Saturday, February 21, 2015

Irish Whiskey Tasting - BALLWIN Location!

The Wine and Cheese Place 
BALLWIN Location!
Almost sold out, only 8 tickets left

Whiskey Tasting 
February 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:30pm 
Join us in welcoming Whiskey Ambassador, Stephanie Walsh. 
Where we will feature:
 Tyrconnell Single Malt Irish Whiskeys: 
• Traditional 
• 10yr Port Cask 
• 10yr Sherry Cask 
• 10yr Madeira Cask

$5 per person. LIMITED SPACE. 
Sign up in store or call 635-527-1144. 
14748 Clayton Rd., Ballwin, MO 63011

Tyrconnel Single Malt Irish Whiskey 10yr Sherry Casks...$72.99
"Initially matured in American oak and finished in SHERRY casks to impart further depth and flavour creating a complex nose of sherry, honey and citrus notes that accompanies the rich, deep colour of this aged single malt.  A smooth, creamy, full bodied flavour emerges with hints of nuts and sherry that slide into a long oak finish."

Tyrconnel Single Malt Irish Whiskey 10yr Madeira Casks...$72.99
"Initially matured in American oak and finished in MADEIRA casks to impart further depth and flavour creating an inviting single malt with a rich amber glow.  The extra aging and Madeira cask finsih produce a silky sweet taste with hints of spice accompanied by raisin, fruit tones and honey with along warm finish." 

Tyrconnel Single Malt Irish Whiskey 10yr Port Casks...$72.99
"Initially matured in American oak and finished in PORT casks to impart further depth and flavour creating an inviting Single Malt with a deep antique copper colouring.  The extra aging and port cask finish produce a silky sweet taste of rich fruits, honey and spice with a beautiful lingering oak finish."

Sean Thackrey in stock now!!

Very excited to have Sean Thackrey wines on the shelf...
Sean Thackrey is one of those wines that brings me back to when I started back at The Wine and Cheese Place in 1987.   He is one of the original "Rhone Rangers" and one of the original cult wines.  His wines always got huge scores (this was before there were a lot of wines that got huge scores), and we were unable to get them in Missouri.  People kept asking for them and asking for them.    Well here they are.....

Sean Thackrey Orion "Rossi Vineyard"...$94.99
 (14.8% alcohol; bottled just a week before I tasted it): Saturated bright ruby. Slightly roasted aromas of black raspberry and eucalyptus complicated by sexy white fruit notes of apricot, passion fruit and peach pit. Suave, elegant and quite penetrating, with harmonious acidity shaping and leavening the complex flavors of black raspberry, stone fruits and chocolate mint. This "heritage vineyard," from which Sean Thackrey has made this wine since 1992, was planted in 1905, and according to Thackrey, "no one knows what's in it." He added that at least 11 different varieties have been identified."
Rated 93+/100 Stephen Tanzer, Vinous Media

2012 Sean Thackrey Andromeda Pinot Noir Devil's Gulch...$53.99
"This is, as always, Pinot Noir from a vineyard above Nicasio in Marin County, thus the closest to Bolinas of all the vineyards we harvest from, and one of the cooler and windier Pinot Noir growing sites in the world. This means the fruit is never baked, fatal to the quality of Pinot in warmer locations....a naturally very high proportion of skins to juice, in turn meaning a Pinot Noir naturally intense in color and flavor. As usual, I've done everything to accentuate these (excellent) natural characteristics, and the result is reliably's hard fro me to keep my corkscrew away from it." - Sean Thackrey

NV Sean Thackrey Pleiades XXIII Old Vines...$25.99
 (13.9% alcohol; sangiovese, viognier, pinot noir and zinfandel, to name but a few varieties in this blend): Bright, pale red. Almost pinot-like perfume to the aromas of red berries, minerals, gingerbread cookie and rose petal. Sweet and round but exhilaratingly tangy too, offering enticing perfume to the flavors of cranberry, raspberry, blood orange and spicecake. Lovely balance and finesse here; complex in a subtle way.
Rated 92/100 Stephen Tanzer, International Wine Cellar

2012 Sean Thackrey La Pleiade....$25.99
 Medium yellow. Slightly high-toned aromas of yellow apple, dried fruits, nuts and spices. Dry and chewy in the mouth, with a pronounced phenolic character to the flavors of pear skin, cyanic peach pit, green almond and bitter herbs. Suggests a good bit of skin contact. Not a fruity style but this distinctly idiosyncratic blend should be endlessly flexible with food. Hipster alert!
Rated 90/100 Stephen Tanzer, International Wine Cellar

2013 Sean Thackrey Fifi Sangiovese ROSE...$25.99
"Admittedly, a rose name "Fifi" may sound as though it's the airhead of artisan wines, but producing it didn't just happen by accident, like, "OMG it came out all pink!", or whatever; no. In fact, it's an absolutely delicious rose of Sangiovese, and getting it right took several years of the sort of fanatic care and attention to detail for which we're something close to legendary, or close at least to exhaustion. I haven't yet served it to anyone who hasn't loved the result, which gives me every reason to be confident you will agree" - Sean Thackrey

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bowmore - Devil's Cask and Dorus Mor

Limit 1 bottle per person.
Subject to confirmation
Due to the limited nature of these, if you reserve them, they must be picked up within 7 days or they will go back out for sale.

Bowmore Dorus Mor Small Batch Release II...$79.99
10 year Old Single Mat Whisky"Matured in the finest first fill bourbon barrels, which over time help to bring out Bowmore's trademark peaty smokiness, this non chill-filtered, small batch release from 2014 is a formidable tour de force worthy of the name Dorus Mor.  

Bowmore Devils Casks Single Malt Scotch Release II...$89.99 / 750ml
10 year Old Single Mat Whisky
Legend has it that the devil once visited the church in Bowmore. Now if you’ve ever seen it,you’ll know that the church is circular, built that way (so it’s said) so there would be no corner in which the devil could hide. The local congregation spotted the devil and chased him down through the village, into the gates of Bowmore Distillery. Here, the warehousemen were filling casks and loading them aboard the paddle steamer, The Maid of Islay. Gates and doors locked tight shut, every inch of the distillery was searched, but to no avail. As legend goes, the devil escaped in a cask of Bowmore bound for the mainland.

Matured exclusively, and unusually in the finest first fill sherry casks, which help to bring out Bowmore’s hot and fiery characteristics, this small batch release is, quite simply, devilishly good!

On the eye deep mahogany Breathe in dark fruits, birch tar, the seductive warmth of old leather, brandy, fruitcake and maple syrup.

Sip rich fruitcake, tarry chocolate, lingering dark fruits, tobacco and angelica root.

Savour the exceptionally long, full-bodied finish.

Oskar Blues Sauces made with beer!

Five Sauces made with Oskar Blues beers....

Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale The Original Wing Sauce...$7.99
Oskar Blues Deviant Dales: Mega Hot Melaguta Sauce...$7.99
Oskar Blues Mama's: Saaz Hoppin Honey Siracha Sauce...$7.99
Oskar Blues Old Chub: 3 Chili Chipotle Sauce
Oskar Blues Hops & Heifers/Ten FIDY Steak sauce...$7.99

That says it all!!

Oskar Blues G'Knight Creole Mustard Spice....$7.99

February 20 - Tasting - Oskar Blues and Spirits

The Wine and Cheese Place

7435 Forysth Blvd in Clayton

Forysth Tasting!

Friday February 20th from 4-6pm

    • Nolet's Gin 
    • Deleon Platinum Tequila...$51.99 / 750ml
    • Deleon Reposado Tequila...$55.99 / 750ml
    • Haig Club Scotch (from David Beckham)....$58.99 / 750ml
    • Haig Club™ is made at Cameronbridge distillery in Scotland. The liquid has been crafted using a unique process that combines grain whisky from three cask types. This creates a fresh, clean style that showcases butterscotch and toffee for an ultra-smooth taste. Seen by many to be Scotland's hidden gem, single grain whisky is being predicted by experts as the next trend in whisky.

    Plus we have
    Jen from Oskar Blues Brewery 

    holding court at the beer barrel on Friday!

    Come taste

    • Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Imperial Stout
    • Oskar Blues Dale Pale's Ale
    • Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils
    • Oskar Blues Old Chub NITRO
    • Oskar Blues Deviant Dale's IPA
    • Oskar Blues G'Knight Imperial Red IPA
    • Oskar Blues  PINNER Throwback IP
    • Plus we should should have Oskar Blues Root Beer today!

    Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA - IN STOCK
    How do you cram as much hop & malt flavor and aroma as possible into a beer but make it crushable too?  That's the challenge we answered with PINNER Throwback IPA.  At 4.9% ABV and 35 IBUs, this drinkable IPA uses several varieties of hops to target the ever-evolving flavor.  With tropical fruits, citrus juices, pineapple and spice berry up front in the aroma and flavor, the biscuit & toasted bread at the back balance out all the hops and make a great finish to go on to your next can of Pinnner.   It's the perfect beer for a little sip, sip, give.

    Oskar Blues Brewery Rocks Glass...$6.99
    Our 10 ounce glass etched with the Oskar Blues Brewery logo.  A very nice heavy duty beer glass.  Very cool

    Just arrived at Forsyth

    Don't forget we have Jen from Oskar Blues pouring beer tomorrow! -click to read more

    Awarded World’s Best Grain Whiskey!

    Teeling Single Grain Whiskey...$44.99
    Limited - should be at all 4 stores today!
    Single Grain – Recently Awarded World’s Best Grain at the World Whiskies Awards, 2014. This award-winning addition is one of only a handful of Single Grain Bottlings in the world. It is fully matured in Californian red wine barrels resulting in an intensely fruity and beautifully amber liquid, with lush berry notes. Hand selected casks, bottled at 46% with no chill filtration to ensure all the unique flavour is captured.

    Nose: Spice and fruit notes mingle with an underlying sweet nose.
    Taste: Strong spice at the start developing into lush red berries and grapes, with drying tannin effect at the end.
    Finish:  Dry finish dominated by wood and spice.

    Rock Hill location Cheese Feature: Wensleydale with Cranberries

    Rock Hill location Cheese Feature: Wensleydale with Cranberries
    Cut fresh to order, come in for a taste

    Wensleydale with Cranberries
    A classic English cheeese originally produced in Wensleydale.  Originally more common as a blue cheese, but not it is more known for the non blue version.  This includes the addition of cranberries.  A lovely white curd, cow milk cheese. Slightly tart cheddar-style cheese made by the only true original Wensleydale producer still manufacturing. Tartly-sweet with addition of cranberry.

    New Ballas location Cheese Feature: Gooda with Walnuts

    New Ballas location Cheese Feature: Gooda with Walnuts
    Cut fresh to order, come in for a taste

    Mild Cheese Seasoned with Walnuts
    Gooda® with Walnuts
    This creamy–smooth cheese has an attractive sprinkling of walnuts. The slightly higher fat content gives the cheese a richer flavor and creamier texture. It’s a Gouda style cheese, so it is easy to melt, grate or slice. This cheese makes an elegant dessert with fresh fruit and a sparkling drink.

    Each store's selection varies.  All have many great fresh, cut to order cheeses to choose from.

    Ballwin Cheese Feature: Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor

    Ballwin location Cheese Feature: Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor
    Cut fresh to order, come in for a taste

    From the producer that brings you the iconic Humboldt Fog cheese
    Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor
    The perfectly balanced marriage of ripened goat cheese jam-packed with Italian black summer truffles. Elegant and sophisticated, you’ll enjoy the heavy floral, herb, and mushroom notes in this earth-shaking masterpiece.
    Serving Suggestions
    Serve with candied orange and a port wine for a simple dessert.
    Top a hot steak or juicy burger- allow the cheese to soften as the meat rests.Great with a Barleywine or Tripel Ale

    Super Gold, World Cheese Awards 2014
    sofi™ Awards, Outstanding Cheese or Dairy, 2009
    Gold, California State Fair Cheese Competition, 2009, 2010
    First Place, American Cheese Society, 2009, 2012, 2014
    First Place, World Championship Cheese Contest 2014

    Each store's selection varies.  All have many great fresh, cut to order cheeses to choose from.

    Thursday, February 19, 2015

    Orphan Barrel Forged Oak

    This has been starting to hit around the country.   We are told that it will not make it here until early March.  Stay tuned to our emails, blog, facebook, or twitter on how we will hand the release.

    Orphan Barrel Forged Oak 15 Year Old
    A pillar of strength rooted in time and wisdom, Forged Oak was found while foraging through the historic  Stitzel-Weller rickhouses. This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey spent 15 contemplative years in charred American white oak barrels.    Forged Oak is a statuesque whiskey with aromas of cedar, maple and vanilla bean that give way to seasoned woody notes of cocoa and young berries, ultimately leading to a long, dry finish of black pepper.
    15 year  MATURED
    45.25% ABV
    Forged Oak features aromas of cedar, maple and vanilla bean. Tasting notes include seasoned wood, cocoa and berries. The finish is long, dry and peppery.

    Amaro from Angostura

    Amaro di Angostura...$21.99 / 750ml
    A product inspired by Don Carlos Siegert, the bon vivant son of Angostura’s Founder J.G.B. Siegert. Don Carlos placed Angostura® Aromatic Bitters on the world stage in the 1880’s.
    It is his fun-loving spirit of adventure that continues to inspire the House of Angostura today.
    As expected from a winning rum-maker with more than 60 global awards, the House of Angostura is always innovating. Amaro di Angostura® has been made with the amaro lover in mind.  The House of Angostura rum and bitters manufacturing techniques are legendary. Impossible to replicate, Amaro di Angostura® is derived from the bespoke process used in creating the House of Angostura’s iconic aromatic bitters. The recipe for Angostura® aromatic bitters remains a secret. As will the recipe for Amaro di Angostura®.

    Bottled at 35%, Amaro di Angostura® is a deep amber colour, offering aromas of cinnamon, dark chocolate and unmistakeable Angostura® aromatic bitters. The flavours explode on the tongue with warm cinnamon and licorice notes. The finish is perfectly balanced, exotic, lush and reminiscent of the essence of Trinidad and Tobago’s pulsating rhythms, tropical climate and beauty.

    Amaro di Angostura® can be enjoyed over ice, is splendid on its own and offers delicious harmony in a cocktail.

    BLENDING is an art that the House of Angostura has mastered during its 190 year history in producing the finest award winning bitters and rums. Angostura’s blenders are experts who have developed closely guarded recipes. They are passionate about innovation — always working toward better techniques. Amaro di Angostura® is their latest achievement — it is truly one-of-a-kind, with a signature approach — unmistakeably from the House of Angostura.

    The blenders combined Angostura® aromatic bitters with some neutral spirit and added more spices…until a magnificent herbal liqueur was created – the spirit, spices and bitter herbs were mixed and then left to marry for 3 months. It is the patience and skill of the blenders that makes this herbal liqueur – exotic, fun and seductive.


    "Amora Amaro"
    — Daniyel Jones,
    House of Angostura Brand Ambassador
    1.5 oz Amaro di Angostura®
    .75 oz Angostura® aromatic bitters
    1 oz Simple Syrup
    1 oz Lime Juice
    Garnish- Lime Twist

    Method: Add all ingredients into a mixing tin. Add ice, shake and double-strain into a pre-chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a fresh lime zest and serve.

    Oskar Blues Rocks Glass

    Oskar Blues Brewery Rocks Glass...$6.99
    Our 10 ounce glass etched with the Oskar Blues Brewery logo.  A very nice heavy duty beer glass.  Very cool

    Just arrived at Forsyth

    Don't forget we have Jen from Oskar Blues pouring beer tomorrow! -click to read more

    Wood Hat Black Walnut Liqueur and whiskeys!

    Everything is back in stock now from Wood Hat

    Missouri did well at the American Craft Spirits Convetion...

    Very exciting news for Still 630 and Wood Hat from Missouri....
    Still Rally Point Maple Sunset just received a GOLD Medal at the American Craft Spirits Association!

    Wood Hat Blue Corn Whiskey also received a Gold Medal and a Bronze for their Black Walnut Liqueur

    Wood Hat Black Walnut Liqueur....$37.99
    Wood Hat's Black Walnut Liqueur is produced locally from tree to glass.
    Our handcrafted, artisan liqueur captures the essence of the native black walnut using alcohol made from our locally grown, all natural corn and wheat. Sarah has adapted a traditional Italian recipe for Nocino to transform Missouri's over-looked black walnut into a spicy after dinner drink which may also be used to brighten a cocktail.
    Gary Hinegardner

    Wood Hat Montgomery County Bourbon Whiskey...$36.99
    For years now Montgomery Countians have been sending our grain and white oak staves to other states and foreign countries to make spirits. Now for the first time in our history we have grown, ground, fermented, distilled, and aged spirits in white oak barrels right here in Montgomery County.  This whiskey was made possible by doing everything locally from field to glass with a small batch, pot distilled, whole grain, wood fired process.
    Aged 4 months in small barrels.
    Gary Hinegardner

    Wood Hat Bourbon Whiskey Rubenesque...$36.99 / 750ml
    We diligently control every step of the process to produce a full-bodied flavor.  By keeping the grains whole all the way to the end, a bigger robust flavor was created. It did not need much oak to finish it off.  Then, by selecting 3 year old, air-dried wood for the barrels, the flavor blossomed without the tannic bite ‒ a process only possible with a small batch, pot distilled, single barrel, field-to-glass creation. Aged 4 months.
    Gary Hinegardner

    Wood Hat Whiskey Blue Corn...$29.99 / 750ml
    "We make our quality whiskey with blue corn because its unique characteristics impart a sweet, nutty flavor unlike any other.  Enjoy our blue corn Whiskey neat, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixer.  We encourage you to try it without  added flavors first, so you can taste the full blue corn experience.

    Wood Hat Whiskey Blue Corn Aged...$29.99 / 750ml
    "Humans have made food from this corn for centuries and have selected it for their own tastes rather than high yields for livestock.  Although costly, its unique characteristics impart a sweet, nutty flavor unlike any other.  To age this whiskey, we selected white oak staves that were aged outside for three years to make our barrels.  Finally, we toasted the barrel rather than char it to bring out the more subtle flavors of the aok.  The result is a quality whiskey with a uniquely complex flavor" 
    Gary Hinegardner

    Wood Hat Berry Berry Cordial...$19.99 / 375ml
    Wood Hat’s Berry Berry Cordial is produced locally, from field to glass.  Our hand-crafted artisan cordial captures the essence of locally grown blackberries. The corn and wheat are also grown and ground locally, all natural and untreated. We ferment and distill our products with the utmost care.  Hand-crafting a unique cordial is like turning a hat out of wood, it is what you carve away that gives it shape. Although costly, we keep only the very best.
    Gary Hinegardner

    Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    Bunnahabhain Ceòbanach

    Small batch, very limited release

    Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Scotch Ceòbanach...$78.99
    Ceòbanach is a copper gold liquid with an unusually rich, complex character marrying ex bourbon cask sweetness with intense Islay malt peatiness and subtle hints of the sea. As with all Bunnahabhain expressions, Ceòbanach is unchill-filtered meaning that nothing is added or taken away, leaving the whisky exactly as nature intended.

    Tasting Notes
    The nose is intense and pungent, with hints of fragrant smoke and light tar, and creamy notes of sweet oak and seaweed. The initial taste is one of sweet maltiness, then a lovely balance of a tangy smokiness and vanilla notes, blending mellow and smooth. There are also hints of white pepper, bitter orange, liquorice and sea salt. The finish lingers, with flavours of oatcake and sea salt once more - with a peppery sweet smoke undertone.
    Copper gold colour and unchill-filtered at 46.3%

    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    Healthy Almonds

    We roast them fresh in each of our stores.    The only thing we add is light salt, no oils.  You can also special order nuts without salt.  Just call in advance and we will roast them to order.

    The Wine and Cheese Place only buys premium grade nuts.    We then roast them daily in each of our stores.    Pre-packaged nuts contain oils and preservatives that are not healthy.

    The Wine and Cheese Place Nuts

    • Dry Roasted
    • No Oils added
    • Fresh
    • With our without salt

    Of all the things to love about almonds, this one should really get your heart pumping: Just a handful of almonds a day may help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. And that’s good news for just about everyone as cardiovascular disease holds its spot as the leading cause of death among men and women in the U.S.

    California Almonds are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat, making them a deliciously tempting option for smarter meals and snacks. And research is now showing they may also help maintain a healthy heart. In 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a health claim recognizing that California Almonds can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level. And no, you’re not dreaming.
    California Almonds are great for when it comes to nutrition. Just a handful of them a day is a tasty way for your patients to get more of the crucial nutrients they need to stay healthy.

    Whole almonds are a naturally high source of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Additionally, they are a natural source of protein and naturally high in fiber, while being naturally low in sugars.

    Plus, a 1 ounce serving has 13g of good unsaturated fats, just 1g of saturated fat, is  always cholesterol free. Almonds are the tree nut highest in protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin, and niacin when compared ounce for ounce.

    As if the delicious crunch of almonds isn't reason enough for your patients to enjoy them, their vitamin-E content makes them antioxidant powerhouses that help fight damaging free radicals.

    The body needs oxygen, there's no question about it. But when the body burns oxygen, unstable molecules known as free radicals form. Free radicals are harmful because when they look to replace their missing electron, they can damage the body's cells, tissues, and even DNA. Researchers believe this process may contribute to the development of some chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.1 Antioxidants, like alpha-tocopherol (AT) vitamin E found in almonds, help the body neutralize free radicals by immediately donating the needed electron.

    Almonds are one of the best food sources of AT vitamin E, which the National Academy of Sciences has identified as the only type of vitamin E that makes itself available to cells in the circulatory system. According to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (see chart below), almonds rank strongly among food containing AT vitamin E, and one ounce of almonds contains 7.4 milligrams or 35% of the Daily Value of this nutrient.

    Rare Magnum Vertical

    Le Pergole Torte Magnum Vertical Set "Artist Label"...$700 set of 3 Mags
    1 magnum bottle of each of these three vitnages.  2009, 2010, 2011. Each vintage a the label is adorned by a painting from artist Alberto Manfredi 

    Only 1 Vertical magnum set available.
    Call Aaron 314.727.8788 or email

    “Le Pergole Torte isn’t a great Tuscan or Italian wine. It is simply one of the world’s elite wines” -Antonio Galloni

    2009 Montevertine Le Pergole Torte 1.5 Liter (Magnum)
    The 2009 Le Pergole Torte is flat-out great. Layers of fruit wrap around the palate in this flashy, seductive Pergole Torte. There are no hard edges to be found. Sweet red cherries, roses, spices and mint are layered into the silky, radiant finish. The 2009 is a wine of extraordinary elegance. Today the 2009 comes across as a smaller scaled version of the 2007. This is also the first year of biological farming at Montevertine. Despite the heat wave in August, Martino Manetti waited until October 12 to bring the Sangiovese in
    Rated 96/100 Wine Advocate
    Rated 96/100 Antonie Galloni, Vinous

    2010 Montevertine Le Pergole Torte 1.5 Liter (Magnum)
    All I can say is that the 2010 Le Pergole Torte is going to be fascinating to follow. It isn't as obvious as the 2006, 2007 or 2009, nor as reticent as the 2008, the 2010 is endowed with gorgeous symmetry, even if it reveals just the barest hint of its potential today. Over the last year, the 2010 has put on some weight, but remains shy and not in the mood to say much. The wine's inner perfume and silky tannins and exceptional balance suggest the 2010 will develop beautifully in the cellar. The 2010 Pergole Torte is exceptionally beautiful and polished, though not as obvious in style as some of the other great recent vintages. I can't think of too many other wines from Tuscany I would prefer to buy for cellaring than Le Pergole Torte
    Rated 95+/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

    2011 Montevertine Le Pergole Torte 1.5 Liter (Magnum)
    A vivid, beautiful wine, the 2011 Pergole Torte is superb. Warm, early-maturing harvests often attenuate the differences between sites, but not here. The old vines weathered the heat better, resulting in a wine that is very much in line with the past, but with more body, amplitude and resonance. Rose petals, bright red stone fruits and mint are some of the many notes that grace the super-expressive finish. The 2011 spent one year in French oak barrels and a second year in cask.
    Rated 97/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous
    Rated 95+/100 The Wine Advocate

    Monday, February 16, 2015

    Mustard with Black Truffles and Absinthe

    New mustard from France

    Domaine des Terres Rouges Moutarde a L'Absinthe...$11.99
    Mustard with wormwood.
    Domaine des Terres Rouges, each a perfect harmony of the strong taste of mustard seed with a luxurious spice, spirit or other refined delicacy. A creamy texture and slight spice with just the right amount of licorice flavor from the mythical anise-flavored spirit of Absinthe. Innovative and creamy with a hint of spice. The infusion of Absinthe creates a delicate, licorice flavor, that is subtle enough to elevate fish dishes. Wonderful addition to salad dressing and mayonnaise.

    Domaine des Terres Rouges Moutard a la Truffe...$19.99
    Mustard with Black Truffles and truffle juice
    Domaine des Terres Rouges, each a perfect harmony of the strong taste of mustard seed with a luxurious spice, spirit or other refined delicacy.  An exquisitely aromatic mustard with the luscious flavor of black truffle. Amazing with chicken, veal and steak. Delicious in mayonnaise with artichokes; an elegant ingredient in vinaigrettes.

    New Elixir Vitae

    Use on food and for mixing drinks!

    Elixir Vitae Champagne Le Orange...$19.99
    Elixir Vitae Peach...$19.99
         Drizzle a few drops of Elixir Peach on sushi
    Elixir Vitae Kaffir Lime...$19.99
         Use Kaffir Lime in your ceviche recipe

    • Mix Elixir Vitae with seltzer water and natural syrup for a delicious, thirst-quenching drink
    • These vinegars are also wonderful at full strength as a mixer for cocktails.
    • These vinegars are versatile as food enhancers, and with imagination can become culinary game-changers
    • The possibilities are endless.
    • Natural · Healthy · Unpasteurized

    Handpicked fruit, herbs and vegetables harvested from Central California organic farms
    The products are truly hand-crafted, from pulling weeds to labeling. The fruits and herbs are placed in small vats with organic, Kosher-based vinegar. The infusion is gently fermented, a process that takes several months to complete. Time, passion and patience are key to the success of every Elixir Vitae selection.

    Elixir Vitae artisan vinegar is perfectly at home in your bar as well as the pantry.
    The happy marriage between sweet and acid begins with handpicked fruit, herbs and vegetables harvested from Central California organic farms. For every 1,000 liters of vinegar, 300 to 400 pounds of fruit are used.

    Since the base vinegar is organic and unpasteurized, fermentation may be present, causing the cork to pop when opening the bottle.

    Jefferson's Ocean Bourbon Voyage No. 4 just arrived!

    Jefferson's Ocean TWCP Voyage No.4....$69.99
    Only 210 bottles produced
    Barrel No. 7 produced exclusively for The Wine and Cheese Place

    Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea -Inspired by the original Jefferson’s Ocean, which was new-filled bourbon barrels, the Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea takes older bourbon barrels and brings it around the world. Stopping in 5 different continents and crossing the equator 4 times, this bourbon truly is a world beater.

    What began as a fun experiment has resulted in a more scientific approach to the maturation process of bourbon. When whiskey was first distilled in Kentucky, it received intentional extra age from travelling on rivers and seas en route to market. This was not just due to lengthy trips but also the movement of the ship which forced the liquid in whiskey barrels to be in constant motion coming in contact wit the wood more often. At Jefferson's we wanted to tip our hat to this tradition by aging bourbon at sea. We put fully matured Kentucky Bourbon on a ship and set it on its way to crossing the equator 4 times, stopping at 5 continents and over 30 different ports. This process has added a salty, caramel elements that round out the bourbon's profile to create an American treasure that has been cultured as traveled by the globe.

    Our own barrel of High West Rendezvous Rye 100 proof

    Just tasted this again yesterday, what a fantastic Rye!

    High West / TWCP Single Barrel Rendezvous Rye Whiskey...$64.99
    100 Proof (bottled at a higher proof than the regular Rendezvous)
    This is not your normal Rendezvous Rye.  It is Rendezvous aged for an addition 23 months in a Bourbon barrel!   This is one fantastic whiskey.  

    Only 200 bottles produced.

    "This whiskeys inside were married in used Bourbon barrel for 23 months of true bliss especially for the fine superbly intelligent and way cool The Wine and Cheese Place" - label (they know us so well)

    Rendezvous® Rye is a blend of two exotic straight rye whiskies; one old, and one young. It marries the rich aromatic qualities of a 16-year-old rye with the bold spicy properties of 6-year-old rye to create a full flavored, very complex whiskey. The 6-year-old boasts an uncommonly high 95% rye mash bill. Almost every other straight rye whiskey you can buy today is barely legal, with 51-53% rye in the mash bill. Not Rendezvous® Rye. It honors the way rye whiskey used to be made, with a high rye content and full, uncompromised flavor. With Rendezvous® Rye, you get a taste of authentic rye whiskey. We hope you enjoy it.