Friday, January 11, 2013

Goat's milk with Peppadew

In stock now at Forsyth

Some new flavors of Chevre...

Fresh goat cheese with Peppadews
Fresh goat cheese with Sun-dried tomatoes and basil
Fresh goat cheese with honey

New Journeyman Distillery...

In stock at Rock Hill and Forsyth.

Handmade and Organic

Journeyman Ravenswood Rye Whiskey...$43.99
Journeyman is excited to offer handcrafted artisan spirits with a focus on whiskey. Our products are unique because we're dedicated to producing something that takes time and pure ingredients. While whiskey is what we originally fell in love with, all of our products have a special place in our heart. Variety and quality are what motivate us. We're excited about this adventure of the spirit; we hope you are, too. We hope you'll give all of our products a try.

Journeyman Red Arrow Vodka...$26.99
Back Label: With roots in Michigan and in the heart of hard-working American towns, this bottle represents community: the things that keep us connected to our values. Share this along your own journey.
Distiller Comments: Named for the local road the Red Arrow is a great American Highway. Distilled from 100% organic wheat our Vodka is clean, crisp, and smooth.
Product Information: At 90 proof our Red Arrow Vodka is great as a mixer and smooth enough to drink neat.

Journeyman Bilberry Black Heart Gin...$26.99
Back Label: According to Thomas Hardy’s novel, The Return of the Native, the bilberries were called, “black-hearts.” Everyone has a bit of a dark heart, but there’s always a sweet return at the smell and taste of familiar things.
Distiller Comments: Indigenous to Britain and northern Europe, the Bilberry highlights our juniper and eight other botanical’s found in our gin. A cousin to the huckleberry and blueberry the bilberry is smaller and of fuller taste and is extremely hard to grow, thus seldom cultivated. The fruit is mostly collected from wild plants growing on public lands. It is an everyman’s right to collect bilberries irrespective of land ownership. The bilberry is dark in color and usually appears black, thus the berry was commonly refereed to as a black heart in 19th century south-western England. I hope that this truly unique berry and its flavors of tart fig, pepper, and black licorice rest well on your pallet.
Product Information: At 90 proof our gin botanical’s are macerated in a 100% Organic wheat base spirit and then distilled. The definition of small batch each gin run produces less then 10 gallons of distillate. Our gin is clean, bright, and fruity with subtle hints of black licorice.

Journeyman Silver Cross Whiskey...$43.99

The 8th Trappist Ale!

Very exciting release scheduled for Friday, January 11

The Wine and Cheese Place is excited to stock the eighth Trappist Ale -- Stift Engelszell

With all the hype for Westvleteren coming to the U.S. (but not Missouri), this one kind of fell under the radar.   Well the first batch is finally hitting the United States and The Wine and Cheese Place.    Stift Engelszell is even more rare than Westvleteren because their production is less than half of Westvleteren.    Stift Engelszell only has a capacity of 53,000 gallons and Westvleteren produces 125,000 gallons.

Up until recently, there were only 7 breweries allowed to carry the Trappist logo...well there is now a number EIGHT!

These criteria must be followed:
**The beer must be brewed within the walls of a Trappist abbey, by or under control of Trappist monks.
**The brewery, the choices of brewing, and the commercial orientations must obviously depend on the monastic community.
**The economic purpose of the brewery must be directed toward assistance and not toward financial profit.
This association has a legal standing, and its logo gives to the consumer some information and guarantees about the produce.
(criteria from

Here are the EIGHT
Bières de Chimay
Brasserie d'Orval
Brasserie de Rochefort
Brouwerij Westmalle
Brouwerij de Achelse Kluis
Brouwerij de Koningshoeven La Trappe
Brouwerij Westvleteren 
Stift Engelszell - the latest Authentic Trappist #8
From The Wall Street Journal (click here to read the full article)
"Despite the global interest in Trappist brews, even dedicated beer hunters might have trouble finding the beers, which are sold under the monastery's German name, Stift Engelszell. With a scheduled annual production of just 2,000 hectoliters, Engelszell is by far the smallest Trappist brewery, producing less than half of the volume of the next largest, Achel. By contrast, the three largest Trappist brands—Chimay, Westmalle and La Trappe—each turn out more than 120,000 hectoliters annually." -- The Wall Street Journal

In stock now at Forsyth and online

Stift Engelszell Gregorious Trappistenbier....SOLD OUT

[dark, strong, bottle/keg condi- tioned at around 9.7 % alc./vol.]
Named after Abbot Gregorius Eisvogel who first guided the refugee monks from Alsace/France to Abbey Mariawald and Abbey Banz [both Germany] until they reached their final destination, Stift Engelszell.  Abbot Gregorius then led the Trappist Monastery for over 25 years.   Its special recipe incorporates or- ganic honey from local beehives around St.Engelszell as well as the unique use of an “Alsacian wine yeast”. 

Stift Engelszell Benno Trappistenbier...SOLD OUT
7.2 % alc./vol
Named after Abbot Benno Stumpf who arrived at St.Engelszell after being expelled from Abbey Mariastern during World War II.   Under his leadership Stift Engelszell renovated its buildings and church which was built in the mid 18th century in a Rococo Style. 

From their website
Welcome to our Engelszell!

Engelszell, the only Trappist monastery in Austria, was founded in 1293 and has a very colorful history.Collegiate Church with its 76 m high tower is one of the purest style rococo churches in Austria. It was built from 1754 to 1764 and is equipped with valuable works of art by Johann Georg Üblher, Joseph German man and Bartolomeo Altomonte. After damage to the nave ceiling was designed in 1957 with a painting of Prof. Fritz Fröhlich new impressively.

Ruthless Rye IPA

Ruthless Rye IPA is here

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA....$8.99 / 6pk

Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year old

Order Balvenie online

(Balvenie 14 year old back in stock, unfortunately it had to go up in price)

Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year old...$56.99
More info about the new Balvenie 14 year old Carribean Cask
"The Balvenie, the world’s most handcrafted Single Malt Scotch Whisky, today announced the newest addition to its collection of award- winning Single Malts – the Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask. Available nationwide starting in September, this rich and intense new expression will line up alongside the already established range of Balvenie single malts – 12 Year Old Doublewood, 15 Year Old Single Barrel and recent IWSC Trophy Winner 21 Year Old Portwood – as a permanent fixture in the Balvenie range.
This exciting new expression follows the acclaim of 2008’s limited edition Balvenie 17 Year Old Rum Cask, and the subsequent popularity of rum cask-finished whiskies, with a whisky that bears all the hallmarks of the Balvenie, but with an added level of complexity that comes from finishing the whisky in casks that once held Caribbean rum. After a 14 year maturation period in traditional oak whisky casks, the Balvenie is then transferred to the rum casks, leading to an exceptional Single Malt that exemplifies the signature smooth, honeyed character of the Balvenie, while adding unique notes of toffee and fruit that come from its innovative cask finish.
The outstanding quality of The Balvenie is a result of the unique craftsmanship retained by The Balvenie Distillery. Nowhere else is there a distillery that still grows its own barley, malts in its own traditional floor malting, employs a team of coopers to tend its casks, a coppersmith to maintain its stills and has in its service David Stewart, the most experienced Malt Master in Scotland, whose innovative approach to cask finishing has set a new standard in Single Malts.
Said Stewart of this new release, “We’ve found that many years maturation in traditional oak whisky casks followed by a few months of rum cask maturation complements The Balvenie single malt very well, and this expression is a beautifully rounded 14-year-old whisky that combines traditional Balvenie vanilla notes with rich toffee, a hint of fruit and a warm, lingering finish.” -
What does John know?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More beer releases...

RJ Rockers Bell Ringer...$11.99 / 6pk
"Our high gravity offering weighs in at 8.5% abv and is delightfully loaded with malt and hops. This is an ale worthy of your sturdiest goblet or most treasured stein. Ring it!" -- brewery

Crabtree Boxcar Brown Ale...$9.49 / 6pk
An English Brown Ale brewed with malted barley and imported hops to transport you to a flavorful destination of chocolate, biscuit and nutty tones.
The Facts:
Alcohol by Volume: 5.28% 
SRM: 15 
IBU's: 19.2 

Salmon arrives today!!

Fresh batch landed at Forsyth a few minutes ago.  

Smoked Salmon from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Usually the best things we find for our store are products that don't come looking for us, they are products that we go looking for them.  Durham's Tracklements Custom Smoked Provisions is one of those products.  I

Durham's Tracklements


Inspired by a stay in the Northwest Highlands and Islands of Scotland, a genuine hand-rubbed dry cure of salt with a bit of brown sugar, lightly smoked over our own blend of select hardwoods. Mellow fresh flavor with moist, firm yet buttery texture 

Best of the Best in 20 years of Tasting

" comparison" - Marian Burros, The New York Times

Salmon just doesn’t get any better than this.

--Sylvia Rector, Detroit Free Press

More info on Durham's Tracklements

Custom smoked provisions using the finest ingredients available, Since 1992. 

We cure and smoke in small batches with the careful, hands-on attention essential to providing outstanding freshness, flavor and texture. For our Salmon Specialties we use only farmed Atlantic salmon raised in the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy, where strong tides assure excellent growing conditions and make the regular use of antibiotics and algaecides unnecessary. Salmon are selected at the optimal size, and flown fresh direct to us each week!

 No additives of any kind, always dated for superior fresh flavor. The finest genuinely hand-crafted quality available--anywhere.

Odell Red has arrived

Odells Red Ale Seasonal is here....

Odells Red Ale...$9.99 / 6pk
"Is it just us, or are there, like, a bunch of freakin’ amazing red ales out there lately? Odell’s seriously solid version, available in six-packs through May, is the result of the blood, sweat, and tears (hopefully those didn’t end up in the bottle) of the entire Odell team. You see, when the brewery set out to make a red ale, they didn’t make just one: The brewers crafted several versions on a five-barrel Pilot system, then the entire staff painstakingly selected a favorite. We’re not sure how tough the choice was, but for us, the winning American-style red, is a no-brainer next time we’re bottle shopping.
A bountiful khaki head seems to want to keep its deep aroma all to itself, so breathe deeply: That beautifully sticky, hoppy scent seems to reveal a bit of blood orange. Thankfully, the taste is all the aroma makes you hope for — decidedly bitter, but well-balanced by a bit of sweetness (but make no mistake: this beer’s full of robust hops). The mouthfeel is dreamy; a medium-full body with super-creamy carbonation expertly carries the flavor. So, we’re making the choice for you: Add this copper creation to the top of your must-drink list." -- Draft Magazine

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Salute American Vodka

Missouri is the FIRST state to get Salute American.  
(the bottles are made here in Missouri)
The Wine and Cheese Place is proud to be one of the first stores to receive it in the country.

In stock now and online

Salute American Vodka...$15.99 / 750ml
Salute American premium vodka will donate $1 for each bottle sold to approved veterans’ charities.
Spirits with Soul.
Mission:  Salute American is more than a name – it’s our mission. We prove our patriotism by giving back and paying it forward. Specifically, we’re committed to keeping and creating jobs in the US for veterans, which will result in ongoing economic success, stronger families and stronger communities.

Description:  Our vodka is pure American from start to finish. It’s distilled, designed and distributed by Americans for Americans. The vodka, which was approved for the USA Certified™ Seal, is made from corn and wheat grains straight from the heartland. It’s then four times distilled for a smooth and sweet taste that works well mixed or neat. Salute American Vodka is 80-proof and 40% alcohol by volume. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cranberry Spice Hard Apple Cider

Back in stock at Forsyth

New seasonal....
Doc's Draft Cranberry Spice Hard Apple Cider...$5.99 / 22oz

These are back in stock....
Doc's Draft Hard Apple Cider...$4.99 / 12oz

This cider is semi-dry and wonderfully effervescent with a remarkably fresh apple nose. Its crisp, fruit forward taste and a clean, refreshing finish, have won our cider countless awards and praise. (5% alcohol)

Doc's Draft Hard Pear Cider...$4.99 / 22oz 
A traditional cider hand crafted from a select blend of apples and pears. Intense aromas of ripened pear dance from the glass. The taste is light and crisp with a clean, dry finish. (5.5% alcohol)

Doc's Draft Hard Raspberry Cider...$5.99 / 22oz
Fresh raspberries are added to Doc's Draft Hard Apple Cider and re-fermented to create a delicious spin on traditional cider. We think you'll agree that you can really taste the fresh fruit used in making this cider. (5.5% alcohol)

Mardi Gras Time!!! Party Time!

In stock now at Forsyth!

( also have a few 6 packs of the Christmas Ale left)

Abita Mardi Gras Bock...$7.99 / 6pk
Mardi Gras Bock (January – March) is the first of our seasonal brews. Abita Bock is brewed with pale, pilsner and caramel malts and German Perle hops. Our bock is similar to German maibocks with its rich malt flavor and full body. A perfect choice during Carnival season in New Orleans. Gruyére, Emmental and Swiss are nice cheese choices with Bock. Great with roasted beef or pork. Try it with Mexican food, too.
ABV 6.5%
IBU 25

Irish Ales are arriving...

In stock at Forsyth.   The seasonals are still coming earlier every year! 

Boulevard Irish Ale....$6.99 / 6pk

"Irish Ale, Boulevard’s spring seasonal beer, is our Midwestern tribute to the legendary red ales of old Ireland. Our recipe combines six kinds of pale and roasted barley malts to provide a rich, toasty flavor and tawny reddish hue." -- Boulevard

Blue Moon Vintage Ale Collection

Blue Moon Vintage Ale Proximity....$7.49 / 25oz
The Perfect End to the Day or Beginning to the Night.
Inspired by Impressionist artists who carefully placed colors side by side to portray light radiating across landscapes, Proximity™ is crafted with the juice of Sauvignon Blanc grapes and wheat for citrus notes followed closely by a light floral finish to balance your day. 

Ingredients and Profile
Malts: 100% white wheat 
Hops: New Zealand Nelson Sauvin 
Our Twist: Juice of Sauvignon Blanc grapes 
IBUs: 2 - 4 
ABV: 8.5% 

Blue Moon Vintage Ale Impulse....$7.49 / 25oz
Where Will the Night Take You?
Inspired by Impressionist artists and their ability to capture the beauty in fleeting moments, Impulse™ is crafted with the juice of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes

Ingredients and Profile
Malts: 100% white wheat 
Hops: French Strisselspalt 
Our Twist: Juice of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes 
IBUs: 2 - 4 
ABV: 8.5% 

Quick and Easy Tuna Pasta

Quick and Easy Tuna Pasta
(Serves 2-4)
This is a weeknight staple at my household, almost no cooking, quick healthy and thank goodness both my kids love it.

Wine Suggestion: Try it with 2011 Banfi San Angelo Pinot Grigio at $15.99 or even with this cold weather try - 2011 Renato Ratti Colombe Dolcetto d'Alba....$18.99


  • 2 3.5-5oz Cans high quality tuna packed in oil such as Coles or Ortiz Bonito de Norte (I like to use one can of the Ventresca which is the Tuna Belly for added richness and flavor).  ***
  • 1 Package 8.8oz De Cecco Egg Pappardelle Noodles  ***   (I like this package because it’s only a half pound and helps maintain a good tuna/sauce to noodle ratio, though any pasta will do.)
  • ½ Cup chopped fresh parsley either curly or flat.
  • The Juice of  1/2 lemon (for added richness combine lemon juice with a 1/3 cup of either crème fraiche or sour cream)
  • *Optional step add 1-2 cloves of garlic pressed through a garlic press

Simply boil the pasta, drain the tuna of most of the oil, add tuna lemon juice (garlic if used) and parsley to drained warm pasta toss and serve with warm crusty bread and some great cheese from our cheese counter.

I hope you enjoy this as much as my family does, please let me know of any changes or tweaks you make so I can try them as well.

*** In stock at The Wine and Cheese Place

Recipe from Aaron Zwicker