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Evil Twin Bikini Beer

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Evil Twin Bikini Beer....$6.49 / 4pk 12oz CANS
English: Lets be frank - this is a sissy beer. 2.7 % alcohol, attractively light bodied, and annoyingly well-balanced hops. Put on your best bikini and enjoy this very, very drinkable beer in the sun, at this summers festivals, or even better use it to slowly seduce your nagging friends with an anxiety for craft beer.

Local Option

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Local Option Dampf Loc....$6.49 / pint
Warnung: untersuchen Sie nicht direkt den Bieraufkleber, es kann Sie töten.
"Warning: they do not directly examine the beer label, it can kill them."

DAMPF LOC - Neue Welt Hefe Gerste
Style: Dampfbier
ABV: 5.3%

Dampf Loc is an all-barley warm fermented ale brewed by the folks from Chicago’s Local Option; inspired by “Dampfbier” originally crafted by medieval peasant inhabitants of southeast Bavaria’s Black Forest. During the fermentation process generous amounts of foam and surface bubbles burst in the tank, giving the illusion that the ferment is boiling or “steaming.” Tony Russomanno and Noah Hopkins took it upon themselves to brew Dampf Loc as a modern interpretation of its Teutonic predecessor, creating a “Hefe Gerste” ale that is true to its roots; unmistakable in character yet accessible to beer drinkers of all palates.

Dampf Loc has a mild hop profile, medium body with pleasant effervescence and a clear, rich, orange hue. Dampf Loc is ideal for warm months, yet enjoyable year round.

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars "Fay" 2012 vintage is here!

Another stunning 2012 Cabernet from California....
2012 Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon "Fay"....$89.99
The 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Fay Estate Grown possesses a complex bouquet of raspberries, blueberries, charcoal, graphite and spring flowers, abundant richness, and a medium to full-bodied, graceful mouthfeel with everything in perfect harmony. It exhibits gorgeous fruit, a complex personality, full body and terrific elegance and finesse. Anticipated maturity: 2020-2035.
Rated 93-96/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Ortiz Ventresca Benito del Norte Tuna

Line and Rod-Caught Tuna!
Back in stock at Forsyth
Ortiz Ventresca Benito del Norte Tuna
If you are looking for a tuna epiphany, we have Ortiz’s ventresca (belly-cut) tuna in olive oil. Before the whole Bonito del Norte tunas are cooked in seawater, the bellies are removed and cooked separately. Packed in olive oil, tuna belly is buttery and succulent. The most prized Ventresca has been aged in tins between seven and ten years, but we can never get it to last that long before we break down and eat it.

Bonito del Norte (albacore) is known for its white flesh, exquisite flavor and delicate texture. This smaller breed of tuna is found in coastal waters of the Bay of Biscay in the Basque region of Spain during the summer season, when they swim north to dine on the Cantabrian anchovy. During the summer, they fatten up for their return journey south.
The best tuna is caught toward the end of the summer when the fish are nice and fat. Each tuna is individually caught using a pole and line, not with trauling nets or lines, making them fully dolphin safe. Once the fishermen arrive at the docks with the day’s catch, the highest grade tuna are bought by Ortiz. The fish are processed right on the docks within twenty four hours of being caught, cooked in seawater, and canned in olive oil.

The Spanish are known for preserving their best foods in cans and jars, and tuna is no exception. Unlike most mass-produced canned tuna, Ortiz makes their’s from the best fish they can source, within hours of being caught. We love Ortiz because rather than getting mashed flakes of tuna you get big cuts of loin (pictured above). When tuna is packed in olive oil, it actually improves with age, which is why Ortiz holds their finished product for at least three months before sending it to customers.

Forsyth Location Cheese Feature: Garrotxa

Forsyth Location Cheese Feature: Garrotxa
Each of location's selection varies.  
Cut fresh to order, come in for a taste.
Garrotxa Spanish Goat Cheese
Region: Albio
Milk Type: Unpasteurized goat
Flavor profile: Mild creamy with flavors of fresh pine nuts.
Pronounced Gar-oh-CHA, with the accent on the last syllable. This is a modern farmhouse cheese. Taking the traditional recipe for the cheese and applying modern techniques, so that more people now can enjoy this wonderful cheese. The suede-like rind hides a bone white interior. The texture is firm and almost flaky.

Tasting notes: The pure, white milk seems to have absorbed the flavor of fresh pine nuts and the fresh crispness of young grass. It has a mild and creamy goat flavor, nutty, with herbal hints.

Passion Fruit Nectar

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Alain Milliat Nectar of Passion Fruit...$8.99 / 11.2oz
There are 2 groups of fruits of passion: the yellow and purple. We work mainly purple passions.
ingredients: water, fruit pulp of the purple passion (36%), sugar, citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid
origin: Panama

"Find the taste and enjoyment of mature fruits, respect their nature and their nuances, valuing them at their best through a collection Juice, Nectars and Jams: that is the commitment of Alain Milliat. Unlike juices and nectars industrial that reproduce throughout the year uniform flavors, Alain Milliat products are different every season. Tastes and textures vary depending on the year and weather conditions. Unique and this is the true signature of the Maison Alain Milliat. The aim of its creator? Transcribe sincerely fruit characteristics. In addition to selecting the optimal time, as it seeks to replicate the texture, fluid or pulpy to find the pleasure of a mature fruit." - Alain Milliat

M’hamsa CousCous

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Hand Rolled CousCous
Les Moulins Mahjoub M’hamsa CousCous...$6.99 / 1.1lbs
One of the few "hand rolled" CousCous produced nowLes Moulins Mahjoub is a family owned cooperative of twelve brothers and sisters, with each overseeing an aspect of the production. Between the twelve of them, they own several organic farms in different environmentally diverse regions of Tunisia – from the deserts of Tatouine (its a real place), to Mediterranean Tunis, and the lush Mejerda Valley – which served as major grain growing region for the Roman Empire. It is in theMejerdaValleythat the Mahjoubs grow the wheat used to make their m’hamsa couscous. The only ingredients are durum wheat (semolina), extra virgin olive oil, salt and water. Again setting themselves apart from the competition – the Mahjoubs use their own extra-virgin olive oil in everything they make from the sundried tomatoes, to the couscous.

“M’hamsa” is a style of couscous that has become increasingly hard to find – even in Tunisia, where industrial couscous have long replaced the ones that are painstakingly rolled by hand, a process that takes twelve days start to finish. Semolina flour is sprinkled with water, and rolled by hand in a shallow ball, until small bits of grain clump together. Once enough balls have formed, the remaining flour is sifted out, and the process repeats itself. The couscous are sundried over the course over the next few days, then rolled in olive oil, sprinkled with a bit of salt, and left to cure in the sun.

These are couscous with terroir. When you stick your nose in the jar, you’ll smell the toasty aroma of the couscous baking in the Mediterranean sun and the smokiness of the nearby outdoor ovens. Inspect a few in your hand, they are beautiful little irregular pebbles of semolina. A far cry from Israeli Couscous, which are perfectly spherical and don’t taste like much.

“July 2, 2012,Portland,ME– The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc, named Les Moulins Mahjoub Hand-rolled Couscous Winner of the 2012 SOFI™ Gold Award in the category of Outstanding Pasta, Rice or Grain

't Gaverhopke is back!

"From ‘t Gaverhopke, a tiny brewpub in West Flanders, Belgium, we bring you some extraordinary beers, until now unavailable anywhere outside the confines of the brewery – which opens to the public only on weekends. It is (or was) there and only there that the beer can be had. Allegedly.

Truth be told the first time we tried them was years ago at Kulminator. But then Kulminator is known for having beers others don’t. The beers of ‘t Gaverhopke, however, weren’t on the official beer menu. These beers had a separate card - a card whose weathered, laminated edge was poke-poking up enough just to draw our attention one fateful afternoon. (Even at a bar, beers like these must be searched for and discovered.)

We ordered the blond and the 12. Minutes later, a life-altering experience. Who makes these beers? What are their names? Give them to me. Where are they? How can we get it?

Well then we’ll start an import business so that we can get it. A simplification of how we started, yes. But the gist is there. Some time has passed and a number of serendipitous events have conspired to allow us to bring you these truly remarkable gems from Brouwerij ‘t Gaverhopke. I hope they bring you the same delight they bring us." -- importer

't Gaverhopke Collab with Tired Hands
Bitter Sweet Symphony Belgian Double IPA...$4.99 / 11.2oz

't Gaverhopke Extra...$4.99 / 11.2oz

Hermitage Belgian Blonde

Hermitage Brewing Belgian Blonde Limited Release...$4.99 / 22oz
Hermitage Brewing Company’s Belgian Blonde is our take on this classic European style, meant to be a full-flavored-yet-drinkable everyday beer. The aroma is an inviting blend of aromatic malt and sweet stone fruit, with just a touch of characteristic spiciness. The flavor develops along the same path into subtle complexity, as gentle malt flavors of biscuit and wheat combine with the apricot, plum, and pepper notes of fermentation, then give way just enough to hint at the Equinox and Saaz dry-hops. The beer finishes light and dry, but the fruit sweetness of apricot lingers slightly, begging for another sip.

6% ABV / 15 IBU

Sour Pale Ale

Evil Twin / Buxton Brewing Come Again Sour Pale Ale...$5.49 / 12oz
Rated 95/100 RateBeer
A trans-atlantic anglo-danish dry-hopped sour pale ale - please remember to come again.
Collaboration between Buxton Brewery and Evil Twin.

Rain Vanilla Extract - from the Vanilla Queen

In stock now at Forsyth!

Rain Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract...$12.99 / 4oz
Vanilla, or Anything But?
Why Patricia Rain is the Reigning Vanilla Queen
"Patricia Rain became known as the "Vanilla Queen,". She founded The Vanilla Company in 2001 as a socially conscious producer of high quality vanilla beans, pastes and extracts. 

Of course, the elephant in the room was her price next to the large scale producers. When we broached the subject she explained that there is little regulation and no transparency in the vanilla industry. With the FDA tied up in pharmaceuticals, food processing, and industrial agriculture, smaller industries such as vanilla and saffron are effectively off their radar. Even with the Standard of Quality law of a minimum of 13.38% vanilla bean extractives in extract, there is a huge difference in extract quality from producer to producer. Beyond vanilla extractives, the type of alcohol, the amount of sugar, and other ingredients like caramel coloring are used to manipulate the perceived quality of the extract. A better indicator of quality is the percentage of vanillin in an extract, which producers will cheat by adding [synthetic} vanillin (a byproduct of processing wood pulp.)

While Patricia's production is small beans next to giants like Nielsen Massey and McCormick, she has many compelling reasons to make the leap to her product:
While the industry minimum for Vanillin content is 1.5%, The Vanilla Company's extracts test at 2.1-2.2%.
  • Her extracts contain 20% more vanilla bean extractives.
  • Her company uses sugar cane alcohol rather than grain alcohol, making their products kosher, non-GMO and gluten-free.
  • They use no sugar or additional additives.
  • They purchase beans that are fair-trade.

While we think Patricia's vanilla extracts are superior in every way to her competition's, it is, for obvious reasons, more expensive. When comparing prices, bear in mind that her single-fold vanilla is 20% stronger than the industry standard. If you want to use a great product while saving some serious coin, consider using her double fold vanilla, which allows you to use half as much." - importer

New Double IPA from Summit

Summit Brewing Unchained Hop Silo Double IPA...$9.49 / 4pk 16oz CANS
rated 95/100 RateBeerA hop profile so huge, a 12 ounce can couldn't contain it.
Introducing Unchained #18, Hop Silo. Brought to you by Summit Brewer Eric Harper, it’s our first Double IPA. With an intense hop profile of citrus with herbal and pine undertones and a supporting backbone of imported UK malts. Available in 16 ounce cans (another Summit first!)

Bargemone "RESERVE" Rose

This is the "reserve" from Bargemone.  Very limited and hard to get!
2014 Bargmene Provence Rose Cuvee Marina....$21.99
Rose of Syrah and Cabernet
Bargemone is among the foremost estates of the Coteaux d’Aix appellation of Provence. A benchmark producer of the delicious, dry rosé for which Provence is famous, the Commanderie was founded by Templar knights in the 13th century, and is home to a proud viticultural tradition and more than 160 acres of sustainably grown vineyards.
Tasting Notes: Labeled Cuvée Marina, Bargemone’s prestige bottlings are intense wines of exceptional complexity, balance and finesse. This crisp, bone dry rosé offers great freshness, with aromas of red fruit, exotic spice, and light floral notes.

WOW - Wine Of the Week

Come taste the WOW each Saturday at all FOUR of our locations.

There will be a special price that day only for the wine of the week. Check the store that day for the sale price.

Wine of the Week : Perrusset Macon Villages

Come taste it all four locations on Saturday April 18 - from 11am-4pm

2012 Henri Perrusset Macon Villages....$14.99
For decades, the Mâconnais has been dominated by the banal bottlings of cooperative cellars; not the sort of quality that leads novices to explore the wines of the region. But at the same time, Henri Perrusset has been working his vineyards by hand, reducing his yields to improve grape quality, all while offering us very reasonable prices. Henri Perrusset’s vineyards and home are located in the small town of Farges-les-Mâcon, on the northernmost spur of the limestone subsoil that characterizes the appellation of Mâcon. 
Our Mâcon-Farges bottling comes uniquely from a parcel of old vines, while the Mâcon-Villages is a custom blend of all his other holdings around Farges. These are Chardonnays with the ripeness and intensity level of a Pouilly-Fuissé or even a Saint-Aubin, with the particular goût de terroir of Henri’s corner of Mâcon.

Bargain Chianti Classico!

Yes, a Chianti CLASSICO for under $10 - a rare find!
2012 Bramosia Chianti Classico..$8.99
We are the lowest price in the Country on Wine-Searcher
Compare to $14.99 at
Grape Varieties: 80% Sangiovese and 20% Merlot 

Selected from the best grapes in Donna Laura’s vineyards,  30% of the wine is aged in new oak barriques for 12 months and 70% in stainless steel tanks. 20% Merlot is added to the blend before bottling. Bramosia means “desire” in Italian and as artist Rik Olsen has illustrated on the label, the underlying theme here is romance. Bacchus and Venus make great company, but the magic begins only when Cupid strikes. He is the fundamental ingredient in any romance, just like Sangiovese is the key component in Chianti Classico. 
Tasting Notes With a deep ruby color and intense aromas of cherry and red fruit, this Chianti Classico balances ripe fruit and balanced acidity with well integrated accents of wood and spice. A great match with roasted meats and flavorful pastas, this wine is also delicious to sip on its own without food.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Salumeria Biellese - from New York

Salumeria Biellese sausages, hams and other products boast an enviable roster of clients across the country, including the Manhattan establishments of chefs Thomas Keller, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Mario Batali—and, on this side of the Hudson, Chakra, Elements, Eno Terra, the Grand Café, Roots Steakhouse, Huntley Taverne, 3 West and Trap Rock, among other notable restaurants.
In 2010 Slow Food NYC awarded Salumeria Biellese its Snail of Approval for its contributions to “both the pleasures of the table and the integrity of the food chain”—the only American salumi maker to earn that honor.

Biellese Capicolla
We trim a Berkshire pork shoulder, season it with Italian hot pepper and paprika then put it in a cure before it is fully cooked. This is our interpretation of the traditional preparation of this spicy product that would have been found in Rome and Calabria.

Biellese Coppa
A Berkshire pork shoulder is trimmed and seasoned with wine and our heirloom spice mixture. Once spiced, it is cured and aged to achieve a natural earthy sweetness only found in a perfect Coppa. Hailing from Emilia-Romagna, the home of Gastronomy, this product rivals the prosciutto.

Biellese Culatello
The most prized pork product in Italy is not prosciutto, it is Culatello. Due to the extremely long and precise aging process, the Culatello reigns over all. The fillet of the pig’s thigh is cured for over a year and finishes looking like an oversized egg. Inspired from the Culatellos of Emilia-Romagna, we are very happy with ours.

Biellese Sopressata Piccante
For our piccante version of sopressata, we add some North African heat as well as Mediterranean spices. The finished product is a sweet sopressata which finishes with a warming of the back of the palate.

Kentucky Derby Limited Edition Bottles ---

In stock at all 4 stores


Woodford Reserve Bourbon 2015 Kentucky Derby....$41.99 / liter
Limited edition bottle
As the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby®, Woodford Reserve honors one of the world's greatest sporting events with an annual limited edition Derby bottle. Each year, collectors look forward to the new bottle artwork that is only available for a limited time.

In stock now!

Old Forester Mint Julep Limited Edition...$23.99 / LITER
For generations, Louisville insiders have enjoyed mint juleps made with Louisville’s Hometown Bourbon™ – Old Forester.
In honor of that grand tradition, we created the Old Forester Mint Julep, named the Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby.
NOSE: A superb blend of classic Old Forester bourbon and fresh garden mint.
TASTE: A winning combination of rich Old Forester bourbon and refreshing mint flavor.
FINISH: The exceptionally smooth finish of aged Old Forester bourbon and crisp mint.

Hermitage Single Hop - new experimental hop

Hermitage Brewing Single Hop Experimental #07270...$5.99 / 22oz
The newest hop in our Single Hop IPA series comes to us out of Hopsteiner’s breeding program in the Pacifi c Northwest. Experimental hop 07270 has a very high alpha-acid content and bears characteristics of several of our favorite IPA-hops combined into one.

The aroma is like walking through a pine forest on a summer day — green, earthy, and resinous — with a sweet underlying fruit character that we just can’t place (not quite guava or pineapple, but tropical). That pine carries over into the flavor, assaulting the palate with thick, juicy resin. For a split second it seems like you may have to chew it as you process the intense hop spice, then it fades away quickly, allowing citrus fruit to make an appearance. The finish is dry but not overly bitter, and leaves the essence of grapefruit to linger on the tongue. This is a ower for the true hop-heads.

Pair with spicy chicken wings and a bold blue cheese.

7% ABV, 70 IBU

Evil Twin / Buxton Anglo Mania Barley Wine Ale

Evil Twin / Buxton Brewery Anglo Mania....$6.49 / 11.2oz

Barley Wine Ale
An all english, single malt, single hop, barley wine.
Collaboration between Buxton Brewery and Evil Twin.

Stillwater Migdal Bavel

Stillwater / Extraomnes Migdal Bavel...$8.49 / 11.2oz
Rated 96/100 RateBeer
Rated 99/100 RateBeer in its style

Italian Saison Ale
6.66% ABV
Brewed outside of Milan, Italy with our friend Sciggi at the Extraomnes Brewery. This is a crisp blond farmhouse ale brewed with Myrrh & Szechuan Peppercorns. The name represents the challenges of collaborating with language barriers

Stillwater more Contemporary Works

So new, that some do not even have any distribution location on RateBeer yet, except us now :)

Stillwater Yacht Dry Hopped Session Lager...$9.49 / 16 oz CANS
Canned beer has made a serious return in the craft brewing world. Prior to this resurgence, the only beer found in cans were industrial lagers. So as a nod in both directions we present an elegantly crisp and hoppy new world lager. The light and refreshing pilsner malt body delivers an abundance of floral, spice, and grass driven hop flavors and aroma. Perfect for those luxurious cruises through the Caribbean.
Label Design Notes: The luxurious and refined mood of yachting is alluded to by the muted tones of traditional nautical colors. The stripe pattern elongates the perception of the can's size, so that it appears longer, thinner and grander. The Recorda typeface is modern and geometric, recalling the shape of a sailboat.

Stillwater Vacuum Readymade...$11.99 / 4pk

Smoked India Black Ale
What is with the paradoxical term 'Black IPA' anyway? Whatever it is, we do love black beers.. also smoked beers, and of course everyone loves hops these daze.. A complex blend various smoked, caramel and subdued roasted malts lay the base for a combination of piney, dank and (dark) fruity hops.. While there is a lot to contemplate with this beast, just be sure to enjoy it without getting too sucked into its enigmatic composition.

Label Design Notes: The layout of the label reinforces the absurdity by recalling both early promotional materials from Braun and Alfred Stieglitz's photo of Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain".

Stillwater Readymade: Projector...$11.99 / 4pk
Imperial Rice India Pale Ale
9.0% ABV
This Imperial IPA projects an array of multidimensional hop flavor and aroma. Simcoe offers piney fruit while Centennial delivers a squeeze of lemon atop bright the tangerine citrus of Galaxy, laid upon a field of grassy Sterling.. and then some hippie comes by with a dank bag of Columbus.. This heady combination is backed by an extremely lean malt body thanks to the addition of flaked rice.

Label Design Notes: The layout of the label reinforces the absurdity by recalling both early promotional materials from Braun and Alfred Stieglitz's photo of Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain".

New Against the Grain

Against the Grain Kamen Knuddeln Dark Sour Beer....$14.99 / 22oz
'Made in Kenucky by Kentuckians'
Originally brewed as a conceptualization from our friends at the Nachbar....This historical anomaly is one of the only styles of beer indigenous to the USA and it was originally brewed right here in the Bluegrass! Much like our more beloved and covet cousin sour mash bourbon, this ale is brewed in the manner of 'souring the mash'. First we start with a blend of grains similar to your favorite spirit, barley, rye, and corn and we start the sour mash. In that process, we are able to achieve a deliciously complex tart flavor that plays with the spiciness of rye, while finishing with a dry crispness from the corn. Moderately hopped to balance the sweetness of this Kentucky Common, one will get notes of dry fruit, sweet tarts, and hints of tannin from a very small amount of barrel aged character.
ABV 6.5%

A fresh batch just arrived!
Citra ass down and crush this beer!
Against the Grain Citra Ass Down...$13.99 / 22oz
This is a very hop forward American style IPA. Brewed with Pale, Vienna, Munich and wheat malt for a solid base for all American hops, focusing mainly on the variety “Citra.” Citra hops are a relatively new variety introduced in 2008. It was bred as a hybrid of a number of different hops, including Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, U.S. Tettnanger, East Kent Golding, Bavarian, Brewers Gold, and other unknown hops. The resulting hop, Citra, has a distinct citrusy and tropical fruit flavor and aroma. In Citra ass down we used American Columbus for bittering and 11# of Citra at the end of the boil for late kettle addition flavor and aroma. Then we added 6 more pounds Citra and 5# Centennial post fermention for aroma. Rebrewed for your tasting pleasure!
ABV 7.6%
 IBU 68.0

Hermitage Brewing Boysenberry Sour and Pumpernickel Sour

Hermitage Brewing Pumpernickel Rye Sour Ale...$13.99 / 750ml
Sour Pumpernickel Rye is our latest release from the Hermit’s Barrel Cellar. The base beer is a dark, strong ale, brewed with about 20% rye malt and aged in American whiskey barrels. The beer pours a deep brown color and exhibits aromas of sour dough, caraway, and dark berry. The tart fruit character carries over into the fl avor, highlighted by hints of oaky vanilla, caraway, and cocoa, with an underlying bready sweetness. There is a definite warming e ffect as the 10.5% ABV moves through you. The finish is dry, but the discernible taste of dark rye bread lingers on the palate.
Serve with charcuterie, sauerkraut, and pickles.
- Greg Filippi, Head Brewer

Hermitage Brewing Boysenberry Sour...$24.99 / 750ml
Boysenberry Sour is the very first sour project that we put together for ourselves here at Hermitage, way back in July of 2012. The base beer was actually fermented in the wood, so the beer spent its entire life inside California wine barrels. After a long, slow aging process of about two years we added hundreds of pounds of Boysenberries to the barrels and let the fruit deliciousness meld with the delicate wine-like character of the beer. The end result is a complex-yet-drinkable, pleasantly tart, fruit-forward beer that develops on the palate with every sip. Sour beer the Hermit way.
6.5% ABV