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2019 Comte de Langeron Cotes du Rhone Linteau

2019 Comte de Langeron Cotes du Rhone Linteau...$16.99
70% Grenache and 30% Syrah

We love Rhones wines. We are always looking out for new and exciting Cotes du Rhone as they represents some of the best values in red wine. They are also great food wines too.
The medium bodied 2019 Cotes du Rhone shows notes of black olives and Mediterranean herbs, but also shows plenty of fleshy black raspberry fruit. It us a blend of 70% Grenache, 30% Syrah. Concentrated but supple, it's round and expansive in the mouth, finishing with a subtle dusting of ripe tannins and hints of coffee.

2016 Chateau Les Clauzots Graves Rouge

Château les Clauzots in Saint Pierre de Mons is a place where wines are embedded in the terroir. The vineyard is situated on left side of the Garonne, South of Bordeaux and dates back more than a century. For five generations the Tach family have been custodians of the land. The winemaking knowledge and viticulture expertise has been handed down from Frederic, the current owner, to his two sons, Adrien and Maxime.

More than one hundred years of history!

2016 Chateau Les Clauzots Graves Rouge....$24.99
Attractive ripe dark berries with rich, toasty spices that lead to a very fleshy and succulent palate that carries a long, smooth and supple array of bright, sturdy tannins. Long and plush. Try from 2022.
Rated 91/100 James Suckling

"2016...The constant good weather and the freshness of the nights favored full maturity of the red grape varieties. The potential quality is excellent for each grape variety; the grapes are rich and had an intensity exceptional fruitiness on the eve of the harvest. The color is dense and brilliant, ruby ​​with purple reflections. Delicate nose of great freshness, generous and bursting with red fruits and spices. The palate is tasty and silky, followed by a rich structure, with fruity, velvety and fine tannins. The grain of tannin, racy and ripe testifies of a nice extraction, moderate and smooth. The expression of berries reds as well as fresh and soft wood offer remarkable tension as well as a good aging capacity in the wine" - winery

Richemer La Cave du Port Vermentino Viognier

2019 Richemer La Cave du Port Vermentino Viognier Blend...$12.99
  • 55% Vermentino
  • 45% Viognier
Bright and lively yellow.  A beautifully intense nose supplied by the Viognier , very fruity with dominant citrus and stone fruit notes. The touch of vanilla completes the fruity notes.   Very fresh, a well-balanced acidity with an rich and lush feel. A long finish with aromas of full-flavoured grapefruit and apricots. Serve with  Shellfish, grilled fish, white meats or quite simply for an aperitif.

Soil: The Mediterranean waterfront is principally composed of two types of sediments: tertiary (sand, clay) and quaternary (gravel).
Climate: Mediterranean, along with special humidity and freshness from the Étang de Thau, creating the finest white wines.

Orange Wine!

Many say that Orange wine is where Rose wine was about 5 years ago.  It is the up and coming category.

We have added a number of new Orange Wines at our Forsyth location
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Orange Wine is Trending for All the Right Reasons

The Wine Enthusiast Article
“It’s common to get wine-style-fatigue at the end of a season,” says Michael Kennedy, founder of Component Wine Company in Napa Valley. He’s also managing partner at Chandler Hill Vineyards in Defiance, Missouri. “I start tiring of my Bordeaux and Rhône reds by the time March rolls around, even though it is still quite chilly out. When I want a white [wine] with some guts to bridge me through, orange wine can do that job perfectly.”

Orange wines, also known as skin-contact wines and amber wines, are made from white grapes. They possess both the flavors of white varieties with the texture and tannins common to red wine. It’s the result after the grape skins are allowed to ferment with the pressed juice.

“The skins contribute color, body and an impression of some tannin that changes the wine’s texture, as well as changing the flavors of the wine from fresh, fruity notes to more complex, developed aromas and flavors such as nuts and dried fruits,” says Mary Ewing-Mulligan, MW, president of the International Wine Center in New York City.

Fueled by changing trends, the age-old style is being revived by winemakers. Many sommeliers, who previously found skin-contact wines difficult to pair, now embrace their distinctive characteristics.

Historically, orange wines were simply referred to as “white wines made using grape skins,” says Ewing-Mulligan. The style remained popular in the countries of Georgia, Greece and Slovenia. The process was thought to result in less waste and greater shelf life.

“This style gave preservative properties to the wine through extraction of compounds from the skins, which allowed the wine to last longer,” says Ashley Guertin, certified sommelier and beverage director for the Barbara Lynch Collective in Boston.

Advances in technology during the 20th century saw a shift away from these wines. The crisp qualities of modern white wines overshadowed skin-contact offerings.

“In recent times, several producers in Friuli pioneered a return to this ancient way of making white wine,” says Ewing-Mulligan. “Besides fermenting the juice on the skins, they eschewed modern practices such as temperature control of the fermentation, the use of sulfur dioxide, and filtration.”

These hands-off methods align with the trend toward natural wines. As demand for natural wines increased, skin-contact bottlings regained a space in the market.White grapes being crushed/Getty

“Many producers would characterize orange wines in that [natural wine] category,” says Ewing-Mulligan. “Wine drinkers who are keen to explore something different, wines with individuality, even to the point that others might consider flaws, are finding what they crave in orange wines.”

The intricacies of skin-contact wines both helped and hindered their mainstream appeal, something Kennedy experienced firsthand as head sommelier for chef Eric Ripert’s Blue at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

“I found them difficult in pairings,” he says. “Texturally, they would beat up on [Ripert’s] delicate seafood.” Kennedy now says the style “can be so exotically perfumed and confusing to the palate, that I keep going back for more.”

He expects to release an orange wine in June, the Chandler Hill Vineyards 2019 Marigold Orange Estate Vignoles. “It was a bit of a risk, but the wine is super floral, tropical and zesty,” says Kennedy.

Guertin recommends that skin-contact white wines be served cool, not cold, to display their range of flavors.

“Many of these wines are made in a more noninterventionist style, which can include no filtration,” says Guertin. “The resulting wines can have some sediment [and] be cloudy. This is intentional and adds to the character of the wine. If it really bothers you, allow the wine to stand up for 24 hours and decant it, leaving the sediment behind.” She adds that it will also soften the wine.

The natural qualities and fresh flavors allow skin-contact wines to accompany dishes from charcuterie boards to Asian cuisine.

“Don’t try to put orange wines into a box of what you know, expecting it to be white wine or rosé,” he says. “Doing this will hinder enjoyment. Allow it to be what it is, an aromatic, textural and genre-expanding wine that will take time to get to know.”  

Day Wines Tears of Vulcan Orange Wine

Orange Wine

2018 Day Wines Tears of Vulcan Orange Wine....$14.99

Lowest price on Wine-Searchers is $27.09
44% Viognier, 36% Pinot Gris, and 20% Muscat

This beautiful, amber colored, skin contact wine hails from Willamette, Oregon where the volcanic soils inspired the powerful wine label. This orange wine is a blend of Viognier, Pinot Gris, and Muscat, creating layers of citrus peels, minerality, and bergamot tea on the nose. Spending 23 days of fermentation of skins, this wine has a great texture, with a lightly grippy finish. 

Ely by Callaway

2019 Ely by Callaway  Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley Reserve....$12.99
The Napa Valley Ely Reserve Sauvignon Blanc offers fresh aromatic notes of lime, honeydew melon and guava leading to tropical notes and a refreshing finish.

2018 Ely By Callaway Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles....$12.99
Compare to $14.99 at Total Wine and More
Silver Medal, International Wine Competition
Paso Robles is an ideal region for growing bold Cabernet Sauvignon because of its long hot days, crisp, cool nights, and diverse soils. Ely by Callaway Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon evokes notes of dark fruit, especially blueberries and blackberries, finishing with dusty tannins.

2017 Ely by Callaway Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Reserve...$19.99
Compare to $21.99 at Total Wine and More
94 Points & Platinum Medal, International Wine Competition
Ely by Callaway Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is full bodied and rich, with notes of blueberry, mocha, and black cherry finishing with firm and dusty tannins.

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Medimer Marselan Rose

new 2019 vintage!

2019 Medimer Marselan Rose....$14.99
Fresh and quaffable
Marselan is a French wine grape that was first bred in 1961 - it is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache
Nice pink color with a beautiful brightness. It has a pleasantly tart, lemony nose that develops into grapefruit. Pleasant acidity, the mouth is light with good strawberry and raspberry fruit and a nice dry finish that lasts and lasts.

Le Grand Valmal Cotes du Rhone ROSE

Great new Rose, perfect for Thanksgiving.

2019 Le Grand Valmal Cotes du Rhone ROSE....$13.99
  • 40% Cinsault
  • 30% Syrah
  • 20% Grenache
  • 10% Mourvedre
A very plummy and black fruited rose.  Medium to full bodied with created by an amazing blend of Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre.   It is bright and refreshing with a dry and intense finish.   Looks gorgeous in the glass too!

Hoof Hearted Everybody Wants Some Double IPA

Nelson Sauvin Hops
Hoof Hearted Everybody Wants Some Double IPA...$4.99 / 16oz can
Double IPA - 8% ABV
And he's got me vuelto loco, amigos. Everybody Wants Some!! is a rotating single-hop DIPA. It's the only acceptable response to the call of DLR-era Van Halen + 80's cult classic movies. A giant teddy bear, bigger than you. Sounds great. No, it really does sound good. But look Beth, I gotta go. The Christmas tree is on fire.

Hoof Hearted Faster than Future Imperial Stout

Hoof Hearted Faster than Future Imperial Stout...$6.99 / 16oz can
Imperial Stout with raspberry, vanilla and marcona almonds added
13.5% ABV

4 Noses El Jefe Caliente Imperial Stout

4 Noses El Jefe Caliente Imperial Stout...$14.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Imperial Stout 
Brewed with coffee, cinnamon, chilis and lactose

Meinklang Weisser Mulatshak Orange Wine

Orange Wine

Meinklang Weisser Mulatshak Orange Wine...$18.99
Region: Neusiedlersee
Grape: Welschriesling, Pinot Gris, Traminer
Vineyard Size: 70 hectares
Soil: sandy loam, rocky topsoil
Average Age of Vines: 10-30 years
Farming: biodynamic
Harvest: by hand
Winemaking: 5-7 day maceration, spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts
Aging: 4 months in stainless steel sur lie

Thursday, November 12, 2020

More Orange Wines

More Orange Wines

2019 Brash Higgins Zibibbo Orange Wine...$35.99
Only 288 cases made
Brash Higgins Zibibbo 2019:A truly intriguing wine - A bone-dry muscat which has been fermented with native wild yeasts and kept in contact with the skins and seeds for six month all in terracotta amphorae.
"Cloudy and a diaphanous, pale copper in appearance. The wine is dry yet exudes tantalising herbal, spice and stone fruit aromas. Complex nose of apricot, graphite/pencil shavings, cut ginger, cloves, elderflower, white pepper, Belgian white ale, and wild honey leaps from the glass. On the palate, the wine has a soft entry but with good grip, an earthy sweet chalk/clay element with notes of lemon oil, tangerines, tea and cinnamon apples"

2016 San Fereolo's Coste del Riavolo Langhe Bianco Orange Wine...$31.99
Nicoletta Bocca's lone white wine is from a steeply-sloped, north-facing parcel just below the winery, an an elevation of 500 meters. It is 70% Riesling and 30% Gewurztraminer, which is co-fermented in a large wood vat after a 5-day maceration. After 24 to 30 months in a mix of large barrels, it spends a year in bottle.

Warm orchard fruit is generous in texture with a freshness and acidity that speaks to both the dominant Riesling character and the mineral soil.

Troon Vineyard Kubli Bench Amber (Orange Wine)

Orange Wine

2019 Troon Vineyard Kubli Bench Amber...$25.99
Amber (Orange Wine)
Biodynamic and Organic
2019 Kubli Bench Amber, Estate Orange Wine, Applegate Valley 
Scents of orange blossoms abound, and the flavors are exceptionally fresh and clean. The sharp acids emphasize flavors of citrus flesh and rind, and there are noticeable tannins, firming up the finish. Drink now and into 2022.
Rated 90/100 The Wine Enthusiast

The Kubli Bench Blend Series: We are excited to bring an Orange Wine to our series of Kubli Bench Estate blends that also includes a Rouge, Blanc and Rosé. Blending allows us to craft wines of great complexity and depth. Our Kubli Bench Amber is the more forward and fruity of our Orange Wines, which are made by making wines from white grapes using the same techniques as you would use to make red wine. The result is a very structured white wine with a distinct orange color. These are the most versatile of wines that can be served with almost any food. We love it as an aperitif with a broad range of appetizers. "Light amber in color, this wine smells of candied kumquat and wet leaves. In the mouth flavors of yellow plum, orange peel, vanilla and herbs have a wonderfully nice balance of fruity zing and earthier savory notes. Delightfully autumnal in quality thanks to the skin contact fermentation. A blend of 74% Riesling, 16% Vermentino and 10% Viognier" Alder Yarrow in Vinography

Maturana Naranjo Torontel Orange Wine

Orange Wines

2019 Maturana Naranjo Torontel Orange Wine...$23.99

100% Torontel
It is a wine made with grapes of the Torontel variety planted in free standing at the beginning of the year 1935, these are selected and harvested by hand.  Our Naranjo is vinified with the ORANGE WINES or AMBER WINES method and is in contact with the grape skins for approximately 9 months, in concrete eggs.
It is a wine made with grapes of the Torontel variety planted in free standing at the beginning of the year 1935, these are selected and harvested by hand.
The Maturana brothers lost their family home and vineyards in the 2010 earthquake. As a result they changed their business to focus on small-batch artisan wines, such as this Naranja made from a 4ha plot of 80-year-old Torontel vines. Fermented on skins in concrete eggs, it's intensely aromatic, with peach, apricot, lychee and orange peel leaping out of the glass. The textured palate is more restrained with subtle stone fruit, orange and lemon citrus, sprinkled with spice, plus good cleansing acidity and a crisp, juicy finish. A perfect orange wine for people who say they don't like orange wine...
Drinking Window 2020 - 2023
Rated 92/100 Decanter Magazine
Chosen as the Best Orange Wine in Chile for 4 consecutive years in «Descorchados Guide – Patricio Tapia» with 95 Points

2018 Maturana Semillon Orange Wine....$23.99
A joyful semillon that’s brimming with candied-citrus and cooked-quince character. I love the warm, round palate that’s fresh enough for a few years more, but is delicious now. Where is that roast chicken?
Rated 92/100 James Suckling
Although Paradones is often thought of as a new wine-growing area, the truth is that it has a long tradition and this wine proves it.
From vineyards in that area, planted in 1928, 20% of this wine was fermented and aged with its skins to obtain that firm structure that today presents a white with a great structure, a long finish showing incredible minerality and great freshness.
ORIGIN:  Colchagua Valley Coast, Paredones, Chile
VARIETY 100% Semillón

Savage Grace Gewurztraminer Orange Wine

Orange Wine

2019 Savage Grace Gewurztraminer Orange Wine...$23.99
Oak Ridge Vineyard
Columbia Gorge
This dry and aromatic wine was fermented on the skins using native yeasts. It is marked by rich and bright tones of rose-petal, lychee, tangerine and spice.
Vegan Friendly

Cotes du Rhone - Le Grand Valmal

A new star from the Rhone Valley!

2018 Le Grand Valmal Cotes du Rhone Generation....$13.99
80% Grenache and 20% Syrah
This is a very impressive Cotes du Rhone. It has everything you want it a great value Cotes du Rhone.  It has an opaque purple color with a big nose that almost smells like a Northern Rhone.  Large amounts of dark fruits like blackberry, black cherry, cassis and a great density and very full bodied for this price.  

2018 Le Grand Valmal Cotes du Rhone Villages Vieilles Vignes...$17.99
60% Syrah, 20% Grenache, 20% Mourvedre
This Rhone is the real deal and a sensational value!  Could easily be confused for a Chateauneuf do Pape
Floral notes accent fresh mixed berries in this 2017 Cotes du Rhone Villages that is made from Old Vine Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. The Syrah dominates and leads to a full-bodied wine but with silky tannins. It has a slight pepperiness to add some dimension and complexity. This wine is produced by the third generation on this estate and it is a fruit driven Cotes du Rhone with great roundness and complexity.

Booker's Small Batch Bourbon Pigskin Batch

Booker's Small Batch Bourbon Pigskin Batch....$74.99
  • ABV 63.65%
  • Batch 20-03
  • Aged 6 Years 7 Months and 7 days

Benchmark Old No. 8 Brand Eggnog from Buffalo Trace

From Buffalo Trace

Benchmark Old No. 8 Brand Eggnog...$9.99 / 750ml
Eggnog with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
15% ABV

Leeuwin Art Series Chardonnay

Patience is not a virtue of mine, particularly when it comes to tasting wines. I am always looking to taste and promote what is new. Every once in a while we find a hidden gem in our distributor’s portfolio with just the right amount of age on it, today is one of those days.

2013 Leeuwin Art Series Chardonnay....$79.99
Margaret River Chardonnay
Elegant and graceful, this opens to supple lemon and tangerine flavors, accented by spice, cedar, mineral and white floral touches. Everything is precise and supple, with a juicy touch on the epic finish. Drink now through 2026. 600 cases imported.
Rated 96/100 The Wine Spectator

Disaronno Velvet Cream Liqueur

Disaronno Velvet Cream Liqueur....$26.99
Compare to $31.99 at Total Wine and More

Disaronno Velvet is a smooth cream liqueur with the unique and compelling taste of Disaronno, the world's favourite Italian liqueur. Best served over ice.

Granny's Gingerbread Cream Liqueur

From Sazerac

Granny's Gingerbread Cream Liqueur...$9.99
Compare to $10.99 at Total Wine and More

Made with the same care, love and quality ingredients that your grandmother used. One sip of Granny's Gingerbread Cream will take you back to the warmth and cozy comfort of her home during the holidays. Delicious over ice, neat or in your coffee, hot chocolate, chai tea or egg nog, make Granny's Gingerbread Cream part of your new holiday traditions.

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Gran Corralejo Añejo Tequila

Gran Corralejo Añejo Tequila...$92.99 / liter bottle
This product of great excellence is 100% agave tequila, aged for 2 years in American oak barrels. The flavour produced by time and by the craftsmanship that went into making the contents of its majestic bottle must be savoured to be fully appreciated.
Colour: Ochre with highly intense light flashes.
Aromas: Rich tones combined with woody notes of chocolate, vanilla and walnut.
Finish in the mouth: Silky with sweet tones that finish with a lingering wood taste on the palate.
Alcohol content: 38% alc. Vol.