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Speaking of inventory.  Please get in to pick up your reserved items.   This time of year we need to clear out the reserve shelves to get ready for the end of the year inventory - the worst day of the year for a retailer :)  

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Sparkling - Single Vineyard

From the makers of Bedrock
2013 Under The Wire Alder Springs Vineyard Chardonnay Sparkling Wine...$53.99
The 2013 Sparkling Chardonnay Alder Springs Vineyard was fermented with indigenous yeast, with malolactic blocked, and was disgorged with only one gram of dosage, so this is quite dry. Loads of creamy brioche, Red Delicious apple skin, Triscuit and some subtle, smoky orange and nectarine notes are all present in this medium-bodied sparkler with small, uniform bubbles and a zesty effervescence. There’s also an underlying minerality to it. This is impressive. Drink it over the next several years. These sparkling wines, which are absolutely delicious, are the brainchild of Morgan Twain-Peterson. You would think he has enough to do with his huge portfolio of Bedrock wines, but never a dull moment for this young visionary.

Rated 92/100 The Wine Advocate

Friday, December 22, 2017

Quinta de Lemos - from Dao, Portugal

2009 Quinta de Lemos Dao Dona Georgina...$49.99
The 2009 Dona Georgina is revisited for a checkup and it is nice to say it keeps improving. Big, full and fleshier than its 2008 predecessor reviewed in the past--both creatures of their vintages--this is one of the lusher and richer wines the winery has produced at its young age. Sexy but well balanced, this is the crowd-pleaser, but there is also good structure. It is aging well and should continue to do so for the next decade or more.
Rated 93/100 The Wine Advocate
A blend of Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz, both originally from the Dão region, this sophisticated, rich wine is firmly structured. The granite soils bring out a strong mineral texture that is balanced by opulent black fruits. This is a powerful wine, dense and still developing. Drink from 2016.
Rated 94/100 Wine Enthusiast

The masterpiece of Quinta de Lemos, Dona Georgina blends the best of two worlds - Touriga Nacional & Tinta Roriz. The most expressive of the QdL wines, the fruit and the finish are splendid with hints of game and leather to go with the violets the Touriga Nacional is recognized for.

With incredible aging potential, the texture is quite mineral, with ripe plums, candied orange and bergamot, resinous woods and spices. A long and concentrated finish wraps it all up in one beautiful present.
GRAPES: Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz
Only 388 cases made

2005 Quinta de Lemos Dao Dona Santana...$26.99

Very fragrant,with sweet and appealing ripe fruit standing out, greedy and full in the mouth with wellmeasured tannins. Final aroma with sweet spices, making it an appealing and attractive wine.
60% Touriga Nacional, 20% Tinta Roriz and 20% Alfrocheiro, aged for 18 months in mostly used French oak.
Vine Age: 10 years 
These wines are obtained after fermentation at a controlled temperature in order to preserve all their aromatic elegance, in big wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks, for 20 days. The wine is made by malolactic fermentation in barrels of French oak and has a subsequent maturing period of 18 months in order to potentiate its structure and complexity.

2012 Beringer Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

A beautiful wine from a great vintage that you can drink now!!
2012 Beringer Napa Cabernet Sauvignon...$35.99
A cabernet with balance and tannin backbone that gives it tension and focus. Full body, solid depth of fruit and a mushroom, spice and berry character. Clearly outstanding. Drink or hold.
Rated 92/100 James Suckling

New Beers from Kansas

We got a couple of new beers from Kansas!

Assorted styles from
Walnut River Brewery
Defiance Brewery 

now in stock at Forsyth

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion Revolution 008

In stock now at Forsyth

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion Revolution 008...$8.99 / 6pk
Now in rotation: Revolution No. 008, the latest release in Firestone Walker’s Luponic Distortion revolving hop series, featuring yet another trailblazing blend of distinctive hops.

Luponic Distortion is not a single beer, but rather an ongoing series of beers—or Revolutions—that revolve approximately every 90 days. While the base beer always remains the same, each revolution features a different hop blend built around experimental hops, designed to showcase the possibilities of pure hop aromas and flavors.

Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon

Great 2015 is here at a great price
We are the lowest price on Wine-Searcher

2015 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon...$38.98
Aromas of dark cherry and berry fruit, cassis, sweet vanilla and a hint of olive. On the palate, the wine has a smooth entry with a rich mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste of black cherry and dusty cocoa
Overall, 2015 was a year with lower than usual crop size but with high quality fruit. The growing season was hot and dry and harvest started and ended early. A very warm and relatively dry winter led to early budbreak but, conversely, temperatures were abnormally low during the bloom period in May. During this extended bloom, there were two small rain events that resulted in a high incidence of ‘shatter,’ reducing tonnage. While it was a challenging vintage, by continually adjusting to the challenges and employing best practices, the grapes brought into the winery were of high quality. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Great Bordeaux Bargains

2014 Chateau Buisson-Redon Bordeaux Rouge....$9.99
"The wine is fresh but developing well. It has spice, a richly fruity character and nice perfumed acidity at the end. With its juicy aftertaste it will be a fine wine to drink starting from 2017."
Best Buy - The Wine Enthusiast
Rated 88/100 The Wine Enthusiast

2014 Chateau Buisson-Redon Cuvee du Siecle....$11.99
Their reserve cuvee - "Blend of the century".   Made from 25 year old vines of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.   This is classic Bordeaux at an amazing price from old vines.    Stock up on this small production Bordeaux for everyday enjoyment.

Chateau La Pointe Pomerol

2015 Chateau La Pointe Pomerol....$47.99
This is really tannic and structured with loads of ripe tannins and fruit. Full body. Massive for this estate yet agile. Best ever. 84% merlot and 16% cabernet franc.
Rated 94-95/100 James Suckling

Knob Creek 14 Year Old Single Barrel - our own barrel

Just realized this is our 10,000 post on our blog since the start of it!

Not online anymore as it is going too fast - come and get what is left

Knob Creek / TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon 14 Year Old....$39.99
Age 14 Years +

Proof: 120
Bottles: 156
Barrel # 5512
Barreled: Nov 14, 2003

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Forsyth Growler Board....

Six Mile Bridge 2nd Trip Around the Sun - Barrel Aged
Porter Barrel aged in a Four Roses Barrel with Cocoa Nibs and Toasted Coconut
8.5% ABV

Narrow Gauge Collab
Mark Twain / Narrow Gauge Wonder Train APA
Mark Twain Brewing Co is thrilled to release their first official collaboration brew, Wonder Train American Pale Ale....Jeff Hardesty, head brewer at Narrow Gauge Brewing in St. Louis, co-designed the recipe and traveled to Hannibal early last month to brew it with us. For those of you unfamiliar with Narrow Gauge, the brewery has gained quick Nation-wide notoriety for their IPA's and Pale Ales. Wonder Train is the perfect blend of Jeff's style and ours.

Only available in draft in St. Louis right now...
Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial
Sour Ale Brewed with Raspberries
ABV: 4.2 %
This delicious creation was truly a product of creativity, ingenuity, and luck. In the summer of 2013 we took a test batch of our sessionable sour summer ale, Provincial, that didn’t quite hit gravity and decided to have some fun with it by adding a heavy dose of raspberries. The end result was so delicious, we ended up brewing it year-round. This delightfully tart fruit beer is refreshing, with a citrusy berry aroma which transitions to a subtly sweet and tart finish.
Notes of lemon zest and tart raspberries.

Prairie Bomb! Deconstructed is on sale - priced to more

TWCP / Brett Hull Tequila!

Great last minute gift for the hockey fan!

Back in stock now at Forsyth - Rock Hill in about an hour
New Ballas and Ballwin tomorrow

We were able to get Hockey Hall of Fame superstar Brett Hull 
to autograph some bottles
of our private selected barrel the we chose with his help.

Brett Hull signing bottles for us!

Each bottle is hand autographed by Brett Hull and each are different.  The picture is not representative to each bottle.  The current autographes do not have the 16 next to the name, just the autograph

We are excited to get our own single barrel 
of Codigo Rosa Tequila with the help 
of St. Louis Blues' legend -- Brett Hull.  

Codigo 1530 / TWCP / Brett Hull Tequila Rosa....$55.99
Código 1530 Rosa begins with the purity of our Blanco, then rested for 1 month in an uncharred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrel. The result is a refined spirit with a natural color as beautiful as its taste. Our Rosa has rested just long enough in our fine cabernet barrels to enrich the natural agave juice, yet not too long to prevent overpowering its delicate floral notes.
Serving Suggestions: Código 1530 Rosa is best enjoyed pure, or in a Skinny Rosa Margarita or in a fresh Rosa Martini.

Starlight Rye Whiskey Cask Stength Single Barrel

NEW!! Great last minute Gift - our barrel just arrived!
Only at Forsyth right now
Starlight Rye Whiskey Cask Strength Single Barrel...$49.99
TWCP Single Barrel
Yield was 192 bottles
57.9% ABV
Barrel #1104
Bottled at Cask Strength 115.8 proof
Aged for 3 years in a new, charred barrel.
Handcrafted and distilled in small copper pot stills at the Huber Family Farm.

Highland Park "The Dark" 17 Year Old

Highland Park 17 Year Old "The Dark"...$279.99
First release in the series. 28,000 bottles produced.

52.9% ABV

THE DARK is a rich and powerful 17 Year Old expression of Highland Park. Matured in European oak sherry seasoned casks to deliver a distinctly deep flavour, it's packed with dried fruit, nuts and spices and overlaid with hints of smoky peat.

El Dorado Master Blender's Special Edition Rum 2017

El Dorado Master Blender's Special Edition Rum 2017...$49.99
Distilled in 2007
43% ABV

This El Dorado Master Blender's Special Edition is a blend of three rums, specially selected by our Master Blender from our Enmore Wooden Coffey Still, Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still and our French Savalle Still.

Star Trek The Next Generation Captain's Holiday 30th Anniversary Ale

Star Trek The Next Generation Captain's Holiday 30th Anniversary Ale...$9.49 / 4pk
Brewed with: Orange Peel and Lime
5.5% ABV
You don’t have to be a Starfleet Captain or negotiate a difficult trade agreement between the Gemarians and the Dachlyds to deserve a little rest and relaxation. In the Star Trek™: The Next Generation episode “Captain’s Holiday”, the crew convinces Captain Picard to take a much needed vacation on the pleasure planet Risa. Number One (Commander Riker) tricks the Captain into buying a small statue called a Horga’hn when he arrives. After being accosted by a steady stream of women, he is told that displaying the statue in public suggests he is seeking Jamaharon. Whether for Jamaharon or simpler moments of pleasure, our tropical getaway should be perfect for kicking back and escaping the stresses of everyday life here on Earth. Enjoy the lemon, lime and orange citrus hop flavors of Captain’s Holiday Ale and engage in a well deserved vacation with every sip.

Luxardo Cherries

There was a shortage for awhile - but we are loaded back up....

Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries
Luxardo Maraschino Cherries are proprietary sour marasca cherries that are candied and steeped in a syrup made of cherry juice and sugar. The Luxardo family exclusively cultivates over 29,000 Marasca Cherry trees in the Veneto region of Italy. This product is all natural, with no coloring agents added, and it is certified Kosher.

Old Overholt Bonded Straight Rye Whiskey

Old Overholt Bonded Straight Rye Whiskey...$21.99
100 Proof
Aged a minimum of 4 years

What does "Bonded" mean...
  • Aged for at least 4 years in Charred oak
  • Bottled at exactly 100 proof
  • The product of one distillery, and that distilleries DSP number must be listed, as well as the location that it was bottled.
  • Must be from one distilling season January - December.

"Bottled in bond refers to American-made liquor that has been aged and bottled according to a set of legal regulations contained in the United States government's Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits, as originally laid out in the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. A reaction to adulteration among spirits, the act made the government the guarantor of a whiskey's authenticity. While the regulations apply to all spirits, in practice, most bonded spirits are whiskeys.

To be labeled as Bottled-in-Bond or Bonded, the liquor must be the product of one distillation season (January to December) and one distiller at one distillery. It must have been aged in a federally bonded warehouse under U.S. government supervision for at least four years and bottled at 100 (U.S.) proof (50% alcohol by volume). The bottled product's label must identify the distillery where it was distilled and, if different, where it was bottled. Only spirits produced in the United States may be designated as bonded." - Wikipedia

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

SW4 London Distilled Gin

The Top Ten Best Gins you can buy under $40

SW4 came in at number 2!!
2. SW4 London Dry Gin
If you're seeking a strong example of a traditional London gin, SW4 London Dry Gin will do just the trick. Boasting layers of taste thanks to its recipe of 12 botanicals, this small-batch bottle definitely stands on its own, but the brand's centuries of experience ensure that it fits right in with its peers.

On Sale now
SW4 London Dry Gin 80 proof...$17.99

Great price, next lowest price online is $24.99

  • Distilled 5 times
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Unique recipe of 12 exceptional botanicals

SW4 London Distilled Gin, is a big, complex, and smooth dry gin made in the traditional London style, distilled and bottled in North Clapham, South London. SW4 has true London heritage and is handmade in using a unique botanical mix distilled through a single small pot still in Clapham North, South London. The method is highly crafted distillation – handmade in small batches according to a 300-year-old family tradition.
SW4 Gin is made with a unique recipe of 12 exceptional botanicals blended in a signature robust recipe, opening with strong Juniper aromas, subtle citrus, exotic spices, and delicate floral notes with hints of lemon peel and cassia. On the palate, SW4 is creamy, full, and complex with an extraordinarily smooth finish. SW4 London Dry Gin is made in one of a handful of distilleries still distilling and bottling on site in London – it’s truly an authentic London Dry Gin.

The Botanical recipe is what makes every gin unique. Since distillation of all ‘London’ gin demands alcohol of such purity that it is essentially flavourless and odourless, all the taste in gin must be derived from the number, type and amount of botanicals used.

‘Botanicals’ is just another term for the dried herbs, spices and other plant matter that can add flavour and/or aroma to gin. By law, gin must contain Juniper berries, and these must be the dominant component in the recipe - otherwise, it’s not gin. After that, pretty well anything goes, and this is where the skill and imagination of the gin maker come into play.

SW4 London Dry Gin uses 12 botanicals. The exact quantities are a closely guarded secret, but these are the ingredients we use. Click on the thumbnails to learn more:

Orange Peel
Lemon Peel

Monday, December 18, 2017

New Beer!

New Beer in stock now!!
At Forsyth - 
first come for now - but will try to get it online later - key word is try

Evil Twin Coffenade IPA with Lemon and Coffee...$14.99 / 4pk 12oz
Evil Twin Moltov Surprise IIPA...$10.99 / 4pk 12oz
Evil Twin Soul Made IPA...$15.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Mark Twain Passport to Russia Barrel Aged Imperial Stout...$17.99 / 750ml
Omnipollo Shoutao Peach Slush IPA...$12.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Stillwater Hopvine Bling Berliner...$13.99 / 4pk 12oz
Stillwater Whipped NNitro DIPA with Mango Vanilla...$17.99 / 4pk 16oz
Evil Twin / Prairie Even More Bible Belt...$7.49 / 16oz can

Hartford Court

For my money Hartford Court is making the best Chardonnay in California. From their Russian River bottling (in my mind the best under $30 bottle of Chardonnay in the store) up to their single vineyard wines Hartford Court continues to produce one amazing Chardonnay after another. We are very excited to offer a couple of Hartford's most limited Chardonnay.

2014 Hartford Court Far Coast Chardonnay $63.99
The 2014 Chardonnay Far Coast Vineyard comes across like a grand cru Chevalier-Montrachet from France. Great minerality, loads of citrus oil, apple blossom, white peach and tangerine notes are all present in this wine aged in 35% new French oak. The wine has stunning concentration, a broad, savory palate, a full body and notes of tropical fruit emerge with further aging. This is another relatively small cuvée of about 12+ barrels of wine, or 310 cases. Drink it over the next 5-7 years.
Rated 94-96/100 Robert Parker The Wine Advocate

2014 Hartford Court Stone Cote Chardonnay...$74.99
The 2014 Chardonnay Stone Côte is actually a tiny parcel within the more famous and larger Durell Vineyard. Like most of these wines, indigenous yeast fermentations are encouraged, and the wine is 100% barrel-fermented and aged completely in French oak with the percentage of new oak generally ranging from the upper 30 percentile to 50% or so. This wine is a terrific example of Chardonnay, with a greenish hue to its light straw color and a stunning nose of tropical fruit, citrus oil and orange blossom. It is full-bodied, has great acidity and delicious up-front fruit. This will be a killer Chardonnay when released next year.
Rated 95-97/100 Robert Parker The Wine Advocate

2015 Pierre Usseglio

A couple of more superstars Chateauneuf du Papes:
2015 Pierre Usseglio Chateauneuf du Pape Mon Aieul....$89.99
Lurid ruby-red. Exotic, intensely perfumed aromas of candied red and blue fruits, lavender and peppery spices, joined by a slowly emerging hint of garrigue. Fleshy and expansive on the palate, offering concentrated raspberry, cherry and fruitcake flavors and a spicy suggestion of white pepper. Shows excellent focus and a seamless quality on the finish, which is framed by suave, slow-building tannins.
Rated 97/100 Jeb Dunnuck

2015 Pierre Usseglio Chateauneuf du Pape....$41.99
The 2015 Chateauneuf du Pape is a blend of 75% Grenache, 10% Syrah, 10% Mourvèdre and 5% Cinsault, half aged in oak, half aged in concrete. Like all of Thierry Usseglio's wines, this is massively ripe, with plummy, spicy notes underscored by a creamy mouthfeel and richly tannic finish.
Rated 92/100 Wine Advocate
A blend of mostly Grenache that was brought up in tank (10% was in older barrels), the 2015 Châteauneuf-du-Pape offers a ripe, full-bodied, impressively concentrated style to go with lively, fresh notes of dried flowers, exotic spice, incense and both red and black raspberry-like fruit. It’s a winner in the vintage and will keep for a decade.
Rated 92/100 Jeb Dunuck

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