Friday, October 3, 2008

Great bottle opener

Be-Open Bottle Opener
(white or black)...$8.99

Be-Open Bottle Opener
(stainless steel)...$14.99

The easiest beer opener, plus it removes the cap without damage to the cap. Great for cap collectors. The cylinder fits over the top of a capped bottle, and by pressing down the cap is removed.

Check out the demo:

Demo of the opener

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lowest prices...

Liquor Department
Price check!!
We pride ourselves on our selection and service, but our prices are the lowest in town also. We keep the lowest prices on wine, liquor, beer and cheese. It is the same product, why overpay?
(prices checked 09/21/08, prices subject to change)
Dewars 1.75ltr....our price...$35.99
Johnnie Walker Red 1.75ltr...$39.99
Grey Goose Vodka 1.75ltr...$54.99
J & B Scotch 1.75ltr...$34.99
Chivas Regal 750ml...$23.99
Tanqueray Gin 1.75ltr....$37.99
Budweiser 6pk bottles...$4.79 / 6pk
Veuve Clicquot NV Brut Champagne...$41.99
Think of how much you would save if you bought a bottle or two every week. We know everyone is in a hurry, so we want to make the trip worth it for you. If you are having a party, you can save hundreds of dollars. Shop us first and save! We appreciate your business.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some new beer!

Bells Hell Hath No Fury...IT IS Gone! Sorry! Only 15 cases for St. Louis.

A few new brews just in....
Bell's Best Brown Ale...$9.39 / 6pk
"Rich brown ale perfect for the fall and winter. Plenty of malt character and smooth sweet finish give this brown ale its distinct character." -- brewery

Goose Island Harvest Ale...$7.19 / 6pk
"As Summertime fades, the sun shines less bright, and evening comes a little sooner. Harvest time arrives - it's a time to reap the benefits of a great summer, when all your work pays off. Fresh-picked Cascade hops from Washington and the richest Midwestern malts make Goose Island Harvest Ale an Extra Special Beer worthy of your devotion." -- Brewery
New Belgium Fat Tire in CANS...$14.99 / 12 pk
One of the most popular craft beers in the convenient cans. It is more environmently friendly than glass and great for picnics, camping and other outdoor activities. They have done extensive testing and claim there is no difference in taste between the bottle and the can.


Just arrived!
Budweiser American ALE...$5.99 / 6pk

Forsyth -- Available NOW! In stock!
Rock Hill -- Just arrived! In stock!
Provisions -- in stock now.
Ballwin -- tomorrow.

"ST. LOUIS -- Beer drinkers around the world have long appreciated Budweiser’s quality and heritage. Now fans of “The Great American L

ager” are invited to discover the newest member of the Budweiser family – Budweiser American Ale. On Sept. 29, it debuts in 12-ounce six-packs and 22-ounce singles at select on- and off-premise retail accounts. Robust and well-rounded, Budweiser American Ale’s rich amber color and bright, hoppy finish is the ideal counterpart to Budweiser’s signature golden, crisp flavor. However, the quality and balance remain, making Budweiser American Ale – much like its well-known sibling – the perfect balance of malt and hop refreshment … in an ale. “Budweiser American Ale has the full-bodied taste profile of the amber ale style, yet is remarkably smooth and balanced,” said Eric Beck, brewmaster for Budweiser American Ale. “It's an ale that's distinctly American in character, and the result is a beer both traditional lager and craft beer drinkers can enjoy.” Budweiser American Ale is an all-malt, top-fermented ale that is dry hopped with Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest. The beer is best served in a traditional ale glass to showcase the rich, amber color and channel the sweet malt and spicy hop aromas to the nose. “Budweiser American Ale has been in development since early 2007, and we’re very pleased with this brew. In competitive blind taste tests of craft beer drinkers, Budweiser American Ale significantly outperformed other craft brands in terms of consumer preference,” said Tom Shipley, Budweiser brand director, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. “We believe Budweiser American Ale will only enhance the high regard and reputation Budweiser has earned over the past 130 years of brewing heritage.” --

You can check out more comments from local beer consumers on the great St. Louis beer blog stlhops --- click here

Monday, September 29, 2008

New natural sweetener

We have had a lot of requests for---
Agave Nectar
Madhava Agave Nectar Amber...$3.99 / 11oz
Madhava Agave Nectar Light...$3.99 / 11oz

(currently only at Forsyth)
"Madhava's Agave nectar is a pure and natural sweetener made from the natural juice (aguamiel) of the agave salmiana. It is harvested from live plants in the high desert region of Central Mexico, where a wealth of the plants grow wild. It is gathered by hand by Hnahnu Indian peoples native to this area, from plants on their land.
Once the aquamiel is collected, it is immediately taken to the production facility. There, an organic, vegan, grain-free enzyme is added, transforming the naturally occurring sugar molecule chains into more simple sugars, mostly fructose or "fruit sugar" and a small amount of glucose. Excess water is evaporated.
Agave Nectar is very versatile, suitable for any sweetening use. And, it has both organic and kosher certification, is gluten and allergen free, and has a low Glycemic Index of 32. This is significant because limiting glucose consumption is a vital concern for many people.

The light variety has a wonderfully mild and pleasant flavor that enhances anything it sweetens. It is ideal for coffee, tea, fruit "smoothies", and baked goods. The amber variety is best described as maple-like. Some customers also say it has a caramel or toffee-like flavor. It is less filtered than the light, and contains more of the natural minerals of the aguamiel. It adds a delicious and mysterious hint of flavor to sauces or baked goods.

This pure, unrefined sweetener is a great-tasting, economical alternative to all other sweeteners, granular or liquid, perfect for all around use. Madhava's Agave Nectar has a long, stable shelf life and will not solidify. It pours quickly even when cold, blends and dissolves readily in all foods. It has approx 1.4 times the sweetening power of white sugar. Also, Madhava's Agave Nectar's mild flavor is very consistent which makes it a very dependable ingredient in recipes. For baking, its moisture retention properties are comparable to those of honey. Bakers also may notice that agave adds a silky, smooth texture to their goods and better definition existing natural flavors.

Agave Nectar has become a tremendously popular, everyday sweetener. In the short time since it was introduced, shoppers have discovered that it makes a wonderful addition to their kitchen cupboards. Having a jar along with the honey jar allows one to choose whichever is more suitable for a particular use. The unique flavors and qualities of honey lend themselves to many items and uses, while agave nectar compliments others with even broader potential due to its mild flavor, health benefits, and ease of use." -- Madhava

Agave Nectar recipes
Featured in Time Magazine

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Provisions Brews and BBQ pictures!

We would like to thank everybody for attending our 100 Brews and BBQ. It was a great success and everybody seemed to have a great time, I know I did. People loved tasting the new Budweiser American Ale (which we should get in package on Tuesday). Laura Dale from Boulevard informed us of some bad news though, the Smokestack Bourbon Barrel Quad will not be released to St. Louis until January 2009 (if you attended, at least you got a chance to taste it). Demand was just too high in Kansas City. The Saison-Brett will still be released in St. Louis in about two weeks.

Laura from Boulevard holding the Saison Brett and Brian from Glazer pouring some of his great beers.

Scott from Schlafly pouring some of their specialties.
and the Budweiser American ALE tapped and ready!

Some of the croud at the Missouri Beverage Table

Delicious BBQ and Beer!

More beer and more people