Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Brewer's choice...

Here is the next Schlafly Brewer's Choice label -- I do not know an ETA yet on the release --  I will let you know when we have it in stock -- 

Coming soon -- 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

News on the release of our rare Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Quad

The Wine and Cheese Place / Schlalfy Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad

Schlafly Quad Aged in a Buffalo Trace Barrel
Bourbon: Sold out already
Barrel: filled with Schlafly Quad for  6 months now.  
Beer: Should be bottles on February 7  

How to I get this beer?

We are very excited about our Collaboration Series of Barrel Aged Beers.  Our first release will be Schlafly’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Quadrupel that has been aged for 6 months in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel.
We are expecting to see it bottled at the end of January or early February 2012.

There will be less than 240 bottles (750ml) made of this very limited and special beer.  So we are giving our regular in store shoppers the first chance to get some.  The price will be somewhere between $12-$15 per 750ml bottle (still to be determined)

  • We are limiting it to 2 bottles per person at this time
  • Sign up in the store when you visit. 
  • Sign up at any of our 4 locations
  • No phone calls/online reservations at this time.
  • Out of state customers, if you place an order online in January, you can also enter in the drawing.   Just put a request in the "notes box" of your order
  • We will accumulate the list until a few days before the release and draw names and sell about half of the bottles using this method. The rest we will sell during the release party and our regular online method for allocated beers. Details will be announced on our blog/facebook/twitter/email.
  • We are trying to be as fair as possible with this process
  • Lottery sign up ends January 31, 2012

Watch for our other Collaboration beers coming this year.  We also have beers coming from Perennial, 4 Hands, 2nd Shift, Charleville plus more TBA

Scan this QR Code for more information out this beer and other beers in our Collaboration series

Urban Chestnut update on bottles

Urban Chestnut just posted a picture of their bottles.  The blog post states that the should be in stores in a few weeks.  We cannot wait to have them on our shelf.  You know I will keep you posted!!!

Here are the pictures of the bottles

Evan Benn also has more info on Hip Hops - click here

Info from their blog

The day is almost here! In case you missed the announcement in Evan Benn’s “Hip Hops”, or didn’t see the ad in DRAFT magazine, our bottles will be hitting the streets soon (by ‘soon’ we mean sometime in the next few weeks pending final set-up of our bottling line).

And here’s what’s coming:

Winged Nut 4-packs of Euro Bottles (pint-sized)
Zwickel 4-packs of Euro Bottles (pint-sized)

FYI… we’re a bit geeked-up about using Euro Bottles imported from Germany. Why?

Their usage further expresses our philosophy of “Beer Divergency” (‘unconventional minded yet tradition oriented brewing’ for you newer Nutjobs), expressing Reverence and Revolution, simultaneously. In other words by packaging our beer in a German NR/Euro Bottle, a traditional bottle used in Germany over the years (Reverence), and by featuring it in a 4-pack format (Revolution), we’re doing something traditional and little different both at the same time. And that’s geeky to us!

As far as availability, our initial plans are to obviously sell them ‘to-go’ at our taste room and then to work with the independent beer/wine shops around town (St. Louis City & County only for now), and to hit some of the more beer-centric grocery stores as well. Eventually, we’d like to get our bottles in bars and restaurants, but we’re going to hold off on that until we have a better understanding of our ‘production-married-to-distribution’ capabilities, i.e. until we figure out what the hell we’re doing.

Regardless, we’re definitely jazzed that the beer drinkers of St. Louis will have more opportunities to find and drink our beers. We hope this news excites you as well…Happy New Year!


p.s. Sorry, but you’re going to have to work your “three-dimensional” imagination on the ‘flat art’ 4-packs for now.
p.p.s. Bottle shots- Greg Rannells…thanks Greg!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Firestone Walker Union Jack - Fresh!

In stock now at The Wine and Cheese Place Forsyth!


Firestone Walker Union Jack
Bottled 12/28/11
Only 1 week old now!

Beautiful display!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More from 2nd Shift...

2nd Shift Brewing bottles now in stock

And now we have them online 

2nd Shift has also filled a our Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel with LSD - Liquid Spiritual Delight -- read more

I am off work today, so I will get them online for reservations tomorrow, but we have a good supply right now so there should not be any out of stock issues.

New Haven, Mo.
"Welcome to the home of great beer. 
We did it! We finally got the beerification process started, and it only took 4 years, so start asking your favorite publican for us.
We are a micro that will be making beer that is big on flavor and aroma, the way beer should be. There will be several styles and a continuing line of seasonal and special beers that will be produced throughout the year." - 2nd Shift Brewing

3 new ones have arrived

2nd Shift Cat Spit Stout...$8.99 / 750ml
Coffeey, roasty, blah blah blah its a stout, just drink it, it's really good. 5.2% ABV

"CSS is a very easy drinking stout that everyone loves because it is frickin awesome. It has a good amount of flavor in the roasty and coffee area, that comes only from the malt bill. It's just the way I like a stout to be, so there." -- label

2nd Shift El Gato Grande IPA...$9.99 / 750ml
Heres a big hoppy IPA that is done the way they should be done and has about four truck loads of hops in it, although it's not very bitter at 62 IBUs. LOTS of Amarillo with a good bit of Citra and Columbus just for a good time." -- label

EGG is another IPA that we came up with. All you need to know is over 3 lbs. per barrel of Columbus, Amarillo and Citra. 7.6% ABV 62 IBU 

2nd Shift Art of Neurosis IPA....$9.99 / 750ml
Art of Neurosis... on the streets now
AON is an Ipa that has everything you could want in one, if what you want is a hop sandwich. It's a 7.7% Simcoe and Columbus delight. Only get to make this 2 more times till 2013!
67 IBU

Plus in stock also now...

2nd Shift Hibiscus Wit....$8.99 / 750ml
Hibiscus's all over the place

Heres what I've been goofin around with for a while. I love belgian wits on hot summer days (or freezin your butt off days). Anyway I took a witbier and threw in a bunch of hibiscus flowers from Egypt and made the stuff even better. 5.2%

2nd Shift Brewing Unicorn Killer Saison....$9.99 / 750ml
UK2 is a new version of UK1 using different spices that I can't freely talk about without getting in trouble from the powers that be... let's just say this one doesn't have fresh unicorn milk like the first one did. It's gonna be around 6.5% ABV