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Forsyth Cheese Feature - Chimay Classic

Each of ours stores carries a different selection of cheese....

Our Forysth  location is featuring....
In stock now at our Forsyth location - come ask for a taste

"Covered with forests and pastures and crossed by numerous rivers, the countryside of Chimay has always been a livestock-rearing area. And dairy herds mean cheese! Since 1876, the Trappist monks of Scourmont have known the secrets of making this semi-hard cheese made from good milk from their farm and matured in the vaulted cellars of the abbey. Today, Chimay cheese is made exclusively with regional milk and the Trappist monks have modernised their production equipment. Technology has combined with tradition for the greater happiness of the connoisseur and Chimay cheese has adapted itself to high consumption whilst retaining its authenticity." -- Chimay

Chimay Classic Cheese 

"A semi-hard pressed cheese, the rind is natural, non-coloured, without preservatives and slightly flowery. After maturing for four weeks, its creaminess and fine taste of good, fresh, creamy milk give it all its flavour." -- Chimay

Grilled Chimay Cheese and Ham with Caramelized Belgian Endive

2 tablespoons canola oil
4 heads of Belgian endive, root ends trimmed and discarded, leaves separated
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup Belgian white beer (such as Hoegaarden)  
1/4 cup orange juice    

8 5 x 3 x 1/2-inch slices country-style bread
8 thin slices prosciutto (about 8 ounces total)   
8 ounces Belgian Chimay cheese 
thinly sliced    ***
8 sour Cornichons pickles   
Whole grain brown mustard or whole grain Dijon mustard  ***
 *** In stock at The Wine and Cheese Place Forsyth


For endive:
Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until very hot. Add endive leaves and sauté until almost translucent and beginning to wilt, 1 to 2 minutes. Sprinkle sugar over and sauté until endive leaves begin to brown and edges are deep golden brown, stirring often, 2 to 3 minutes. Add beer and orange juice and boil until liquid is reduced to thick glaze and coats endive leaves, 3 to 4 minutes. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Let cool to room temperature.

For sandwiches:
Preheat oven to 350°F. Arrange bread on baking sheet. Spread 1 side of each bread slice lightly with butter. Turn 4 bread slices over, buttered side down. Divide ham and cheese among plain sides of 4 bread slices. Top with remaining bread slices, buttered side up.

Heat large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add 2 sandwiches to skillet and cook until brown on bottom, 3 to 4 minutes. Transfer sandwiches to same baking sheet, browned side up. Repeat with remaining 2 sandwiches. Bake in oven until sandwiches are brown on bottom and cheese melts, about 5 minutes.

Place 1 sandwich on each of 4 plates. Spoon endive, 2 pickles, and mustard alongside each and serve.

Recipe from

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Very rare 96+ point Cava!


2001 Recaredo Turo d'en Mota...$199.99

Only 2 bottles made it to St. Louis of this rare Sparkling
The 2001 Turo d’en Mota spent 130 months on its lees, and was disgorged in March 2013. This is a single- vineyard Cava from pure Xarello planted in 1940, and as all sparkling wines from Recaredo, it is from a single vintage and carries the Brut Nature label, meaning no expedition liqueur is added to the wine. Turo means small hill in Catalan, so the name means the small Mota hill. Only four vintages have been released so far, starting with 1999, and the 2001 was launched after 2002, as they thought the wine required longer bottle-aging. The nose is complex and elegant, showing the extended contact with the lees in notes of brioche, croissant and freshly-baked bread, slightly smoky, with green coffee, chalky notes, baked apples and a touch of petrol. All of it has a touch of elegant rusticity, which here I use in a positive way, that make it unmistakably Cava. To understand elegant rusticity, think of an upper-class British farmer, elegantly dressed in corduroy trousers and a tweed jacket. In the mouth the gas is less present than in younger sparkling wines, compact, well-integrated, with lively acidity and weight. Very dry. A very gastronomic wine that makes you salivate. It cries for food. Only 2,770 bottles were produced. Up there with the best sparkling wines of the world. Bravo! To me this is the best Turo d’en Mota yet. Drink now-2021. 
Rated 96+/100 The Wine Advocate

"Recaredo is a very old Cava house, as they have been grape growers and wine producers since 1924, but they have come to the forefront of the quality leaders recently. They have worked very hard for that, especially when it comes to work in the vineyards and respect for nature and tradition. They only use grapes from their own vineyards in the Alt Penedes zone, which are worked organically and biodynamically (Demeter certified). All grapes are hand-harvested and vinified by them and the wines are aged sur lie with cork stoppers. They are disgorged by hand without resorting to freezing the neck after no less than 30 months in contact with the lees and regular hand turning of the bottles. No liqueur de expedition is added to any of the wines, they are all Brut Nature. All wines are produced from a single vintage. I’m not sure if there is any other sparkling wine producer in the world who works with such strict standards, but what is most impressive is that all that is certified for the wines produced in the last ten years! Congratulations to the Mata family and to winemaker Ton Mata for such achievement. There is a sense of energy and harmony in their wines that is impressive; they are all highly recommended. Prices for the top-bottling can be steep, but the regular Brut Nature is a bargain." - The Wine Advocate

Bells Mercury

5 bottles left at Forsyth and New Ballas

Bells Brewing Mercury...$2.19 / 12oz
The Winged Messenger
ian Single
RELEASE DATE: December 2014
ABV: 4.8%
COLOR: Pale, straw
TASTING NOTES: Light and sessionable like its namesake, the third release in the Bell’s Planet Series, Mercury: The Winged Messenger, was inspired by the Belgian Single, a style traditionally brewed by monks in Belgium for their own consumption.
This interpretation has bready and grainy notes from Belgian malt, herbal and balanced characteristics from the hops and a subtle, but spicy character from the Belgian yeast. Fruity notes of pear are also present in this light, bright and complex session beer.

Diameter: 3,031 miles
Orbit: 88 Earth days
Day: 58.6 Earth days

2015 Lips of Faith have arrived

Online now

New Belgium Lips of Faith 2015 La Folie...$12.99 /22oz
La Folie, French for ‘the folly’, is a beer steeped in New Belgium brewing tradition. This wood-aged, sour brown spends one to three years in big, oak barrels, known as foeders. And when the beer finally hits the glass, La Folie is sharp and sour, full of green apple, cherry, and plum-skin notes. Pouring a deep mahogany, the mouthfeel will get you puckering while the smooth finish will get you smiling. Not a beer for the timid, La Folie is a sour delight that will turn your tongue on its head.

We also have a little bit left of the 2014 version collab with Boon

New Belgium / Oud Beersel 2015 Transatlantique Kriek...$12.99 /22oz
In a never-ending quest to create new beers and defy category, New Belgium Brewing and Old Beersel of Belgium have partnered to create Transatlantique Kriek, a spontaneously fermented lambic ale made with sour cherries. This authentic kriek beer began life in the oaken vessels at Gert en Jos Christiaens’ brewery in the Lembeek region of Belgium. After more than two years aging, Oud Beersel’s offering shipped across the Atlantic and found its way to the intuitive palate of New Belgium’s brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert. After much sampling and internal consultation, Peter and his brew staff created a full-bodied Belgian golden lager to round out the light-bodied kriek. The cherry nose gives way to a pleasingly sour flash across the palate that rolls gently into a slightly sweet finish. Crisp, effervescent carbonation keeps the mouthfeel bright and delightfully tingly.

Quad brewed with Plums

Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Quad Brewed with Plums...$12.99 / 4pk 12.7oz bottles
Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Quad Brewed with Plums...$3.39 / 12.7oz 
Rich, dark, and infused with the complex sweetness of abbey-grown plums.
Ovila Abbey Quad is heady with aromas of caramel, rich malt, and dark fruit balanced by the spiciness and delicate fruity notes of a traditional Belgian yeast. This complex beer is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and the monks of the Abbey of New Clairvaux. It features sugar plums grown on the grounds of the Abbey and harvested by the monks in Vina. We hope you enjoy this collaboration ale.

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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

In an effort to mix up the releases - here you go...

 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof...$54.99

All 4 of our stores got a few bottles. 

First come, first served, no reservations or phone calls.


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Ballwin Cheese Feature: MT TAM Cowgirl Creamery

Our Ballwin location is featuring MT TAM now - come in and ask for a taste.

Cowgirl Creamery MT TAM
Just North of the San Francisco Bay, Mt. Tam alpais rises like a monument to Northern California's natural beauty. In deference, Cowgirl Creamery named its signature cheese MT TAM. It's a smooth, creamy, elegant, 10-oz, triple-cream - made with tasty organic milk from the Straus Family Dairy. MT TAM is firm, yet buttery with a mellow, earthy flavor reminiscent of white mushrooms.

The Wine and Cheese Place
14748 Clayton Road, Ballwin MO

Public House - Rolla, Missouri

In stock now at Forsyth.  Into price at only $7.99 a 6 pack

Mix a 6 pack off all four if you like

Public House Rod's Cream Ale...$7.99 / 6pk 
While most modern styles of American craft beer originated elsewhere in the world, Cream Ale was born right here at home. We’ve found a lot to like in this golden little beauty: prominent malt notes complimented by a flaked maize aroma that bubbles up through the carbonation, elegantly balanced by noble hops.  Named in honor of its creator--Public House Brewer Rod Murray--we think this beer can be summed up in three big words: American. Golden. Original.
2015 - Gold Medal - Best of Craft Beer Awards
2014 - Bronze Medal - Best of Craft Beer Awards

Public House Hide and Seek Hefeweizen...$7.99 / 6pk
At Public House, we take our Hefeweizen seriously. Not only do we use traditional ingredients, but our brewers use the traditional, multi-step infusion mash method (adding time and toil to the brew day) which gives the beer the appropriate body without cloying sweetness. Pale, spicy, and fruity, our Hefeweizen is medium-bodied with a fluffy, creamy fullness that comes directly from the wheat.   Subtle flavors and aromas of banana, clove, and even bubblegum--all naturally imparted by the yeast--are balanced by slightly tart and citrusy noble hops.   Do we really need to keep going here? If you don't want one by now, you might want to check your pulse.

Public House Elusive IPA...$7.99
There’s no mistaking it for any other style, but we took the road less traveled on this modern American bellwether.   In a world loaded with IPAs, it's difficult to make one that stands out, but ours does for an unexpected reason. Rather than create an IPA that mimics the flavor profile of so many other IPAs out there, we spent six solid months brewing batches of beer with just a single hop in order to truly discover what each varietal lends to the flavor and aroma profiles of our beer. After carefully selecting the ones we found most interesting and delightful, we crafted a recipe that blends six of these hops in just the right amounts and in just the right order. The end result is one of the smoothest tasting IPAs we have ever had the privilege of drinking. We couldn't be more proud to present it to you.   By their very nature, IPAs are a notch above “session” territory and this heady brew is no exception. It comfortably lends itself to introspection and creative breakthroughs. Pour an Elusive IPA and do some real thinking.

Public House Revelation Stout...$7.99 / 6pk
Moments of revelation are rare indeed....
Lift a glass of this dry stout to your nose and breathe in the decadent aroma of dark chocolate emanating from the creamy off-white to tan-colored head. Take a sip and feel the familiar warmth of roasted coffee that goes down smooth. Notably, we don't add either of those to this beer.  The joy of discovery is unspeakable and often can only be appreciated by one's "other" senses--a third eye perhaps. Revelation Stout isn't just allegory. It's dry--with no coffee or chocolate. Just pure's a Revelation.
2014 - Silver Medal - Best of Craft Beer Awards
2012 - Bronze Medal - World Beer Cup

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La Pinta Pomegranate Liqueur

Back in stock now

La Pinta Pomegranate Liqueur....$39.99
Years ago, natives of this “Land of Colors” in Nahuatil created a drink made with pomegranate juice and a distilled spirit known as “Ponche de Granada”. The creators of La Pinta drew on their fondness for the traditional pomegranate punch and developed an ultra-premium liqueur which is truly authentic to Mexico. By using Mexico’s pride spirit, tequila, blended with rich and exotic pomegranate flavors, La Pinta is in a category of its own.

Bird Dog Apple Flavored Whiskey

Bird Dog Apple Flavored Whiskey...$16.99
Bird Dog Whiskey blends the finest aged white oak barrel Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey with all natural flavors to create a smooth, easy-drinking whiskey. At 80 proof, Bird Dog Whiskey offers a variety of amazing tasting flavored whiskeys – Peach, Hot Cinnamon, Maple, Apple, Chocolate and the original Blackberry. Our Bird Dog Bourbon has an elaborate medley of corn, malted barley and rye that formulates into a distinctive gentle bourbon. With an assortment of flavors, Bird Dog is perfect straight up, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Bird Dog Whiskey – this dog don’t bite!

E-40 - Earl Stevens Moscato

Earl Stevens is a platinum selling recording artist and actor from Vallejo California. Earl is also known by his stage name of E-40, a rap veteran entrepreneur that is mostly known for his unorthodox rap style & catchy slang words. In the early days of his career he made his name by selling tapes out the trunk of his car and now he is living his dream!

Earl Stevens California Moscato...$9.99
The aroma of this wine is over the top. The floral aromas pour out of the glass in a cacophony of honeysuckle, gardenia, orange blossom, white cherry, apple, pear and peach. WOW, this wine smells good. The flavors are very pleasant with lightly sweet layers of fruit. The finish is smooth, fruity and nicely balanced.

Stone 3 Liter!

In stock now! We only have one more in stock now!

Call 314.727.8788 to reserve if you like!

Stone Double Bastard....$86.99 / 3 Liter
As with every year in the Double Bastard Ale series, a select amount has been put into 3-litre bottles. A “Modern Marvel of Arrogance,”

A new wine from The Prisoner!

A new wine from The Prisoner!
2012 Prisoner "The Thorn Merlot...$39.99
While working with our growers, we came across small vineyard lots of Merlot, which had managed to survive being replanted to Cabernet Sauvignon. Inspired to preserve these remaining Merlot lots and introduce our distinct style of Napa Valley Merlot, Thorn was created. The wine is a blend of Merlot, along with Syrah and Malbec. Deep purple in color, the wine releases aromas of black cherry with hints of cedar and pencil lead. Dense flavors of dark fruits and rich plum are framed by velvety tannins and an opulent, lingering finish.

Winemaker Notes:
Deep purple in color, releasing aromas of black cherry with hints of cedar and pencil lead. Dense flavors of dark fruits and rich plum are framed by velvety tannins and a lush finish.
The Blend: 78% Merlot Syrah Malbec

Made from some very famous Vineyards!
The Vineyards:
Merlot: Hudson, Stagecoach, Antica
Syrah: Hudson
Malbec: Trefethen

Rogue Allegro Coffee Porter

Rogue Allegro Coffee Porter...$6.49 / 22oz
"Allegro Porter joins two of the planet's best brewed  beverages, a porter brewed with a bittersweet balance of malt and hops, and light roasted Allegro Celebration Coffee brewed for sweet notes of butterscotch, toffee and chocolate."

Rogue New Crustacean

New from Rogue

Rogue New Crustacean Barleywineish Imperial IPA Sorta...$12.99 / 750ml

STYLE: Barleywine IPA Sorta 
TASTING NOTES: Not quite a barley wine and not quite a double or imperial IPA. Just drink it and enjoy!
8 INGREDIENTS: Weyermann & Bohemian Malts; Bravo, Amarillo, Falconer's Flight & Horizon Hops; Free Range Coastal Water & Pacman Yeast
Dedicated to Crustaceans

Fee Brothers Foam

Fee Brothers Foam...$7.49 / 5 oz
Let’s face it, presentation is everything. But not every shaken drink presents the nice foamy head that is such an important finishing touch. Fee Foam is your solution. By adding only two dashes before shaking, your creations will have the finishing touch that is so visually appealing. This foaming agent does not contain egg or egg products and is taste neutral.
A dasher cap provides easy dispensing.

Whiskey Sister Bourbon

In stock now and online

Whiskey Sister Bourbon Whiksey....$18.99
Her Story
She headed east towards Nashville in a beat-up old car with fifty dollars in her pocket and a six-string guitar on the back seat. Just in case, she’d tucked the recipe for Nana’s bourbon whiskey into her left boot. Nana said, “If people can’t appreciate the sweetest sister you’ll ever meet, well, there isn’t too much you can do with people like that.” & Nana was always right.

Tasting Notes
The initial aroma is full of caramel with a supporting note of vanilla. Oak & tannin begin to show slightly & cut the caramel aroma. The finish is full of the perfect blend of caramel & oak. The first sip is indulgent: burnt sugar, plum, & heady vanilla. A heavy dose of tannin tempers the sweetness along with a long, smooth warming sensation. This is a flavorful, decadent bourbon that keeps from being assertive or overbearing.

4 Hands Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout

Online now!

4 Hands Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout....$6.49 / 22oz

Plenty in stock now at Forsyth - no limit

Silver Oak Napa Valley 2010

New 2010 NAPA Just arrived!
Valentine's special!!!
2010 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon...$95.99
Our 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a seamless wine that expresses bright, fresh fruit characters from an unusually cool California vintage. It has a vibrant, ruby color and a complex nose of boysenberries, blueberries, sage, licorice and roasted chicory. It has a luscious mouthfeel with notes of fresh fruit and carnation flowers on the palate. It has fine-grained tannins and a velvety texture that leads to a long, fruit-filled finish. Given proper cellaring, this wine should give drinking pleasure through 2031.

Whispering Angel Rose

2014 Version is here!

2014 Chateau d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rose....$19.99
Grapes grown from some of the most choice land in the surrounding region of La Motteen Provence, consisting primarily of Grenache, Rolle (Vermentino), Cinsault, Syrah and Tibouren. Harvesting at sunrise to noon.

Chateau d’Esclans is located on an exceptional site, on elevated land near the Gorges de Pennafort, twenty five kilometers northwest of the ancient Roman city of Frejus on the Mediterranean coast.  Château d’Esclans lies in the center of the Department of the Var, where the majority of Provence AOC rosé is produced.
The primary grape grown on the property is Grenache followed by Vermentino. Other grapes include Cinsault, Merlot, Mourvèdre, Syrah, and Tibouren.  The château is known for its old Grenache vines which produce grapes that offer greater concentration of flavor than do the younger vines. As the elevation to where the lots are situated increases, so do the age of the vines. At the highest elevated lot vines are as old as 90 years.

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New Ballas Cheese Feature: Gooda Basil Garlic

New Ballas is featuring Gooda with Basil and Garlic
Cut fresh to order, come ask for a taste

Gooda with Basil and Garlic
This creamy smooth cheese has been delicately seasoned with basil and garlic. The slightly higher fat content gives the cheese a richer flavor and creamier texture. It’s a Gooda® style cheese, so it is easy to melt, grate or slice. Great on bagels and in omelets.

Rock Hill Cheese Feature : Rosemary Asiago

Cut Fresh to order, come ask for a taste at our Rock Hill location

Sartori Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago
Heralded as the “dew of the sea,” Rosmarinus officinalis provides the perfect savory high note for this rich, nutty and fruity taste sensation. A gold-medal winner of the World Championship Cheese Contest, this extraordinary delight wears its laurels as lightly as the perfect balance of hand-rubbed rosemary and Italian olive oil.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Deleon Tequila from Sean Combs

DELEÓN® Tequila was launched in 2009 to an elite following in Hollywood and the U.S. music industry and purchased in 2014 by a joint venture between business mogul and international style icon, Sean Combs and the world’s largest spirits company, Diageo.

Deleon Platinum Tequila...$51.99 / 750ml
Exquisite highland agave is slowly roasted in traditional clay ovens for a subtle taste profile with a whisper of sweet agave, citrus, warm spice and smooth vanilla on the finish.

Classification: Tequila Blanco
Color: Crystal Clear
Aroma: Fresh citrus and crisp agave
Taste: Opens up with a rich complexity driven by notes of coconut and fresh citrus with a hint of lime
Finish: Warm brown spice and vanilla finishing with unparalleled smoothness

Deleon Reposado Tequila...$55.99 / 750ml
The finest highland Tequila is gently aged in bold American Oak and then finished in delicate French Oak wine casks creating a balanced profile, with vanilla, dried fruit, and a hint of spice on the finish. A combination of French wine casks and American white oak casks are used to achieve the ideal flavor complexity and rich aromatics.
Classification: Tequila Reposado
Color: Deep amber
Aroma: Inviting aromas of cinnamon and butterscotch
Taste: Soft hints of caramelized oak balanced with layers of spice and refined dried fruit with a touch of red berries
Finish: Smooth vanilla and a hint of clove