider in glass is a natural cider, handcrafted and selected from the best wooden chestnut barrels. Its slow and measured fermentation takes place in our
historic winery, made of stone and with a high level of humidity, situated in the green valley of Lavandera.
The valley of Lavandera and its neighbour villages provide us with centenary family plantations where little Samuel, together with his brothers, harvested
apples with his mother Alicia.
Those are apple trees with an important historic and familiar load, which besides grow on limestone and very steep grounds, causing an apple harvest
which means almost heroic agriculture.
These types of grounds, near to dense and wild forests with a peculiar incidence of the sun, typical for our Asturian climate, offers us a delicious and aromatic red apple, up to this moment not very well-known for the elaboration of this special cider.
All the wisdom and experience of our cider master Samuel Trabanco is being reflected in this cider, the result of a whole life dedicated to the elaboration of
cider. Alicia is a look at the past, at the memories of autumn and at a mother in the family apple plantations, seen with the eyes of a child.
According to his words "this cider is the result of the tenderness and the passion to achieve what until this moment is doubtless my best cider, my stamp of
identity". Perfect to combine with fish, seafood, sushi, rice and noodles.

Cider of just one variety, elaborated
with the apple "Martina" of our own
family apple plantation. A variety
practically forgotten and recovered
after years of field studies
Very aromatic cider with fruity touch, citrics and
a taste in which dominates the typical acidity of
the cider. There is a freshness feeling in the mouth,
caused by a light carbonic note.
Cider with pale shining yellow colour.
Slow fermentation in chestnut barrels
with more than 50 years of antiquity.
Clean and shining cider, clarified by
pouring it cold.

Bourgoin Cognac VSOP

Bourgoin Cognac VSOP...$59.99 / 700ml
Bourgoin’s Cognac begins in their estate-vineyards. Their vines are planted only in the best pockets of chalky, Creataceous soils found in their corner of Fins Bois. They have been organically farming their ugni blanc vines since 1986, and make all their base wine using indigenous yeasts and with no added sulfites, no acidification, and no malolactic fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled outdoor vats for four days without malolactic fermentation and without added sulfites.
The wine is then double-distilled in a 20 hectolitre copper Charentais still, turning 100 hectolitres of wine into 10 liters of eau-de-vie. This eau-de-vie is aged in their cellar for five years in wide-grained French oak barrels from the Limousin forest. It is slowly down-proofed with local Fontaine Jolival artesian spring water to 43% ABV with nothing else added: no sugar, caramel coloring, or boisé.
Flavor Profile: Banana leaps out of the glass along with yeasty baked brioche. The palate is naturally rich and harmonious, with notes of red fruit, spice, and butterscotch.

Nocello Walnut Liqueur BACK IN STOCK!

Nocello Walnut Liqueur...$26.99 / 750ml
Producer Description: With a delicate, fragrant flavour, Nocello is a liqueur made from walnuts and hazelnuts with an alcohol content of 24% by volume. Ideal served straight, on the rocks or chilled in the freezer. A wonderful addition to espresso coffee and cappuccino, and also as an ingredient in cocktails and long drinks.

Surly Brewing Co. Prodigal Sunrise Sour Ale

Surly Brewing Co. Prodigal Sunrise Sour Ale...$18.99 / 4pk 16oz can
Surly Brewing Co. Prodigal Sunrise Sour Ale...$4.99 / 16oz can
Brewed with mango and passion fruit, welcome the powerful, sweet-tart flavor of Prodigal Sunrise into your home. Contains lactose.

Limited Rum from Costa Rica


Ron Centenario 30th Anniversary Limited Rum...$134.99/700ml

Compare to $154.99 at Total Wine & More Fairview Heights IL

This is getting a lot of hype on many rum review sites like !

Ron Centenario 30 is a luxurious solera blend that perfects its fruity aroma and woody essence through years of aging. With a great body and bouquet, this limited edition is exclusive for lovers of excellence.

Amber color. On the nose there are red fruits, almonds with vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, wood and smoked. Creamy and very silky, with a great bouquet, long lingering on the palate, fruity and with notes of chocolate.

Ron Centenario are a line of rums produced in Costa Rica made from sugar cane juice as opposed to molasses. This would make it a kind of rhum agricole French style of rum or perhaps a Brazilian cachaca style of rum. Centenario 30yr Edicion Limitada is their premium expression aged in the solera method, which calls for retaining a portion of the oldest barrel (in this case, 30 years) and blending with the next oldest barrel.

Wellspent Brewing Leo Lean Stout

All reloaded!
Wellspent Brewing Leo Lean Stout...$23.99 / 500ml
14% Imperial Rye Stout aged in Rittenhouse Rye and Larceny Bourbon barrels for 21, then aged on Organic Madagascar and Ugandan Vanilla beans.

Wellspent Brewing Rye Why? Ryewine....$21.99 / 500ml
Ryewine ale brewed with 4 different kinds of rye and then aged in Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey Rye barrels for 23 months

Wellspent Brewing "BAQ" BA Quad...$19.99 / 500ml
12.5% Belgian Quad aged in Weller Bourbon and Appleton Estate rum barrels for 22 months. Dry, boozy and a touch of stone fruit sweetness.

Wellspent Brewing Well Wishes Saison...$9.99 / 500ml
11.2% Strong Saison complex and celebratory. A blend of 80% strong, lightly spiced Saison with 20% barrel aged strong Saison from the previous year. Notes of baking spices, apples, pears, and mulled wine.

Wellspent Brewing Sweet Marie Imperial Stout....$17.99 / 500ml
Imperial Stout. 10% ABV.
Aged on marshmallows, cacao nibs, and vanilla beans, this acute assemblage of flavors is countered by its subtle bitter finish. Contains lactose

Wellspent Extra Pair of Gloves Barrel-Aged Cherry Sour Ale...$19.99 / 500ml
9.8% ABV
Barrel aged in wine barrels with cherries, vanilla and cinnamon
Our celebration of the changing seasons. Extra Pair of Gloves is a blend of ales aged for 18-24 months in wine barrels with our mixed culture. The blend was conditioned on whole cherries with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon for 3 months before packaging. The bottles conditioned for another 6 months before release. "Yeah - we're in the rockies..."

Friday, August 18, 2023

Shipyard Brewing Co. Smashed Pumpkin

Shipyard Brewing Co. Smashed Pumpkin...$14.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Shipyard Brewing Co. Smashed Pumpkin...$3.99 / 16oz can
Pumpkinhead's Big Brother
A big-bodied beer with a pleasing aroma of pumpkin and nutmeg.
Pale Ale, Wheat, and Light Munich malts combine with the natural tannin in pumpkin and the delicate spiciness of Saphir and Hallertau Hops to balance the sweetness of the fruit.
This beer is best enjoyed at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
ALE 9.0% ABV | 26 IBUs
HOPS VARIETIES Willamette, Saphir
MALT VARIETIES 2-Row British Pale Ale, Malted Wheat, Light Munich 

Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin Ruby Beer

Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin Ruby Beer...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Drink legendary. This distinct ruby beer’s sweet caramel and fruity aromas tease the taste buds. Brewed with smooth and rich Chocolate and Crystal malts & a blend of Fuggles and Styrian Golding hops. Expect a delicious full-bodied toffee flavour and a fruity finish of figs, raisins and dates. Hobgoblin: Born Different.
Rich, full bodied, toffee, fruity
Abv: 5% bottle
Abv: 4.5% Cask & Keg
See: Ruby
Smell: Toffee, slight citrus, chocolate
Taste: Toffee, dry, biscuit

Yuengling Golden Pilsner

 Yuengling Pilsner back in stock

We scored 5 cases today at Forsyth and it is going fast!

Yuengling Golden Pilsner....$8.99 / 6pk bottles
This highly sessionable beer is our interpretation of an outstanding, modern pilsner, born from six generations of brewing expertise. Golden in both name and color, Yuengling Golden Pilsner is the perfect balance of hop and malt character for crisp and smooth thirst-quenching refreshment.

Surly Brewing Co. Oktoberfest

Surly Brewing Co. Oktoberfest...$14.99 / 12pk 12oz cans
Oktoberfest lagers are the ultimate party beer. Up front, they’re rich, sweet, and malty, but they finish dry and clean with an ever-so-slight touch of hops. Prost!

Surly Brewing Co. Lost Resort Tropical IPA

Surly is back!
Click the buy now to see all that are in stock now!
Surly Lost Resort...$18.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Surly Lost Resort...$4.99 / 16oz can
Check in to the Lost Resort. This tropical IPA spikes the sultry, citrusy character of Sabro and Experimental #17701 hops with a generous helping of key lime and pineapple. Cabana not included.
Special Guests: Pineapple puree, key lime puree, maltodextrin

Surly Brewing Co. Furious IPA

Surly Brewing Co. Furious IPA...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Surly is called “Surly” due to our inability to find a good beer in town. Furious is one of the first beers we brewed to rectify that situation. The rest is history.
People ask us to describe Furious all the time. It’s not quite like any other IPA out there. We give them the flavor notes and the hop profile, but it never seems like it’s enough. What makes Furious Furious? Let’s try this: You know that feeling when you do something that pushes you to your absolute limit? And people think you’re a little off your nut for even doing it? And you kind of agree with them, but goddammit, it’s getting done? And then you fucking DO IT? And there’s no one there to see it but you and the dog so you high-five the dog?
That’s Furious.

New Beers From 903 Brewers

903 Brewers Tiki Room Slushy...$5.49 / 1 pint
Berliner weisse style ale with passionfruit, pineapple, coconut and guava.
Please read: This beer is packed with fruit, much more than we've ever put into a beer and must be cared for unlike any other beers.
2. Turn over once before serving to redistribute any settled fruit. (do not shake)
4. Enjoy and repeat with the next flavor!
6.2% ABV
903 Brewers Moon Landing Stout...$4.49 / 12oz can
Houston we have a pastry stout! Loaded into our Moon Landing imperial stout is a constellation of chocolate and marshmallow flavors. This stout pours dark like a supermassive black hole, emitting inviting aromas of cocoa and hints of sweet vanilla from its opaque depths. Bready fullness and chocolatey roasted malts lend the backbone to astronomical additions of chocolate and marshmallow flavors. Moon Landing is an otherworldly delight, boasting full flavors with sweet and bittersweet balance. Mission accomplished!
10% ABV
903 Brewers Italian Weddin' Cake Cream Ale...$2.79 / 12oz can
Inspired by our preferred dessert for the fanciest of occasions, Italian Weddin' Cake Cream Ale shows off divine flavors of pecan, buttercream, and coconut. The biscuit malt evokes a spongy white cake, adorned lovingly with bold buttercream, nutty pecan and delicate coconut notes. The unassuming ale belies the complexity of layers held within, much like an Italian Wedding Cake itself. This is a pastry cream ale that makes a great impression!
6.5% ABV
903 Brewers Finer Things Club Stout...$5.49 / 12 oz can
In the Finer Things Club, we meet once a month to enjoy the latest release of our Reserve Stout Series. Flavors of salted chocolate chip cookies and hazelnut chocolate creme lend a heated debate to this month's meetup - it's hard to choose a favorite. Torn between passion and convention, this full bodied imperial stout with notes of baker's chocolate, bruleed malts lends a well executed traditional base beer with extravagant pastry additions. A swirl of hazelnut, chocolate and brown sugar flavors give our Reserve Stout a refined twist. Get into the Finer Things Club now, it's very exclusive
13.5% ABV
903 Brewers Coconut Macaroon Stout...$4.49 / 12oz can
Toasted coconut and rich chocolate are front and center in our latest patisserie stout inspired by macaroons. This beer celebrates the coconut cookie's signature blend of bold and subtle layers of almond, vanilla, an and ultra delicate, almost intangible biscuitiness. Creamy, sweet, and loaded with flavor, our macaroon stout will easily sub for your dessert.
10.8% ABV

Purple Hands Pinot Noir Freedom Hill

We had great success with their entry level, we got in our first single vineyard!
The famous Freedom Hill!
2022 Purple Hands Pinot Noir Freedom Hill....$59.99
Last year the 2021 Freedom Hill wine scored 94/100 James Suckling and 93/100 The Wine Spectator. The 2022 has not been rated yet!
We are very excited that Purple Hands Winery is now available in St Louis. Purple Hands was founded by Cody Wright, son of acclaimed winemaker Ken Wright, in 2005 and Cody has been garnering incredible accolades ever since. So while the wines are new to us and St Louis, Cody has plenty of experience under his belt. We are offering his Lone Oak Ranch bottling, which is a cuvée from seven premier vineyards from five Willamette Valley AVAs: Dundee Hills, Yamhill-Carlton, Ribbon Ridge, Eola-Amity, and Mount Pisgah

"These new labels are a maturity of our brand: They highlight our intentions. Our focus on our Vineyards. They represent a natural maturity of our winemaking, and our commitment to showcasing the authenticity of Oregon's terroir. They represent the natural maturity of Purple Hands Winery, with 2022 being our 17th vintage in bottle.” - Cody Wright.

WHEAT ME!!! Some of Whiskey Dave's Wheated Faves

Some of Whiskey Dave's Wheated Faves
This Friday 8/18 from 4:00-6:00 pm and Saturday 8/19 from Noon-6:00 pm
At the (In)famous Bar
Inside the Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd in beautiful downtown Clayton
Three ¾ oz pours for the princely sum of $15

Maker’s Mark 2023 Limited Release BEP Wood Finishing Series Straight Bourbon
Not for sale…Just for tasting!
‍‍Maker’s BEP starts off as standard Maker’s Mark, which is a wheated bourbon made in batches of less than 1,000 gallons. Then ten virgin toasted American oak staves are placed in just-emptied standard Maker's Mark barrels, which are then refilled and returned to the warehouses to finish aging for an undisclosed amount of time. This is different from the standard Maker’s Mark 46 process, which uses 10 French oak staves instead. However what doesn’t change is the barrel entry proof, which at 110 proof, is the standard used by Maker’s Mark for their bourbons.
Jordan Moskal, Breaking

Nobletons Copper Dome Whiskey...$42.99
7 year old Wheated Whiskey!
70% sweet corn, 25% honey wheat, and 5% malted barley.
All Missouri grown!
Ben Holladay 6 Year Soft Red Wheat Missouri Bourbon BIB...$49.99
Mash Bill: Corn 73% | Wheat 15% | Barley 12%
Weston, Missouri
“This is in my top 10 bourbons this year. Do not miss it!”
Whiskey Dave

Late Summer Cocktail Tasting with Bommarito Wines & Spirits


Tonight! Friday 8/18 from 4:00-6:00 pm
At the (In)famous Bar
Inside the Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd in beautiful downtown Clayton 

Our friend and drinks maven, Lauren Bazzoil from Bommarito Wines & Spirits is concocting some boss cocktails for the August and September back-to-school season. Three libations for summer evenings (or day drinking with your friends) This Friday, come on over and taste some bitchin’ classic cocktails with a twist.

Paper Plane

  • Canto Amaro
  • Contratto Aperitivo
  • Rough Rider Bourbon

Lemon Aviation

  • Yu Gin
  • Bordiga Maraschino
  • Pairidaeza Crème de Violette
  • Lemon
  • Jack Rudy Cherries for garnish


  • Mommenpop Blood Orange Apertivo
  • Adami Prosecco
  • Il Gusto di Amalfi Mandarino

2018 Arkenstone NVD Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Excited to get this one for the first time.
2018 Arkenstone NVD Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon....$99.99

The 2018 NVD Cabernet Sauvignon is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and was aged for 22 months in French oak barrels, 80% new. Deep garnet-purple in color, the nose reveals notes of warm plums, baked black currants and black cherries with suggestions of clove oil, black tea, Chinese five spice and cedar. Medium to full-bodied, the palate is packed with firm, crunchy black berry flavors with bags of freshness and plush tannins, finishing with compelling energy. 1,200 cases were made.
Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate
One of winemaker Sam Kaplan’s finest showings from a lineup of 15 wines across his consulting clients, which include Vida Valiente, Memento Mori, Vangone and Maxem, his own label. This 100% Cabernet is a blend of grapes from Pritchard Hill, Howell Mountain and Calistoga. Aged 22 months in 75% new French oak it delivers heady aromas of cinnamon-dusted black cherry and ripe blueberry, an intriguing herbal note and ground espresso. The structured palate is broad and plush with red boysenberries, savoury black olives, leather and a refreshing
Rated 98/100 Decanter Magazine

The Evolution Festival Ezra Brooks Cask Strength Bourbon!!!

The Wine and Cheese Place is the exclusive retail outlet for The Evolution Festival Ezra Brooks Cask Strength Bourbon!!!

Ezra Brooks Evolution Festival 2023 Bourbon
Barrel number #17983:
Barrel filled date – 8/29/2018, almost its 5th birthday!
Label name: Evolution Festival 2023
Proof: 126
Selection Process: Master Distiller Pick by John Rempe on 4/18/2023

Win Free Tickets to the festival!!
Also, we will be giving away a pair of tickets! FREE Tickets!!
Weekend General Admission passes which includes entry into main festival area for both festival days with access to both music stages.
SEE info now via our Instagram page - make sure you follow us on instagram 

Big event with Bourbon and BBQ too!
Some of the most memorable festival experiences are created by infusing bold beverage innovations with live music. The Evolution Festival is embracing this “spirit” with a spotlight on bourbon, which has exploded in popularity over the last several years, by welcoming some of the most iconic bourbon brands, distillers and connoisseurs to showcase over two days.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Store Favorite from Spain Now On Sale!

Awesome price for this delicious wine! 
We liked it so much we bought the last the vintage. This wine always over-delivers. Pick up a case and get 10% off!
2018 Mas Alta Black Slate La Vilella Alta...$17.99
Was $19.99

The inspiration for the Black Slate Project is a Burgundian concept of village nomenclature, applied to the Priorat. One region, nine historic villages, each with its distinct character, but all unmistakably Priorat. Sun-scorched vines cling to breathtakingly steep hillsides with their roots deeply plunged in the llicorella soils of this pristine, ancient region.
The 2018 Black Slate La Vilella Alta (50% Grenache, 30% Carignan, and the rest equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah) is a big, rich, powerful wine offering lots of blue and red fruits, spring flowers, lavender, and spice-driven aromas and flavors. With medium to full-bodied richness, beautiful purity, a solid spine of acidity, ripe tannins, and a beautiful finish, it's another singular wine with brilliant character.
Rated 93/100 Jeb Dunnuck

New Liqueurs from Serbia

St. Louis Serb Fest was a couple weeks ago. Meant to get these on the blog before then, but better late than never! In stock at Kirkwood and online

PODRUM PEVAC or Pevac Cellar was founded in 2008 and its history is being written each year by the strength of the vision that morphed into finest aromas and flavors of brandies. Production line is situated in the village of Cvetojevac near Kragujevac, where all the magic takes place. Production capacity is about 100,000 liters per year with about 60 per cent of the production reserved for export to international markets.

Podrum Pevac Likor od Maline Raspberry Liqueur...$14.99/750ml
Refined raspberry flavor with the addition of natural sunflower honey and propolis. A great way to zhuzh up a lemon drop or mojito!

Podrum Pevac Debeljko Walnut Liqueur...$19.99/750ml

Walnut liqueur Cognac kept for 5 years with green walnut, vanilla and orange. A versatile spirit can be used in a variety of cocktails to add depth and complexity. Its nutty flavor pairs well with a range of ingredients, from citrus to chocolate. It can also be used as a substitute for other nut-based spirits, such as amaretto or hazelnut liqueur.