Saturday, November 27, 2021

Heaven's Door / TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon

In stock at Forsyth, Lamp and Lantern, and New Ballas only right now

Heaven's Door / TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon....$59.99
(compare to $66.99 at Total Wine and More for their barrel)

Cask Strength Bourbon - 117.38 proof
Barrel #183
Yield 216 bottles
Mash Bill

  • 75% Corn
  • 21% Rye
  • 4% Malt
Distilled in Indiana
  • Warehouse WL
  • Rick/Level 1-79-6
  • Cooperage ISC
  • Char #3
  • Toast 0

Knob Creek TWCP Single Barrel

In stock at Lamp and Lantern, Forsyth and New Ballas right now only

Knob Creek TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon...$46.99
  • Warehouse - M
  • Floor - 04
  • Rick - 018
  • Barreled 10/20/2011
  • Bottled 08/12/2021
  • Almost 10 years old
  • Yield 180 bottles

Founders Brewing Frootwood Barrel Aged Cherry Ale

Founders Brewing Frootwood Barrel Aged Cherry Ale...$13.99 / 4pk

Aged in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels

We took a crisp, light-bodied cherry ale and hid it away in oak barrels that have held both bourbon and maple syrup. After a lengthy stint, it emerged a changed beer, blanketed in notes of warm vanilla and earthy sweetness. The wood proves itself the star of this beer, adding depth and taming the tart cherry while the maple imposes a velvety texture that lingers for not a moment too long.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Anchor Christmas Ale 2021

More just arrived at Forsyth

Anchor Christmas Ale 2021...$12.99 / 6pk
Anchor Christmas Ale 2021...$16.99 / Magnum bottle

Our annual Christmas Ale is a subtly spiced and sumptuously smooth winter warmer.

2021 Goose Island BCS release at KIRKWOOD

Friday November 26th  - starting at 9am
our new KIRKWOOD location ONLY
The Wine and Cheese Place 
10451 Manchester Road, Kirkwood MO 63122

We are opening an hour early at our Kirkwood store only.
Doors will Open at 9am!
please wear a mask and use social distancing

Original Bourbon County Stout --  2 bottles per person

The first 50 people in line that purchase 2 bottles of the "original" Bourbon County Stout are guaranteed a chance to be able to purchase two 2 bottles of the variants (must be 2 different).  Unless at the end there is no option

The Variants
  • Cherry Wood Stout
  • Reserve 150 Stout
  • Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout
  • Reserve Blanton’s Stout (only 6 bottles of this one)
  • Classic Cola Stout
  • Goose Island Bourbon County Fourteen Stout

The 2021 Bourbon County Stout lineup includes:

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
Our rich Imperial Stout is blended from a mix of bourbon barrels from distilleries such as Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey, and Buffalo Trace, each aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels for 8-14 months. Expect flavors of chocolate and vanilla, oak, whiskey, and molasses, followed by caramel, berry fruit, and almond.

Goose Island Bourbon County Cherry Wood Stout
This year, we took wood complexities to another level by doing something we’ve never done before: we took fully-matured Bourbon County Stout and finished it with toasted fruitwood—specifically, honeycomb-shaped cherry wood chips. The versatility of the cherry wood and honeycomb shape allowed for maximum flavor extraction, revealing complex characteristics like red fruit, ripe cherry, and light toffee, which are not found in the original oak barrel itself. The result is an amazing elevation and a notable difference from our Original Bourbon County Stout.

Goose Island Bourbon County Reserve 150 Stout
Our Bourbon County Reserve 150 Stout is aged for one year in Old Forester’s 150th Anniversary Bourbon Barrels. To celebrate the anniversary, Old Forester’s hand-picked 150 barrels from resting places within the Old Forester barrelhouse, to create three unique batches honoring founder George Garvin Brown and his process of batching from three original distilleries. These hand-picked, limited-edition barrels—combined with our Imperial Stout—create a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration bourbon and beer fans alike will appreciate and cherish. Expect barrel-forward flavor with notes of chocolate, vanilla, and coconut, followed with molasses, almond, berry, and oak.

Goose Island Bourbon County Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout
Our Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout was aged for one year in Elijah Craig’s Small Batch Bourbon Barrels, then another year in Elijah Craig Toasted Bourbon Barrels. These toasted barrels are built to the same specifications as normal bourbon barrels but are more heavily toasted and very lightly charred. Not only does this stout embody distinctive elements from Elijah Craig’s award-winning Small Batch Bourbon Barrels—like warm spice & vanilla—it also deepened in intensity during its second year of aging. The result? A Bourbon County Stout unlike any before. In addition to the familiar chocolate, caramel, and vanilla comes flavors of toasted marshmallow and a very pronounced fruit and oak finish. Bourbon County Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout has a rich complexity and flavor only attainable through true craftsmanship, partnership, expert blending, and, of course, patience. This is only the second time we have packaged a “Double Barrel” Bourbon County Stout —and trust us, you’ll want to get your hands on this special limited-edition gem.

Goose Island Bourbon County Reserve Blanton’s Stout
We partnered with our friends at Blanton’s and aged our Imperial Stout for 18 months in barrels from one of the world’s most sought-after bourbons—Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon. Taken from the center-cut or middle sections of the famous Warehouse H, Blanton’s Original Single Barrel was once only available for ambassadors, dignitaries, and friends of the Blanton family, but now is available for everyone to enjoy. Just as we set the standard for barrel-aged stouts, Blanton’s set the standard for single barrel bourbons. Through our partnership, we created a truly unique reserve filled with rich dark chocolate and oak notes, finished with warm aromatics of baking spices such as clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon

Goose Island Bourbon County Classic Cola Stout

Pushing the boundaries of barrel-aged stouts is in our DNA, and with that, we brought to life our first-ever cola-inspired variant. Brewers Paul Cade and Jason Krasowski bonded over their love for a classic cola while creating the Classic Cola Stout. Combining the refreshing nature of classic cola and picking up the flavor profile from a whisky cola, we added lime and orange juice and zest, plus coriander, cassia bark, nutmeg, brown sugar, and vanilla to bring out the complex characters of the classic drink. This is the ultimate twist on a whiskey cola and a must-try for Bourbon County Stout, cola or whiskey/cola lovers.

Goose Island Bourbon County Fourteen Stout

For the first time ever, we’re digging into the Proprietor’s (Chicago-only release) vault and bringing back a fan favorite with Bourbon County Fourteen Stout. But this time, it’s with a twist. We’re paying homage to the popular Proprietor’s 2014 recipe, but upping the rye ante by adding rye to the mash bill. Layering cassia bark, cocoa nibs, panela sugar, and coconut water, this stout has an intricate, sweet and spicy flavor profile that will have fans going back sip after sip.

BRC  emails already sent

A portion of our BCS allocation will be released using our Beer Reward Club (BRC) and will be based beer purchases from the last 6 months until Wednesday November 24th stopping at 7pm.  All your Goose Island purchases will count as double points during the last 6 months.   Those emails will got out before Black Friday so you will know what you have before the big day.   

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Black Friday!!!


Stay Tuned for Black Friday super specials!!!
Starting online at Midnight November 26th!

Stay tuned!!!

Michel Couvreur Whisky

Whisky distilled in Scotland and aged in Burgundy France

Michel Couvreur Intravagan'za Whisky...$69.99
Malt distilled in Scotland, aged in very old sherry casks, then bottled at its natural strength (50% alc./vol.). A young high-mettled spirit of confounding intensity, concentrated, rich and tasty.

Limpid gold amber tint. Notes of green almond and frangipane fragrances that are typical of very young malts, honeyed, finely wooded, and fruity. The palate is lively and silky with creamy flavors reminiscent of pear liquor, which evolve rapidly into finer and floral flavors supported by a hint of smoke.

Michel Couvreur Cap a Pie Whisky...$69.99
First edition in 2018, it should become a classic! This is Michel Couvreur's usual "The Unique whisky" with a higher proportion of Malt Whiskies. Iodized fragrance with a hint of almond, vanilla sweetness, light floral fragrances, white fruits. The palate is nervous yet round with a hint of Sherry flavors. Gourmand and drinkable, it is enjoyed as an aperitif at low temperature. The high proportion of malt whiskies makes the after tastes become more complex.

Michel Couvreur Cuvee Unique Whisky...$42.99
4 years in Hogshead. Medium humidity cellar.
The classic "BLENDED" which used to be called "The Grain Whisky" because it is composed by a most part of Grain - an exception in the Michel Couvreur range because it's not a fresh Sherry cask maturation. The Unique is enhanced thanks to very old whisky casks. Iodine flavors with a touch of almond and vanilla sweetness. Delicate and sublte, it is reminiscent of white fruits. Nervous on the palate, it shows a round aftertaste that makes it easy to drink with apetizers.
To be served cool.

Smoking Goose Duck Prosciutto

In stock at Forsyth now!!

Smoking Goose Duck Prosciutto  
$51.99 / lb, each one is (around 5-8oz)

Good Food Award winner 2020
Moulard duck breast: star anise, allspice, orange peel
whole, boneless breast, not sliced, ready to eat

WhistlePig 18 Year

3 Different 18 Year Old WhistlePig Ryes in stock now including a Missouri Select Single Barrel.

Each annual release is accompanied by a bespoke glass stopper, hand pressed in Vermont

WhistlePig 18 Year Old Single Barrel MO Select Rye...$529.99

  • Rye 79%
  • Malted Rye 15%
  • Malted Barley 6%
  • 106 Proof

Whistlepig 18 Year Double Malt Rye 3rd Edition...$379.99

79% Rye 15% Malted Rye 6% Malted Barley

Whistlepig 18 Year Double Malt Rye 2nd Edition...$379.99

79% Rye 15% Malted Rye 6% Malted Barley
A long and patiently aged whiskey is only as good as the grain it’s born from. With our oldest expression to date, we’re tapping into the time-honored techniques of the farmer distillers who invented the category in America’s early days. To kick start fermentation they malted a small portion of their yearly harvest. This delicate heating process opens up the grain, allowing yeasts easier access to the sugars they’ll soon convert to alcohol. It also imbues the resulting spirit with floral and earthy tonalities. Our mash bill 79% rye, 15% malted rye and 6% malted barley creates a sipping experience that evolves on the palate from soft and supple to rich and savory. A thrilling encounter accentuated by 18 years of maturation in virgin oak.

Each annual edition of our Double Malt Rye is crowned with a bespoke glass topper, handmade in Vermont. Certified Kosher.

WhistlePig Boss Hog VIII Lapulapu's Pacific Rye

WhistlePig Boss Hog VIII Lapulapu's Pacific Rye...$479.99
Single Barrel, Bottled at Proof, Powerfully Complex, Distinctly Unique From Anything We’ve Done Before. Stupendous.
An epic sequel to the World’s Best Rye, The Boss Hog VIII: LapuLapu’s Pacific completes our journey around the world, unfurling a chronicle as rich and bold as the whiskey itself.
Upon crossing the Pacific, Captain Magellan met his fate at the hands of the legendary Filipino warrior LapuLapu. A fierce and vociferous defender of independence, LapuLapu led his island home against the Spaniards. There he forged a successful fortification, staving off colonial occupation for more than forty years.
In honor of our new hero, this rare edition sees a double finish in high toast, small batch, single island Philippine Rum casks, adding layers of warm spice and delicate tropical notes to an already deeply complex, well aged Rye Whiskey. LapuLapu’s Pacific is a profound statement of strength and independence, a spectacular sequel to Magellan’s Atlantic.
This rare and outstandingly complex whiskey is barrel strength, bottled between 104.8 and 106.6 proof.

November Raffle

November Raffle based on the past 6 months until November 30th at 7pm

Since it is such a big shopping day -- we are doing Double WRC points on all purchases today November 24th!  
(wine, liquor, beer, cheese, sales count too as long as they are charged today)

November WRC Whiskey Raffle will include...

  • Compass Box No Name #3
  • Compass Box Canvas
  • Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Year Old Batch TB/03-10.10.01/21.BL
  • Makers Mark 2012 Limited Edition FAE-02
  • Blue Note 17 Year Old Barrel Proof
  • Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 12 Year Old C921
  • J. Rieger Monogram 2021 Rye in Oloroso Casks
  • Willett Rye
  • Bookers Little Book Chapter 05
  • Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon
  • Nikka Single Malt Yoichi
  • Nikka Single Malt Miyagikyo
  • Nikka from the Barrel
  • Caribou Crossing
  • Blanton's Bourbon
  • Weller Special Reserve 750ml
  • Weller Special Reserve..1.75ml
  • Eagle Rare 10 Year Old
  • Clase Azul Plata
  • Clase Azul Reposado

list subject to change and more added...

Woodford Reserve Double Oak Bourbon

 Back in stock after a long absence!!

Woodford Reserve Double Oak Bourbon....$51.99

An innovative approach to twice-barreled bourbon creates the rich and colorful flavor of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Uniquely matured in separate, charred oak barrels – the second barrel deeply toasted before a light charring – extracts additional soft, sweet oak character.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque with Flute Set

Premium Champagne is going to be tough to get this holiday season with shortages and supply chain problems!  Plan ahead!
With Dom Perignon not available this holiday season, we were lucky enough to score some of the Tete de Cuvee from Perrier Jouet.  Great Champagne and a fantastic package with 2 hand painted glasses

In stock now at Forsyth and New Ballas

2013 Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque with Flute Set...$169.99
There's a sense of equilibrium to this graceful Champagne, with a bright spine of acidity easily transitioning the focus to flavors of poached apricot, lemon curd, toasted brioche and ground ginger, then transitioning again on the finish where the finely creamy mousse and subtle hint of smoky mineral hold sway. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Drink now through 2031. Tasted twice, with consistent notes. 6,500 cases imported.
Rated 94/100 The Wine Spectator
Perrier-Jouët's newly released 2013 Brut Belle Epoque is a giving, demonstrative wine that bursts from the glass with scents of mirabelle plum, confit citrus, buttery pastry and white flowers. Medium to full-bodied, pillowy and charming, it's seamless and elegant, with a pinpoint mousse and a fleshy core of fruit that's amplified by enough dosage to be noticeable. A touch finer-boned than the similarly successful 2012, it constitutes another fine effort from this house.
Rated 93/100 The Wine Advocate

Whiskey Tasting Friday!!

Come in for some expert wine, cheese, beer and whiskey advice!

Thanksgiving Week Store Hours

  • Wednesday Nov 24 10am-7pm
  • Friday Nov 26 10am-7pm
  • Saturday Nov 27 10am-7pm
  • Sunday Nov 28 11am-3pm (Forsyth and Kirkwood only)

Tastings this weekend!

Join us Friday (November 26th) from 4:30 to 6:30 as we taste three great classic Kentucky bourbons with St. Louis connections!

Rebel Yell/TWCP Single Barrel Cask Strength Wheated Bourbon $45.99
Only 234 bottles were made of this 5 year old, 120 proof gem from St. Louis owned distributor, Luxco. Rebel Yell is back and better than ever with focused efforts to bring the brand up to speed with the ever-improving bourbon market. This Single Barrel shows they have succeeded!

Rebel Yell Reserve Whiskey $22.99
The nose is sugar syrup-forward sweet, with a double spoonful of vanilla and a pinch of dry, toasty wood. On the tongue, that sweetness is more orange blossom honey than corn sweet, with the vanilla and touch of dry wood as expected. The finish is plain and warm. In short, it’s a simple, straight-forward wheated bourbon. -- The Whiskey Reviewer

Yellow Stone Select Bourbon 93 Proof $34.99

Also from Luxco...Aromas of caramel, herbal, “organic licorice”, brown sugar, Bananas Foster spice and a light bit of dark fruit and pie crust, compliment a taste of peanuts, hazelnuts, toffee, caramel and spice combined with light notes of citrus peel, wood and 
vanilla. That dark sweet and nutty character made me think of candied nuts and peanut brittle every time I took a sip. Finishes with wood, toffee, and spice.
The Whiskey Jug


Join us this Saturday (November 27) from 1pm to 3pm at ALL FOUR locations including our NEW Kirkwood store as we taste some of the best values France has to offer.

2020 Medimer Viognier Languedoc, France $13.99
It is hard to find a great inexpensive Viognier, so we are very excited to find this one, gorgeous nose of peaches and apricots. It has flavors of tangerine, almonds and a hint of ginger with depth and weight. Perfect for an aperitif wine and also with seafood or spicy foods! -- TWCP

2019 Chateau Maison Neuve Sauvignon Blanc Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux, France $15.99
This wine presents a pale yellow color that is very fresh on the nose with the classic Sauvignon characteristics of gooseberries. Dry and full bodied, its finish is long and mellow with just a hint of citrus. The wine is made with very low yields from 25 year old vines. -- TWCP

2019 Chateau Maison Neuve Rouge Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux, France $15.99

An intense and deep color when you pour it and the nose blossoms to reveal beautiful aromas of gently roasted plums, lilacs, vanilla, and coffee, and a touch of spice. The mouth is big and rich, delivering black cherries, dark plums, and hints of graphite. Château Maison Neuve is located near Blaye in the Côtes de Bordeaux vineyards north of Bordeaux, across the river from Médoc. --TWCP

Bells Brewing Mars Double IPA

More in stock now!

Bells Brewing Mars Double IPA....$17.99 / 6pk

Released initially in August, 2014 as the first beer in the Bell’s Planets Series, Mars (The Bringer of War) is a double IPA with a complex hop character and a malty backbone.

Notes of tropical fruit, citrus, pine, lemon, lime and pineapple are all present in both the aroma and flavor. Hopped at a ratio of about 3.4 pounds of hops per barrel, the recipe for Mars was developed from a trial batch called Larry’s Latest Double IPA brewed in our original brewery located adjacent to the Eccentric Café in downtown Kalamazoo.

Sierra Nevada Narwhal Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Sierra Nevada Narwhal Barrel Aged Imperial Stout...$19.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Deep in our barrel room, out of light's reach, our legendary Narwhal Imperial Stout rests in bourbon barrels for nearly a year. After aging, it emerges anew: rich with notes of oak, vanilla and coconut layered onto the Stout's malt flavors of dark chocolate and espresso. Enjoy this beast of a beer.

Luccianus Amphore Lussac Saint Emilion

2019 Luccianus Amphore Lussac Saint Emilion....$49.99
100% Cabernet Franc
100 Year Old vines

Luccianus is the name of Gallo-Roman origin designating the town of Lussac and its vineyard dating from the 4th century. This 100% Cabernet Franc is produced from the estate oldest vines of 100 years of age and is a return to ancestral aging techniques. The amphora aging gives out a very expressive wine with a superb aromatic radiance and very silky tannins all without a woody note.

The wine shows a beautiful deep purple color. The nose is complex and rich with intense notes of fruits and spices. The palate is round and powerful with silky tannins.
Rated 92/100 The Wine Enthusiast

Monday, November 22, 2021

2nd Shift Brewing Monte Carlo Milk Stout

2nd Shift Brewing Monte Carlo Milk Stout...$10.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
6% milk stout
Brewed with oats & milk sugar
Smooth, rich stout
Notes of bittersweet chocolate, roasted coffee, and light fudge

4 Hands Brewing Thank You Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Not online, we are not doing reservations on this one at this point.
Just in store only to come and get!

No phone call or email orders

Forsyth - in stock
New Ballas - in stock
Kirkwood - in stock
Lamp and Lantern - scheduled to arrive on Tuesday

4 Hands Brewing Thank You Barrel Aged Imperial Stout...$19.99 / 22oz
An imperial stout that was aged in a combination of bourbon, rum and cherry and peach brandy barrels.

Prairie Artisan Ales Barrel Aged

More in stock now and no limit!!

Prairie Artisan Ales Barrel Aged Double Vanilla Noir...$11.99 / 12oz
Double Vanilla Noir -- VANILLA (but twice as much as normal) from Tahiti and Madagascar. (BOURBON BARREL)

Prairie Artisan Ales Barrel Aged Moose Boots...$11.99 / 12oz
Toasted Almonds, Vanilla, and Maple. (BOURBON BARREL)

Narrow Gauge Sparkle Motion American Pale Ale

Back in stock at Forsyth -- online now and transfers today

Narrow Gauge Sparkle Motion American Pale Ale...$12.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
American Pale Ale dry-hopped with Galaxy and Citra hops (6.0% ABV).

Store Hours Thanksgiving Week

Come in for some expert wine, cheese, beer and whiskey advice!

Thanksgiving Week Store Hours
  • Monday Nov 22 10am-7pm
  • Tuesday Nov 23 10am-7pm
  • Wednesday Nov 24 10am-7pm
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  • Saturday Nov 27 10am-7pm
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