Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spaten Munich Dunkel

Still brewed in Munich.  There are not many Munich Dunkels available here in St. Louis -- good to have this one back!

Spaten Munich Dunkel...$8.49 / 6pk
"An old friend of Bavaria, Munich Dunkels are smooth, rich and complex, but without being heady or heavy. They boast brilliant ruby hues from the large amounts of Munich malts used, and these malts also lend a fuller-bodied beer. The decoction brewing process also lends much depth and richness. Bitterness is often moderate, with just enough to balance out any sweetness. Hop varieties used tend to be of the German noble varieties, like: Tetnang and Hallertau." -- BeerAdvocate

Also in stock, the Spaten Optimator and Spaten Lager

Dancing Hares scores 95 from Robert Parker

On sale!
2010 Dancing Hares Napa Valley Red...$129.99
Even better, the 2010 Dancing Hares is deeper and fuller with more structure as well as a lot of the sensuality exhibited by the 2009. Composed of 46% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc and the rest Petit Verdot, it boasts a dense purple color and notes of wet rocks, blueberries, black raspberries, mulberries, espresso and subtle background oak. The delicious aromatics are followed by a deep, supple, round, opulent wine with some tannin underlying the extravagant fruit. A beauty of purity and symmetry, it is capable of lasting two decades or more.
Rated 95/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Friday, February 28, 2014

North Coast Old Rasputin Barrel Aged

North Coast Barrel Aged Old Rasputin XVI...$19.99
Every year we age a special batch of our much-loved Russian Imperial Stout in Bourbon barrels. The depth, intensity, and complexity of the flavor profile of this special release, like its predecessors, make it a worthy tribute to Old Rasputin.
Prior to 2010, Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin was released in such limited quantities that it was available only at the North Coast Brewing retail shop in Fort Bragg, California. However, we received so many requests for this beer that we began producing enough Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin to put into broader, but still limited, distribution.
ABV: 11.3%

Thursday, February 27, 2014

North Peak Brewing - Traverse City, Michigan

Fresh batch is in stock....

North Peak Diabolical IPA...$10.99 / 6pk

6.6% ABV and 66.6 IBUs
The devil made us do it. From the ABV and IBU figures to the fiendish use of Cascade, Perle and Willamette hops, Lucifer was whispering in our ears the entire time. Citrus and pine scents greet you and are followed by the sharp bitterness expected of an IPA. The beer’s true wickedness is revealed in the smooth Pale, Crystal 30 and wheat malts that surreptitiously broaden the beer’s appeal to more than just hopheads.

North Peak Vicious Wheat IPA...$10.99 / 6pk
Beware of beer. There, we warned you. The frothy head, and pungent, piney dryhopped scent (from Cascade and Amarillo hops) should alert you to the brew’s imminent attack on your senses. Next, Cascade, Perle and Willamette hops will batter your palette with bitter ferocity. Finally, Pale, Crystal (30 and 75) and wheat malts converge in a cloudy, thick body and give you a smooth kiss of sweet death – and leave you howling for more!

North Peak Wanderer Session IPA...$9.99 / 6pk
North Peak Wanderer is a Session IPA. This exciting new style is balanced with malt and hop characters and has a clean finish. The combination of full hop flavor and lower alcohol gives Wanderer a a wonderful drinkability! Wanderer has a light, clean and refreshing body, and is hopped with Perle, Willamette, Centennial and Citra hops that gives Wanderer a Citrus and Pine finish. Wanderer is rounded out with a generous amount of dry-hopping with Citra hops to fill the nose. It is brewed in Traverse City, MI, on Old Mission Peninsula incorporating locally grown hops.

North Peak Siren Amber Ale...$9.99 / 6pk
Its call is intoxicating. An aroma that beckons you to pull up a stool and linger over its toasted malt character. Next, a deep kiss of liquid lust that will caress your tongue, thanks to an array of toasty Pale, Crystal (30 and 75), what, Carapils and roasted barley malts balanced by the subtle bite of Willamette and Fuggle hops. It’s a brew that will seduce your heart, mind and palette.

North Peak Dubious Chocolate Stout...$9.99 / 6pk
North Peak Dubious is a Dark Chocolate Stout that has the perfect combination of chocolate, roast and black malts resulting in a smooth rich beer. Judicious use of hops bring out a complex, yet subtle bittering finished off with a big Goldings nose. This swirl of aroma, flavor and body is underscored by the rich chocolate that is added at the end of the boil. This medium bodied beer is brewed in Traverse City, MI, on Old Mission Peninsula incorporating locally grown hops.

Weston Brewing is back!

Now in CANS!

Weston Brewing Li'l Lucy's Hot Pepper Ale....$7.49 / 6pk CANS

Li'l Lucy's Hot Pepper Ale started out as an experiment. Weston Brew Labs #2. It became the most popular 22oz beer we produced so it graduated to 12oz. Li'l Lucy is a light, golden ale steeped with fresh serrano and jalapeno peppers. Great for those with a love for the heat. It is also great for cooking.

Weston Brewing Drop Kick Ale...$7.49 / 6pk CANS
We're thrilled to annouce that Drop Kick Ale was the gold medal winner at the 2010 Lallemand "Brain of Brewers" competition in Denver Colorado in the Amber Ale catagory. This concoction bears the best of an American brown ale and an English stye bitter to tickle your taste buds pint after pint.

Weston Brewing Leapin' Leprechaun....$7.49 / 6pk bottles

Horny Goat new releases

Horny Goat Baby Got Bock...$7.99 / 6pk

Baby Got Bock 6.3% ABV | 30 IBUs
A traditional Bavarian Blonde Bock in every sense. A smooth malty tasting strong lager with a mouth-coating body, a touch of bitterness for balance, and a sweet malty aroma.

Horny Goat WisconZin IPA....$8.49 / 4pk
American IPA brewed with Zinfindel Grape Juice!

Horny Goat Red Planet...$7.99 / 6pk
Irish style red

Germans back in stock...

New 5 liter kegs in stock now at Forsyth!

EKU Pils...$19.99 / 5 liter keg
A truly great Pils, a little maltier and more ‘Bavarian’ than the rest.
When the very first clear, golden lager was brewed in the Bohemian town of Pilsen in 1842, beer drinkers the world over were immediately enchanted. The Germans quickly proved to be the most passionate devotees of the new style. Towns across the land began brewing their own “Pilsner” beers, and the name of the style was soon shortened to the friendlier “Pils.” The German touch was to make the beer a bit lighter in body – better for everyday drinking – and to add an extra dose of hops for a refreshingly bitter zing. In Germany today, Pils is by far the most popular beer style, and every region has at least one brand to call its own. Pils brewed in southern Germany generally has a sweeter, maltier taste, while Pils brewed in the north tends toward a hoppier bitterness. In Kulmbach, in the center of the country – not far from the western border of Bohemia – the best balance between the malty and hoppy elements of a classic pils is achieved…


Monschoff Schwarzbier...$3.49 / pint
Monschoff Schwarzbier....$19.99 / 5 liter keg
“Four stars from Michael Jackson – the world-classic ‘Black’ Beer.
A brewing wonder and a beer lover’s dream! Kulmbacher “black beer” is the classic and best example of this famous style. Supremely drinkable, dry and beautifully hopped, yet loaded with dark roasted malt flavor. Known locally as “the black Pils” because it is unusually dry for a dark lager, it is the essential companion to the meaty regional specialties of Kulmbach, Germany. But whether you are a confirmed vegetarian or an unrepentant carnivore, this is a beer to be enjoyed with any hearty meal. Its exquisite balance is a remarkable brewing achievement and an enduring mystery — how can such a dark, rich flavored brew be so light and easy to drink?
With an irresistible, flowery hop bitterness that sets it apart from all others, Mönchshof Schwarzbier is relatively light in body – but bursting with character. Its dark, roasted, slightly chocolatey and warming palate is astounding for such a refreshing and drinkable beer. The hearty taste and seductive burt sienna color come from the deep-roasted barley used in every batch.  A quick German lesson… Mönchshof is pronounced “Moonks-Hoff.” The name means “Monastery,” a reference to the monks who were the original brewers of Kulmbach, and the founders of the brewery that bears this beer’s name.”


Monschoff Kellerbier...$19.99 / 5 liter keg
A brilliant unfiltered lager from Kulmbacher Brewery in northern Bavaria. Take a sip of this luscious beer and you’ll immediately be transported to a German biergarten, surrounded by the aroma of fresh hops, busty waitresses carrying impossible numbers of frothy beer mugs, old men in lederhosen with round, red noses, and . . . . well, you get the point. This is what German beer is all about. 

Mahr's Ungespundet Lager

MAHRS Ungespundet

Mahr's Ungespundet Lager...$4.99 / pint
The hazy, unfiltered lager of your dreams, with unbelievable body, freshness, and flavor. We gave a bottle of “Ungespundet” to Michael Jackson, and he promptly made it the Oktoberfest selection of the Michael Jackson “World Beer Tour.”

Mahr’s is a rare example of artisanal brewing in a land that is lately beset by increased mass production, consolidation, and narrowing of popular tastes. A larger brewery simply could not make beer like this – unfiltered, unpasteurized, and bursting with flavor. Ask the brewer what makes these beers so much better, and he will say that it is the time and care taken in the brewing, and above all the highest-quality, specially selected ingredients.

Other brewers and importers will tell you that a delicate light lager cannot survive the journey to the USA without filtering and pastuerization, but Ungespundet lager proves them all wrong. If the name is a little difficult to pronounce, just say: Give me a U!

“The unfiltered German lager of your dreams,” according to Jackson, “A true taste of Germany’s fast-vanishing artisanal tradition.”

Kapuziner wheat beers...

KULMBACHER kapuziner schwarz weizen

Kapuziner Schwarz-Weizen...$3.49 / pint
Mysterious Kapuziner Black combines the tangy, fruity punch of a classic Bavarian wheat beer with the warm, roasted malt flavor of the famous “Black Beer” of Kulmbach. The most satisfying wheat beer made anywhere. Well-matched with lighter cuisine, especially summer fare, but above all the perfect refresher — a delight at any time of day!
Bavarian wheat beer has a princely pedigree. The earliest Bavarian beer purity laws (in the 1300’s) made wheat-brewing exclusive to the royal family’s private beer makers. Over the centuries, wheat beer passed to the lesser nobles and finally to the commoners, and was, by the end of the last century, a thoroughly democratic brew. Yet it retains an unmistakable air of refinement — accentuated by the long, elegant glass that the Bavarians reserve for it.
Dark, mysterious Bavarian Black Wheat is a modern classic. It springs from the happy union of traditional Bavarian wheat-beer brewing and the famous “Black Beer” tradition of Kulmbach. A well-crafted wheat beer, it has a sharp citrus tang, with a spicy complexity and a light, fruity sweetness. But then there’s more: a deep, roasted malt flavor, which makes it utterly unique! An impossible combination, this Black Wheat is light and refreshing, yet more full-bodied and warmly satisfying than any wheat beer has ever been. Unfiltered live yeast gives the beer in the glass a cloudy, unfathomable depth that is hopelessly seductive.
Wheat beer — probably the most refreshing beer in the world — was once the beer of summer in Bavaria. Beer lovers have come to appreciate it also as a hearty and satisfying brew, and now enjoy it the whole year ‘round. Having been embraced by a new generation in Germany, endlessly charming Bavarian wheat beer is now captivating Americans as well.

KULMBACHER kapuziner weisse
Kapuziner Weisse...$3.49 / pint
The perfect refresher! Classic Bavarian wheat beer made the right way, with a lot more flavor than the competition.
Kapuziner Weisse is made in the traditional fashion, using roughly equal portions of wheat and barley malt, a small dose of of fresh hops and a special yeast that produces wonderful fruity flavors. It matches a yeasty, citrus tang with a spicy complexity and a surprising light, almost tropical fruitiness. Malted wheat guarantees a big head that just won’t go away and gives a firm, yet silky texture. Live yeast is left unfiltered to give the beer a hazy glow that is powerfully seductive.
Wheat beer – probably the most refreshing in the world – was once the beer of summer in bavaria. beer lovers have come to appreciate it also as a hearty and satisfying brew, and now enjoy it year ’round.
Bavarians will tell you in all seriousness that this is the perfect beer to start off the day. Unfiltered wheat beer is also reputed to be an excellent hangover remedy. But we consider it a delight at any time of the day.

2nd Shift - new batches

New batches arrived today..

Steve actually told me that this current batch was aged about 9 months, not 3 months!
2nd Shift Brewing Katy...$8.49 
Don't know what to call it besides a Brett Beer. This one gets aged for 3 months in oak barrels with Brettanomyces Lambicus, a cool yeast that gives this beer a wonderfully pretty aroma and flavor that everyone better like or else I'll look you up and teach you a lesson.
5.4% ABV

2nd Shift Ratsalad...$8.49 
Just love making IPA's, so here's another one that uses a new hop blend called Zythos that is just delicious and should be enjoyed with a blow-up doll or something similiar.
It is 8.5% ABV

2nd Shift Brewing Albino Pygmy Puma....$6.49 / 25oz
Hoppy Pale Ale
Okay, here is my version of a Pale Ale that has a few hops in it like Columbus, Cascade, Summit & Centennial. Probably the best pale that has ever been made in the history of mankind Brewed with Cascade, Centennial & Summit Hops
6% ABV   :  32 IBU 

2nd Shift Liquid Spiritual Delight Imperial Stout...$12.99
LSD is a stout that is a chewy, chocolaty and a joy to behold. Just friggin drink it
11.5% ABV 110 IBU

2nd Shift Bourbon Barrellized LSD

This is the introduction of the new 2nd Shift labels...
TWCP / 2nd Shift Bourbon Barrelized  LSD
LSD is a stout that is a chewy, chocolaty and a joy to behold. Just friggin drink it.
11.5% ABV 110 IBU
"This has been sittin in a Buffalo Trace barrel for a short while just to add a nice subtle bourbon flavor, seeins how I don't like over the top in your face bourbon beers. Prolly better than a new set of snow tires on your truck" - label

This is only a one  barrel batch, so there will be less than 200 bottles released.
Watch for new labels on their other beers soon.  I got a chance to see them tonight, they look fantastic!


Friday, March 7 2014 from 6:30-7:30pm

We are excited to have Steve Crider, owner/brewmaster, 
of 2nd Shift brewing hosting the event

The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO 63105

A single barrel batch...
Barrel used: Buffalo Trace
Date filled: November 21, 2013
Date bottled: February 2014
Bottles produced: not sure yet (about 192 bottles)
Tickets for the release party --

Steve Crider, owner/brewmaster, of 2nd Shift Brewing will be hosting
  • Limited to 30 people 
  • To be held in our tasting bar
  • $10 per person
  • Informal tasting of both beers - the Barrel Aged LSD and the "regular" LSD
  • We also have some cheese out for sampling with the beers
  • Very informal, taste the beers and stay as long as you can
  • Plus we will have up to 2 bottles of the 2nd Shift Bourbon Barrelized LSD reserved and available for you to purchase that night 
  • If you do not show up for the release party, the beers will not be held for you.
Reservations required - order your tickets now

The rest of the beer will also be released on March 7, watch for details that morning

Some very exciting Spanish Values....

In stock now at Forsyth

We have some amazing values coming from Spain this week, quantities are limited to act fast:

2011 Eguren Codice Tinto...$7.99
"(100% tempranillo; aged for six months in tank followed by six months in French and American oak): Brilliant ruby. Sexy, oak-spiced aromas of black and blue fruit preserves, potpourri and woodsmoke. Silky and open-knit, offering juicy dark berry and violet pastille flavors and a touch of mocha. The floral note carries through on the finish, which features soft tannins and slow-building spiciness. As usual, this is a fantastic value." 

Rated 90/100 Tanzer's International Wine Cellar 

2011 Bodegas Ordonez Zerran Tinto...$14.99
Even more so is the 2011 Zerran, which ratchets up the level of concentration and ripe fruit. It reveals abundant kirsch, lavender, black raspberry and dusty, loamy, earthy scents intermixed with notions of spring flowers and blackberries. There is not any oak evident in this dense effort. Its completeness and overall equilibrium are impressive, and this great value should drink well for 5-6 years, possibly longer.
Rated 92/100 The Wine Advocate 

2011 Teso la Monja "Romanico"...$15.99
The 2011 Romanico (100% Tinta de Toro) was fashioned from yields of 22 hectoliters per hectare, and was aged six months in 100% new French oak. A sensational red, it exhibits a dense purple color as well as a sweet perfume of lead pencil shavings, violets, licorice, blackberries and black currants. Keep in mind that Tinta de Toro is essentially a cousin of Tempranillo, but a lower yielding grape. Full-bodied with a voluptuous texture and a long finish, it should drink well for 6-10 years. It tastes like a wine that costs $50 or more rather than $16.50 

Rated 91/100 The Wine Advocate

2011 Teso la Monja "Almirez"...$24.99
Another great value is the 2011 Almirez, which comes from old, ungrafted, head-pruned Tinta de Toro vines. The vineyards are planted at 2,300 foot elevation, and the yields in 2011 were 18 hectoliters per hectare. The wine spent 12 months in 30% new French oak. A fabulous effort, it could easily pass for a big, rich Chateauneuf du Pape, even though there is not a touch of Grenache to be found in it. Its dense purple color is accompanied by notes of charcoal, barbecued meat, blackberries, cassis, licorice, camphor and spring flowers. Boasting massive concentration, a full-bodied mouthfeel and lavish extract, all concealing of its French oak aging, this rich, full 2011 possesses velvety tannins as well as a finish that lasts nearly 40 seconds. At this quality level, one would expect the price to be three digits or more. Enjoy it over the next 10 years. 

Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate

2011 Alto Moncayo...$39.99
I tend to drink Alto Moncayo during its first 5-6 years of life. Although I was sure they had aging potential, I did not realize just how much longevity these wines possess. They are generally full-bodied, powerful (with at least 15.5% natural alcohol), concentrated, rich wines made from very old vines and tiny yields. If you are not into flavor concentration or care about artisanal wines from great terroirs that have been ignored for centuries, this may not be the wine for you. Not one of these ten vintages was close to full maturity. The two most recent vintages, 2010 and 2011, were both late, cooler years and both have turned out to be sexy wines. I suspect that in many ways, 2011 will behave like 2006, being precocious and delicious, but not as long-lived as some of its siblings. These wines appear to have 20-30 years of aging potential, although the sweet spot for drinking them appears to be between age 8 and 15. 

Rated 95/100 The Wine Advocate

2012 Jorge Ordonez & Co Victoria #2 Moscatel...$22.99
 / 375ml
The 2012 Victoria No. 2 is made from 100% Moscatel de Alexandria and contains 10% alcohol. It is a selection of fruit from the family’s finest north-facing, high-altitude vineyards. A gorgeous bouquet of caramelized apricots, peach jam and tropical fruits soars from the glass of this sweet (258 grams of residual sugar per liter) Moscatel. The low alcohol, great acidity, and super purity as well as texture make this a killer effort. Another sensational buy as well as a rarity, it should age for many years. 
Rated 95/100 The Wine Advocate

2012 Jorge Ordonez & Co Select Especial #1...$16.99
 / 375ml
This pioneering project of the Ordonez family in Malaga reflects the visionary aspects of Jorge Ordonez and his family. Jorge Ordonez and his sister, Victoria, are behind this project, but one should not discount the influence and consulting work of Gerhart Kracher, a member of Austria’s well-known Kracher family. These amazing wines must be tasted to be believed. 
Rated 95/100 The Wine Advocate

2011 Alvear Pedro Ximenez...$21.99 / 375ml
Alvear’s 2011 Pedro Ximenez de Anada is the most amazing Pedro Ximenez I have ever tasted. It may also be one of the first to be vintage-dated. The grapes were hand-harvested in September, then allowed to dry in the sunshine until they began fermentation, which is ultimately arrested by the addition of spirits. The wine spent six months in large American oak prior to being bottled. It is an amazing effort that looks like molasses. Notes of macerated figs, chocolate and caramelized tropical fruits emerge from this full-bodied, unctuously-textured wine. While sweet, it has enough acidity to balance out its richness. This astonishing 2011 Pedro Ximenez will last as long as any reader of this newsletter. 

Rated 100/100 The Wine Advocate

Shop Like A Chef Book

In stock now at Forsyth!

Shop Like A Chef Book...$15.95
A food lover's guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods
By Chef Clara Moore and Matt Sorrell

Chef Clara Moore and Matt Sorrell take you on a tour though the 'hoods of St. Louis, showing where and how to shop for off-the-beaten-track groceries.

Shop Like a Chef: A Food Lover's Guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods is the quickest way to shop small and local. This guidebook highlights all manner of grocery and specialty stores in the St. Louis area, broken down for easy access into neighborhoods as well as store type. The first set of chapters features about 20 neighborhoods in the Metro Area, giving a little history of each and the current demography in relation to the grocery stores that remain open today. The second set of chapters separates the stores by way of type - or usually, ethnicity. From Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia to Natural Food Stores, there are about 20 more chapters of helpful information for the new and experienced grocery shoppers alike. Each of these chapters includes a lexicon of items you might find in the type of stores listed - with a small description on how to buy and use these items.

The book includes Side Bars, full of interesting tidbits and tips, as well as over 2 dozen tested recipes. The Foodie's Guidebook aims to be charming and entertaining, with real functionality for folks that want to get to know their neighborhoods better, or start supporting smaller businesses, or expand their culinary knowledge, or just to have a fun foodie adventure.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Haandbryggeriet is back

Haandbryggeriet Dark Force...$8.99 / pint
Double Extreme Imperial Wheat Stout
Rated 99 on RateBeer

"From a strange country far, far away comes the first and only -- for the love of Christ, we hope so, anyway -- Double Extreme Imperial Wheat Stout in the known universe. Only from the former homebrewers at Haandbryggeriet (the 'Hand' Brewery), of course, who make beer on an absurdly small scale and therefore have the luxury of brewing purely for their own pleasure. We suspect, however, that you'll quite enjoy what they do. Dark Force is creamy and velvety, but the addition of plenty of malted wheat gives this stout a crispness and drinkability that belies its considerable alcoholic strength. Be forewarned: this Imperial really strikes back." -- importer

Haandbryggeriet Barrel Aged Porter Aquavit...$8.99 / pint
Rated 99 on RateBeer
A very special brew, this is a powerful porter that has been aged in old Aquavit barrels for several months.   Aquavit is said to be Norway’s best kept secret. It was probably first made around 1500 and the Linie Akevitt first appeared 200 years ago.This spirit is aged in old sherry barrels while floating on the ocean. It’s supposed to cross the equator twice on this voyage; a well-traveled spirit. It is customary for the ships to sail all the way to Australia and back.  The idea behind the beer is to recreate the flavor of historic porters, when all beers were kept in oak barrels. The wood aging has made this beer fantastically round and smooth, with a fantastic intermingling of the Aquavit and wood as well as roasted dark malts. The aroma is so powerful and interesting that you won’t be able to resist taking a sip.

Haandbryggeriet Norwegian Wood...$7.99 / pint
Years ago in Norway, farmers were required to brew by law. Failure to do so resulted in forfeiture of the farm. And if that wasn’t peculiar enough, the strength of the beer that each farmer brewed was based on a mathematical calculation involving the combined weight of the farmer and his wife — an incentive, it is believed, for farmers not to grow fat and rich off the labor of the farm hands for whom the beer was brewed.  The beer had a naturally smoky flavor — the malts would have been kilned on an open fire — and because hops were not cultivated in this northern climate, local juniper berries were added for flavor.  Inevitably, this law — finally one that we could have gotten behind! — was abolished, and the tradition of smoked beer in Norway was lost. The Haand brewery, however, has brought it back to life, with this studied recreation.


Jolly Pumpkin new releases...

Jolly Pumpkin news....

  • Oro de Calabaza is back in stock
  • La Roja is now in half bottles - 375ml
  • Calabaza Blanca is now in half bottles - 375ml
  • Maracaibo Especial - new seasonal in stock
All Jolly Pumpkin beers are online now

New Seasonal...
Rated 98 on RateBeer
Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial Special Brown Ale...$11.99 / 750ml
Maracaibo Especial - A rich brown ale inspired by the enigmatic monastic brews of Belgium, and the mysterious mist shrouded jungles of the tropics. Brewed with real cacao, and spiced with cinnamon and sweet orange peel for a sensual delight. A brew to be sipped, savored, and enjoyed!

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca...$4.99 / 375ml
Rated 96 on RateBeer
Rated 100 on RateBeer in its style
Calabaza Blanca- Aged in large oak casks and refermented in the bottle, Calabaza Blanca is a Belgian Biere Blanche. Spiced with orange peel and corriander, you'll find it refreshingly tart, with a wonderfully dry finish.
4.8% Alc./Vol.

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja....$7.49 / 375ml
Rated 99 on RateBeer
"La Roja – An artisan amber ale brewed in the Flanders tradition. Deep amber with earthy caramel, spice, and sour fruit notes developed through natural barrel aging. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and blended from barrels ranging in age from two to ten months." -- brewery

Back in stock!
Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza....$9.99 / 750ml
Rated 99 on RateBeer
Oro de Calabaza - Brewed in the Franco-Belgian tradition of strong golden ales. Spicy and peppery with a gentle hop bouquet and the beguiling influence of wild yeast.
#1 Rated Belgian Golden in the World, New York Times

8% Alc./Vol.

2009 Napa Valley Silver Oak just released

New Release - 2009 Vintage NAPA

2009 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon...$99.99
Our 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a ripe, rich, layered, yet elegant wine. It has a dark, ruby color and a complex nose of cassis jam, mocha, violets and nutmeg. On the palate, the wine has a delectable berry-laden entry and a rich, mouthcoating mid-palate. The tannins are beautifully integrated and the wine has a long, satiny finish. Given proper cellaring, this wine should give drinking pleasure through 2032.

New beers from Santa Fe

Some new brews from Santa Fe at The Wine and Cheese Place Forsyth


Santa Fe Happy Camper IPA....$9.49 / 6pk CANS
A classic beer for those beer lovers who love their hops, Happy Camper IPA will take the Pepsi Challenge (or IPA challenge, as we say in New Mexico) against any other pretenders to the throne. Was it divine providence that made this beer the king of the IPA world? Was it a tireless pursuit of glory? No, this IPA has a top-secret recipe to thank for its success, and this meticulously formulated combination of several different hops combined with a very specific brewing process give Happy Camper IPA a spicy, citric, and floral infusion of hop character, which is masterfully counterbalanced with the full-bodied maltiness characteristic of the Santa Fe Brewing Company’s distinctive beers.


Santa Fe Imperial Java Stout...$9.49 / 6pk CANS
This is the kind of beer that gives the word "stout" a reputation. Extra generous quantities of barley malt,
followed by vigorous fermentation leaves this "imperial" heavy weight with 8% alcohol A.B.V. and a body as full as chocolate bread pudding. A complimentary and complex array of bitter notes comes form potent American hops, earthy British hops, black-roasted malts and, of course, coffee. Santa Fe Brewing Company uses only top-quality ingredients like organically grown East Timor coffee beans blended with New Guinea coffee beans, locally roasted by O'hori's Coffee House. Its heavenly flavor and aroma can't be beat or imitated.


Santa Fe State Pen Porter...$9.49 / 6pk
A trademark beer of the Santa Fe Brewing Company’s master brewer, Ty Levis, the State Pen Porter has every reason to be one of his favorites. It is flavorful, swimming with notes of nuts and chocolate; it is drinkable, so drinkable that it is almost as if pint after pint were drinking itself.


Santa Fe Pale Ale....$9.49 / 6pk
Anything but a typical American Pale, Santa Fe Pale Ale is as full bodied as its most robust English counterparts, while asserting its American origin with a healthy nose resplendent with Cascade and Willamette hops. It finishes with a well-balanced combination of the subtle, almost Pilsner-like maltiness accentuated by the German yeast used to brew this Santa Fe classic, and a hop bite sufficient to leave a lingering smile on the face of any fan of American Pale Ales.

Santa Fe Chicken Killer Barley Wine...$5.99 / 22oz
Chicken Killer Barley Wine is the revolutionary beer that will someday define America's unique Barley Wine style. It is brewed with twice the ingredients of the Santa Fe Brewing Company's other beers, and only half the usual amount of liquid is extracted from these ingredients. This makes one substantial beer. At over ten percent alcohol, Chicken Killer is actually as substantial as wine, but this is not to say that it is difficult to drink. On the contrary; be careful with this one. The flavors of the beer are at first as overwhelming as the intense Santa Fe sun. But in the same way our sun gives us the unrivaled brilliant colors of Santa Fe, the potency of Chicken Killer gives us the remarkable spectrum of flavors that can be found in no other beer, in no other city. If you did not have the opportunity to try last year's vintage, come try this year's!

Santa Fe Single Barrel Sour Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels....$17.99 / 750ml
"Los Innovadores are the brewers and team members of Santa Fe Brewing Company know for their passion, creativity and dedication to the craft.  Los Innovadores beers are what happen when you give those people wild yeast, the keys to the brewery and very few rules.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jameson Rarest....

Back in stock, 2009 vintage.
Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve...$219.99

You've met the Jameson Family, now meet the Godfather of them all, Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve. This initial expression of maturing rare pot still whiskey in traditional fortified wine casks is a triumph of the collaboration between the Jameson Masters; devotees to their craft whose skill and artistry have been richly rewarded.

All the whiskeys in this magnificent Reserve are of an advanced age and have an immense collage of flavours to impart from their time in the wood. The pick of our older grain whiskeys were brought together with some rare and charismatic pot still whiskeys that had been matured in hand-picked second fill bourbon casks. These were carefully married with a rare pot still whiskey that was aged to a fantastic mellow sweetness in specially commissioned port pipes. The resulting union has a glorious, fruit rich character.

NOSE - A real full bodied aroma. Initially sweet with ripe fruit notes of melon, bananas and dark fleshy plums. The unmistakable pot still spicy character combines to give hints of treacle, cinnamon and liquorice.
TASTE - A mouthful of flavours. Mellow sweetness and toasted wood are complemented by fruit richness characteristic of the port casks. A touch of creamy dairy fudge and dark chocolate add to the complexity.
FINISH - A tantalisingly long finish which covers the spectrum from the sweetness of fruit, through the spices to the unmistakable note of barley, where it all began.

2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Double Gold
2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Gold
International Spirits Challenge 2009: Gold
Voted World’s Best Irish Blended Whiskey at the 2009 World Whiskies Awards
Irish Whiskey of the Year 2009 Malt Advocate Whiskey Awards