Saturday, April 3, 2021

Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Old Illicit Still

Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Old Illicit Still..$52.99
Compare to $58.99 at Total Wine and More in STL
In 1824, before our founder George Smith licensed his distillery, the remote Glenlivet valley was the perfect location for the illicit scotch whisky trade, with distilleries handcrafting in smaller copper stills in bothies well hidden from the law.
It was there in the isolated valley that George Smith would learn his craft. Slowly and carefully distilling what would soon become the world-renowned single malt scotch whisky that established the signature fruity floral Speyside style

We are closed Easter Sunday

 We are closed Easter Sunday April 4th

Back to normal hours starting Monday!

TWCP/Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bottled in Bond!!!

Big! Big! Big! News!

Remember that surprise empty barrel we sent to Side Project last week?

DRUMROLL..... was a TWCP/Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bottled in Bond!!!

First one in Missouri to celebrate the opening of our newest location.

We will announce next week how it is being released!

One part of the release - we will be offering DOUBLE WRC POINTS towards the Col. E.H. Taylor release on purchases of any of our single barrels in stock now.  They will counts as double points - April 1st-April 30th.  For April raffle only.

Click here to see our current TWCP single barrels in stock

To celebrate the opening of our new Lamp and Lantern store!
We had asked our distributors for a special release last fall to celebrate two big changes in TWCP family for 2021. The opening of our new Lamp and Lantern location (it just opened at 10am today) and we thought the opening of our new Hampton location. And they came up with a Single barrel of Col. E.H. Taylor, we said, that sounds okay to us!!! The Hampton Location hit a roadblock for now, but the Lamp and Lantern location is now open. The Hampton store is still a top priority and we have plans to open it by the end of the year, and we are currently looking at a few locations right now-stay tuned for when we know more.

TWCP/Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bottled in Bond
Barreled October 22, 2010 - so over 10 years old.
Not released yet. It will go through the Whiskey Reward Club at the end of April. You must be a member of our Whiskey Reward Club

Friday, April 2, 2021

Ciacci Piccolomini d'Aragona Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ciacci Piccolomini d'Aragona Extra Virgin Olive Oil...$27.99 / 500ml
(Fresh new - 2020 Harvest)
Of the 220 ha Ciacci Piccolomini estate, 40 ha is planted to olive trees, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Olivastra. Sustainable farming practices, such as limited use of only organic fertilizers, periodical pruning and manual harvest help to obtain healthy fruit. Olives in the very early stages of ripening are harvested in the middle of October and pressed within hours of picking. The olive oil is obtained in a cold press. The yield is low, producing on average 12 kg of oil from 100 kg of olives. After pressing, the olive oil is decanted for 30 days and stored without filtration in stainless steel vats for 30 days.

low acidity and a powerful structure. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is persistent, very aromatic, fruity and savoury flavour with note of artichoke. The final is hot, spicy with a bitterish aftertaste.

Leitz 'Eins Zwei Zero' Non-Alcoholic Riesling

Leitz 'Eins Zwei Zero' Non-Alcoholic Riesling...$14.99 / 750ml
What shall we say - BOOM! Since 4 years we´re working with this amazing product named EINS-ZWEI-ZERO Riesling and we´re fascinated about it´s development. A very modern alcohol free Riesling produced from grapes of young vines and with a lot of flavour.The taste is clean and fresh with notes of lime and citrus; there are subtle hints of rhubarb and red apples on an underlying mineral base. The finish is dry and relatively long. It´s Riesling and it´s definitely a nice treat for hot days and good food - for a life without sacrification when it comes to impenitently enjoyment. We have chosen the Riesling grape for our first alcohol free product, because Leitz is Riesling and we feel with every new sip a deep happiness that we have included the EINS-ZWEI-ZERO Riesling in our portfolio. It´s the start of a long and fascinating journey

Leitz 'Eins Zwei Zero' Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Riesling...$19.99 / 750ml
This is our brand new EINS-ZWEI-ZERO Sparkling Riesling - a very modern alcohol free sparkling wine, which gives you a nice impression of what´s already possible in the production of de-alcoholized wines. Our focus is the small gap between "the real champagne-experience" and the best available quality without alcohol. Our mission is, to keep the gap as small as possible, to make new friends and to offer this product to those who don´t want to consume alcohol, but who are seeking for a nice experience to celebrate life without any compromise. The taste is almost dry and shows up with nicely embedded hints of peach and apricot, fresh apples and a full mouthfeel. We have noticed that this quality has also a very nice ability to show delicious mature notes, which we know from more complex Riesling wines, when it´s close to the end of it´s "best-before-life". It´s an amazing product.

Abita Brewing Chocolate Doberge Cake Stout

Abita Brewing Chocolate Doberge Cake Stout...$11.99 / 6pk 
Fashioned from the classic New Orleans dessert, our Chocolate Doberge (pronounced dough-bash) Cake Stout is layered with sweet cocoa nibs, vanilla & milk sugar. This beer has a rich & decadent sweetness with velvety chocolate notes. No matter how you pronounce it, this cake is one of the most appreciated and desired locally created desserts for any occasion.

The Wine and Cheese Place Lamp and Lantern is open!

The newest addition to The Wine and Cheese Place family is open!
Lamp and Lantern "LL is now open!

195 Lamp and Lantern Village!
We still have a little work to do but they are open and ready to go!

Knob Creek / TWCP Single Barrel Select Bourbon

We are very excited about this one, it stood out unanimously among the other barrels we taste!

Knob Creek / TWCP Single Barrel Select Bourbon...$46.99

Our latest Barrel arrived!
  • Warehouse : 1
  • Floor : 3
  • Rick : 058
  • Barrelled on 6/15/11
  • Selected 12/13/20
  • Bottled in 03/20
120 proof

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Prairie Artisan Ales Spectrum Sour Ale


Prairie Artisan Ales Spectrum Sour Ale...$10.99 / 4pk 12oz cans

Sour Ale with Cinnamon, Hibiscus, and Chili peppers
5.3% ABV

Ottakringer Citrus Radler

Ottakringer Citrus Radler...$9.99 / 4pk 16.9oz cans
Fine combination of citrus fruits and beer. Summer is shandy time! The desire for a fruity refreshment increases as the temperatures rise. The combination of our classic Ottakringer Helles and the four citrus fruits of lemon, grapefruit, lime and orange provide the perfect summer enjoyment. Our naturally cloudy Citrus Radler shandy promises a natural taste experience.
Consists of 40% beer and 60% lemonade, with 10% real fruit juice.
2% ABV


Boulder Beer Hazed and Infused Hazy Ale...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
The og hazy. A unique infusion of floral hops creates a piney, earthy, floral ascent, belayed by a complex, dank, fruity backbone. The surprisingly nimble balance of this hazy proves sometimes the original is the best route.
5% abv

Boulder Beer Mojo High Altitude IPA...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
This heady, citrus forward ipa conjures a mighty mix of elements from hop bitterness to malt character to a big grapefruitty finish. Collide your mouth with this mountainous beer while enjoying the thin air of an elevated party.

Boulder Beer Shake Dark Chocolate Porter...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
By using five different grains, this indulgent porter creates layers upon layers of velvety flavors. Pronounced dark chocolate is surrounded by notes of cream, cacao nibs, coffee, and caramel. Drink it like an adult, bliss out on shake like a kid.
5.9% abv

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Bacon

Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon...$14.99 / 14oz 
Rich, thick-cut, and coated with Bourbon Smoked Pepper showcasing its smoky flavor. Enjoy it at breakfast, on sandwiches, or as a garnish in a Bloody Mary.
Hickory Smoked Bacon
-  Cured with salt, sugar, and Bourbon Smoked Pepper
-  Net Wt. 140z
-  Freezable
-  U.S. inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture

2019 Beckmen Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc Santa Ynez Valley

New 2019 just arrived!

2019 Beckmen Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc Santa Ynez Valley...$15.99
Compare to $18.49 at Total Wine and More
The 2019 Sauvignon Blanc is a gorgeous wine that melds together expressive, varietal aromatics and a good bit of texture to back it up. Lemon peel, sage, mint and crushed rocks all race through this expressive, inviting Sauvignon Blanc from Steve Beckmen. This is such a classy, polished wine.
Rated 92/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

Paulaner Best of Munich Variety Pack

Back in stock now

Paulaner Best of Munich Variety Pack...$19.99 / 12 pack bottles
  • Paulaner Munchen Hefe Weizen
  • Paulaner Munchen Lager
  • Paulaner Munchen Oktoberfest Marzen
  • Paulaner Munchen Salvator

The popularity of Paulaner beer extends far beyond the city limits of Munich. Our great-tasting beer, highly skilled brewmasters, and the love for Bavarian tradition has made Paulaner a hit around the world. More than 2 million hectoliters leave our brewery each year – traveling from Munich-Langwied to over 70 countries.

Today, Paulaner is as much a part of Munich life as it was in 1634. Every year, Paulaner is one of only six breweries pouring beer at the Oktoberfest in Munich, and the annual Salvator tasting and Politiker Derblecken, where local politicians are roasted, remains a beloved Munich tradition.

Waterford Irish Whisky

Back in stock now!

Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1. Irish Single Malt...$84.99
The Arcadian Series represents our otherworldly garden of delights. We sought out maverick farmers, inspirational growers, iconoclasts whose ethos & way of life respects the land & the old ways in the pursuit of pure flavours over yield imperatives. Gaia, the neopagan goddess of yore, a personification of Mother Earth herself, is a fitting custodian to bring forth Ireland’s first whisky distilled from certified organic Irish barley.
John Mallick, Paddy Tobin, Alan Jackson, Pat and Denis Booth, Jason Stanley and Trevor Harris rose to the challenge laid down by us to produce the first Irish-grown organic malting barley.
Cask composition: 42% first fill US oak, 17% virgin US oak, 23% premium French oak and 18% Vin Doux Naturel.
Each bottle of Organic GAIA Edition 1.1 has a TÉIREOIR code, which offers an unparalleled level of bottling information on the barley, maps, imagery and even audio from the farm. 

Waterford  Dunmore Edition 1.1. 
Irish Single Malt...$74.99
Single Farm
Made from 100% Irish-grown barley, Single Farm Origin: Dunmore Edition 1.1 was grown by John Tynan in County Laois. At the top of John Tynan’s barley fields, within a striking circular copse of trees, is the early medieval fort that lends the townland its name – An Dún Mór, the big fort – a reminder of turbulent times of lore. Nestled between the Slieve Bloom Mountains & the Castlecomer Plateau of County Laois is this westerly-facing, lowland terroir, of limestone-derived loamy drift that harbours a compact gravelly tilth.
Cask composition: 33% first fill US oak, 18% virgin US oak, 25% premium French oak and 24% Vin Doux Naturel (sweet fortified wines).

Waterford  Rathclogh Edition 1.1. Irish Single Malt 
Single Farm Origin
Made from 100% Irish-grown barley, Single Farm Origin: Rathclogh Edition 1.1 was grown by Richard Raftice. The strategic importance of Ráthchloch (stone fort), on the old Kilkenny to Waterford road, was equally appreciated by the Vikings adjacent Danesfort. The striking vantage point looks over Richard Raftice’s low lying land of quick-drying, shallow gravel soils deposited by ancient glacier meltwater ensuring it is an early sowing/ripening terroir.
Cask composition: 31% first-fill US oak, 19% virgin US oak, 25% premium French oak and 25% Vin Doux Naturel (sweet fortified wines).

Using the world's finest barley, our Single Farm Origin series is an uber- provenance range of natural whiskies that explore Irish terroir one place, one farm, at a time.
Barley-forward, terroir-driven, natural whisky. No coloring, chill-filtration or any additives whatsoever.
Each bottle of Single Farm Origin: Rathclogh Edition 1.1 has a TÉIREOIR code, which offers an unparalleled level of bottling information on the barley, maps, imagery and even audio from the farms.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

2nd Shift Bridget

2nd Shift Bridget Brett Beer...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Light and funky, this is a perfect beer for a warm summer day.

2nd Shift Mladek Imperial Stout with Cinnamon and Vanilla

2nd Shift Mladek Imperial Stout with Cinnamon and Vanilla....$14.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Imperial Stout with Cinnamon and Vanilla and Coffee

Pronounced “Melodic”, this Imperial Stout is blended with cinnamon, vanilla, and coffee.

Big Muddy / 2nd Shift Big Shift Peach Sour

Big Muddy / 2nd Shift Big Shift Peach Sour...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Peach Kettle Sour

Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Cherry Bergamot Whiskey Sour

Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Cherry Bergamot Whiskey Sour...$11.99 / 4pk cans
Bergamot Orange doesn’t quite look like an orange ... nor taste like one now that we think about it! You may recognize its fragrant, citrusy scent and distinct flavor, as it’s the star flavor of Earl Grey tea. It’s also found flavoring cookies, custards, marmalades, syrups and … perhaps a cocktail?

Developed to accentuate the nuances of our malt whiskey, this ready-to-drink cocktail is made using our whiskey distilled with tart cherries and highly-fragrant, citrusy bergamot oranges, then blended with a house-made sour mix.

Light amber in color, it is chock full of oak and vanilla whiskey flavors balanced by notes of citrus and dark cherries with a hint of honey, lemon and bergamot.

So ditch the fancy glassware, mixing equipment and enjoy cold, straight from the can!!

Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Vodka Lemonade Cocktail...$11.99 / 4pk cans
Scratch-Made Using Our Vodka Distilled With Strawberries & Honeyberries
Wait, what is a Honeyberry? Honeyberries taste like a cross between raspberries and blueberries. They are excellent eaten fresh or in desserts, ice cream, preserves, and now ... cocktails!  Inspired by Sam’s visits to his friend’s honeyberry farm in coastal Maine, this scratch-made cocktail features our vodka distilled with honeyberries, macerated with strawberries and blended with a house-made lemonade.
Light coral in color with a fresh-squeezed lemonade haze, it exudes the well-balanced tartness of fresh-squeezed lemon combined with a sweet berry taste.
Strawberry Honeyberry Vodka Lemonade is certified gluten free.

Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Vodka Soda Cocktail...$11.99 / 4pk cans
Scratch-Made Using Our Vodka Distilled With Blueberries & Lightly Sweetened Vinegar
Wait, isn’t a shrub what you decorate your front door with? Yes, BUT it is also an old-timey drink made from dark fruits macerated in sugar and vinegar. This sweet, yet acidic syrup was traditionally mixed with water or soda water for a flavorful refresher.

This here cocktail was inspired by the bartenders at our James Beard Award-nominated bar program at Chesapeake & Maine. This scratch-made cocktail begins with our vodka distilled with blueberries. It is then macerated with lightly sweetened balsamic and red wine vinegar to create a blueberry shrub vodka which we then blend with soda water.

The ensuing deep, burgundy-colored libation is juicy and subtly sweet from the blueberries, with a slightly sour and complex fruity character from the vinegar.

So ditch the fancy glassware, mixing equipment and enjoy cold, straight from the can!!

We were so excited about what we were tasting so we submitted it to the Los Angeles Spirits Awards 2020 and it won Best in Show in the ready-to-drink category.

177 calories | 11.3g carbs | 0g protein | 0g fat per 12 oz. serving

Blueberry Shrub Vodka Soda is certified gluten free.

Corona Refresca Tropical Cocktail

Corona Refresca Tropical Cocktail...$16.99 / 12 pack variety
Corona Refresca doesn’t sweep you away to the tropics—it brings them to you. Light and sweet (but not *too* sweet), it’s got a refreshing taste that’s full of flavor.

  • Guava Lime
  • Passionfruit Lime
  • Coconut Lime