Friday, December 18, 2009

Boulevard Collab

Boulevard posted on their facebook page a video of the beer being bottled!!!
If you have a facebook account -- click here to see the video

The Collaboration is getting closer....sometime in January

"With this Imperial Pilsner, Jean-Marie Rock and Steven Pauwels have revived a beer brewed by Rock at the beginning of his career. For more than 30 years only a cherished memory, it lives again in the bottle you now hold. A starkly simple recpie combined with an exquisitely complex brewing process produce a beer of subtle elegance, a study in delicately balanced contrasts. 100% Pilsner malts makes a clear yet restrained opening statement, answered by the steady, harmonious chorus of Saaz hops, echoes of which linger in the dry, crisp finish." -- back label

Great gifts!

Order our fresh nut (dry roasted in the store), candy and fruit rounds.
Prices start at $7.99

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Delicious, delicious!!!

Stunning Wine!
2007 L'Aventure Estate Cuvee.....$69.99
on sale - net price

"2007 Estate Cuvee is a blockbuster. A seamlessly built, multidimensional effort, it boasts a black/blue color as well as a gorgeous perfume of graphite, charcoal, blueberry and blackberry liqueur, truffles, bouquet garni, and a subtle hint of oak. Superb texture and power in addition to a seamless integration of acidity, alcohol, tannin, and wood suggest it will evolve for 10-15 years."

Rated 95/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Craft beer from Spain?

Cervesera del Montseny
"The hop plant: in Latin humulus lupulus. Lovely, aromatic hops are what this aromatic ale is all about.Just two years ago, Pablo Vijande and
friends founded Spain's first commercial craft brewery in the small town of Seva, north of Barcelona at the foot of the Montseny mountains. For years Pablo has been the odd man out in wine-drinking Spain, where no hops or barley for malting are grown. He sold home-brewing materials, ran an instructional brewer's festival, and even worked as a volunteer in an English ale brewery for a spell -- all the time saving up money to start up CCM.
So far, the brewery has focused primarily on three year-round beers, and these three are the first to arrive in the U.S. They are all in English styles, naturally, all made with great care and the best ingredients, and all brewed to the sound of Flamenco music reverberating through the small, spartan brewhous
e in Seva. The hops they throw into the kettle at CCM are mostly Nugget, not the noblest of varieties, but the one most widely used by the larger more established Spanish breweries. Pablo feels that they give the beer a particularly Spanish character. The yeast is a complex English strain, which, like so many British tourists, is really flourishing in the hospitable climate around Barcelona.The province of Catalonia is the epicenter of true beer appreciation in Spain, and that's where all of Pablo's beers have been sold -- until now, of course. For the U.S., the CCM beers have been outfitted with new labels based on the painting of Joan Miró, whose rich, quirky, mysterious work is emblematic of Barcelona and Catalonia. (We at Shelton Brothers just love the simple things in life: art and beer.)" -- Importer

Available online now

Montseny Lupulus Iberian Ale....$4.49 / 330ml
Beer style: IBER ALE – top-fermented lager style of our country. With this top-fermented beer we rediscover the traditional beers of our Iberian ancestors (Archaeological sites: The village of Geno (Lleida) dates to 1,000 BC Bronze Age; Can Sadurni Begues (Barcelona) dates to 3000 BC Neolithic Age). The recipe includes malts and hops used in current high-consumption domestic beers of the Pilsen style (bottom-fermented) or Lager family. Tasting notes: All the intensity of hops in combination with Pilsen malt, to quench the thirst.
Malt: Pilsen, wheat and caramel
Hops: Cascade, Fuggles, Nugge
t, Target and Styrian Golding. Yeast.

Monteseny Negra Stout...$4.49 /330ml

Beer style: STOUT ALE – Top-fermented dark Irish stout with 4 cereal grains (barley, wheat, oats and rye). It is a style known worldwide for the Guinness brand, but in its more natural state (without filtering or pasteurising) it is known as Real Ale.
Tasting notes: Combines the complexity of toasted flavours with the mellowness of the cereals to give rise to a nutritious and regenerative beer.

Malts: Pale Ale, crystal, chocolate, coffee, caramel and black malt; Cereals: toasted barley, flakes of barley, wheat, oats and rye.
Hops: Hallertau Hersbruck,
Northern Brewer and Styrian Golding. Yeast.

From the Island of Corsica....

Available online - click here

Pietra Corsican Chestnut Ale....$6.99 / 750ml

"Pietra beer, the first beer Brasserie Pietra brewed, is a bottom-fermenting amber ale brewed with chestnut flour, mixed into the malt during mashing. It was important to founders Dominique and Armelle Sialelle that this beer include chestnuts, as they are a symbol of Corsica. They write on on their website: "In Corsica, chestnut trees are almost sacred. They are called “bread trees” or even the “tree of life”. “From birth till death, a Corsican’s whole time is lived under the influence of the chestnut tree”. This old saying illustrates perfectly the Corsicans’ fondness for this splendid tree. Corsica has even been called “the civilisation of the chestnut tree”. Corsica is one of the last regions in Europe where the dried fruit of the chestnut tree is still made into flour which is then used in many different dishes: the delicious pulenta or different types of cakes, nicci...As you can see, the sweet chestnut is used as a cereal in Corsica. And beer is mainly a matter of water and cereals...The sweet chestnuts used in making Pietra beer come from a chestnut orchard in Castagniccia, probably the highest in Europe at over 1,000 metres altitude. The fruits are picked up by hand in the traditional fashion then brought down – in part on donkeys’ backs for those trees are in the most difficult spots – then sorted by hand. This guarantees high-quality flour, coming from a totally natural growing process and age-old skills."The chestnut flour makes Pietra "strong and woody, with a delicate bitterness". A lovely taste of the island of Corsica." -- importer

Pietra Colomba....$6.99 / 750ml

"A perfectly refreshing and full-flavored wheat beer, made with beguiling herbs and spices that grow naturally on the mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica - Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon, and a place of striking contrasts that displays at once a lush French Riviera-style sophistication, and warm-blooded Italianate passion and intrigue." -- back label

Scottish brew...

Inveralmond Ossian Ale....$4.99 / 500ml

"Ossian, Son of Fingal, was a legendary 3rd century Scottish warrior. Sir Walter Scott wrote:

’In this still glen, remote from men, Sleeps Ossian, in the narrow glen’

This superb golden ale continues to win awards including, in its cask version, the Champion Beer of Scotland. It is perilously smooth and drinkable with distinct nutty tones and fruitiness. First Gold, Perle and Cascade hops create our unique spicy orange zesty aroma and refreshing flavour." -- brewery

Ise Kadoya

New brews from Japan -- Ise Kadoyo

Ise Kadoya has made miso and soy sauce according to ancient tradition in a centuries-old wood building in old Ise for hundreds years, and now brews beer in small batches in the same traditional, natural way.

Ise Kadoya Brown Ale....$7.49 / 500ml
"After our success at the 2003 Australian International Beer Awards, our brewmaster, Mr. Nakanishi, set his sights on creating a beer that would exceed the successes of our Pale Ale. The result was Brown Ale. By using the ideal combination of four different kinds of hops. Wonderfully layered, Brown Ale has a delightfully broad range of aromas and flavors that compared with Pale Ale, is slightly more complex and richer. This complex yet smooth ale is a testament to Ise Kadoya’s continuous efforts to creating a better beer."" - importer

Ise Kadoya Stout....$7.49 / 500ml
"Heavily roasted black and chocolate malts are added to our Pale base malt to create a uniquely bitter and rich finish to our Stout. With a rich, coffee-like texture and a dry and smooth finish, it’s the perfect winter companion with any of our winter oyster dishes. And if that weren’t enough, it makes the perfect black and tan along with our Pale Ale."" - importer

Available online also

Saphir hop

Mahrs Saphir Weiss....$4.49 / 500ml
Extra Hoppy Amber Weiss
"Mahr's master brewer Stephan Michel has a new love -- an exciting and saucy new variety of Hallertauer hop called Saphir, German for "sapphire". There's a metric ton of Saphir hops in this ground-breaking Weiss." -- back label.

2009 Schlafly's are here...

2009 Schlafly Reserves have arrived at Forsyth!!
2009 Schlafly Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
"We aged this Imperial Stout in Bourbon barrels, which contribute caramel and oak flavors to balance the roasty maltiness of the stout. This 2009 vintage will age well in a cool, dark place for several years but is ready to enjoy now. Try it with a piece of chocolate and see why we went to the trouble." -- label
2009 Schlafly Ale Aged on Oak Barleywine
"This Barleywine-style ale was aged on oak, adding a nutty, roasty-flavor to the sweet bready character of the ale. This 2009 vintage will age well for several years but is ready to drink now. Enjoy it with spicy dishes and grilled meats -- especially game-to bring out its best flavors." -- label

Order Schlafly online


Open House Tasting!
2009 Barrel Aged Series Kick-Off
December 18, 2009 4-6pm
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd
Clayton, MO 63105

Meet Dan Kopman Co-Founder and Vice President
of Schlafly

He will be on hand to talk about and taste....

Here is what we will taste:

2009 Schlafly Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
2008 Schlafly Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
2007 Schlafly Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
2006 Schlafly Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

2009 Schlafly Oak Aged Barleywine
2008 Schlafly Oak Aged Barleywine
2007 Schlafly Oak Aged Barleywine
2006 Schlafly Oak Aged Barleywine

Plus Schlafly Christmas Ale


Great last minute gifts....
(not at all stores call 314-727-8788 for info, we can transfer to the store closest to you)

Of course we have all the basics like Waiters Corkscrew, Screwpull, Decanters, Vacu Vin, Cellar Wine Tags, Wine Label removers, Champagne Stoppers....
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Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator...$34.99
"Wine needs to breathe. Wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better. As wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavors. Traditionally, decanters were used to aerate wine. However, decanting is time consuming, cumbersome, and inconvenient. Vinturi's patent pending design speeds up this process with ease and convenience. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. All the taste with none of the wait. Simply hold vinturi over a glass and pour wine through. Vinturi draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. You'll notice a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. It's that fast. It's that easy." -- Vinturi
Wine Enthusiast Complete Wine Taste & Aromas Kit...$169.99
Target...$199.95..............Saks Fifth Avenue...$200.00

Taste and smell wine like an expert. Master your wine senses! This comprehensive kit will help you to identify wine tastes and aromas like a true connoisseur. You'll develop an extensive wine vocabulary and be well educated when selecting wines at restaurants and stores. You'll also impress your friends with how much you know! Contents below come neatly organized in a solid pine gift box with leather handles and brass latch. Includes detailed instruction booklet. Set Includes:
9 vials of the most common essences (tastes) found in wine, including fruity and oak
9 essence coasters for identifying specific wine tastes
2 tasting glasses for sampling wine essences
36 vials of the most common aromas found in wine, including dark chocolate and apple
36 aroma cards describing scents and the specific wines in which they are present.

Wine Enthuisast Essential Wine Tasting Kit...$39.99
Learn how to host a tasting party! Host a great wine tasting party with this complete new essential wine tasting kit. Created by the editors of the prestigious Wine Enthusiast Magazine, you'll find all the how-to's and essentials of hosting over 30 wine tastings.

Kit includes: Wine Enthusiast Magazine Pocket Guide to Wine plus 2006 Vintage Chart, 2 tasting checklist notepads, 6 bottle bags, 6 bottle stoppers, 24 bottle tags, a blank wine journal, 2 wine label removers and a coupon for two free issues of Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

World Wine Challenge DVD Game...$24.99
"The World Wine Challenge makes it fun to test your wine knowlede and learn more about fine wines. Spin the glove to lan on one of the world's great wine regions and field challenging questions about its wines. With over 500 randomized questions and three levels of difficulty there are sure to be many new discoveries." -- Barry Wiss, CWE

"World Wine Challenge is a perfect pairing with a glass of wine. Find out whay already know about wine and learn what you don't" -- Janice Fuhrman, Author, Decanter Magazine

Wine Enthusiast Cork Board Kit...$19.99
16" x 16" Maple stained wood frame, felt protectors, hanging hook, glue, and instructions included.

Holds approximately 130 corks (not included)

"Pop those wine corks...and create a wine cork bulletin board. Our wine cork kits are one of our most popular products, since half the fun is in the making! The bulletin board in maple is perfect for the kitchen, home office, or wine cellar. We supply the hardwood frame, glue and instructions. You supply the wine corks. Gift boxed." -- Wine Enthusiast

Preservino Wine Preserving Kit....$31.99
Locks in freshness of wine for 2 weeks!
TIME Magazine declared the Preservino to be one of the "Best Inventions of 2006"!
The moment you open a bottle of wine, exposure to air begins to change the wine's flavor, color and aroma. Preservino products use Argon gas to Lock in Freshness. Our new Champagne products are the first in the world to protect the Bubbles and Flavor of your fine sparking wines. Open a bottle today and revel in the same delicious taste many days later without spoilage. Preservino allows you to open your fine wines more often, knowing that you'll enjoy every drop

"The wine without Preservino wine preservation was unswallowable after 14 days. The wine with Preservino wine preservation was still very good to drink." --Georg Riedel - President, Riedel Crystal

"It really works!.......Unabashed praise for products that actually live up to the hype......The Pek Preservino." -- National Post (Toronto, Canada

Centellino Aerator...$39.99
It works great, we use it at the store.

"The "CENTELLINO" is the one-dose wine decanter.The "Centellino" is a registered trade-mark, and a design patented, hand made in Italy, by blown glass. The "Centellino" is a wine item with tested technical results.The "Centellino" decants, oxidises and provides the perfect quantity of wine for tasting (100ml. for red and white wine, 60ml. for raising wine, and 35ml. for Brandy and distilled). The wine, during its flowing down into the “amphora” of "Centellino" spreading on the walls, frees all its flavours and its organoleptic properties.The "Centellino" besides being a tool for pouring, it is also, due to its design, a beautiful ornamental item." -- Centellino

Brazilian beer...

Itaipava Pilsen....$8.29
From Brazil
One of the top 3 beers in Brazil
Itaipava is the perfect Beer for the consumer that likes light, flavorful beers. With only 4.5% alcohol, you can indulge with yet another Itaipava.

Chocolate Wine

This is flying off the shelves. The distributor is selling about 500 cases a week. We are only allowed to get 5 cases per store per week. We just got more in stock today!!

ChocoVine....$9.99 / 750ml
The taste of dutch chocolate and fine red wine!

"ChocoVine is a fine French Cabernet subtly combined with a rich dark Chocolate from Holland, paired together to create a decadent, silky smooth drink, which can be served by itself on the rocks or as the main ingredient to an array of sinful cocktails." -- ChocoVine

This was poured at our last Charity tasting at Provisions Gourmet Market, and it was a hit!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Belgium Lips of Faith

Looks like New Belgium is expanding their bottled Lips of Faith series....
Not sure if or when we will see them in St. Louis.

Currently we get four Lips of Faith brews here in St. Louis
(click on them to read more)
Lips of Faith La Folie
Lips of Faith Transatlantique Kriek
Lips of Faith Le Fleur Misseur
Lips of Faith Biere De Mars

Beer notes....

Just got in a fresh batch of the Caldera IPA and Amber.

The distributor was out for a few weeks, not dated, but should be extra fresh.
Voted one of the ten best canned beers by Bon Appetit Magazine - click here

Plus we picked up a growler of Six Row Brewing Extra Pale.
Extra Pale Ale
Six Row's Extra Pale Ale is a crisp, clean, dry and unmistakably hoppy American-style pale ale. We showcase citrusy Cascade hops from the American northwest for aroma and bittering. You'll enjoy an inviting aroma up front with a refined, smooth, bittering at the finish that doesn't overpower despite the IBU rating. It's "extra" pale because we use less caramel and more pale malt than your typical American pale ale. This imparts a lighter color with a sweet grain aroma and medium body.
(ABV: 6.08%, Bitterness Units: 40.3 IBUs, Color: 5.0, Original Gravity: 13.27 degrees Plato)

Come in for a taste while it lasts
(not for sale)
Read more about Six Row -- click here

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Benriach Scotch Gift Sets

From the twice-distiller-of-the-year, BenRiach, comes a holiday pack that is not to be missed...

The Classic Pack contains 4x50ml miniatures.
This is the complete collection of the BenRiach classic Speyside range.
The Classic of Speyside Malt
BenRiach 12 year old
BenRiach 16 year old
BenRiach 20 year old

The Classic & Peated Pack 4x50ml miniatures
offers up the best of both worlds
BenRiach 12 year old
BenRiach 16 year old
BenRiach 10 year old Curiositas peated
BenRiach 21 year old Authenticus peated


Briottet Vieux Marc de Bourgogne....$37.99

"Vieux Marc de Bourgogne BRIOTTET is produced from the distillation of marc from grapes growing in the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune regions. To obtain an exceptional Marc de Bourgogne, we allow it to age in new oak barrels containing 228 litres. The result is an extreme roundness and the development of that incomparable “taste from the soil”. It can be mixed with Crème de Cassis de Dijon (Burgundian recipe) or drunk straight after a meal." -- Briottet

More great liqueurs...

We are proud to introduce these great French liqueurs to St. Louis...

Pages Parfait Amour Creme De Violet.....$33.99 / 750ml
"Parfait Amour is a violet liqueur from the rare and exclusive collection of House of Pagès distinctive French spirits. Parfait Amour is recognized as a leader of its kind. Violets are specially grown in the south of France for their mesmerizing essence. Toulouse—known as ‘The Violet Capital’—is considered the home of this delicate flower, with all of its sweet and fragrant derivatives spotted throughout the city, whether in the form of flowers, confectionery or perfume. For centuries the violet has been used for its medicinal qualities as well as in perfumes, but given its unique flavor and savory possibilities, this blossom is beautifully suited for pastry preparation and liquor production. Parfait Amour is a favorite ingredient in cocktails and is unsurpassed for its sweet, soft and heady aromas... very much like ‘Perfect Love’."

Rated 95/100 The Beverage Tasting Institute
Highly Recommended, F. Paul Pacult Spirit Journal

Pages Liqueur de Fraise des Bois...$33.99 / 750ml
Wild Strawberry Liqueur

Another fantastic Liqueur from the Pages collection. This Wild Strawberry Liqueur is great for adding a great zing to cocktails! Add Pages Fraise des Bois to your
Sparkling wine and garnish with a fresh strawberry. Festive version of the Kir Royale!
1.5 oz of Armagnac
1/2 oz Pages Liqeur de Fraise des Bois
1/2 oz lime juice
1/2 oz pineapple juice
In cocktail shaker, then strain over a martini glass

Pages Pure Grape Sugar Simple Syrup....$22.99 / liter
"Pagès Pure Grape Sugar Syrup is 100% natural, contains no additives and is produced from Charente vineyard grapes. The musts are carefully filtered, then heated in a depressurized boiler in order to obtain a lower boiling temperature threshold, preventing the sugar from caramelizing. After the water evaporates a pure,colorless 67 brix syrup remains, composed of 33% fructose, 33% glucose and 34% water. The aroma of light honey and fresh grape is unequaled. Grape sugar syrup is 20% sweeter than traditional sugar, and as a liquid is easy to store and measure. As a taste enhancer, this delightful syrup is a perfect addition to cocktails asking for simple syrup. Try it in your favorite Pisco Sour and Margarita recipes. not only are flavors and aromas accentuated—lemon in particular—it tones down citrus acidity as well. Pagès syrup is terrific in cooking—ideal for sorbet, ice cream, fruit salads and baking. Pagès Pure Grape Sugar Syrup is absolutely unique in the marketplace." -- importer

Chateauneuf value...

Available online also

2007 Mas de Boislauzon Chateauneuf du Pape....$42.99
"The 2007 Chateauneuf du Pape, a big time sleeper of the vintage, is well-worth buying. The finest traditional Chateauneuf produced at Mas de Boislauzon, it boasts a saturated ruby/purple color as well as a spectacular nose of licorice, black raspberries, black cherries, and lavender, and an exquisitely full-bodied, multidimensional and layered wine with not a hard edge to be found. Tremendous depth, beautiful freshness, and admirable purity suggest this 2007 will evolve for 12+ years. Readers should move quickly to secure some of this fabulous bargain."

Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Estate Liqueurs

Sathenay Liqueurs are Estate produced in Gevrey-Chambertin
Sathenay Cassis....$29.99 / 750ml

Estate Produced - Considered to be one of the top producers.
"Sathenay has become synonymous with Blackcurrant Grand Créme, in the great tradition of Burgundy liqueurs. Studies of the property, its exposure and micro-climate confirm that the soil at Domaine de Sathenay is perfectly suited to the production of an exceptional blackcurrant water. Only the most aromatic and noble variety of blackcurrant is used to produce the athenay cassis. The fruit—"Black of Burgundy"— grow high on the grounds, and benefit from the exceptional sun exposure and optimum soil conditions. The production of the liqueur is carried out with reverence for long-standing traditions. Harvest of the fruit begins the first days of July, and for optimal maturity, is completed in 8 days. The blackcurrant bays are led to the ermenting room, where slow maceration takes place before they pass through pneumatic press. The virgin juice and only the first press are used for the develo
pment of the cream, guaranteeing a sublime concentration of the flavors as well as pure freshness of this blackcurrant dream, which is made up exclusively of fruit, alcohol and sugar. From harvest through production, this is a truly a signature cassis from Domaine de Sathenay. Soft and round and beautifully balanced, this cassis evokes the sublime richness of the black fruit.

Sathenay Peche.....$29.99 / 750ml

This is a wonderful selection for a natural, peach liqueur. The bouquet is rich, and the taste is lively, full of fruit and very refreshing.


With shaker

1 oz gin

1 oz Pineapple Juice
1/2 oz Sathenay Crème de Pêche

Shake with ice. Serve in a glass with ice cubes. Add tonic.

Sathenay Framboise....$29.99 / 750ml

Like raspberries in a bottle, this fine liqueur is delicate and well balanced. A sure-fire pleaser for fruit liqueur fans!


Also available online now

Intro price in store --
Lagunitas Dogtown Pale Ale...$8.49 / 6pk
"We at the Lagunitas Brewing Company hope you enjoy this genuinely handmade ale. A lot of hard work and enthusiasm go into every aspect of brewing this Mondo Ultra Mega Super Premium Ale. From building the brewery itself to putting the cap on each and every bottle, virtually every step was done by hand. Thanks for your trust and as always:" -- brewery Take a virtual taste

Lagunitas India Pale Ale...$8.49 / 6pk
"Thanks for choosing to spend the next few minutes with this special homicidally hoppy ale. Savor the moment as the raging hop character engages the imperial qualities of the Malt foundation in
mortal combat on the battlefield of your palate! This is our unique version of an ancient style. A style as old as the ocean trade routes of the last centuries Great Ships. Not as old as the equator they had to cross twice enroute, nor as old as the 10,000 or so miles of Di-Hydrogen Oxide and Sodium upon which they sailed, but older than the Circulithium-4 Lentloid that binds the Lupulin Quartnate onto your taste buds. Weird. Think about it. Now stop. OK, go again, now stop. Think again, and stop. But we digress. Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this redolent ale will likely float your boat, whatever planet you're on." -- brewery
Take a virtual taste

Lagunitas IPA Maximus...$8.49 / 6pk
At the height of the heat in the heart of the summer, we felt the only cure was a raging mouthful of fresh Hops and Malt. Cautio
n: May remove enamel from teeth. Leaning back on the restored Scrollarian vendta tera, she looked pale and gave her guest the prevarian eye. She spoke now only in pernicious circularity. Roundly he gave her the eye right back and she cupped it perspirianly. "Eat it!" he barked. Eyeing the eye, she allowed a rivulet of spittle to fall languid from her lip. "Why?" he asked again, this time repeatedly. "Why, why do you mock me?" Have I not been the idiom to which I am suited? Have I not swerved faithlessly?" A pall fell over them and then it fell over them again. "Again, why?", he asked again. "Again." she repeated with a touch of riparian ennui. "Give me the eye, now!" "Now?" "Now!" "When?" "What?" "Huh?"... On and on it went. What does ia all have to do with beer? Huh!? Who?" -- brewery Take a virtual taste

Seasonal 6 pack

Lagunitas Brown Sugga'.....$9.29 / 6pk
Brown Shugga'

How Come you Taste So Good?? Boatloads of Pure Brown Sugar in Each Batch, That’s How! The Rich, Roasty and Mysteriously Drinkable Ale might best be described as... Irresponsible. It Leaves a Lo
t of Stories in it’s Wake.
Brown Shugga was originally a failed attempt to make our Olde GnarlyWine Ale way back in 1997. Boatloads of Brown Sugar were added to the boil in an attempt to rescue the batch. The result was quite different from the Olde GnarlyWine we were looking for, but the Accidental Release of Brown Shugga that year was the beginning of an annual rampage caused by a beer that follows no style guidelines and can best be described as.... Irresponsible. Cheers!" -- brewery

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid....$3.59 / 22oz
Rated 99 perecentile on
"So Hoppy that it threatens to remove the enamel from one's teeth." -- brewery
Take a virtual Taste

Limited Seasonal

Lagunitas Cappucino Stout......$3.59 / 22oz.
"Big, Dark and Scary Imperial-esque Stout Brewed With Plenty of Dark Malts and Roast Barley And Loads of Sebastopol’s Hardcore Coffee for Even Bigger Roasty Flavors and that Extra Krunk." -- brewery

Monday, December 14, 2009

The extreme beers of BrewDog...

BrewDogs available online

BrewDog Chaos Theory IPA....$5.99 / 22oz

ABV = 7.1%

IPA insanely hopped with Nelson Sauvin hops
"Chaos Theory is the most under-rated achievement of the 20th century science. This beer can only aspire to parallel to the mathematical use of the word chaos which is at odds to the common parlance. The universe's tendency to play dice and the resulting inherent randomness means each initial starting point is arbitrarily closely approximated by other points with significantly different trajectories and outcomes. At BrewDog, we live, breath and die the tiny initial factors. Every single aspect of our beers means the world to us. Forget about the Butterfly Effect and envisage the BrewDog Effect. We want to be that random, artisanal butterfly that flaps its tiny wings on the Scottish coast and causes a tornado on the other side of the world. Underneath the random behaviour is a sense of order and pattern. In the world of order, chaos rules." - label.

BrewDog Dogma....$5.99 / 22oz

Formally know as "Speed Ball", but they were forced to change the name.

ABV = 7.8%

IBU = 65

"Dogma is an innovative, enigmatic ale brewed with guarana, poppy seeds and kola nut all blended together with Scottish heather honey. A conspiracy of transcontinental ingredients infused with some devastatingly BrewDog imaginative thinking. The flavours, intricacies and nuances of this beer are best enjoyed while musing over some obscure 17th Century philosophical meanderings, such as: "If we disbelieve everything because we cannot certainly know all things we will do much, what as wisely as he who would not use his wings but sit still and perish because he had no wings to fly." -- John Locke. This beer is not cool. You may think it is, but that is just a beautiful lie fabricated by clowns and gypsies." -- BrewDog

Paradox Smokehead....$10.99 / 11oz

Imperial Stout Matured in Islay Whisky Casks

Rated 93/100 Percentile on RateBeer

"We have linked up with Smokehead, Ian Macleod Distiller's Single Islay malt Whisky- to produce one of its most eagerly anticipated Paradox stouts yet.

Smokehead is a fantastic single malt whisky packaged with a real edge! The image of their branding and packaging totally ties in with what we are doing here at BrewDog and the quality of their whisky is amazing. You can check out their website here:

It is great to see a whisky company really pushing the boundaries in terms of design, packaging and innovation and we were delighted when we had the opportunity to work with them.

The first batch of Smokehead casks we picked up was really exciting, all our brewers are huge Smokehead whisky fans and the arrival of the casks certainly caused a stir in the brewery. On opening the casks the audacity of the typical Islay whisky flavours was amazing, even the aromas coming from the oak were spellbinding; so much smoke and peat but also laced with subtle balancing notes and an abundance of depth and character. We could have almost been standing on the West coast of Scotland facing a stiff breeze whipping in off the Atlantic.

A few months later we were certainly not disappointed when the first batch came to be bottled. This has pretty much been our whole team's favourite version of Paradox so far. The label of the Paradox Smokehead also looks stunning; it builds on and combines the strong visual identity of both contributing brands.

This Paradox was launched at the Beer Exposed show in London and the feedback received was fantastic

The initial small batch is already all sold, some of it made its way to Sweden so look out for it there! There was also some shipped to Italy and to our English distributor Vertical Drinks. The second batch will be bottled this week and is going to be making its way across the Atlantic to the US and will arrive there mid December.

We have been producing Paradox, its whisky cask aged stout, since it launched in July 2007.

This latest edition - Paradox Smokehead (10% abv) - has already sent a wave of excitement across the beer world with fans of the award winning stout predicting great things from the new partnership. The smooth, robust stout has been completely infused with the Atlantic smoke, heavy peat, vanilla oak and balancing fruit and honey flavours of the powerful Smokehead whisky to deliver a deliciously complex flavour.

Both the beer and whisky have enjoyed success since their respective launches. This year BrewDog received a Gold Medal for Paradox at the prestigious World Beer Cup. Smokehead won the Scottish Field Whisky Challenge 2006/2007 winning the category for best whisky under £30 in a series of blind tastings by industry experts. Every batch of Paradox is unique, flavoured by the particular whisky barrel that it has been matured in. This year the stout took gold at the Beer World Cup and was also named a category winner at Scotland Food & Drink Excellence awards.

This latest partnership with the Smokehead has taken Paradox to a whole new level, and we've been really pleased with the amount of interest we've already had in this new creation. Iain Weir, of Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd added "We are delighted to be working with BrewDog on this exciting project. BrewDog is a dynamic new force in the brewing industry and as such are a perfect fit for the Smokehead. There are great synergies between the 2 brands, their target markets and the philosophies of our 2 independent companies. Smokehead dovetails perfectly with the Paradox beer and we are sure this is going to be big hit for us and the team at BrewDog". -- BrewDog Blog

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Australian new releases....

Some of the best Aussies you will find...

2008 Milton Park Chardonnay....$12.99

"BEST OF TASTING" - "VERY GOOD"- The Wall Street Journal (July 09) "
"The color is a rich vibrant green. The nose shows lifted clean, sweet fruit of apricot and peach. The palate is medium to full bodied and exhibits predominantly peach and nectarine flavours, with cloves and cardamom evident from the use of a small amount of French oak. The wine finishes full and long with a nice balance of sweet fruit and creaminess." -- Importer

Our favorite Shiraz Value!!
2008 Milton Park Shiraz....Only...$12.99
"2008 was a very warm year with harvest being completed in a very short period. The resultant wines from the vintage reflect the growing conditions with loads of upfront fruit and rich mouthfeel, meaning wines from this vintage will have a great deal of aging potential as well.Aged for 12 months in American oak barrels.Deep red color. The wine is deep and rich smelling with dark fruits, plums and spice with some good oak. There is very rich fruit on the palate with plums, blackberry and sweet spice from the oak. The palate is vibrant and young with a flavorsome viscous mouthfeel which will develop complexity with time. There are some slightly chewy tannins which will soften with time and there is great length of fruit flavor." -- importer

One of Barossa’s finest...
2007 Terra Barossa Shiraz....$14.99
"Ruby-red. Spicy blackberry and blueberry on the nose, with licorice, espresso and fresh violet notes gaining volume with air. Pliant dark fruit flavors display liqueur-like density and are a bit four-square, with strong back-end sweetness. Finishes soft and gently persistent." — Stephen Tanzer

An amazing Meritage for the money….
2007 Terra Barossa Barossa Cuvée...$14.99
"An great blend of Shiraz, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. The wine is mid red color. It has a lifted blackberry fruit and toasty oak nose. The palate is medium weight but full of flavor with sweet berry and cherry fruit and some attractive spice and a splash of vanilla oak, adding complexity. The tannins are soft and smooth and contribute to the long length of the sweet fruit and vanilla." -- importer

Great Barossa Cabernet….
2007 Terra Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon....$14.99
"The color is a deep purple red. The nose is lifted and distinctive of Cabernet Sauvignon with blackcurrant and spicy French oak. The palate is medium to full bodied with lovely sweet rich fruit characters, predominantly mulberry and cherry. This fruit makes the palate attractive and approachable and combined with the soft velvety tannins gives the wine silkiness and great length." -- importer

Our top selling Shiraz
………….for the past 5 years
2008 Shotfire Shiraz....$19.99

Deep red color. Very lifted and intense nose of blackberry fruit, sweet spice and dark chocolate. The palate is very rich and flavorsome with blackberry and plum fruit. In addition to the primary fruit characters there is plenty of complexity in this wine with spice, earthy notes and graphite also evident. There is heaps of mouthfilling flavor complemented by chalky tannins. There is great length of fruit as well." -- importer

Barossa Bordeaux Blend!!
2008 Shotfire Cuvee....$19.99
"Cabernet Sauvignon - 45.4% Petit Verdot - 25.1% Merlot - 13.7% Malbec - 10.9%2007 vintage was a mild growing season with very low crops resulting in wines with good color and flavor that achieved optimum ripeness.The color is deep red. The palate is full and complex, medium bodied. The wine is elegant and distinctive, displaying characters of berry fruit and plumb, accompanied by cherry spice characters. Supported by spicy oak complexity the tannins are balanced and complement the mouthfilling flavor. The wine has great vibrancy and poise which are evident on the long seamless finish." -- importer