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Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Blend Rum

Hamilton Beachbum Berry's Zombie Blend Rum...$29.99 / 750ml
In 2005, Beachbum Berry unearthed the original “lost” Zombie recipe, which called for three different Caribbean rums. Fourteen years later, Ed Hamilton — the swashbuckling Caribbean trader turned crusading “pure rum” importer and blender — was drinking with the Bum at Latitude 29 when our talk turned to the challenge of recreating the complicated exotic cocktails of the last century.
Over the next two years we experimented with umpteen rum mixes trying to create a one-bottle blend that could reanimate your Zombie, fuel your Jet Pilot, and punch up your favorite Tiki Classics without having to inventory three different rums.
This blend had to be more than a high-octane slug of rum, but rather bring balance to the final drink through a subtle marriage of multiple distillates. The end result of our collaboration: Hamilton Beachbum Berry’s Zombie Blend Rum.
Purists may point out that the original 1934 Zombie recipe of 1 1/2 oz Puerto Rican rum, 1 1/2 oz Jamaican rum and 1 oz of Demerara 151 adds up to twice the amount of rum as our Zombie recipe below, which calls for a mere 2 oz of our 118-proof rum — and they’d be right! So what’s missing? Basically, more water in the rum bottle. The less water, the more concentrated the rum, and the more intense the rum flavors.
With the high ABV of the Beachbum Zombie Blend, you get that flavor at half the volume. And at a fraction of the time, trouble and cost of mixing a Zombie with three different bottles.
But while crafted specifically for Zombies, this blend is no one-trick pony. As suggested below, you can deploy it in a variety of classics. Not to mention your own original concoctions!

Additive Free Tequila Tasting Friday April 8th

Additive Free Tequila Tasting
with Michelle Jaenke

The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO

 Friday, April 12th from 4pm-6pm
Come in and see what all the excitement is with high quality additive free tequila
We are featuring some of the best

Taste all of these Additive free tequilas
  • G4 Tequila Blanco...$44.99
  • Lagrimas Del Valle Tequila Plata....$59.99
  • Lagrimas Del Valle Tequila Reposado....$66.99
  • Tequila Ocho 2023 Corralillos Plata...$48.99
  • Tequila Ocho 2023 Corralillos Reposado...$58.99
  • Arette Artesanal Suave Anejo...$88.99 
  • Tapatio 110 Proof Blanco...$58.99
BONUS:  taste this great Rum too!!
2011 Foursquare Rum Ex Bourbon 12 Year Old...$112.99

Additive Free tequila
We have one of the largest selections in the area

- click here to see some online

More info!
Certified Additive Free
G4 Tequila Blanco...$44.99 / 750ml
40% abv (80 proof) The purest expression of Blue Weber agave, our Blanco is authentic and approachable with a delicate minerality and gentle aroma derived from agave and spring water from our own farm, collected rainwater, and our Grandfather’s yeast. These are the only ingredients in G4. Clear, crisp flavors and a silky texture make it a hit with tequila lovers across the board.
Tasting Notes: Spicy, Peppery, Delicious

Certified Additive Free
Lagrimas Del Valle Tequila Plata....$59.99
2023 El Sabino
Produced at Cascahuin (NOM 1123) in El Arenal, Jalisco
Maestro Tequilero Salvador ‘Chava’ Rosales Trejo
Harvested from the El Sabino rancho
Made from 100% Azul, aka Blue Weber (Agave tequilana)
Certified Additive-Free by Tequila Matchmaker
46% ABV

Certified Additive Free
Lagrimas Del Valle Tequila Reposado....$66.99
2023 El Sabino

Produced at Cascahuin (NOM 1123) in El Arenal, Jalisco
Maestro Tequilero Salvador ‘Chava’ Rosales Trejo
Harvested from the El Sabino rancho
Made from 100% Azul, aka Blue Weber (Agave tequilana)
Certified Additive-Free by Tequila Matchmaker
46% ABV

Certified Additive Free
Tequila Ocho 2023 Corralillos Plata...$48.99
Aroma: fresh and citric with ripe pinapple and lemon juice.
Palate: silky and smooth with green tea, honey and orange peel.

Certified Additive Free
Tequila Ocho 2023 Corralillos Reposado...$58.99
Aroma: sweet with hints of fresh oak and roasted pear.
Palate: cooked agave, citric fruit peel and a long rosemary finish.
Just released Tequila Ocho 2023 Single Estate Corralillos
More info about it....
Located ~3 miles north of Lake Chapala, Corralillos sits outside of the highlands at 5,100 feet, the lowest altitude ever used for ocho. Specifically chosen to explore different terroir, Corralillos is mainly flat with clayish soil, where the agave thrived in full sunlight between cattle pastures and corn fields.

Certified Additive Free
Potrero Grande - Single Estate
2 bottles left of this one!  Not for tasting (but 2 bottles left in stock at Forsyth)
Call Paul - 314.727.8788 to reserve if you like
Tequila Ocho 2023 Potrero Grande....$48.99

Certified Additive Free
Arette Artesanal Suave Anejo...$88.99 / 750ml
Tequila 100% Agave, luminously golden that is rested more than 18 months in barrels of American White Oak until it gets its high quality, body, smoothness and bouquet that distinguishes it.

Certified Additive Free
Tapatio 110 Proof Blanco...$58.99
55% Alc.Vol.
The maximum alcohol content allowed by the standard for Tequila
Appearance:  Bright Crystal with intense silvery tones: the essential oil literally hangs from the glass.
Aroma:  Despite its alcoholic content, its aromas are well defined: Raw Agave (herbaceous), white pepper, citrus and Mint.
Taste: Intense cooked Agave, slightly smoky, pepper, anise, cinnamon and apple. A very long and well accomplished finish.

Plus tasted this amazing rum too
2011 Foursquare Rum Ex Bourbon 12 Year Old...$112.99
60% ABV

Limited release single blended aged rum produced by Foursquare Distillery in Barbados
Distilled from molasses by Master Distiller & Master Blender, Richard Seale
Aged 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels
No added sugar, coloring, or other additives

Bobal Grape!

Bobal is the Grape!
2021 Ponce La Casilla Bobal....$21.99
2021 was a cooler year, and the 2021 La Casilla, produced with Bobal from 40- to 60-year old vines at 800 meters in altitude, shows moderate ripeness and 13% alcohol, nice balance and a polished palate but with grip, after the wine spent some 15 months in bottle. It has an explosive nose, clean and expressive, with a somewhat Northern Rhône profile with an herbal twist, as well as depth and balance and very fine, chalky tannins.
Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate

Investment Bourbon

Distilled by Neeley Family

Investment Bourbon Port Cask Finished...$84.99
297 bottles made
Port Cask Finish
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Casks is a single barrel cask strength, with an ABV of 52.5% (105 proof). The inaugural release was created with a hand selected, sweet mash, pot-stilled bourbon made with a four-grain mash and aged for five years in a traditional barrel rickhouse in Kentucky, before being moved to a ruby port wine barrel, where it was aged for an additional 12 weeks.
The nose is sweet vanilla, raisin and toffee with stone fruit, tobacco, leather, and grains on the front of the palate. Herbal and citrus form in the center of the palate, and the finish has notes of honey, lemon, and port wine.  

Investment Bourbon Madeira Cask Finished...$84.99
273 bottles made
Madeira Cask Finish
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Madeira Casks is a single barrel cask strength, with an ABV of 54.7% (109.4 proof). The second release was created with a hand selected, sweet mash, pot-stilled bourbon made with a four-grain mash and aged for five years in a traditional barrel rickhouse in Kentucky, before being moved to a madeira wine barrel, where it was aged for an additional 16 weeks.
The nose is spiced pear and apple with crisp Granny Smith apples on the front of the palate. Bubble gum and rum form in the center of the palate, and the finish has notes of peppery spice and madeira wine.


 More Fantome in stock!!

Fantôme’s brewer, Dany Prignon, is a lively character who breaks all the rules when it comes to brewing with special ingredients.
Over the course of the last decade, we’ve seen the world’s best breweries imitated over and over again by a wave of newcomers wanting to capture the magic of the industry’s legends. Some of the new wave have even succeeded! We’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of modern pale ales, saisons, and sour ales quite a bit, in fact! But one brilliant brewery has remained untouched by imitators: Belgium’s Brasserie Fantome.
We’d attribute this to an essential, inimitable weirdness that is at the heart of every bottle of Fantome’s rustic, funky beers. Only one brewery can make this stuff, and we’re just fine with that. These beers are as delightful as they are unclassifiable, and while they might not all conform to BJCP style guidelines, they are always worth a space in your glass. -- Importer

Fantome Vertignasse Blanche Saison....$13.99 / 750ml
Belgian Saison brewed with spices.
4.5% ABV

Fantome Macaquincoing Saison...$13.99 / 750ml
Saison brewed with quinine, cardamom and quince juice.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Hard Truth Wheated Sweet Mash Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Hard Truth Wheated Sweet Mash Bourbon...$49.99 / 750ml
  • Produced in small batches of 30 or fewer barrels
  • Bottled in Bond
  • 69% Corn, 19% Wheat, 12% Malted barley
  • Bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV)
AROMA: Toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate, and custard
TASTE: S’mores, toasted almond, and candied fruit
FINISH: Mocha and shortbread that build to black pepper and maple

Broken Barrel Whiskey

Broken Barrel Small Batch...$26.99 / 750ml
The Original, Broken Barrel Small Batch Bourbon. With an Oak Bill for the Small Batch Bourbon of 40% French oak staves, 40% ex-bourbon cask staves, and 20% sherry cask staves. The use of these three staves makes a noticeable difference in the overall sip. The nose kicks things off with bursts of sweet berries and dark fruit scents. Layered throughout the rest of the sip are sweet berries and dark fruit that are joined with drier notes of leather and oak. The end result is a bourbon that drinks older than its age would lead you to believe. Overall, Broken Barrel Small Batch Bourbon will please those looking for a sweet and juicier bourbon that won’t break the bank. -Breaking Bourbon
Distilled in Kentucky
Tasting Panel – 91 Points
San Francisco World Spirits Gold Medal 2021

Broken Barrel Heresy Rye 105 Proof...$26.99 / 750ml
This Rye whiskey is distilled in Owensboro Kentucky – just like our bourbon. However, it is unlike any rye whiskey you’ve ever tasted. Charred French oak gives a woody body to the spirit, while ex-bourbon (still soaked from the previous tenant) and ex-sherry cask staves all join forces to create a fiery, yet balanced and smooth taste and finish. We use the same proprietary Oak Bill™ to embolden this rye whiskey and give it an uncommon and untraditional taste and character. Aged a minimum of two years.
Call it sacrilegious, call it untraditional, call it heresy—we won’t be offended. But trust us. Once you taste it, you may begin to question the tradition yourself.
Mash Bill:
  • 95% Rye
  • 5% Malted Barley
Oak Bill™:
  • 40% French Oak Staves
  • 40% Ex-Bourbon Cask Staves
  • 20% Sherry Cask Staves
San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Gold Medal in 2019
Tasting Panel – 93 Points, January 2022

Broken Barrel Cask Strength...$37.99 / 750ml
Officially Announced in 2023 – World Whisky Award’s Best Kentucky Finished Bourbon in the World

We are extremely excited to have received this award and honor from the World Whisky Awards, and will continue to innovate with every new batch of bourbon we produce.

Broken Barrel’s Cask Strength Bourbon features a unique blend of corn, rye, and barley that makes it perfectly balanced to infuse. We partnered with an incredible world-class Kentucky Bourbon distillery to select the finest bourbon base for our products. The bourbon is aged a minimum of two years to be called a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, which also ensures a specific quality we’re looking for before incorporate our Oak Bill™.

Tasting Notes include brown sugar and caraway spice, this whiskey lays on the sweeter side, with notes of fruit candy, and vanilla wafers or a hint of vanilla frosting.

Daviess County Medium Toasted Barrel Finish

Daviess County Medium Toasted Barrel Finish...$56.99 / 750ml
48% AL/VOL / 96 PROOF
This limited edition Daviess County variant is finished in medium toasted American oak barrels, providing a smooth mouthfeel with notes of caramel, cocoa, and hints of oak. Like all Daviess County variants, it features a signature combination of ryed and wheated mashbills, aged for over four years and is 96 proof.
Corn, wheat, rye, malt, and water
Tasting Notes: 
  • AROMA: Roasted nuts, cocoa, and hints of oak
  • PALATE: Caramel with notes of honey, roasted coffee, and coconut
  • FINISH: Warm, sweet finish with a touch of oak

Toppling Goliath Bavarian Mix Pack

Toppling Goliath Bavarian Mix Pack...$23.99 / 12pk 12oz cans
We have a brand new mix pack for you to enjoy to kick off your weekend! Bavarian Mix pack showcases a handpicked selection of our brightest and most refreshing European-inspired beers.
This 12-pack features a couple TG classics along with a couple new brews!
  • Dorothy's Lager
  • TG Pils Pilsner
  • Munich Weiss Hefeweizen
  • Primabier Lager

2021 Garzon Tannat

New Vintage just arrived!

2021 Garzon Tannat Reserva...$15.99 / 750ml
Tannat is the grape -- Product of Uruguay
This selection is the winery’s flagship and one of the greatest values you can find in the wine market today. The 2021 follows in a line of exceptional releases, this vintage heady with blackberry freshness and silken tannins with a road-tar scent that only adds to the wine’s dark beauty. Yona Benjamin of NYC’s Pure Wine responded to its “delicious strawberry flavor” and, noting the price, said “It’s better than many Bordeaux that are much more expensive.”
Rated 93/100 Wine and Spirits Magazine
Rich but fresh on the nose with a hint of cigar box to the blackberries, dark cherries and roasted spices. Medium- to full-bodied on the palate with firm, lightly chewy tannins and a juicy, flavorful center palate. Pretty long in the finish. Needs a year or two to let the tannins soften more. Try in 2025.
Rated 92/100 James Suckling

Hard Truth Sweet Mash Bourbon and Sweet Mash Four Grain Bourbon Bottled in Bond

Hard Truth Sweet Mash Bourbon...$39.99 / 750ml
  • Produced in small batches of 30 or fewer barrels
  • 73% Corn, 19% Rye, 8% Malted barley
  • Bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV)
AROMA: Caramel, pecan, clove, fruit, and oak
TASTE: Toffee, caramel, cherry, and sweet cream
FINISH: Warming coffee, vanilla, and oak that linger on the palate
Hard Truth Sweet Mash Four Grain BIB...$52.99 / 750ml
  • Produced in small batches of 30 or fewer barrels
  • Bottled in Bond
  • 78% Corn, 9% Rye, 9% Wheat, 4% Malted barley
  • Bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV)
AROMA: Butterscotch and vanilla
TASTE: Honeycrisp apple and butterscotch lead into rich tobacco and oak
FINISH: Honey and cracked black pepper

Chinola Mango Liqueur

New Mango flavor!
Chinola Mango Liqueur...$26.99 / 750ml
Chinola Mango Liqueur is our first innovation since creating our award-winning passion fruit liqueur in 2014. Chinola Mango Liqueur is produced with 100% fresh mango and a touch of passion fruit with no artificial colors or flavors. Made from a blend of mangoes including Keitt, Kent, and Banilejo varieties.
Our unique blend of mangoes offers a well-balanced combination of sweetness and tanginess, with a smooth texture that helps give the liqueur its distinctive taste. With its floral aroma and subtle sweetness, Chinola Mango Liqueur can be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails such as the Margarita, Chismosa, and Sangria. Let each sip transport you to the lush landscapes of the Dominican Republic.

Templeton Bourbon Fortitude

Templeton Bourbon Fortitude...$35.99 / 750ml
92 proof
Be a part of a historic moment and step into the remarkable legacy of Templeton Distillery with the unveiling of our inaugural masterpiece – the Inaugural Bourbon. Crafted with unyielding determination and FORTITUDE, our Straight Bourbon pays
homage to the strength of spirit of the 352 residents of Templeton, Iowa.

Mash bill: An artful blend of 55% Corn, 40% Rye, and 5% Malted Barley
FINISH: Lingering warmth, leaving a trail of sweet and savory complexity
AROMA: A symphony of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spice
TASTE: Rich, full-bodied, with notes of honey, toasted oak, and a subtle rye spice

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Tait The Ball Buster Proprietary Red

2019 Tait The Ball Buster Proprietary Red..$19.99
77% Shiraz, 12% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon
Opaque ruby. Smoke- accented aromas of ripe dark berries, pungent flowers and vanilla, along with a hint of white pepper that adds spicy lift. Concentrated, expansive cherry liqueur, blackberry and fruitcake flavors become more energetic as the wine opens up. Round, well-knit tannins frame the appealingly sweet finish, which hangs on with impressive, dark fruit-dominated persistence.
Rated 91/100 Vinous Media

Two Tastings This Weekend at Spirit Wine and Craft!

Friday, April 12th from 4-6pm
Try some whiskeys and a cream liqueur with Peter from Veritas
  • West Bottoms Kansas City Whiskey
  • King's Family Distillery Straight Rye Whiskey
  • King's Family Distillery Ryeconic Twice Barreled Straight Rye Whiskey
  • King's Family Distillery Peanut Butter Cream
Saturday, April 13th from 12-2pm
Try some wine and sangria with Jon from Noboleis

  • Noboleis Dry Vignoles
  • Noboleis Brut Rose
  • Noboleis Amber Vidal Blanc
  • Noboleuis Chambourcin
  • Swirl Raspberry & Papaya Sangria
  • Swirl Citrus & Peach Sangria
  • Swirl Apricot Thyme Botanicals

Epochal Barrel Fermented Ales from Glasgow, Scotland


Epochal Angle Trisector...$9.99 / 375ml
Scottish table beer with Scotch Common Balrey but hopped with Ernest grown by Hukins Hops in Kent, fermented in oak
4.5% ABV
"Scottish brewers had quite a reputation for producing top-class Table Beer. This is reflected in the fact that it was often exported to England. While what Table Beer there was brewed in England was usually for quick, local consumption.....The “beer” part of the name wasn’t random. The weakest malt liquors in the 18th century were almost always beers because, with low levels of alcohol, they needed the extra protection of more hops. And you can clearly see evidence of that in William Younger’s Table Beer, which was hopped at 11 to 12 pounds per quarter of malt. That’s a similar hopping rate to a Stock Ale. Younger continued to brew a similar Table Beer in the succeeding decades, though the gravity fell over time, as did the hopping rate after 1868. There’s not a huge deal to say about the grists. For the whole period they were 100% pale malt. Other than right at the start, when sometimes it was 100% pale malted bigg." -  SHUT UP ABOUT BARCLAY PERKINS - read more

Rare Glasgow Porter
Epochal The Primum Mobile...$12.99 / 375ml
Glasgow stout porter fermented in oak
8.8% ABV

Epochal was founded in early 2021 by Gareth Young
Glasgow, Scotland

What is Glasgow Porter?
Porter Brewing in Glasgowby Gareth Young November 17, 2021
If you like a bit of porter, you probably know at least a little about London porter brewing; some classic examples might even spring to mind, like Fuller’s London Porter, or something more modern like The Kernel’s 1890 London Export Stout. You certainly know about Dublin porter, given the ubiquity of Guinness. Glasgow porter is less well known. Nevertheless, porter was once one of the city’s biggest exports and we had notable brewers with their own approach to the style.  This bit of brewing history is one which influences Epochal’s beer. Our recent release, The Fixed Stars, is one of a series of beers directly inspired by the writings of one Glasgow porter brewer, James Steel. For the inaugural blog post, I thought I’d say some things about porter brewing in Glasgow to give you an idea of where Glasgow fits into the broader story of porter........

The success of porter brewing in London enticed brewers elsewhere to get in on the action. One of the early adopters was Glasgow’s Anderston brewery, one of the cities earliest major breweries, which started production of ales in 1762 and began producing porter some time shortly thereafter.  Anderston brewery was owned by Murdoch & Warroch, whose senior partner, George Murdoch was a provost of the city and was declared by King George III to be "the handsomest Scotchman" he had ever seen.

So by the late 1700’s, Glasgow is well on its way to becoming a rather porterish place. The next major event to discuss, one which in my mind marks a sort of mid-point in the history of porter brewing, concerns a major change in how porter recipes were put together.  The change took place because the hydrometer, though invented some time earlier, had (along with the thermometer) become generally adopted as an essential piece of brewing equipment.

Previously, porter was made entirely of brown malt, of a sort which no longer exists, known as diastatic brown malt. Pale malt existed but was expensive and so was generally only used for pale beers. What brewers began to realise, with the help of their hydrometers, was that pale malt, though more expensive per bushel (the volumetric grain measurement used at the time) was actually cheaper in terms of bang for your buck because so much more malt sugar could be extracted.  So whereas previously, considerations of cost effectiveness had favoured brown malt porters, brewers now realised they were incentivised to make as much use of pale malt as possible, even in porter brewing.

The question which then arises is how to make a dark brown beer like a porter out of mostly pale malt. In the quest for a solution, an intense period of experimentation began which included consideration of some illegal options such as dark caramel syrups (which, since beer was taxed on the malted barley used in its production, was a form of tax evasion).

The answer was come upon by a man called Daniel Wheeler who, in 1817, filed a patent for black malt – a product created by roasting malted barley in a manner similar to coffee. This was found to very effectively give the colour and flavour wanted in good porter and was adopted by all major porter brewers very quickly for the time – a matter of a few decades. The technique was so effective that we still make our porters and stouts this way today – we use a base of pale malt with roasted grain for colour.

So, from 1817 onwards, a rapid shift takes place in porter recipe construction: there is a move away from a single malt grist of diastatic brown malt to a base of pale malt with an addition of black malt for colour.  The next question which suggests itself is how to combine these grains. After all, we still have brown malt as well as the milder amber malt available, which could still be added in smaller quantities if desired for flavour purposes. In the end, brewers took different views about this, which is a great thing because it’s what leads to geographical variations in porter recipes.

Previously, whilst differences in water supply, climate, variations in brewing process and so on would all have led to certain geographical differences, at the level of recipe, all porters were made of 100% diastatic brown malt. With the rise of black malt, we see different approaches to porter recipes appear in different places.

In London, for example, a combination of pale malt, brown malt and black malt was settled on as the paradigmatic porter grist. In Dublin, Guinness seem to have settled on the simpler combination of pale and black malt, omitting brown and amber. In Glasgow, as we’ll see, the top porter brewer argued for a combination of pale malt, amber malt and black malt.......

To give a sort of summary of Glasgow porter a-la-James-Steel as a style, or a collection of styles, it’s dark brown, brewed with pale, amber and black malt and allowed to mature in wood until well attenuated but not excessively, acidically old. It’s then blended with just enough fresh beer to (highly!) carbonate and matured again in final pack. Aging should vary from about 6 months for light porter to 18 months for strongest stouts.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Schneeeule Marlene Berliner Weisse

Schneeeule Marlene Berliner Weisse...$7.99 / 11.2oz bottle
original berliner weisse
3% ABV

Nogne Dark Horizon 7 Imperial Stout

Nogne Dark Horizon 7 Imperial Stout...$34.99 / 11.2oz bottle
The Nogne Dark Horizon series is unique. 15 years after we launched the first version in 2006, we are proud to present Dark Horizon 7. A unique brew that has been allowed all the time in the world to reach perfection.
Ingredients: local water, malted barely, muscovado and demerara sugar, coffee, hops and yeast
16% ABV
15,500 bottles made

De Ranke Kriek Audenaerde & Kriek de Ranke


De Ranke Kriek de Ranke...$17.99 / 750ml
Kriek de Ranke is an unsweetened cherry beer of mixed fermentation. It arises from a blend of old Flemish ale, lambic and 25 kilos of sour cherries/Hl.
Taste: Full cherry flavour, sour and thirst-quenching. Gentle oaky notes from oak-aging
7% ABV
De Ranke Kriek Audenaerde...$18.99 / 750ml
This beer is a variation on Kriek De Ranke, using Oud Bruin (Wijnberg) as the base beer. Almost all breweries from the region around Oudenaarde that used to produce Oud Bruin had a variation of the beer, aged with cherries. A fine tradition that we like to bring back.
Flavour: Softly sour and sweet with a warm taste of the cherries that come to the fore.
6.5% ABV

De Oude Cam Lambic Beers

De Oude Cam Nectarine...$19.99 / 375ml
We harvest the same day 1000 kilo nectarines and add the same day to 1500 liter Lambic. After one year fermentation and spontaneous refermentation on the bottle we can taste this delight. NOT sweetened. 
6.5% ABV
Aged 3 Years
Lambic with nectarines
De Oude Cam Framboise...$19.99 / 375ml
We harvest the same day 1000 kilo raspberries - Rubus Fallgold - and add the same day to 1500 liter lambic. After 1 year fermentation and spontaneous fermentation on the bottle we can taste this delight. 
Lambic beer with raspberries
aged 3 years
spontaneous fermentation
De Oude Cam Lambic...$12.99 / 375ml
This 3 year old lambic is 1 barrel selected for its character and complexity, not filtered and not pasteurized. Brewing lambic is a 500 years old tradition of spontaneous fermentation, chilled in open coolship brewed only on the coldest day so the brettanomyces takes control and creates exceptional flavors. 
5% ABV
traditional lambic beer
aged 3 years
spontaneous fermentation
De Oude Cam Apricot...$19.99 / 375ml
We harvest the same day 1000 kilo apricots and add the same day to 1500 liter Lambic. After one year fermentation and spontaneous refermentation on the bottle we can taste this delight. NOT sweetened. 
6.5% ABV
Aged 3 Years
Lambic with apricots

Coniston Bluebird Bitter Bottle Conditioned

A classic bottle conditioned English Bitters!

Coniston Bluebird Bitter Bottle Conditioned...$6.99 / 16.9oz bottle
4.2% ABV
Malt - Maris Otter pale malt and crystal malt
Hops - Challenger
“It is, quite simply, a wonderful beer. It is exceedingly pale, with just a hint of colour in its cheeks from the dash of crystal malt. It has a massive orange fruit aroma from the challengers, balanced by biscuity malt. Juicy malt and tart hops vie for attention in the mouth while the finish is tart and hoppy but well balanced by creamy malt. The bitterness rating is a substantial 36-38. The tangy fruit lingers on the back of the tongue until it develops a hint of orange liqueur.” Roger Protz - CAMRA

Coniston Bluebird XP Bitter Bottle Conditioned...$6.99 / 16.9oz bottle
Bluebird Premium XB
4.2% ABV
Bluebird XB combines two of the great themes of ale brewing to produce something distinctive and new. The fine tradition of English Pale Ale is about quaffing, refreshment and complexity of flavour without alcoholic strength. Then throw in new wave American hop variety Mount Hood with robust citrus aromas and the result is a smooth ale with floral hints, light malt tones and a hoppy freshness.