Saturday, September 24, 2022

Five Fold Single Casks

Five Fold Single Cask Whisky Orkney Island 10 Year Old...$99.99 / 700ml
  • Highland
  • Orkney Island
  • 10 Year Old
  • Wood Type: Hogshead
  • Cask No. 10
  • Distilled June 21, 2011
  • Bottled October 12, 2021

Five Fold Single Cask Whisky Ardmore 12 Year Old...$109.99 / 700ml
  • Speyside
  • Ardmore
  • 12 Year Old
  • Wood Type: Bourbon Barrel
  • Cask No. 1330
  • Distilled June 4, 2009
  • Bottled October 12, 2021

Benriach Single Malt Scotch Peated Cask Strength

Benriach Single Malt Scotch Peated Cask Strength....$99.99
  • Batch 2
  • 60% ABV
The malted barley used to make BenRiach Peated Cask Strength Batch 2 Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been smoked with Highland peat, enriching the whisky with notes of smoked apple wood. It has been bottled at its natural state, and at cask strength, so it can be experienced as if sampled at the source: straight from the cask. This multifaceted expression has matured in bourbon barrels and Oloroso sherry casks, before the whisky from these two woods is expertly blended together by our Master Blender, Rachel Barrie. Each cask type adds to the taste experience; with notes of butterscotch, Brazil nut toffee and pine resin, layered over bellowing peat embers.

Bastille - French Whisky

It is back!

Bastille 1789 Hand Crafted Whisky....$37.99 / 750ml
I hope you enjoy my very special whisky, which took me many years to perfect.  BASTILLE is hand-crafted in the South-West of France, the region where I was born and live.  I use a combination of traditional and cutting edge techniques to bring out the natural characteristics of the different varieties of wood cask, water and "terroir".  Here are a few highlights of my unique method for hand-crafting whisky (leaving out some of the secrets)  After the initial maturation, BASTILLE is finished in different styles of wooden cask which provide my whisky its delicate, harmonious and unique flavors.  BASTILLE uses pure Gensac spring water, filtered naturally for centuries through Grande Champagne limestone.  -- Master Distiller
Rated 94/100 Beverage Tasting Institute

McConnell's Irish Whisky

McConnell's Irish Whisky.....$ 26.99
  • Aged 5 Years
It’s all in the Blend: Creamy, Citrus, Floral, Fruity & Smoky.
The perfect blend between malted barley & grain and the special handpicked bourbon barrels add a delicate and subtle sweetness with a deep oak woodiness & light char to the finish.
Nose: Light citrus notes, peppered spice and vanilla undertones.
Taste: Earthy fruits, butterscotch & vanilla sweetness from the bourbon casks, white pepper followed by an oak woodiness.
Finish: Sweet, spice, oak, with lingering ripe fruits.
ABV: 42%

McConnell’s Sherry Cask Finish Irish Whisky...$43.99
  • 5 Years Old
  • Sherry Cask Finish
McConnell’s Sherry Cask Finish is aged for 5 years in 1st fill select Bourbon barrels. It is then finished in the finest Oloroso Sherry Casks which bring out rich aromas of dried figs, dark chocolate and lingering spice.
Nose: Dried figs and currants followed by Christmas spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, dark chocolate, and a hint of fresh leather.
Taste: Demerara sugar, dark ripe cherries and black raspberry followed by bitter dark chocolate shavings and rich red apples.
Finish: Lingering oak notes, with a hint of leather and subtle clove spice.
ABV: 46%

Friday, September 23, 2022

Heavy Riff Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale

Heavy Riff Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale....$12.99 / 4pk 16oz can
With each and every drink there are fewer and fewer.
Happy Jack is a seasonal beer from the minds of our brewers. For a limited time, you can say, "It's mine, mine, mine!" But before you can read the next Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme....Happy Jack will have left in a hurry and quay. So be sure to get your fill of Happy Jack today.

Deschutes Farmstand Fresh Mango IPA

Deschutes Farmstand Fresh Mango IPA...$8.99 / 6pk cans
We sought to create an IPA that brought huge mango flavor from aroma to finish. The experience is like traveling to a tropical locale and grabbing a mango from a farm stand and placing it in your IPA and hanging in your hammock.

4 Hands Warped Perception Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA

4 Hands Warped Perception Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Warped Perception is a hazy IPA brewed with American hops. The massive hop-load results in a super juicy beer with huge notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

Logboat Brewing Space Junk IPA

Logboat Brewing Space Junk IPA...$9.99 / 6pk
India Pale Ale
Citrus, bold, juicy
6.5% ABV

21st Amendment Brewery Hell or High Mango

21st Amendment Brewery Hell or High Mango...$9.99
As the days get shorter, Lady Liberty glows at our sunset gate with her welcoming arms. A light and refreshing straw-colored beer, fruity and sweet, brewed with real mango's, brimming with tropical floral notes. You’ll feel transported to an oasis during the orange and red leaves of fall.
Pairs with: fresh shucked oysters, veggie or fruit salads, seafood and sunny summer days

Fresh Toppling Goliath

All fresh canned in September!!!

Toppling Goliath Soul Hunter Double IPA...$17.99 / 4pk 16oz cans

Below the secret door and a devilish snare of bines rest the aromatic sorcery of thiols. The Soul Hunter's three hellhounds, bound to protect the aromatic sorcery of this fluffy DIPA. The crux of the matter is how to set these thiols free. The prophecy has been foretold that particular hops blended and introduced in harmony will mesmerize the beasts, opening the door and allowing aromas of passion fruit, citrus, and tropical berries to be released.

Double India Pale Ale: 7.8% ABV
Featured Hops: Hand-selected Simcoe, Simcoe Cryo, and Riwaka

Toppling Goliath Radiant Haze IPA...$10.99 / 4pk cans
Mellow out as you bask in the radiant haze of Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Sabro hops. Open your third eye and follow this hazy IPA on a tropical trip with notes of orange and mango.
India Pale Ale: 7% ABV
featured Hops: Amarillo, citra, mosaic and sabro hops

Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue...$22.99 / 12pk 12oz cans
This single-hop pale ale showcases the Citra hop for a well-balanced beer that is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. She roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen. Pseudo Sue’s unique taste is clean and bright with just enough bite!

Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Non-Alcoholic Pils

Brooklyn Brewing
Something for everyone!!


Brooklyn Special Effects NON-ALCOHOLIC Pils...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
If you’re craving clean, crisp refreshment, our Special Effects Variety Pack-exclusive Pils is the answer. Our non-alcoholic take on the world’s most popular beer style makes any time the right time to share a Pils.(<0.5% ABV)

Brooklyn Crisp Pilsner...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Out looking for good times and good people? You’re going to find Brooklyn Pilsner. Bright, golden, and strikingly refreshing, this is a Pilsner inspired by Brooklyn and brewed for all. So come along and take a sip of the bright side.

Bitburger Festbier

 Forsyth got in a little more today!

Bitburger Festbier...$10.99 / 6pk 11.2oz bottles
A seasonal edition, available only in the US from August each year for a limited time: our Festbier – tasty, full-bodied and delicately malty-mild. Created by our brewmasters to enjoy the traditional German beer festival atmosphere. A very special malt composition, including Pilsner Malt, Münchner Malt and light Caramel Malt, accounts for its fine color and smooth body. Additionally, the beer is refined with Bitburger’s proprietary and unique hop blend called ‘Siegelhopfen’ (seal hops), which is sourced from a farm just a few minutes from the brewery. This drinkable 6.2% ABV full-bodied beer is the perfect marriage of hops and malt with a slightly sweet backbone, while finishing dry.
Festbier has a clear amber color that reminds one of the first days of autumn. It pours with an inviting, foamy white head. An intriguing spicy aroma-mix of slightly roasted bread and fruit cake with hints of caramel. A crisp and full-bodied mouthfeel brings out a variety of malty flavors like roasted nuts and bread with a well-balanced sweetness of raisins and dried fruits. It finishes with a light, yet lingering bitterness that is not overwhelming and plays well with the perceptible higher alcohol. A true example of the style that will pair perfectly with roasted turkey, strong cheese or grilled sausage.

Great Divide Double Juicy IPA

Great Divide Double Juicy IPA....$13.99 / 6pk 12oz cans

Another orbit around the sun produced another otherworldly addition to our Tank Farm Series. This Double Juicy IPA is brewed with an otherworldly amount of Strata hops and complemented with additions of Azacca hops. The intrepid drinker will immediately discover huge notes of peach candy, mango and pineapple with hints of berry at the finish. This is truly an extraterrestrial sensory experience!

Tomatin Single Malt Scotch 14 Year Old Port Cask

Tomatin Single Malt Scotch 14 Year Old Port Cask...$73.99
  • 14 Year Old
  • Port Cask Whisky
The 14 year old single malt whisky is matured in a combination of Bourbon barrels and Port casks.   The Tomatin 14-Year-Old is soft, smooth and sweet, benefiting from its time spent in Tawny Port casks which previously held port for around 50 years. Rich but balanced aromas of red berries, sweet honey and rich toffee develop into aspects of light fruits and nuts on the palate and an abiding finish of smooth fruit salad.

Friday Tasting at Spirit Wine and Craft with North Shore Distillery


Friday September 23rd from 4pm-6pm
At Spirit Wine and Craft
5760 Chippewa St. 

What we will be pouring...

North Shore Twisted Citrus Vodka...$29.99 / 750ml
Simply put, this is the best citrus vodka you’ll ever taste, if we do say so ourselves. Brand new as of December 2020, this is an update to our late, great Sol Chamomile Citrus as part of our 2020 rebranding and packaging updates. We worked on these updates for almost all of 2020, and are thrilled with the outcome. Twisted Citrus has bright, fresh, authentic citrus flavors from the fresh oranges, lemons and limes we infuse and distill into the spirit.
Tasting Notes:Sunshine in a glass, with bright, fresh citrus notes – it’s delicious for sipping, and also for mixing
Layers of fresh orange, lemon and lime in a crisp, smooth spirit
Production Notes:Starting from a base of our North Shore Vodka, Twisted Citrus is infused and distilled with real, fresh citrus fruit peels; we use oranges, lemons and limes, achieving a round, versatile citrus profile with accents of each type of fruit
This spirit is made in small batches by hand – the citrus fruits are washed and peeled by hand as well, to ensure we get use only the best parts of the fruits
We use no additives or flavorings of any kind – it’s just pure, delicious vodka infused and distilled with fresh citrus fruit
North Shore Twisted Citrus Vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)

North Shore Gin No. 6...$32.99 /  750ml
Our flagship spirit, and possibly our most famous one, too. It has won many awards and acclaim and is loved around the globe, despite being from a tiny family-run distillery.
Tasting Notes:Unlike any other gin on the market, North Shore No. 6 has a nuanced, complex aroma and flavor, with balanced juniper, citrus, spice and floral notes, with a long, smooth finish
No. 6 has won a wide range of awards and significant critical acclaim – here are a few of our favorites mentions:“Clear color. Spicy aromas and flavors of nutmeg and pepper muffin, honeyed juniper berries, seared polenta with candied lemon zest, and fennel chutney with a velvety, vibrant, fruity medium-full body and a warming, subtle, long finish with notes of cardamom honey cream, spice cake, and exotic peppercorns and coriander. A powerfully delicious gin with captivatingly fresh, 3-D flavors; impressive!” – Beverage Testing Institute, awarding a Gold Medal, Spring 2022
“Of course, juniper is the dominant flavor, but it quickly gives way to a cascade of subtle flavors that make No. 6 the jewel of a refined martini, yet also very pleasing neat” – Chicago Tribune
“A modern-style gin … smooth and refined” – New York Times
“This unique gin kept surprising my palate with each sip, ending with a beautifully developed peppery finish” – Hal Wolin, a NYC-based bartender, on his blog A Muddled Thought
Production Notes: We hand prepare a range of herbs and botanicals for each batch of gin, including juniper berries (of course), hand-grated fresh lemon peel, rich spices like cardamom and cinnamon, and delicate floral accents
We infuse the botanicals into our base spirit for varying lengths of time depending on their particular characteristics, and then distill them through Ethel the Still using a slow, meticulous process that enables us to create fresh, bright flavors
Distiller’s Gin No. 6 is 47% alcohol by volume (94 proof)
North Shore Sirene Absinthe Verte...$59.99 / 750ml
Tasting Notes:Sirène has a beautiful, nuanced aroma and flavor. On first taste (after diluting with water of course), you’ll notice the classical absinthe trinity of herbs – anise seed, fennel and grand wormwood. As you continue to sip, additional flavors come forward, including floral, citrus, minty and bitter notes.
Your tongue will tingle and be engulfed in a sea of herbal intensity, in the best possible way.
“[B]eautiful, both in the Art Nouveau-inspired bottle as well as in the glass, where it louches to opalescent yellow-green. The aroma is particularly citrusy, evoking juicy Key lime mixed with fennel. It’s super-light on the palate, with most of the anise coming forward on the finish. Mix into an absinthe frappe.” – Wine Enthusiast
Production Notes:We modeled Sirène after some of our favorite absinthes from past trips to Europe and generous sharing by absinthe aficionado friends – rich, yet approachable, balanced in flavors and delicious both in a traditional absinthe preparation as well as in a range of cocktails.
We infuse 18 different herbs to create the rich, complex layers of flavor in Sirène – we don’t share much of the details, but it is a labor-intensive, time-intensive process. And we love how the distillery smells when we’re making it, even if the aromas take over the place for a few hours.
Sirène Absinthe Verte is 60% alcohol by volume (120 proof)

Rebel Yell Cask Strength Single Barrel TWCP 502x314

Chosen by our staff at the distillery down in Louisville!
Rebel Yell Cask Strength Single Barrel TWCP 502x314....$49.99
  • Single Barrel
  • Barrel Filled 08/16/17
  • 5 years old
  • Barrel #7755779
  • 120 proof

2021 Shannon Ridge High Elevation Chardonnay

Fantastic Value
2021 Shannon Ridge High Elevation Chardonnay...$10.99

Our Chardonnay captures the soul of our highest elevation vineyards.
This vintage is brimming with ripe pear, green apple, melon and citrus flavors accented by lightly toasted coconut, oak and caramel notes culminate in a long, juicy finish.
High Valley fruit adds lively citrus flavors and bright acidity, grapes from Red Hills contribute generous, ripe fruit character balanced by the grassiness and mineral tones of fruit from Big Valley.
The last 3 vintages scored 90 points, 2021 has not scored yet, be we loved it!

Daou Chardonnay Paso Robles

2021 Daou Chardonnay Paso Robles...$17.99
Compare to $22 at the Winery
There's a guava character to the nose of this bottling, yet it's cut by a river stone edge. A bright sizzle of acidity and a chalky flesh envelop the palate, with plumeria and more guava flavors at play.
Rated 91/100 The Wine Enthusiast

Equilibrium Brewing

In stock now at Forsyth and Spirit Wine and Craft

Equilibrium Wavelength IPA....$15.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Wavelength is back! (6.5 % ABV IPA).
A wavelength is the distance between identical points in the adjacent cycles of a waveform signal propagated in space and describes the flow of Photons. We started with oats and white wheat for a base before adding Simcoe and Mosaic to the whirlpool. To get some berry medley notes going we dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra at a 2:1 ratio. Wavelength pours bright yellow with aromas of citrus and stone fruit with crushable flavors of mango and berry with a light refreshing finish.

Equilibrium / Weldwerks Brewing Tera Bitrate Fluctuation DIPA...$19.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
A terabit is a measurement of 1 trillion bits or pieces of binary data. It represents a shift from the prefix “giga” or billion with the prefix “tera” or trillion. In our case, it’s a perfect unit of measurement to represent the scaled up hop levels from our first collab our friends from Weldwerks and introduce our newest one, Tera Bitrate Fluctuation (DIPA).
Tera Bitrate Fluctuation amps up the hop bill to near extreme levels. Using the same base with an adjusted hop schedule, Citra Incognito, Citra T-90’s, and Idaho7 was added to the whirlpool with a huge dry hop of Strata, Citra, Galaxy, and Bru-1. Tera Bitrate Fluctuation pours with aromas of pineapple chunks, mango, and lime with juicy flavors of pineapples in syrup, ripe mango, lime gummy wedges, fruit punch box drink, and a touch of Anjou pear. Despite the amount of hops, this beer is extremely bright and crushable with a pulpy mouth feel and a dank lime custard note and our #EQjuice finish.

Fresca Mixed!!!

Inspired by the legendary mixability of Fresca. Fresca Mixed is a light sparkling canned cocktail made with real spirits and the citrus taste of Fresca. Ready to drink straight from the can or served on ice in your favorite glass, this is your new favorite perfectly mixed cocktail.

Fresca Mixed Tequila Paloma...$9.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Take it easy with our Tequila Paloma! A perfectly balanced blend made with authentic tequila blanco from Mexico, and the citrus taste of Fresca® , our easy to enjoy paloma cocktail pulls through.
5%: ABV

Fresca Mixed Vodka Spritz...$9.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Get your vibe on with our Vodka Spritz! Made with real vodka and the citrus taste of Fresca®, this ready-to-drink cocktail is made for smooth sipping.
5%: ABV

Napa Valley Half Bottles

Napa Valley HALF BOTTLES!!!
2020 Duckhorn Chardonnay Napa Valley...$19.99 / 375ml
Aromas of fresh herbs, fresh flowers and green apples. Medium-bodied with wet-mineral character. Fresh and bright on the palate. Subtle white-tea spice helps to add approachable complexity to the elegant fruit. Drink now.
Rated 92/100 James Suckling

Napa Valley HALF BOTTLES!!!
2014 Faust Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvingon....$29.99 / 375ml
This is very intense with blackberries, dark chocolate, fresh mushrooms and blackcurrants. Full-bodied, fine and fruity yet complex and intense. Structured and lightly austere. Beautiful.
Rated 94/100 James Suckling